23 Black & White Bedroom Decor Ideas

Featured Image: Pamela Harvey Interiors With the rise of minimalism, the black and white bedroom is making waves today. Straightforward and timeless, they certainly add style to any room, providing a sleek design that is always on trend. Since people often use the bedroom for rest and sleep, there's no better spot for style to sparkle than this room. Hence, these 29 lovely black and white bedroom ideas present the stretch of the monochromatic style. Whether it is white, bold or minimalist, intense, sumptuous, or striking, all include depth and contrast at its best. In particular, feature walls paired [...]

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21 Red Bedroom Decor Ideas

Featured Image: Tsinos Pantelis & Sons GP The red color generally symbolizes love, which means it's an incredible decision for a bedroom that you love. You can opt to use red as an accent color, or you can make it the highlight of the room by utilizing red furnishings and painting your bedroom walls red. In case you are ready to include a fiery color scheme to your house, these red bedroom ideas will ignite your senses and get you going with your long-overdue bedroom remodeling. Red is passionate, so including it in your design plan can bring some [...]

23 Men’s Bedroom Ideas

Featured Image Source: Imagine Living With ideas and design inspiration, you may add a touch of sensual, manly flair to your dull, boring bedroom. Whether you prefer dark wall colors like black, industrial themes with all metal and wood fixtures, or brilliant flashes of color, this collection has it all. Take notice of the furniture, wall art, carpets, and décor objects strewn throughout each room. They will help you put together a masculine bachelor pad bedroom that is unique to your particular tastes. Regardless of whether you recently moved into another place or you're simply tired of your old design, [...]

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23 Teen Bedroom Ideas

Featured Image Source: Sherwin-Williams If you need teen bedroom ideas, consider what your teenager likes and imagine their room through their point of view. You should keep in mind that a teenager has a different perspective on a room than a grown-up. Aside from having a place to sleep, a teenage bedroom is the place a teenager hides from the world of rules and standards. There are not many spots where a teen can express themselves shamelessly. The bedroom is the best option. When you are a teenager, you think that anything is possible. Their preferred things are diverse [...]

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23 Really Fun Sports Themed Bedroom Ideas

Sebring Design Build There are few spaces in the house as personal as the bedroom. This does not apply to adults only; even kids take their bedrooms as their personal sanctuaries. They want their personality, hobbies, and passions to be reflected in the décor of the room. This is something to consider when you are undertaking a home renovation or building a new house. Instead of the usual bedroom design, make it pop by using a theme. One common idea is to deck out a kid’s bedroom in a sports theme. It can be football, soccer, hockey, racing, [...]

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25 TV Wall Mount Ideas for Your Viewing Pleasure

Featured Image: Sebring Design Build The TV is an essential part of the living room. Not just because it is a source of entertainment, but also because of its impact on the aesthetics and feel of the most important room of the house. When you are deciding on the living room style, take into consideration how you are going to mount the TV. The entire TV area is often the focal point of the space and needs to reflect your preferred feel and style. How you have designed the TV area can determine whether your living room décor is [...]

23 Industrial Rustic Bedroom Ideas

Featured Image: SUBU Design Architecture The bedroom has to be among the best places in the house as it is the place where individuals relax. It is also the place where people spend most of the time. Thus, the bedroom space must be one of the most well-decorated areas. If you enjoy vintage bedrooms with a touch of farmhouse design, you can opt for the industrial style bedroom. Take a look at these industrial rustic bedroom ideas and be inspired. LUXURY LOFT This design by Amber Golob Interiors features a cozy rustic bedroom [...]

23 Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas

Featured Image: Dana Berkus Interiors You can usually identify a minimalist room by clean lines, a restrained palette, and a stripped-down simplicity. Having much less stuff means everything in the area has to be both practical and gorgeous. It is also a time to embellish & shop with intention. Here are minimalist bedrooms that are low on clutter and large on style. ORGANIC MODERN This minimalist bedroom by John Kraemer & Sons features a monochromatic color scheme with a gray upholstered bed, matching bedside tables, and floor-length curtains. SLEEK In [...]

21 Teen Boy Bedroom Design Ideas

Featured Image: Raspberry Interiors Teen boys require space of their own, and this is not just any space. They require their very own multi-functional corner in which they are able to sleep, study, chill out, hang with buddies, and entirely escape from everything. In case your son's bedroom has pale yellow-colored walls, teddy bears on the racks, along with a poster hanging on the structure that he had since he was nine, perhaps it is time for a bedroom makeover. Check out our teen boy bedroom ideas and images for design inspiration. You got this! [...]

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23 Pink Bedroom Decor Ideas

Featured Image: Phoebe Howard Pink, the offspring of white and red, has turned into a significant color alternative in home design. And it is not restricted anymore to the nursery or even little girls pink bedroom; from the innovative ideas and visions of several gifted designers & homeowners, the color pink continues to grow and graduates into adult rooms with different decorating styles. You can go all out with an all-pink room, or simply make use of a couple of pink accents to spark up a basic color scheme—in case you like the color pink, allow it to show. [...]

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