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When remodeling a room becomes too costly, homeowners usually just cut the expenses by letting go of the furniture that they find less important. This might sound like the most practical approach to resolve the issue but you can still have that option for a luxurious bedroom if you just change the color palette of your design. Getting a purple bedroom is a great idea that you can always try.


Robeson Design

A perfect purple room inspiration for your little girls. They will surely love this great interiors as much as we like watching the complementing tones of the bed drapes.


Simon Whitmore

Flowers on walls of timeless purple painted rooms are great aesthetic snhancers. This softens the room’s interior but still gives off the classy vibe that needs to be present.


Window Works

The breathtaking view from this room during the night time amtches the Victorian house with off-white and black color paint for the exterior.


Mark Scott

Being welcomed by the warmth of this room will be a dream come true for anyone. The homey and relaxing feeling you feel upon walking into this room will surely feel great.

The color that you can actually look into is purple. As psychology suggests, this color is often associated with luxury, elegance, and magic. The radiance and vibe that this color emits can make up with the lack of frills you put into a room. Purple room colors can strike a balance in your bedroom when you want to impress without adding too much furniture and other fixtures. Creating a space of elegance and functionality is an easy feat if you play your cards to your advantage. If you have plans to remodel a room in your house to make it more homey or classic, you are just in time for our purple bedroom design ideas.


Mary Anne Smiley Interiors

What is not to love with this modern purple interior? A stack of books that you can always read whenever you’re bored. This purple and white bedroom is just too chic not to try on your own.


Interiors by Donna Hoffman

Bring on the glam into your bedroom and get inspired with this glamorous inspiration. This bright room and the sparkly medium sized changelier gives off the spacious vibe.


Erika Bonnell Interiors

The upholstered settee in this room is a great addition to the interior. The color of the walls and the bed along with the other furniture will allow you to experience elegance.


Designing Idea

Adding a bit of texture to your purple walls can bring out the much needed air of elegance The elaborate patterns in the wall serves as good contrast to the room’s simplicity.

How to Remodel Your Bedroom without Demolishing a Thing

Your bedroom is the place where you spend a quarter of your day. It often is the place where you can freely express your true self. It is also the room that should be relaxing in order for the user to be more inspired. For single individuals, the bedroom is a focal point for self-enhancing activities while for married couples with kids it is sometimes a venue for the family’s small entertainment activities such as Saturday movie nights.

Remodeling your bedroom to make it more functional or for additional aesthetics purposes can still be affordable. Always remember that a dingy bedroom will not contribute to your relaxation. You don’t always need to install new windows or other structural objects, for inexpensive remodeling here are some of the few things you can do.

  • Organize and Purge

    Remodel the Marie Kondo way, get rid of unnecessary items. Declutter the room, there will be a lot of stuff you haven’t seen or worn in the past years. You need to decide on what items are still useful. If you aren’t going to wear them, you can always sell them off or donate to facilities.You can also get rid of other recreation items like books and puzzles. If you think that this stuff is making your room more disorganized you can always give them away to other people. Keep what is necessary and organize them in a way that will make the room look tidy and neat.

  • Paint Your Walls

    The easiest remodeling option you can get for your bedroom is to change the color of your walls. Painting the room with a different color will change the mood of the entire room. It is also the cheapest and fastest way to remodel the entire place. There are thousands of colors that you can choose from — you can transform your bedroom into a cozy, warm, modern, bright or magical room just by the color you select. If in any case it doesn’t work, choosing another one will and painting your room over is also an option. Purple painted rooms will make you realize how the color fits your personality until you decide on trying it for yourself.



Dorm life shouldn’t be as messy as what we see on TV. Take an inspiration from this purple dorm room and try to make your bedroom as comfortable as it has to offer.


Christina Wedge Photography

Living in black and whites can never be a bore if you add a dash of purple. You can always be relaxed wih this attractive looking interior. The footstalls also add charm to the room.


Daniel Newcomb

This classic purple and cream bedroom interior design are offers a lot of zen and elegance. The high beds are almot like the ones from hotels, surely your sleep will be so refreshing.


The Natural Bedding Company

No other words foe this bedroom interior but warmth. An interesting mix of plain and bright colors that will be cozier once occupied by the owner. Sleeping in will be a delight.

  • Window Coverings

    Getting new window dressings can also make a great impact if you want to transform your bedroom. Most of the time the bed becomes the most dominant piece of furniture in the bedroom. However, in order for us to draw more attention to other surrounding room features, you can decide to put up a window dressing. A lot of options are available; curtains, blinds and shades can help you get the right atmosphere for your room. You can always choose a cheaper option among these items, having white panel curtains will be the cheapest but most complimenting with almost any bedroom style, even purple bedrooms. Thick cotton or velvet curtains can function as block out curtains when you want to block the early morning sun from waking you up. You can always get this type of curtains in lighter colors to make it work for a lighter and brighter mood.

  • Consider Hanging Wall Arts

    Your individuality can be expressed with the kind of art you display in your bedroom. Paintings, sculptures or silk rugs that means the most to you can be installed to put a good show of your personality. There is no need for a lot of pieces, you can choose one or two paintings to hang for a more uncluttered look. If you have a more eclectic taste, opting to put up more paintings or sculptures will be the way to go. As long as it doesn’t disturb the functionality and vibe of the bedroom, you can fill up your wall however you want it. If you are afraid of the costs, you can always choose cheaper art displays or paintings of your favorite artists. There is no need for it to be expensive, as long as it complements the room it will pass up as an artsy installation.


D’ Amore Interiors

Looking for something eccentric? Yes, mismatched art pieces and patterns on the walls and beddings can create a beautiful aesthetic that you probably wasn’t imagining.


Easy Decors

Great looking interiors looks more elegant expensive when paired high ceilings and glass chandeliers. Have your relaxing rest in this bedroom and surely sweet dreams will follow.


Norwood Furniture

Who would have thought that wood furnitures can offer this timeless bedroom interior? This is one of the designs on this list that dishes out the right amount of softness and warmth offerings.



A dark purple room design can appear royal and powerful. This interior is the perfect reason why this color is certainly associated with an exquisite taste. Spending the night here is a great idea.

  • Get New Linens

    You deserve to get comfortable linens. A relaxing bedroom needs to have a set of comfortable beddings. That is why you always need to think of comfort first when choosing linens. Despite this fact, you do not need to spend too much on pricey, decorative bedspreads and pillows. If you are a practical person, you can always choose to pick beddings and linens with simple colors and basic patterns for your bedroom.

  • Change the Lightings

    Oftentimes, the type of lighting that you use in your bedroom sets the mood of the room. A well-designed room needs the right amount of lighting anytime of the day. If your room has too much light, you might need to consider installing lights with reduced overhead glare. However, if your bedroom is too dim and it strains your eyes getting the right amount of light also needs to be prioritized. In either case, installing a few lamps that will improve visibility without causing too much eye strain is the best option.


Alex Papachristidis Interiors

The charm of this bedroom interior lies on the carefully curated  furniture pieces. Even the wall decorations and chandelier looks so posh. Sight of this room will take all stress away.


Nat Rea

Your favorite art piece contributes to the character of the room. This is very evident in the soft interior of this featured bedroom. Just by looking at the painting relives your stress.


Estilo Escandinavo

This scandinavian interior design is very homey, especially with the crocheted bedspread. Minimalist or not keeping the design at the minimum always wins someone’s eye.


Simon Bevan

Teenagers will surely feel good about this lovely combination of colors. Getting the color pallete right for your bedroom just like as what’s in this photo will bring out happiness.

  • Add or Remove Some Furniture

    If you do not have the budget for new furniture, this should be your least priority. Drastic change in your room is often associated with changing your bedroom fixtures but when the budget will not permit it, coating your existing furniture with a new paint or varnish will improve its condition. Hiding the surface damage of your furniture with the use of paint or vanish is a good option.

    Keep in mind that your remodeling projects do not need to be expensive. You can improve your bedroom and make it more relaxing with the existing furniture if you are wise enough to organize them.


Stephen Kent Johnson

Your heirlooms and other antique pieces can still be reused when remodeling. This right here is the perfect embodiment of how you should bring back the glam of your furniture.


Desire to Inspire

Your love for pastel tones is the right choice for a more composed bedroom interior. Aside from great aesthetics, it also makes your room appear more neat and spacious.


Schönsten Jugendzimmer Ideen

Despite the chaos that might be the result of too much wall decors, this photo still got the basics right. Knowing where to put the focus of the details is a great help to shift attention.


Nanette Lepore Quilt

Girls loves to dream of magical unicorns and wishing when shooting stars fall. Having this type of bedroom interior will trully make them believe more in the magical ways.

Successfully remodelling your room is a great gift you can reward yourself. As you try to remake your room, remember that its functionality needs to be a top priority. Installing excessive furniture that will hinder the room’s purpose will be a hassle for you as the time goes by. It will feel good for a time but you will feel the inconvenience once you keep bumping your toe in that dresser table you insisted on installing despite the floor area of your bedroom.


Isabelle Style

Teal is the the color that is most likely to get along well with purple. This is a top must try in this list of purple bedroom ideas. The warm tones brings the natural welcoming vibe.


Bella B Home Designs

Flower patterns on the bedspreads and the walls brought out the much needed and character for this room. The purple color palette make you wish you own this room.


Sweenor Builders Incorporated

Charm your visitors whenever you give a house tour. Renovate your room with some of the basic decors that can bring back memories.


Meritage Homes

The point of having simple interiors is to maintain your room’s character. This endearing bedroom setup and its color is most likely to give its owner the homely feelings.


Choosing the purple color for your room upgrade depends with the aesthetic that you want. The lighter shades of lavender and lilac can be regarded as the perfect choice if you want a more feminine touch to your bedroom. Deciding on getting a dark purple room can possibly lead to a more classic vibe.

Remodeling a room in your house involves a lot of considerations. However when you are already decided on doing it, getting the right color for your walls will be a big decision that will have a great effect to make your project successful. If you are decided to have a purple room, keep in mind that you can always make the project grand by referring to the ideas we included her for possible interior ideas of purple room colors.

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