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The shabby chic bedroom interior is basically a transformed elegant look of that traditional country room design we used to see in those classic romantic films. This interior is often infused with a French inspiration that compliments the basic design properties of the country interior. Incorporating mostly pastel colors and “old-looking” furnishings will make your shabby chic room remodel get enchanting results. This design inspiration will always be ideal for your daughter’s room or even with the master bedroom. 

Most people consider this interior as a variation of vintage bedroom ideas because most designers make use of prevalently white or pale paint colors for the walls. These colors associated with harmony and serenity often extends to the shabby chic bedding selection that you can actually choose from. Completing the perfect shabby chic look for your room is not as hard as you might think. Delicate color tones of creams, mint, old rose, and the fresh vibe of whites will be some of your to go to color palettes for this project.


Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

With grey furniture, light pink walls, and a romantic-looking, charming rug with pink highlights, the warm atmosphere is ideal for your girl’s bedroom. This bedroom design by Viola Interior Design is exquisite and understated.


Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

The stunning antique louvered doors used as sliding doors to divide the area give this bedroom’s décor a more opulent feel. Outrageous Interiors‘ vintage bedroom decor is gorgeous!


Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

The original slat wall painted with light tones creates a popping contrast to the iron bed frame. That installed wall light is charming too. Everything looks so warm in this bedroom design by Historical Concepts.


Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

If your king-size bed seems less stunning than this Angelina panel bed, attempt this shabby chic design to maximize your bedroom’s square footage. Raymour & Flanigan nailed it with their light and airy bedroom layout.


Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

What do you think of a wrought-iron chandelier and a pastel-blue paint job for your walls? Your bed and cloth foot stool would seem inviting and toasty—the R. Cartwright Design bedroom in a soft blue.


Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

Add a chaise couch, a huge antique leaning mirror, a classic runner, and a comfortable reading chair for a romantic atmosphere. Outrageous Interiors did an amazing job with this beautiful bedroom.


Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

A mural will stand out in a room with a white paneled ceiling, white furniture, and a matching chandelier. A wonderful centerpiece for the room! In Liquid Architecture‘s mural bedroom design, everything exudes warmth.


Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

The mirrored nightstands and arch wall décor make this room seem elegant and spacious. The bed is excellent as well! Pineapple House Interior decor created such a lovely and tasteful bedroom decor.


Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

Your bedroom’s decor will be more coherent if you use the same color tone on cushions of various forms. See what happens if you give it a try. Terry’s Designing Windows created such a cozy bedroom design.


Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

The canopy bed in this main bedroom was draped in breezy fabric by Remix, giving the space a light, airy atmosphere. Improved traditional greatness inside. Remix Living has created a rustic and comforting bedroom decor.

Creating the Shabby Chic Interior

Shabby chic decorating is a great way to enhance the coziness and homey feel of any room. While you are contemplating whether to go for it or not, you can browse through the photos that we have in this article to see possible design inspirations that you can actually work with for your own bedroom. Although your own space needs to have your personality, here are some of the basic design properties for the shabby chic decor.

Light and Neutral Wall and Flooring

The furniture and accessories that we will be putting into your bedroom are full of character and personality. In order for us to bring out their best characteristics, a neutral background will be the best way to frame your chosen furniture setup. Aside from the walls, you might also need to choose natural materials for your flooring. Light-colored floor tiles and even natural wood flooring can help enhance that great vintage bed you need to place in your bedroom. 


Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

Is it possible to have a good night’s rest and pleasant dreams in this all-white bedroom with cozy wood floors? Dreamy Whites have created a beautiful white bedroom decor.


Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

His room’s shabby chic decor is cozier thanks to earthy brown hues. For sophistication, a tall beaded chandelier has been hung. Dayspring Contracting has done an excellent job with this bedroom design.


Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

An excellent example of incorporating elegance into a shabby chic setting is this lovely luxury feminine bedroom with touches of blues and creams. The Shabby Chic style is perfect for a girl’s bedroom.


Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

You may exhibit your adaptable taste in interior design by combining a contemporary geometric architectural wall with antique furnishings. Cottage Home Company created this sophisticated take on the classic cottage bedroom.

Vintage Furniture

Most bedrooms inspired by the shabby chic design always opt for those great looking vintage furniture. The usual four-poster bed and those antique looking cabinets will be great additions when enhancing your remodeling interior. Time-worn furniture is a rage for vintage bedroom ideas not just because they look great but also because they create a timeless and nostalgic character for your bedroom. Some furniture used for victorian interiors can also be used for your shabby sheek room. The most important reminder is to not go full Victorian, one or two furniture pieces will be enough. 

Chic Accessories

Having this interior in your room is a perfect opportunity to show off your shabby chic decor items on your bedroom walls. Try to balance being cluttered and ornate when deciding on the arrangements of your accessories and other room furniture. If you have a lot of decor items, having a list of things to use for display will prevent having redundant items and it will also help you avoid the room from being too cluttered. A great way for your artworks and framed photos to contribute to your desired theme for the room is for them to also have a time-worn wood frame. Your gallery wall would surely be mesmerizing.


Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

This bedroom’s taxidermy and luxurious bedding strike a nice balance between macho and feminine elements. A combination that will work well in your bedroom of choice. Dibello Architects designed this rustic bedroom in a ranch house.


Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

Adding floral wallpaper and a color scheme of gray, white, and pink may completely change the look of your bedroom. And there’s a touch of green in the aged upholstery. Shabby Chic is responsible for this cheerful and classic bedroom.


Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

Light green walls, floor-to-ceiling beige draperies, and a tufted bed frame epitomized the soft sophistication of shabby chic. Pheobe Howard designed this bedroom with a pastel springtime feel.


Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

With its high ceilings, ample floor space, and cozy fireplace, this room called for a canopy bed dressed in simple, elegant bedding. Allan Edwards Builder crafted this charmingly rustic French bedroom.

Install a Chandelier

One glamorous item that strikes a balance between the vintage and modern feel in your bedroom will be installing a good looking chandelier. Your bedroom’s lighting sets the mood and enhances the feeling evoked by the color of your walls. Some chandeliers may appear to be too grand, others might also be too modern. But before checking the right design, what you first need to consider is the area of your room. Before you decide to install the chandelier, make sure that you have enough room and that your ceiling is not too low. These measurements will affect the size of the chandelier that you can have in your room and would, therefore, affect the designs that you can choose from.

Choose Classic Bedspreads and Canopy

Another thing that defines the shabby chic interior is the linen and bedspreads. As you can observe with the sample photos, most bedrooms are decorated with an elaborate and “lacy” bedspread. Lace is a very common element added to the interior plan because it introduces a lot of vintage flair into your room. Adding a canopy to your bed will also enhance its classic elegance. That shabby chic headboard of your bed can easily be a focal point in your design if you are able to get the right bedspreads and linen, your pillows when dressed in vintage pillowcases will highlight it too.


Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

This feminine space is so warm and inviting that even the wall-mounted radiator seems home—a beautiful illustration of the shabby chic style. Viola Interior Design created this elegant French bedroom.


Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

What could be more endearing than this wooden arm side chair with a patterned cushion next to an antique-style armoire? It develops its own identity independently. The RL Design Studio created a warm and inviting bedroom.


Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

Your peach satin curtains contrast the white walls, and they look fantastic when placed against neutral furniture. It works well as a compliment to the mural on the wall. This gorgeous bedroom decor is from Budget Blinds.


Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

Your girls’ dream bedroom will have twin beds with traditional frames, white walls, white linens, and a charming old chandelier. This Dreamy Whites bedroom decor is quite simple and light.

Enhancing the Old Texture

Knowing that adding old textures will create a character for your room, doing it right will be a vital step for your remodeling project. Leather, lace, and those adorable chunky rugs are great additions that you can actually have apart from the usual decors you incorporate into your interior plan. The aesthetic value of your room will be as good as how functional the additions you put into it. Those adorable vintage-looking cabinets with shabby chic paintworks will be even great because they will surely compliment the entire room.

Going Floral

There’s nothing better that will complement the shabby chic interiors than adding a floral motif into your bedroom. When you put that motif somewhere into your room this enhances the romantic feeling inside. Most interior designers feel that the floral motif is very easy to add in this type of project because of the pastel and light wall colors. Instead of plain curtains, sneaking in some floral drapes will be even better. The bedspreads and pillows can also sport the motif. However, if the floral stuff creates an eyesore, adding a vase of flowers on top of your coffee table will be a great option too.

The shabby chic interior design is an easy choice for a remodeling project. Although it stemmed from trying to modernize farmhouse interiors, this type of remodeling can still showcase the personality that you want your bedroom to be characterized with. Looking for the right inspiration can be hard but once you have it to the point, that room will be as great.


Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

This bedroom’s spring blossoms on the nightstand, and the plush white quilt on top of the bed encourage extended periods of relaxation. This Linen Alley bedroom decor is perfect for cuddling.


Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

A burst of pink decorative pillows will be fantastic since decorating with traditionally spotless white linens, drapes, and wall color feels uninteresting. Shabby Slips Austin Interiors is the designer of this stylish bedroom.


Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

The bed, chandelier, and table light all texture this bedroom. Decor that is shabby chic also works in an ancient cottage. Southern Inspirations is the creator of this intricate bedroom decor.


Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

If you’re looking for a genuinely one-of-a-kind addition to your space, placing a giant decorative mirror over an old-fashioned piece of furniture can do the trick. Windows to the World is behind this gorgeous and enchanted bedroom decor.

Final Thoughts: 

Enchanting yourself with the magnificent shabby chic decor you fell in love with today will make you feel better whenever you enter your bedroom. The shabby chic vibe is not the thing of the past, it didn’t altogether vanish and it has again become a most loved remodeling project that everyone is talking about. It offers the right comfort and femininity that we always desire for our bedrooms. Modernizing this interior for your bedroom needs a small adjustment to reflect contemporary designs that you would actually love.

The warmth and inviting vibe of this bright beautiful decor make it a more favorable option. Another reason to favor this theme for your bedroom is being able to upcycle the existing furniture in your bedroom. Surprisingly, there are a lot of ways that you can actually turn your cabinet into looking time worn. The remodeling project will be about your attempt to capture that whole homey feel without forgetting the vintage character that should relax you more. Elements that you will be putting into this project that creates the personality of your room should be more than just the shabby chic idea.

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