Fantastic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas
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More and more homeowners are escaping the daily routine of cooking indoors by building an outdoor kitchen in the comfort of their backyards. This popular trend allows families to get outdoors, enjoy the serenity of nature, and add new experiences different from the typical lunch or dinner. Building a kitchen in your backyard is not all difficult, especially with the right ideas in mind.

Get away from the mundane habit of cooking inside with little to no windows. Give yourself and your family a breath of fresh air with one of our outdoor kitchen ideas below.

First, let’s take a look at some of the possibilities that await with an outdoor kitchen; knowing the do’s and don’ts of a backyard bistro can help you narrow down your style selections. After you are confident that it can be built to your liking, you can then choose from one of our stylish designs.


Fantastic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

You want a spot to hold family dinners with fresh air and a place to grill the food, right? The masonry surrounding the stove and oven is exquisite. The kitchen gives off a high-end, modern vibe. Fire Magic Grills – Robert H. Peterson Company has created an exceptionally well-designed kitchen.


Fantastic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

We can all agree that this outdoor kitchen appears straight out of a dream and inviting. The design of this outdoor kitchen by Hanomoco Design is quite impressive. Take a look at how the kitchen extends down the wall. In addition to that, it is shaded by a substantial pergola.


Fantastic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

A gorgeous, fully-equipped outdoor kitchen with plenty of room for gatherings. The room is spacious and airy, perfect for eating. As a bonus, the roof will protect it from bad weather. What a clever plan by Omega Construction and Design, Inc. for a space close to a swimming pool.


Fantastic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

This outdoor kitchen has a very sleek, contemporary aesthetic. What a great, refreshing idea for an outdoor kitchen in the backyard! There’s even a spot to relax in the sun. Chr DAUER Architects has created a very invigorating outdoor kitchen.


Fantastic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

No one can deny that this establishment is ideal for private gatherings. Upstairs, in a wide open area, is the outdoor kitchen. This kitchen is perfect for hosting late-night barbecues with loved ones. Hughes Landscaping outdid itself with this lovely layout.


Fantastic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Amazing grey outdoor kitchen with cozy fireplace and plenty of room for friends and family to gather. The outdoor kitchen’s surroundings are full of trees and other natural elements, giving the space a calming vibe. Lifescape Colorado has created a stunning and contemporary outdoor kitchen.

Building Your Outdoor Kitchen

The art of outdoor entertaining can increase both your creativity and your land value. Outdoor kitchens are leisurely, allowing families to enjoy the feeling of a good cookout without having to stay indoors. But there are a few key considerations to understand when embarking on your outdoor kitchen journey. Take a look at some of these DIY outdoor kitchen ideas and tips to help you transform your backyard into the outdoor entertainment center you want it to be.

Take Accurate Measurements

You need to take the space and size of your backyard into account before deciding which outdoor kitchen ideas work best for you. You can get in touch with a professional contractor for help making measurements of your patio and kitchen area. Make sure not to put aside too much backyard space for the kitchen alone, as you still need an area for comfortable seating, tabling, and relaxation.

Think About Framing

Is your outdoor kitchen going to be the main focal point of the backyard? How many components of the outdoor kitchen do you plan on installing? Being able to answer these questions will give you a better idea of the design you’re looking for.

Plus, you should make sure that you have a sturdy foundation built up for you to base all of your appliances on. Make sure that whatever you’re building is solid enough to hold the backyard kitchen you plan on having.

Know Your Decor And Details

An outdoor kitchen isn’t complete without a nearby place to sit down and enjoy the food. Arranging your decor can be another big step in the decision-making process when looking for new outdoor kitchen ideas. And going beyond just form, you need function, too. Make sure you’ve planned for additional storage space for your cookware and dishes. Make sure you know where your water and gas lines are if you plan on installing a stove or sink. Get all the details before you set the design portion of your plan into motion.


Fantastic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

This outdoor kitchen is so contemporary and roomy; everyone will love it. What a great, modern touch it is to have an outside kitchen that lets light into the basement. The design by Kim Duffin for Sublime Luxury Kitchens & Bathrooms is incredibly gleaming and luxurious.


Fantastic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

This outdoor kitchen design is a real find that is wonderfully refreshing and harmonious with its natural surroundings. The kitchen’s lettering is beautiful. It seems solid and sturdy, made of concrete. Here at the grilling station, you will have a fantastic time. Concrete Commander outdid themselves with this one.


Fantastic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Everyone will like a beachfront open kitchen. For fun and games on vacation, there is no better place than this one. Beautifully contrasting colors in the kitchen complement the sea and sand. Isabelle Robyns created a simple outdoor kitchen.


Fantastic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

People tend to avoid refreshing environments that use stainless steel and grey since they are so sophisticated-looking. But in this one, it appears like perfection has been achieved. This outdoor kitchen by Guyton’s Custom Designs, Inc. proves that stainless steel doesn’t have to be boring.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas For Small Spaces

Just because your backyard is small, doesn’t mean there isn’t a space for an outdoor kitchen. In fact, some of the best designs can be laid on a budget. The most important thing an outdoor kitchen needs is a functional space, not a large one. In fact, you can even design a kitchen that is closeby to your indoor one; that way, you can quickly run in and grab additional items without having to run all throughout the house. It also allows you to use many of the same gas and water hookups that you use for your regular kitchen. Saving energy and time go hand in hand with saving space.

Make It Separate

When it comes to cooking outdoors, you just need a place for your stove or oven to ventilate. As long as you can build sufficient space for that, the rest of your design can be resized to your liking. One clever idea is to build a small bar or island that can be designated especially for the outdoor kitchen. The rest of your backyard can be left the way it is, or reserved for other functions. It will help your space to feel larger while also having a special space put aside just for cooking.

Keep It Covered

A covered outdoor kitchen can actually expand its lifespan. Offering your outdoor kitchen a fair amount of protection from the elements or the sun’s constant rays can prolong the functionality of your appliances and utensils. Wooden archways or patio covers make excellent coverings for an outdoor kitchen and bar area. It can be solid or slatted to fit well with your already-existing style.


Fantastic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Outstanding woodwork ensures the peak performance of this kitchen. It combines dark wood flooring tiles with wooden-colored wall tiles. Swatt | Miers Architects did a fantastic job designing the kitchen in this pool house.



Fantastic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

When you visit this location, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a happy-ending fairy tale. This whole outdoor kitchen is a dream come true. All your guests will agree that this is the best spot for an imaginable cookout. Texas Custom Patios outdid themselves with this patio space.


Fantastic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Simply reducing your options can sometimes improve your situation. Here, you have all the ingredients for a fantastic experience. All you need is a sofa and a kitchen to feel at home. What a wonderful change of pace, Sketches, An Interior View LLC has created this outdoor kitchen.


Fantastic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Do you want an outdoor kitchen that appears like a woman’s living room? This outdoor kitchen has a beautiful, contemporary aspect because of its clean, modern design. This breakfast nook and kitchen are just stunning first thing in the morning. The method by STUDIOCARVER is fresh and contemporary.

Combine Your Cooking And Seating Areas

Kitchens with attached bars look attractive for a reason. It can be both a fun and functional way to conserve space while making sure not to skimp out on any of the outdoor kitchen necessities. You can have a full seating area with some chairs and plenty of space for food and drinks on the bar, while your oven or stove is on the other side. This is sure to liven up your holiday barbecues, and this time you won’t be embarrassed to invite the neighbors.

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Something about old fashioned makes it always in fashion. The rustic, artisan style is popular for outdoor kitchens, especially those inspired by rustic country farms or Tuscan villas.

Make New Look Like Old

Rustic kitchens use a lot of slatted and reclaimed wood to decorate tables, provide awnings and offer unique decoration. Mixing a little bit of old in with the new – like leaving some vintage kitchen utensils on the bar for decor – can really go a long way by boosting the value of your yard. Using farm tools as functional decoration pieces (like the top of a pitchfork for hanging your spatulas, for example) will add both history and charm to your once plain backyard.


Fantastic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

This kitchen is versatile in that it may be used indoors and outside. You could do many things in this kitchen because of how modern and practical it is. Wow, Annabelle Chapman Architect Pty Ltd. outdid themselves with this one.


Fantastic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

What a clever layout, with two doors that can be opened for fresh air whenever you need it in the kitchen. The French doors in this design are cleverly used to create overhead shade. Thompson Naylor Architects Inc. created this wood-floored kitchen.


Fantastic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

In this type of kitchen layout, beautiful glass windows offer protection from the weather without sacrificing your view of the outdoors. Wow, what a lovely modern outdoor kitchen by re|form [architects & urban strategists].


Fantastic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Everything in this kitchen layout appears open, organic, and cutting-edge. It features a sliding glass door that leads up to the front yard. The flooring in this outdoor kitchen is top-notch. This is a wonderful kitchen design with a timber deck by Finney Construction.

Work With Nature

You dont need to separate the kitchen part of your backyard from the garden part of backyard. Incorporate it all at once so you can get that true rustic farmhouse look. Build seating areas around tree trunks, or use old wooden flowerbeds as coolers to store fresh ingredients. There are a number of ways to enhance the design of your outdoor kitchen by giving it some old fashioned style.

Use Stone and Brick

It’s true that wood gives off a rustic vibe. But stone and brick can transform your outdoor kitchen into a quaint cottage or old-fashioned European home. The cool stone walls will help regulate temperatures as your cooking is sure to turn up the heat. Some homeowners even opt for built-in pizza ovens right into the stone, where hand-tossed pies can be cooked to perfection.

Make A Fireplace Retreat

Add a covering and a fireplace to your kitchen area for a true rustic outdoors experience. You can create your own little sanctuary in your old-fashioned outdoor kitchen. It’s your own escape from the stresses of modern life while you and your family can enjoy the feeling of living in simpler times.


Fantastic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

We love the natural aesthetic of this outdoor kitchen and eating area. Make the most of it if you have a backyard like this! The work of Chibi Moku – Architectural Cinema – Photo – 360 is a breath of fresh air. This is a hit among the masses.


Fantastic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

This state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen is so futuristic it’s almost a breath of fresh air. The kitchen’s black, white, and gold color scheme is sleek and luxurious. MAC Building Solutions created this incredibly elegant and cutting-edge kitchen design.


Fantastic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

This is such a long kitchen and dining design by Scale Architecture. This is a fantastic solution for those with a smaller home or apartment. Wow, there’s some cutting-edge, eco-friendly architecture that manages to seem both open and contemporary at the same time. Everyone will love this kitchen design!


Fantastic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

The herringbone brick is sure to become a favorite. It’s a nice touch that sets off the room. This outdoor kitchen is beautiful in its simplicity and use of beige and white. Christiano Homes, Inc.’s design for an outdoor kitchen makes the most of a very small area.

DIY Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Looking to build your outdoor kitchen with your own hands? There are a couple of designs that will help make your job easier – and more amazing.

Make An Island Frame

The best way to get the kitchen of your dreams with your own work and materials is to construct a frame for a kitchen island. No matter the size of the yard, it might be easy to have a separate piece made just for the kitchen, rather than having to rip up or replace certain parts of your yard that already exist. You should also know your materials. Wood is combustible yet affordable, and brick is heavy and long-lasting. Even if you are invested in a DIY project, you may still want to communicate with a professional contractor to ensure that you have all the materials and supply you need to build a reinforced structure.

Build A Patio Or Deck

Outdoor kitchens look wonderful on top of a patio or deck, where they are elevated to become the focal point of the yard. If you have parts of your outdoor kitchen ready, but nowhere to put it, you can start by designating a solid foundation to put your kitchen upon. Decks made of wood and patios made of concerete are both solid options – no pun intended.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas On A Budget

Sometimes it’s good to get back to basics. When you’re working on a budget, you learn to really reflect on what’s necessary and what isn’t. There are several ways you can build your dream outdoor kitchen while sticking to your price plan. Some parts of the outdoor kitchen experience might be DIY, but that can be part of the fun, and all the more rewarding once it’s built.

Plot Out Your Essentials

Designing a kitchen that has just the basics doesn’t mean it needs to look bad or bare. In fact, a little bit can go a long way. Spending some of your budget on a nice grill that comes with plenty of storage and cleanup space will save you the cost of separate cabinets and trash cans later. A basic table and chairs is all that’s needed to make an inviting dinner setting where your friends and family will enjoy dining with you under the stars. Or, you can build your own kitchen island and install some of your kitchen appliances inside of it to make it look like a full modular component.

Get Reused Or Salvaged Materials

Looking to make a wooden island frame but you can’t afford to cut a bunch of fresh lumber? There are still options available. Go to salvage yards or recycling centers where you can find reclaimed wood, stone, countertops, building materials, and even some appliances or machinery that might help you further your outdoor kitchen plans. Your local hardware store might even have “put-it-together” kits where you can install modular kitchen appliances without having to build every little thing from scratch.

Focus On The Seating

If you can’t afford much in the way of kitchen appliances, don’t feel like it’s going to dampen your idea of a picturesque backyard. You can enhance other parts of the kitchen design – such as the seating and tabling arrangements – in a more opulent way. Keeping in mind that both form and function are important, and what you lack in function you can make up for in form. Having a simple grill is enough to create an entire outdoor kitchen space.

Install A TV

Again, you can focus on the extra parts of the outdoor design to make up for a lack of actual kitchen appliances. Having a television set up next to your seating area can make it the best place for entertainment. What was once an empty space is now the go-to spot for family gatherings and neighborhood parties every summer. Simple outdoor kitchens are all you need to create a dynamic space.

Build Your Outdoor Kitchen Without Limits

Achieving your ideal outdoor kitchen design is not something that has to empty out your bank account. If you are working on a budget, there are plenty of design and decor options that will take a little bit and go a long way with it. In fact, some of the most popular outdoor kitchens have been made in small spaces or with a small budget.

If you are in the market for multiple appliances and a designated kitchen setup in your yard, there are a number of ideas to help you enhance the space. As an example, building a deck or patio can add new levels and dimension to your yard, making it look bigger than it was before. Or, you can design a patio cover that will cover the kitchen area for a more private and peaceful place to enjoy the outdoors. If you’re looking for more guidance before starting your ultimate outdoor kitchen design project, you can check out Remodeling 101: A Free Homeowner’s Guide, which is available for download. More tips and ideas can give you a way to take your available space and budget and come up with your ideal outdoor kitchen design.

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