23 Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Bathroom Tile Design Ideas
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When it comes to decorating your bathroom, even the smallest amount of tile can go quite a distance. At the very first thought, tiles provide a distinctly practical purpose: They safeguard your walls from water damage and toothpaste smudges. But simply because bathroom tiles are utilitarian does not mean they cannot look great, also. If you are thinking about upgrading your tiles, these 47 bathroom tile ideas might help you put a solid plan on your bathroom renovation project.


Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Do you want to add character to your bathroom by changing the flooring? Beautiful Moroccan tiles adorn the bathroom of this hippie residence. In this bathroom tile design by Incorporated, the walls are mostly black tiles, but there is a special section of colorful tiling under the sink.


Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

These porcelain planks were made by Raymond Beginyan of Beginyan tile and are a very convincing facsimile of real wood. This complete bathroom seems very pleasant and clean due to the light wood and white theme colors. The faucets, meanwhile, are plated in gold and made of high-quality metals. We love this Shelby Wood Design bathroom.


Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

This beautiful transitional bathroom has tiles from the Tile Shop in Woodbury, Minnesota. Tiles give the shower area a finished, high-end aesthetic rather than just a plain wall. Divine Custom Homes outdid themselves with this inviting and high-end bathroom.


Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Do you long for a bathroom with a beachy feel? You’ll feel pampered and revived after doing this. The blue vanity is beautiful, especially in contrast to the white tiled vanity. Dora Brigham Interiors did an excellent job with this bathroom.


Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

This spacious ranch-style home’s master bath has a traditional, elegant design. The Housing & Building Association of Colorado Springs can provide you with the cleanest and most relaxing bathroom layout possible. This layout for a bathroom has more than enough room for all your needs.


Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

A large, artistically themed bathroom is what you need. Mosaic tiles and a window in the bathroom? What a fantastic upgrade. An expansive glass window allows you to take in the scenery beyond. Jones Studio Inc. did an amazing job with this luxurious bathroom.


Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

You may feel good about your inner femme with this design. With new tiles and a coat of bright red paint, this traditional bathroom was given a facelift in no time. The white and red color scheme is striking and modern. Borealis Interiors has stepped up its game with this one-of-a-kind bathroom design.


Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Pental Tile Urban Sculpture is a modern accent in a bathroom. The shower area’s distinctive wavy and smooth wall is only one of the many details that elevate an otherwise standard bathroom to refined luxury. Cascade Flooring America has done an excellent job with this bathroom design.


Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Want a toilet that transports you back in time? Plus, it makes you feel like you’re at the beach: a little but charming Southwestern washroom full of interesting details. IDI-Interior Design Ideas by Gigi B. Sisniega created this beautiful bathroom.


Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Do you want a basic yet sophisticated bathroom? Despite its small size, it is stunning. No one can get over how gorgeous this contemporary bathroom is with its alcove shower and pebble tile floor. Spruce, LLC did a great job with the bathroom.

Various Bathroom Tile Options

There are many different styles to choose from. If you have no idea where to start, check out our selection and see what works best for you. We will also outline the pros & cons of each type of tile 

Porcelain tiles – One huge plus about porcelain is there’s a great deal of design flexibility so that they can be available in a selection of colors, finishes, styles, and sizes. Your choices are limitless. 

Marble tiles – Is there something more timeless and stunning than marble? Who has not heard of the magnificence of Calacatta marble? However, it is not the best option for longevity or the status of your pocket. This is due to being an extremely gentle stone, which means it is absorbent and not the best for wet areas and floors. For instance, if you dye your hair, the dye can stain the marble, which isn’t great in any way! Thus, save this particular gorgeous look for a much less humid environment.

Ceramic tiles – These are made from the same material as porcelain though they’re less finely ground, meaning they are not as durable. Though you can seal them properly and it becomes more durable.

Limestone tiles – If you would like a gentle organic look, you cannot do much better than limestone.

Slate tiles – Ideal for a lot of traffic zone, slate is tough to scratch or chip. It is very costly as an all-natural stone, but it will not be dated when it comes to style and will not need to be maintained regularly. It is a fantastic choice for a bathroom in case you are pleased to use it. 

Vinyl – It is a less expensive option and extremely practical, which means it is quite simple to clean up, and they will not crack. The expense of adding it is also considerably less than ceramics or porcelain though it does not have the lovely finish as tiles have.


Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Are you interested in a bathroom remodel that will make your house feel more like a home under its cozy flooring and walls? The floor and vanity top of this Victorian bathroom features an interesting random tile design. This is a wonderful bathroom design by K-Co Construction, Inc.


Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

This is not your typical bathroom layout. It even features an unusual black sink and toilet. The dark brown floor tiles and turquoise wall tiles provide a modern look in this lavatory. Dreamstar Custom Homes outdid themselves with this bathroom.


Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Do you desire an attractive bathroom design that accommodates your penchant for the color black? MosaicoMicro’s Micro6 black tile is the perfect complement to this ultra-modern shower. The illumination of the mirror’s back is also a nice touch—brilliant bathroom planning by BENJAMIN ANDRES ARCHITEKT.


Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

This cutting-edge lavatory has tiles from South Bay Green. It’s not overly flashy but creates a luxurious bathroom without breaking the bank. South Bay Green did a fantastic job with this surprisingly straightforward bathroom design.

Different Shapes & Patterns For Bathroom Tile Ideas 

Okay, now for the pretty pictures. We need to begin with tile shapes and patterns<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>

Hexagon tiles – You will see them anywhere and in all sizes and shapes. They seem especially good with gorgeous bold colors.

Subway tiles – The choices with subway tiles are limitless; it is determined by the appearance you are going for. Conversely, a color subway floor tile will genuinely come up with a long-lasting impression if that is what you want. And that is not including the variants by blending various kinds of tiles.

Subway tile patterns include: herringbone, basic brick, stacked (horizontal) bond, crosshatch/ basketweave, running bond, combination running bond/ crosshatch, vertical stacked, straight herringbone, and Spanish bond, among others.

Mosaic tiles – Mosaics are among the more flexible tiles which can work with almost any bathroom design. You can have them in various colors and different finishes, including matte or gloss. 

Small tiles – Aptly named small tiles (by us), these little guys deserve their very own shout out for being extraordinarily tiny but making a massive influence due to how various grout colors help them shine.

Square tiles – Squares have become the brand new subway bathroom tiles. Even if you wish to stick with traditional white, there is still a way that you can spruce it in place with a hint of brilliant paint.

Fish scale tiles – This is one of our favorites! W like it in cream, we like it in color, of course, if feasible, we love it more when we find multi-color fish scale tiles used. This look transports you to your Morrocan holiday when utilized in color. 

Stone tiles – Could a stone design be the next subway tile? Who knows! We’re putting it on our list because it has lots of potentials.

Leaf tile – This is unusual but also lovely in its very own unique way. This particular tile’s distinctive shape makes a feature wall structure pop, and in case your house was a room that was embracing an all-natural style, this specific tile would enable you to reach your design goals.

Basketweave tile – This is not that popular with homeowners, but the effect with the shadows against this tile is something that will catch your attention immediately. It’s not hard to make a statement even if you go with white tiles.

Mixing up the styles – I like the design flexibility you can have with tiles, and it truly allows you to make your home (or bathroom in this case) rather bespoke. It will not be everyone’s cup of tea but as long as you find it attractive, who cares right?!


Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

This bathroom design has a classic look that will appeal to many people. The blue and yellow flower pattern on this Mexican Talavera tile complements the Mediterranean style of this bathroom. Rustic Brick and Fireplace went above and beyond with this one.


Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Everyone will believe you’ve stumbled across a castle’s restroom when they see this one. This bathroom is the epitome of luxury, with its shiny white tile floor and gold fixtures. The bathroom design by DEANE Inc | Distinctive Design & Cabinetry is very elegant and roomy.


Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Despite its confinement and predominantly neutral color scheme, this bathroom design is stunning. The Granada Tile Company is a good source of Nicaraguan-made encaustic cement tiles. Amazingly cozy and inviting, Carolyn Patterson’s bathroom design hit the spot.


Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

The design of this bathroom will blow everyone’s mind. Everything in the space is very sophisticated and vibrant. I love this bathroom’s unexpected colors and patterns, from the flowery wallpaper to the turquoise floor tiles. This bright and cheery design by gatotravieso was created for use in a bathroom.


Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Need a bathroom to remodel that will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time? Elegant touches may be seen everywhere, including fine artwork on the walls—The primary bathroom is in the organic southwestern style, with tiles of various colors. Urban Design Associates did a fantastic job with the bathroom.


Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

The Slate flooring and wall tile make this bathroom very modern and chic. Despite its apparent simplicity, this has a sophisticated air. In fact, it has a skylight window built right in. KS Construction created a refreshingly modern and light bathroom.

Things To Consider When Choosing Bathroom Tiles 

With a vast number of options for long-lasting, easy-to-clean tiles along with endless arrangements and bathroom tile designs, you can always produce a totally unique bathroom tile layout. Subway tile is among the most flexible design options. It is timeless and classic yet contemporary at the very same time. Subway tiles are available in an assortment of styles, materials, and patterns to add interest to the bathroom and mostly in white to allow other design shine elements. You can also significantly alter the appearance of your subway tile floor with contrasting grout styles. Whichever you pick, the subway tile is not going out of style soon.

Want to include an exciting accent to the bathroom tile design? You can develop a stripe, a framed accessory, or a complete structure with a glass mosaic that has already completed the job of pairing materials and colors together for you. If you want more shower tile ideas, you have come to the appropriate place. Contemporary or traditional, mid-century, or old-world modern, you can accomplish almost any layout style you need with your bathroom tile. And do not overlook the different combinations and patterns achievable when arranging your flooring. A unique design for a traditional tile is precisely the twist your design needs.

Bathroom floor tile is surely a wonderful option for your tub or shower since it is waterproof and cleans readily. Always get shower and tub tile into consideration whenever you plan for your bathroom backsplash. You definitely do not have to complement them, but each of the ceramic tiles in the bathroom need to look as a part of a cohesive style when you tiled it.


Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

This bathroom layout is deceptively simple due to the lack of extraneous elements. It’s a sleek, contemporary space with gray tiles and a standalone tub. This luxury home was built by TOP DRAWER | Luxury Home Builder and had a stunning modern minimalist bathroom.


Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Do you long for a bathroom floor with ceramic tiles? Almost everyone would agree that this bathroom style epitomizes cleanliness and light—The main bathroom with white ceramic tiles and a minimalist modern design. Calyx Builds itself with this bathroom layout.

Bold And Unique Bathroom Tile Ideas

While you can match your floor and bathroom wall tile, it’s a fantastic idea to create contrast in an alternative color, material, or shape. When you do not wish to go that bold, consider tiling the floor at a coordinating color but have a distinctive form, like large-format tiles or hexagons, to generate interest. The small bathroom, we’ve all been there. But there are actually many things you can do. Changing the next tile partway up the structure can visually lower the space off, making it appear less tall. When you use paint and tile on the wall space, using similar colors helps easily transition from one space to the next with no hard stops. 

You will find numerous choices for your bathroom’s color scheme that will make it challenging to choose the best one for you. Usually, it isn’t easy to describe the appearance you want, but you will know it if you see it. That is the reason we suggest looking at our gallery for inspiration. Here, you will get plenty of pictures and inspiration from existing spaces to better picture how a specific color or tile design will be in a real house. Neutral looks are trendy, but if you love bright, dark, or bold colors, do not hesitate to use them. And do not hesitate about making your personal rules! So long as essential elements and the tile of the room aren’t clashing, you can play with different colors and accents.

Bathrooms can make or break the general style of the building. It’s very substantial that developers and home sellers focus on design and renovation efforts on the space. An outdated bath can switch off potential customers or perhaps depress the buyer, but the modern, sleek, and inspiring contemporary bath can energize and excite. Bathroom styles and trends are dynamic; you have to boost the appearance in several years. The simplest way to redesign your bathroom is by altering the tiles. We hope our tile shower ideas and images will help you create the bathroom of your dreams!

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