Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas
Featured Image: Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd.

Farmhouse living has a really different feel. In case you miss that feeling, you are able to build a modern farmhouse style bedroom and also have a cozy and warm room that is constantly inviting after a hard day at work.

When you reside in a city, but your heart is fixed in the country, a modern farmhouse style room is going to give you the proper feeling that is both comforting and casual.

Today, we provide you with 27 modern farmhouse bedroom ideas that are sure to inspire you. Whatever design and decor you choose, be sure that it is airy because that is precisely what a farmhouse is about—light, airy, and open spaces.


Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

You’ll be at ease with this contemporary farmhouse bedroom decor. Instead of a hinged door, the main bathroom’s entrance has a weathered wood barn door. This bedroom design by Bret Franks Construction has everything looking so fantastic.


Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

This bedroom’s decor exudes a sense of freshness. A prominent ceiling light fixture may be an excellent focal point and unifier in your bedroom. This contemporary bedroom design by Chango & Co. will energize and ease you.


Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

In this bedroom design by Crisp Architects, everything is natural and contemporary. To complete the effect, add stained exposed roof trusses and shiplap walls if there is space.


Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

You’ll like this soft bedroom decor, which appears energizing and tranquil. This room is cozy because of the use of gentle, neutral hues, accents of black, wood, and a plush carpet. The bedroom design by Finstand’s Carpet & Flooring is serene.


Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Everything about this natural bedroom decor is so calming and cozy. Grey duvet, cream blankets, and textured pillows are all stacked on top of a tufted bed frame. The bedroom design by Design Shop Interiors is fantastic.


Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

This bedroom design by Saviano Builders has white and brown elements that seem elegant and cozy at the same time. The ceiling’s light-stained beams go nicely with the nightstand’s multi-wood finish.


Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

A lot of white creates a clean, contemporary look in this bedroom. A tall, dark headboard, a massive light bulb, and tasteful wall art all make for an inviting bedroom. This bedroom by Chango & Co. is just stunning.


Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

The bedroom’s decor is reminiscent of many other examples of contemporary farmhouse style. Tree outdid themselves in this bedroom. This charming farmhouse bedroom benefits from light wood floorboards with knots and character.


Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

This bedroom design by Set To Sell has an organic but beautiful feel. Medium-toned wood flooring is offset by a rustic wood-paneled ceiling and a chandelier to complete the look.


Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Do you want an industrial bedroom design that is both stylish and contemporary in your home? That design by Lindye Galloway Interiors is fantastic. Black accents, rough wood furniture, and a linear rug in neutral tones.

Decorating Options For Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

There is more to traditional farmhouse style than walls that are white and weathered wood. It is able to feature a range of colors, finishes, and textures. Whether you choose a bedroom with warm neutrals or maybe splashes of color that are bright, you are able to take farmhouse style in your bedroom by taking inspiration from these casual country inspired areas. We have collected our greatest country bedroom ideas for decorating your bedroom with nods to days gone by, as well as methods to quickly blend rustic style with modern elements. Each one includes design details, reclaimed building materials, along with vintage furnishings for a lovely and inviting appearance.

Unlike a number of interior trends, a thing about the country aesthetic never falls of style. The homey textures and eclectic blend of furniture and antique accents all beautifully blend to create an individual space that’s both cozy and timelessly on-trend. More and more designers and also decorators equally are trying to follow the modern farmhouse theme this season, and what better area to begin than in the room?

Modern farmhouse bedroom ideas are about individual comfort punctuated by those small touches that cause it to be one’s own: a milk-jug-turned-vase, heirloom quilt, or perhaps repurposed wooden window frame mirror, to name just a few. Flea market treasures and thrift store finds would be the best farmhouse elements, and also with these 27 modern farmhouse bedroom ideas, you are able to try things out and implement in the fashion which fits your unique style.

Whether you are seeking to put in a touch of country chic to your urbanized boudoir, or perhaps prepared to transform your bedroom into a traditional retreat, there is something for everybody in these wonderful small bedroom ideas.


Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

The Fox Signature Homes design team did an excellent job with this ultra-contemporary, light-filled bedroom. White paint along the molding and a wood coffered ceiling. The dark beaded light amplifies the allure.


Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

This bedroom design by The Home Co is essential and cozy, and it exudes light and renewal: a huge patterned rug, a white Craftsman-style barn door, and a light blue wall color.


Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Everyone has agreed that this bedroom layout is ideal for those who want a relaxing getaway in the great outdoors. The white walls and massive pocket doors bring the outside in. Paragon Custom Builders outdid themselves with this one.


Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

This contemporary bedroom looks very clean and energizing. The weathered wood paneling and the black carpeting provide a touch of the country to this otherwise urban setting. Magleby Construction outdid itself with this one.

Elements Of A Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

Shiplap Walls – When you think about a modern farmhouse bedroom set, the very first thing that will come to mind is shiplap walls. While they’re most often white, you are able to select various other colors for them also. But make sure they are of lighter hues. Colors that are light do not only provide the farmhouse feel; they additionally make the room look larger. Shiplap walls are usually made of PVC or wood, though you are able to additionally obtain a wallpaper with a shiplap appearance. And since shiplap does not take very long to set up, it could be the ideal weekend project.

Quotation On The Wall – It does not matter what quote you’re going by, as long as its inspiring and delightful. Your farmhouse bedroom needs to be a cozy and happy place, and the quotation must show it. Bold quotations against a white-colored wall look incredible. In case you are not the quotation person type, you can, in addition, aim for a daring wall clock. Bold and big numbers or alphabets against a white-colored backdrop look wonderful.

Chandelier – A candelabra chandelier is the hallmark of any modern farmhouse bedroom. In case you are a loyal lover of the olden times, you are able to install a genuine candelabra. Also, in case you wish to improvise (which is a healthier option), you can find many chandeliers that look like candelabras. In this particular way, you are able to change it on and off any time you like, and yes, it will not produce goops of wax. But in case you wish to produce a middle-ages appearance, you can aim for a genuine candelabra (which certainly looks classier – even though it’s messier). Get anything your heart wants. 

Candles – Cannot get actual candles for the chandelier? Do not worry; you may put in candles almost anyplace else in the room. You can get a shelf above your farmhouse bed. It’s the vintage touch of a farmhouse. Nevertheless, whenever you get it, be sure the shelf is placed at the top of the wall, so your mind does not bang against it. Place some plants on it together with a couple of candles, and yes, it is going to create a really romantic ambiance. A wooden box on the shelf will even contribute to the appeal.


Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

This bedroom decor is the epitome of vintage charm and elegance. Nashville is the perfect place to get authentic antique furniture and updated lighting fixtures to complete your home’s transformation. This bedroom by Richard Harp Homes is very cozy and rustic.


Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Do you long for a spacious bedroom filled with natural, earthy details? An extensive beige carpeting underfoot, a wooden armoire, and a bed dressed in plain white sheets. This bedroom, designed by Jan Jones, is stunning.


Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

This bedroom layout is fantastic and full of useful features that any homeowner would appreciate. One option for a guest bedroom is to have separate beds outfitted with reading lamps. Post 31 Interiors did a fantastic job with this bedroom.


Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

What a lovely bedroom with so many soft, comforting details! Bringing pink with light creams and white linens may add feminine touches. Decorating Den Interiors did a fantastic job of making everything appear lovely.


Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Colorful accents complement this bedroom set’s white walls and wood flooring inspired by the Gustavian style. The use of gold elements throughout this bedroom design by Southern Inspirations gives the impression of luxury and sophistication.


Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

This bedroom has a lot of warm and bright color accents, making it seem like you’re always on vacation. A white piled stone fireplace that extends from floor to ceiling, pastel blue walls, and pink drapes. This bedroom by Chelsea Kasch is fantastic.

Other Unique Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Wood Headboard – When you are planning a farmhouse bedroom, be sure you decide on a rustic and raw look. The two looks we love are metal and wooden. Wood gives a really raw feeling, just like you are in the woods. A foresty earth-friendly feel that is classic of a farmhouse bedroom. Therefore, in case you are planning a farmhouse bed frame, try to find an unpolished look. While teakwood is the right choice, maple and oak likewise give a rich appearance.

Barn Door – Barn doors seem to be stylish anyplace, but they particularly look spectacular in a farmhouse bedroom. A barn door, for instance, that opens up to a wardrobe or the bathroom could be the perfect way to put in a rustic touch to the bedroom. And also, the wrought iron attachments on the pinnacle contribute to the appeal of the barn door. Put in a matching area rug on the floor, and you will have a comfortable and cozy space that is warm and also inviting in the winter days. 

Wreath – Christmas or not, a colorful flowery wreath is able to include a spirit of festivity in every space. It can additionally create an accent in a dreary room. Do you want to put in a gentle touch on the room? Put in a wreath of light pink flowers. Do you wish to add excitement to a dreary room? Make a wreath from blossoms that are bright. And in case it is Christmas time, make a wreath from red flowers and other Christmas decorations. It is simply the perfect item to add life to nearly any lifeless place.


Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

In this bedroom, designed by Mezger Homes, white dominates. With white shiplap walls and ceilings, you may experiment with light colors and woods of a medium tone. What a lovely, modern bedroom layout!


Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

This blue-themed bedroom is beautiful and sure to please anybody who sees it. Combining the blue bedding, carpeting, and light fixtures (a massive whicker dome) creates a cozy cottage atmosphere. Beautiful Chaos outdid themselves with this one.


Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

This contemporary farmhouse bedroom by Julie Coppa Designs epitomizes elegance and simplicity. Frame and headboard are upholstered in dark blue cloth, while an abstract painting and a shimmering glass light decorate the space.


Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

The black iron canopy bed and plain linens in this room give the Franklin Hotel a great touch of contemporary style. This modern farmhouse bedroom was designed by Giffin and Crane Home, and it is stunning.

Decors Unique To Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Each year, there is generally a brand new and updated style in redecorating an area. To decorate a space means transforming the outdated, old school area into a contemporary one, which is much more inviting and eye-pleasing. Nowadays, farmhouse decor is on-trend, particularly modern farmhouse bedroom ideas.

Bedroom, as a spot for unwinding, should be cozy, and farmhouse bedroom decor is able to deliver just that. This specific design plays with little details to create the entire country or farmhouse vibe. For instance, a farmhouse bedroom should have vintage or antique pieces, like a flower vase, which was once a milk jug or perhaps a rustic, rickety ladder that is being re-functioned as a towel holder.  A farmhouse style bedding is a nice addition too. In this post, you will find 27 modern farmhouse bedroom ideas, which could motivate you to change the room into a comfortable, welcoming country-style area.

You can find numerous strategies to make use of the repurposed barn wood in a room. One of them is transforming them right into a pleasant, lovely headboard. The headboard will show deep brown and dark stains here and there, marking its aging. Such vintage value elevates the value of the space, also, as antique pieces and vintage are “in” nowadays. Then add purely natural decor, such as dried out leaves on the frame on the wall for your farmhouse wall decor ideas.


Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Want to simulate the atmosphere of a retirement community? Two Hawks Design & Development did a fantastic job with the contemporary farmhouse bedroom. Thanks to the concrete fireplace, a raw material touch and a traditional aesthetic come together in this Brentwood home.


Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Everything in this contemporary farmhouse bedroom design by Red Door Homes is in the process of transitioning. A great color palette that is mostly monochrome, with a splash of color on the lantern light fixture. What a stunning layout!

Modern Farmhouse Decor For Your Bedroom 

Modern farmhouse decor is about blending the vintage together with the latest, with a focus on easy, practical, comfortable, and cozy. It may be characterized by a selection of typical elements that pertain to style, the color palette, and materials.

Eclectic, vintage, architectural salvage and antique accessories will lend instant character in a modern farmhouse style decor. Incorporate collections of rustic, utilitarian, old country things you really love and like and also place them on display. Find comfortable and practical things with a focus on function first. Be at liberty to blend and match farmhouse bedroom furniture, selecting pieces with organic elements and easy lines. Curate a set of artful accents you like that are reminiscent of country, farm life. Make an effort to maintain decorations to a minimum and also choose to display things that possibly serve a purpose in your house or even bring pleasure and make you feel happy.

Wooden elements are the secret to a modern farmhouse style. Use shiplap, natural wood, reclaimed wood, along with barnboard details, on the entire area. When you are able to spend money on wide plank wooden floors or just wood flooring. Add galvanized steel, wrought iron, along with metal and industrial accents in lighting, decorations, and structure.

Neutral, earthy, and light colors dominate the modern farmhouse master bedroom. Your room ought to be predominantly white, with little touches of light grays, tans, and creams. Do not hesitate to add a bold accent of white, brown, navy, or maybe another darker color for breaking up the light space for your farmhouse curtain ideas.

A modern farmhouse bedroom is usually airy and light, clean, and simple. A wide selection of textures can help the basic farmhouse color palate from looking dull. Add shiplap or white painted wood paneling on the wall space, and also keep whitewashed brick walls exposed. Add rugs, blankets, pillows, and an eclectic group of wall art to make a layered look.

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