31 Master Bedroom Design Ideas

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We are ready to bet that you spend most of your time in your bedroom than any other room in your house. However, it is usually tricky to enhance and remodel a master bedroom. This calm, structured getaway will help you sleep without sacrificing your style and vision. If you want to create the master bedroom of your dreams, you’re in luck! Check out these 31 master bedroom ideas and get inspired!


Mary Hannah Interiors

The mix of gray colors, wood accents, and white sheets makes this bedroom dreamy.


Samsel Architects

Modern bedroom with traditional dark wood planks for the accent wall.


Blue Copper Design

Cozy farmhouse bedroom with blue accent wall and natural wood accents.


Crisp Architects

Farmhouse bedroom with shiplap walls and exposed roof trusses.


Bolen Designs

This total master bedroom remodel looks elegant with the touches of gold.



The bedroom has a fantastic view of the city and modern Italian pieces.


Rosewood Custom Builders

Traditional bedroom with a gray and white theme for a sophisticated feel.


Friedman & Shields

The wood and brown color scheme gives a natural feeling of warmth.



The floor-to-ceiling walls provide the grandest view of outdoor sceneries.


Accent Homes

The royal blue bedding provides a pop of color in this white and gray bedroom.

Master Bedroom Ideas For A Small Space

As one of the most personal areas in your home, the bedroom must balance becoming both tranquil and chic. It is the area you go to escape the rush of the day, recharge for the next day, and dream about what is to come. That is why it is needed for your room to become a direct reflection of your impeccable style and taste. Because it is where you spend almost one-third of your time, the bedroom should be one of the primary spots you need to concentrate on decorating. The area needs to be livable and comfy over anything else.

There is no reason why a tiny bedroom cannot be as beautiful, calming, and plain brimming with character as a significantly spacious space. The key to producing a beautiful bedroom when square footage is restricted is to make intelligent use of the area you have, keep furnishings scaled to the room, and, first and foremost, boldly exhibit your decorating style. Are you searching for a sophisticated palette that manages to be both glamorous and masculine at the very same time? Then think about the blend of chocolate brown and gray.

Many people would like their bedroom to be a soothing, restorative retreat. If that is your objective, then consider white and green for your palette. Add some botanical touches in your bedding, or a showstopper sunburst, and the result will indeed be calming and refreshing. Your very first impulse might be to think of the sloped ceiling and tiny room of an attic room as a con, but rather, embrace its advantages. Pile the bed with shams, pillows, quilts, and surround it with simple but beautiful furnishings. The outcome will give you a cozy and warm vibe. Indeed, even if your bedroom is small, you can still enjoy a striking accent wall.


Picture KC

Wood floors, white walls, and charcoal gray accent wall make a beautiful combo.


Starr Homes LLC

Large master bedroom with mounted TV, chandelier, and dramatic lighting.


Andrea Lecusay Interiors, Inc.

Clean and crisp lines, plus a few patterned textures, make this bedroom feels like a dream.


Cynthia Lynn Photography

This black and white contemporary bedroom looks elegant and stylish.

Master Bedroom Decorating Hacks 

Whether you have a tiny room or a large master suite, the simplest and least expensive way to upgrade your room is by painting the wall space a fresh, brand new hue. If you seek something a more integrated area, consider a bedroom wall decor remedy, like wallpaper, salvaged wood, a statement hanging installation, or built-in millwork. Your bed and other bits of bedroom furniture are essential pieces to help establish your bedroom’s mood and design. 

If you have a thing for a DIY task, think about creating your DIY headboard and including several floating nightstands for a bedroom, which will be truly one-of-a-kind. Then, do not forget to put in a cute bedroom seat (best combined with a floor lamp and side table) or a comfortable window seat for reading. Finally, to offer your bedroom some personality, think about new bedroom curtains, a cozy rug, layers of sink-in bedding, and some fun accessories and collections which will bring you a smile every morning. Continue reading for sweet dreams ahead. 

Your room is an area where you have the freedom to be creative. It is a place where you can explore your style. Whether you wish to produce a calming vibe, a rustic appearance, or contemporary aesthetic, your decor will help your vision become a reality. Fortunately, a lot of room decor can be made by yourself. Personalize your room decor to compliment your unique style and after that, think about which room they will fit best in. Your bedroom is not merely a spot for sleeping and dressing, but it is also your haven inside the house. Whether you have only moved into a different place or want to redecorate, your bedroom must allow you to feel calm and comfy and mirror your unique style.


Priester’s Custom Contracting, LLC

Traditional bedroom with gorgeous vintage accents and colors.


Chango & Co.

Simple and minimalist bedroom for a comfortable and relaxing vibe.


Michelle Wenitsky Interior Design

Napa chic-transitional master bedroom with gray bed and headboard.


Lindye Galloway Interiors

Bright and airy farmhouse bedroom with a natural wood bed frame.



Rustic bedroom with gorgeous chandelier, wood floor, and antique furniture.


Lindye Galloway Interiors

Dreamy light wood floors and all-white finish for this Mid-Century bedroom.

Changing Your Master Bedroom Layout

When considering your new bedroom design, bedroom furniture is among the most crucial components to look at. You can mix and match various furniture pieces or look for coordinated bedroom sets, including matching bed frames, dressers, and nightstands. Dark bedroom furniture provides the space a dramatic flair, while bedroom furniture in light shades opens up the area and helps make the room feel airier. Because the bed is frequently the focal point of a bedroom, changing its headboard can significantly change the room’s appearance. 

Wooden storage headboards feature compartments or shelves for keeping small items such as books and photo frames. Basic upholstered headboards add femininity and softness to the bedroom. Fancy upholstered headboards include entertaining details like patterned fabric, button detailing, and nailhead trim, which will truly stand out against the neutral bed sheets. Canopy headboards feature four posts that can help support sheer fabric curtains, including elegance and privacy to the bed. 

While your master bedroom ideas might focus on the ornamental accents within the room, proper storage space solutions are vital in a well-functioning bedroom. If you have a huge closet, consider adding shelves or drawers instead of just some simple clothing rods to increase its functionality. If you want more hidden storage, think about adding an upholstered bench to the bedroom. Though they are widely used in front entryways as mudroom storage, these storage space benches are the best size to sit at the foot of your bedroom. The upholstered top surface area adds additional seats in the room while the secret interior storage keeps clutter.


Manor Homes

Craftsman bedroom with dark gray and white walls and ceiling with gold accent.


Shelley Morris Interiors

Lovely light blue wallpaper brings a fresh vibe into this contemporary bedroom.


Michele Plachter Design

Stunning transitional bedroom with white beddings and blue pillows.


Blackband Design

Beach-style bedroom with white walls and blue barn-style door.

Picking The Right Accessories For Your Bedroom 

Have fun selecting bedroom decor that not only suits your theme but additionally shows off your distinctive design personality. Dress the bed with quilts or duvets and sheets, which not only look great but feel great. Add texture and color with pretty beautiful pillows and throw blankets. Layer a rug on the floor close to the bed to add softness and color to your floors. Hang a spectacular chandelier, pendant light, or any other elegant, gentle fixture as the room’s primary light source. Hang a bit of artwork or a mirror on every wall to jazz up the area and add character to blank walls.

How can you pick bedroom decor ideas and bedroom colors? Although your bedroom color pattern is usually a personal opinion, you will find several paint colors that are much calming and better suited for the sleeping area. Research has discovered that individuals with blue bedrooms typically attract more sleep due to the calmness it elicits. While brighter or louder colors can make you feel better, they can also keep you awake longer at night.

If you have a significant other with different preferences, consider master bedroom colors falling within the neutral selection, such as green, brown, or gray variations, to keep everybody satisfied. Sharing various bedroom pictures that you have saved to your idea book could be an excellent method to help your significant other get a sense of your bedroom ideas. When searching for feng shui bedroom design ideas, think about using warm earthy colors to make a welcoming atmosphere, or softer greens and blues to produce a tranquil ambiance. Like orange and fuchsia, bright colors are very stimulating in great blocks, so utilize them as accents around the space to jazz up the area and give hints of passion, an immensely important component associated with a romantic bedroom.


Laura of Pembroke

Elegant transitional bedroom with sitting area and vaulted ceiling.


IMI Design, LLC

This Southwestern bedroom features bold colors and unique patterns.



Cozy and warm bedroom with unique orb light fixture and wall artwork.


Normandy Remodeling

Transitional bedroom with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and storage.


Hoke Ley

Contemporary bedroom with wood plank accents on the ceiling.


Bonsai Architectural Designs

Mountain-style rustic bedroom with deck extension for a fantastic view.

More Decor Ideas For The Master Bedroom

When you are looking at room decor ideas, your choices are limitless. When nailing down your master bedroom design, it is beneficial to begin by working with the more permanent elements, like furniture. Photographs and artworks that place you at ease are a fantastic addition. Mirrors are a must-have if you utilize the area for dressing. Finally, add accessories to design your dresser or nightstand; be cautious about getting a little obsessive; numerous knick-knacks can make your bedroom feel cluttered and disorganized, which can trigger sleep trouble. If you keep these bedroom decor ideas and style considerations in mind, you should be on your way to creating the perfect bedroom. For the individuals searching for master bedroom ideas to create an oasis, consider adding a walk-in closet, master bathroom, and a sitting room.

Create your private reading nook by including a relaxing chair lounge, and sofa. You can even have a wet bar, fireplace, or coffee bar for cold winter evenings and chilly mornings in your master bedroom. Finally, make sure you get enough time in the bathroom each morning by having one only for you. You can include a calming bathtub and makeup vanity for an entire getaway, and add a good-sized closet inside your master bedroom design. You can do many things to a master bedroom by merely changing the design of the room. Many people choose comfy textiles and muted tones, no matter the design of the rest of the house. Switching out your master bedroom floors is a great way to spruce up the room, and switching to wooden floors could help all those with allergies. Remember that the bed will be the focal point in nearly any bedroom, so allow the frame and bedding guide your room decor. When you want a minimalist look, a wooden master bedroom headboard is an excellent alternative.

On the other hand, padded and tufted headboards can look attractive and luxurious. If you are looking for master bedroom color ideas, think about which palettes feel most calming and rejuvenating to you. White is a clear choice, but mild grays, blues, or even colorful wallpaper can look gorgeous too. Remember that you will look at your ceiling a lot more than in another room while you are lying down in bed. Some of the most popular master bedroom ceiling ideas include a striking light fixture and wood paneling. Spacious bedrooms are not just for sleeping, and you can put many other attributes in your master suite. Numerous master bedrooms come with a connected bathroom, and if you are lucky, additional space for chairs, desk, or TV.  To keep your room uncluttered, try hanging over-the-door organizers and shoe racks. If you consider spending leisure time in the room to read and watch TV, having excellent master bedroom lighting can make all of the difference. You will want to fill up the room with wonderful, golden light, which will help you feel at great ease, and stay away from some bright white lighting. Naturally, space could be limited; therefore, you will need to give some thought to what kind of master bedroom furniture matters to you most. A bench at the feet on the bed is perfect for getting dressed, while a couch and coffee table will genuinely make the room feel plush.

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