29 Farmhouse Chandelier Light Fixtures Ideas

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Farmhouse design is a charming decor style that is chic and cozy. A lot of people choose this style because of its laid back feel and unpretentious vibe. Whether you want the farmhouse style for the whole house or just like a little bit of it here and there, a farmhouse lighting is something worth considering. You will see how one piece of decor can ultimately affect the total look of the house. Today, let’s take a look at these 31 farmhouse chandelier light ideas and see if you find something that will fit in your home.


Brush Arbor Home Construction

The lighting gives a dramatic appeal in this white bathroom.


Moore House Interiors, LLC

Clean, simplistic Century Silver Leaf from the Gallery Collection.


Streamline Construction

Hinkley lighting for a spa-like experience that is beyond impressive.


Northwest Arkansas Home Builders Association

Geometric clear glass pendant light in antique gold with LED bulbs.


lisa furey interiors

he size of the chandelier is perfect for making an impact, without overpowering the room.


Advantage Contracting

Handmade metal and blown glass chandelier for this bathroom.


Structur Design & Interiors

Classic chandelier with timeless accents and a low profile design.


Gonterman Construction

The gorgeous chandelier stands out in this modern vintage bathroom.


Kitchen Vitality Design LLC

Stunning chandelier and pendant lights in polished nickel finish.


Phinney Design Group

The light fixtures help add visual appeal to this bathroom.

Why Go For A Farmhouse Chandelier 

If you like farmhouse decor but aren’t sure where to begin, examine your lights! To nail your farmhouse light fixtures, start with your materials: glass, metal, and wood. And do not forget the light bulbs. The signature blends of wood, metal, or glass produce rustic and beautiful looks that appear worn-in and elegant. We have a gallery of 31 farmhouse lighting suggestions to ignite your creativity and brighten up your house. 

No farmhouse space is done without gorgeous lighting. Discover both rustic and modern farmhouse lighting ideas and look for your outdoor choices while keeping your easygoing, down-home style. Farmhouse style decor is starting to be increasingly more popular with each passing year. The clean lines and light colors draw for anybody looking for a classy appearance on a budget. But the decor is not all. Lighting plays an enormous part in building the proper atmosphere on your farmhouse upgrade. Whether you’re searching for rustic or modern lighting choices, we have all you need for your ideal home.

Kitchens would be the most widely used place to display your gorgeous new farmhouse fixtures. Although lighting fixtures concentrate on their light purpose, you find the best of both worlds regarding farmhouse lighting. Meanwhile, ceiling fans would be the most typical fixtures for any bedroom and are sexy and helpful. But there is an assortment of lights which would be ideal inside a farmhouse themed bedroom. Examples could be semi-flush and flush-mounted ceiling fixtures created for smaller areas and would significantly enhance the correct finish and design area.


DK Homes

Elegant chandelier painted in a black finish and candle-shaped bulbs.


Tennessee Valley Homes, INC

The luxurious and classic chandelier is from Circa Lighting.


Kyle Aiken

Light forged bronze chandelier with versatile farmhouse & rustic design.


Tracy Lynn Studio

The brass chandelier is from Restoration Hardware’s Baby & Child collection.

Selecting The Best Chandelier For Your Room

Farmhouse style chandeliers are a preferred choice for bedrooms if you’re searching for a statement piece. You can select a decorative sphere fixture that stands out in the space. Or for an airier appearance, go for an open circular chandelier. Sconces are not just for the exterior any longer; they’re also excellent for those late-night reading periods in bed. For design, some of the farmhouse sconces have the light bulb exposed. This will make the fixtures and antique filament bulbs the ideal mixture. Easily installed and beneficial, there’s no end to the benefits of these fixtures!

There are plenty of types for having the perfect farmhouse bathroom lighting; it is difficult to pick just one! When looking at vanity lighting, it depends upon the dimensions of your sink. When you find several stations, then individual two light vanities and one-light sconces give the correct amount of light for every place. Mini pendants are placed in the same fashion as vanity lights based on the sink’s length. This generates an air of elegance and gives light to spots that usually are dark in other bathrooms.

For toilets that require an upgrade but do not have a lot of room, little sconces on the mirror’s sides are a great choice. They can be placed on walls to illuminate every corner of the home. Lighting will make the distinction in a home upgrade. Whichever approach you determine for your farmhouse, it’s possible to accomplish with only a bit of work and some fixtures. So give your house the light it demands and enjoy it!


Godsey Homes

Exquisite chandelier in an antique finish, with candle-shaped bulbs.


Dotter & Solfjeld Architecture + Design

The bathroom features a spike ceiling light fixture in dark bronze finish.


Christopher Jones Photography

The gold chandelier gives a dramatic appeal in this black and white bathroom.


Sonoma Building Company

Jaw-dropping rectangular glass drop crystal chandelier in brass.


Alicia Zupan Designs

Enjoy a relaxing bath with this attractive and chic chandelier overhead.


Hardwood Design Company

The lighting fixture combines world artisanship and modern sensibilities.

Farmhouse Chandelier For The Kitchen

Traditionally a resident in the kitchen, dining room chandeliers have become a favorite lighting fixture for modern kitchens. You’ll also need to think about what ambiance you would want creating for your kitchen, from the contemporary, minimalist look to industrial, vintage contemporary farmhouse vibes. We’ll take you through kitchen chandelier suggestions to help you develop your modern house’s ideal atmosphere. 

Geometric silhouettes and clean lines are design options that come with a contemporary kitchen. Two large bulbs over a kitchen island produce a festive ambiance in your home. Circular chandeliers are a fantastic choice since they provide a visual simplicity that is effective over the kitchen table or dining areas. Sure, lighting will give your modern-day kitchen a spunky character. Add a dash of boldness to your kitchen table by dangling a stylish chandelier.

Clear and clean is the approach to take if you wish to bring a feeling of simplicity to your kitchen. Chandeliers with multiple clear orbs can develop visual harmony, while conventional shapes can include a rustic farmhouse vibe for your modern-day kitchen island or kitchen table. Think of substance when choosing what ambiance you would like to set on your kitchen. Wavy or etched glass is a pleasant way to blend both contemporary and classic vibes. Metal is a mark associated with a contemporary atmosphere, while wood adds a warm feel.


Hamilton-Gray Design, Inc.

Big circular chandelier in frosted glass for this modern farmhouse bathroom.


Ironwood Construction Group LLC

The modernist design of the chandelier for this farmhouse bathroom.


John Milner Architects, Inc.

Classic vintage chandelier to provide depth and character to the bathroom.


Mark P. Finlay Architects, AIA

Distinctive light fixture in a black finish to provide a glorious accent to the bathroom.

More Ideas To Create That Farmhouse Feel Through Lighting 

Use styles in your kitchen illumination to redefine the feeling of symmetry in the room. Clean lines and geometric patterns look orderly and sleek against the little round orbs of modern-day chandeliers. Coordinate a gigantic chandelier above the cooking area table with several small chandeliers over the cooking area island. Translucent glass orbs suspended along a gentle wooden beam is one of the ways to spotlight a standard or farmhouse environment, particularly against islands and counters of darker wood. 

Try keeping your kitchen stylish and timeless by selecting a chandelier with vintage vibes. Occasionally, it is the most straightforward design that holds the best beauty. When you would like to maintain your kitchen looking modern and orderly, choose a kitchen area chandelier with a minimalist outfit. Consider linear patterns and clean lines, which would be the hallmark of fashionable chandeliers. Adding several lighting with rustic elements will up the game of your kitchen’s ambiance. Exposed light bulbs are a traditional vintage design that will add somewhat of that old age experience you might be searching for. This is effective in kitchens with wood, brass, or perhaps dark metal finishes. Search for minimalist chandeliers with lean, clean angles and sleek lines, as this can help elongate your room with a few much needed visual depth.

If you’ve white or grey countertops with gold wall specifics, pick a chandelier with white gold and orbs stems. These minor nuances will make your home pop with evident harmony. A long rubber rectangular chandelier may just do the trick if you have a modern kitchen loaded with wood counters & cabinets. Search for minimalist design factors like slim, clean lines, which will elongate the area without producing an excess visual clutter. You’ll find various kinds of dining room light fixtures to select from, whether you want little, geometric patterns, and colorful and bold designs.


Buffalo Lumber Company Inc.

Crystal Bud Chandelier in Silver Granello finish, with intertwining faceted crystal buds.


James McCalligan Architect

Mid-century mount light fixture for an elegant feature for the bathroom.


Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

Stunning teardrop-shaped chandelier for this contemporary rustic farmhouse.


Kevin O’Sullivan + Associates

Mini drop down pendants in satin nickel give a bubbly vibe to the bathroom.

Chandelier Lighting For Different Parts Of The Home

If perhaps you feel like your lighting fixtures are outdated, or you are merely searching for something new, then we’ve got you covered with a broad assortment of gentle fixtures to select from. Remember that budget farmhouse lighting is entirely possible too. Unlike other themes, the farmhouse is more than purchasing the fanciest lighting appliance or fixture. It is a lot more so centered on that rustic, antique, and spotless farmhouse experience to your house. As with any style, your kind of farmhouse will be different from the following person’s vision. Although we mention most preferred choices applied in today’s farmhouse homes, if you’ve got one more idea in mind, complement it. Feel free to deviate from the farmhouse lighting ideas and find the light fixture that speaks to you and your house.

A favorite option for all those that want to apply a farmhouse kitchen design is pendant lighting. This kind of lighting works particularly well in case your home has an island. Some options consist of metal cages, geometric casings, or perhaps some could decide to make the pendant’s bulb blank. Some pendant lamps are placed on a wooden beam, an attractive option for just a farmhouse style. Rustic chandeliers can make your room feel classier and put in a touch of luxury while remaining true to that particular farmhouse sense. Farmhouse chandeliers also often are inexpensive, which is ideal for anyone on a budget. Bathrooms generally have two principle lighting fixture options: recessed lights or vanity lights. Wall sconces will also be an alternative for the bathroom, though they are inclined to stop being as popular with regards to lighting the vanity. In case you choose this path, look for a finish or type that fits some other accessories in your bathroom, and ensure that your vanity lights are not very large since they might overwhelm the mirror.

When you search for some additional light on your farmhouse family room or bedroom, then absolutely consider recessed lights. Hanging light fixtures like chandeliers go superbly in a family room and function as a focal point. Lamps will be the best finishing touch to contribute to these areas, whether it is a floor lamp or a lamp in your nightstand. Lighting your outside space means finding fixtures that complement your door frame along with other outdoor elements. This option ties in appropriate lighting aesthetics and also farmhouse-like elements to illuminate your patio or porch. They may be hung on every side of your door or along the wall based on your outdoor space, and they also are inclined to be dimmer compared to lanterns or sconces.

We hope you love these farmhouse chandelier light fixture ideas! Good luck with your bathroom renovation.

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