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A home bar establishes a significant element of any room. What ultimately separates a bar area is the top where visitors appreciate a drink or two.

Bar top ideas could be entirely dull or a projection of your imaginative prowess. Also, a space for drinking and mingling is truly one of life’s small extravagances, so it deserves all the attention it could get.

We’ve also assembled cheap bar top ideas that you can easily redo on your next DIY project. In the event that you have a bar in your mancave or one that sits on your lounge room, most likely, you need one that reflects your personality.

Today, we’ve curated the best bar top ideas, showcasing concepts from a few of the world’s craziest bars to the bespoke reflections of the individuals who dare to be different.

Finally, below are some of one of a kind and inventive structures to inspire exceptionally made wood bar top ideas that will make your home bar space and entertainment area stand out.


Divine Custom Homes

White oak bar top with epoxy high gloss.


Weaver Custom Homes

Amazing home bar with acid stained bar top.


Kyle Hunt & Partners, Incorporated

Superior grade alder for this traditional home bar.


PGC Building + Design

This contemporary home bar features superior grade alder.


ACM Design

The calming gray cabinetry pairs perfectly with the bar top.


Applegate Tran Interiors

Entertain your guests with this lovely contemporary home bar.


Freestyle Interiors

Enjoy a few drinks with this modern home bar with a beautiful view.


Bultman Architecture

The walnut bar top is a beautiful contrast to the white cabinetry.


Creative Design Construction, Inc.

Lovely granite bar top in this transitional home bar.


Steven Cabinets

Solid knotty alder bar top in this rustic home bar.

Things To Consider For Epic Bar Top Ideas

Effective entertaining relies upon the feel of the area. In case you’re developing a home bar, you need terrific bar top ideas. In fact, one of a kind shapes, edge options, and wood types establish the framework for a stylish design.

DIY bar top ideas with intriguing shapes are gaining popularity. Here at Sebring Design Build, we always discover extraordinary pieces of reclaimed wood that are not regular in shape. This can be because of partial damage or how the original woodworker decided to treat the lumber.

Personally, I like to rescue used or semi-damaged wood. I use them to make planks of different lengths that are ideal for a half-moon bar top. Moreover, this shaped top amplifies the seating area for small spaces. In addition, it is also an ideal shape for a wet bar set against the wall. Furthermore, reclaimed wood’s appearance is perfect for rustic bar top ideas

Jill Frey Kitchen Design

Carrara marble works great with Benjamin Moore’s Grey Owl painted cabinets.


Parkyn Design

Create wonderful memories with this astounding rustic home bar.



Mlock Mottled Makore bar top for this Craftsman home bar.


Shannon Callaghan Interior Design

Stunning walnut bar top for this rustic home bar.


Custom One Homes

Beautifully colored granite bar top for this traditional home bar.



Custom fabricated farmhouse home bar made of zinc.

A live edge slab has a crooked or twisted edge on the untouched, outside side of the piece. Besides, live edge slabs include huge visual interest and surface to any room. Also, your visitors will cherish the natural curved edge of your slab bar top.

Would you like to add a bar top to your reclaimed wood kitchen island? Indeed, a live edge slab is an ideal complement to your current island.

Finally, kinds of reclaimed wood you can use include chestnut, oak, and pine.


Ike Kligerman Barkley

Intricately designed and decorated tropical home bar.


Stephens Fine Homes Ltd

Solid maple bar top with a custom stain.


Maraya Interior Design

Industrial modern bar in a small beach house in Los Angeles.


41 West

Dainty tropical home bar in a beach house in Miami.


Kym Rodger Design

What a great way to showcase wine collection!


William Lyon Signature Home

Floating glass bar top in this contemporary home bar.

Bar Top Ideas: Stay Away From The Ordinary

Mixing wood with a current stone bar top offers an artistic expression. As a matter of fact, wood complements stone by including warmth on the overall feel. Also, reclaimed wood specifically can add a strong style component to kitchen bar top ideas.

For example, you can install a reclaimed chestnut kitchen bar top to a dark marble island. As a result, the brownish wood adds light and warmth to a monotone kitchen.

On the other hand, flat grain wood development style, also popularly known as premium wide plank, is an inexpensive, but effective design solution for bar top ideas. In particular, to zest up a plank bar top, you can pick highly contrasting planks. For instance, in case you like natural wood tones, we can interchange dark heartwood with pale sapwood.

Since we utilized salvaged wood from different sources, a few pieces will still have remaining paint on them. Also, the paint amount can fluctuate from small traces to almost covering the plank. Moreover, a distressed striped bar top is an art piece that will dazzle your guests or companions. Furthermore, it’s also an approach to rescue a part of history.


2nd Cycle

DIY rustic home bar in Baltimore.


Specht Architects

Cozy modern family room with a lit home bar.


R|House Design Build

This transitional home bar is perfect for entertaining family and guests.


Martha O’Hara Interiors

Traditional home bar with hardwood bar top.


Monetti Custom Homes

Fantastic bar top with cabinetry by JL Design.


Kitty&Company Interior Design llc

Gather your friends in this home brewpub to taste your latest concoction.

What’s The Best Wood For Bar Tops

Reclaimed wood is an ideal wood for wood bar top ideas in case you like a rustic bar. In fact, some reclaimed wood that you can get comes from old bars and pubs, so it’s perfect for your DIY bar top ideas. In particular, clients’ most favorite reclaimed hardwoods are pine, chestnut, and oak.

Oak is stiff, solid, and resistant to warping. Moreover, it’s an excellent option for outdoor bars. In fact, reclaimed oak is typically simple to find, making it the best wood for bar tops in case you have a huge project in mind.

Wood bar tops can be classic dark brown, pale honey, or dramatic golden brown in color. Also, a large number of homeowners consider dark brown reclaimed oak a contender for the best wood for bar tops since it looks great in practically any design or style of home. Besides, reclaimed oak stands out in a room with different hardwoods but doesn’t overwhelm them. In addition, it looks terrific when combined with vintage brick or stone.


R|House Design Build

Concrete bar top for this transitional home bar in Minneapolis.


Design Directives, LLC

Large game room with mesquite bar top and fully equipped with TV and custom cabinets.


KuDa Photography

Marble bar top reclaimed distressed wood underneath.


White Bear Glass

Custom glass bar top in this traditional home bar in Minneapolis.



Veer away from the usual straight bar ledge with this uniquely shaped bar top.


Madison Creek Furnishings & Design

Stone and wood for a magnificent rustic home bar.

Reclaimed chestnut can be your best bet for home bar top ideas in case you prefer a small bar for your house. In general, they typically harvest chestnut in small pieces since warping can be a possibility with huge pieces. Indeed, reclaimed chestnut is ideal for a bar top as it adds interest and depth to your home bar.

In particular, the best reclaimed pine originates from trees that were hundreds of years of age when they were collected. It’s solid and a decent decision in the event that you need an enormous bar top for a notable or historic home. Also, reclaimed pine has an attractive amber hue.


AMW Design Studio

Space-saving transitional home bar in Detroit.


Simon Bray Interiors

Remarkable bar ledge in this bright and inviting contemporary kitchen.


MB Designs, LLC

Bar top features a metal patina with a custom rivet design.


Carte Blanche Studio

Glowing bar top made of think glass in this contemporary home bar.


Romanelli & Hughes Custom Home Builders

Black Mosaic Bedrock, Granite with 3-cm pencil edge.


Australasian Furnishing Association

Enjoy cold drinks outdoor with this rustic home bar in Melbourne.

Bar Top Ideas For Outdoor Bars

In general, finding the appropriate bar top for an outdoor bar can be a challenge. Particularly, individual taste, cost, and maintenance are three factors that one must consider to guarantee sound investment. Ultimately, the best materials you can use for outdoor use are those that can withstand the wear and tear of different climate conditions.


Aluminum is a rust-proof and solid material for outdoor use as a bar top. In addition, aluminum rapidly makes a small and thin top layer of oxide, shielding the surface from disintegrating and corrosion. Furthermore, aluminum is also lightweight, making it simple to rearrange or transfer into storage over the winter season.


Granite is a natural stone that you can find in an assortment of colors and patterns to fit a broad scope of design styles. In fact, granite is one of the most durable natural stone materials accessible. Also, it is less inclined to splitting and chipping than marble.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a durable material utilized on numerous outdoor bars and different surfaces. Also, the material combines with other outdoor furnishings and is simple to clean. In addition, it doesn’t absorb oxygen so it won’t rust. Although it can show wear after some time, as long as you clean it from time to time, it will stay in excellent condition for quite a while.


Wood is a timeless material people use on bar tops. In particular, teak and cedarwood are generally impervious to climate damage and insects. Besides, wood is strong and heavy and makes a rustic natural ambiance that complements outdoor style.


Blansfield Builders, Inc.

Zinc bar top blends well in this rustic barn in New York.


Joseph and Curtis Custom Wine Cellars

Contemporary wine cellar and bar with glass and chrome bar top.

Bar Top Finishing Ideas


Sebring Design Build

In general, epoxy resins have protective characteristics like scratch resistance and water resistance. However, there are particular features of epoxy resins, which make them specifically practical for bar top finishing ideas.

Thickness Of Epoxy

A thin watery epoxy is perfect for epoxy bar top ideas. In particular, thinner epoxies will auto-level as soon as you pour it, decreasing the risk of uneven protection.

Slow Yellowing And UV Safe

In general, epoxies will yellow, cloud, and even chalk in response to UV light. As a result, in case you wish to keep a clear finish on your bar top, you should check out a slow yellowing epoxy.

Heat And Chemical Resistance

Various epoxies don’t respond well to heat. At the point when a hot object like a cup of tea comes into contact with the epoxy, it might cause denting, morphing, or clouding of the surface. However, a few epoxies are heat resistant and would be a perfect decision for bars that serve hot beverages.

Reactive Heat

After blending the two epoxy parts (typically called part A and part B), the chemical response will deliver a great deal of heat. Keep in mind that the thicker the epoxy layer you apply, the higher the measure of heat emitted. For instance, a 1/2 inch thick layer will usually be hotter than a 1/4 inch thick layer.


This factor boils down to stylish inclination, but before buying, you must think about how glossy you want your epoxy coating to be. For instance, some top epoxies provide satin or matte finishes; thus, your decision only relies on the level of glossiness!

Final Tips

When it comes to entertaining visitors and indulging yourself in a nightcap in the luxury of your own place, a home bar may make all the difference.
We spend so much attention on the bigger scale considerations of putting up a personal bar–design, build, seating layout, service amenities—that we frequently miss the little but equally important details.

The countertop of your bar is perhaps one of the most significant components of a custom decorated home bar, with attractiveness and durability not only necessary but also as readily available as ever.

When it comes to choosing your ideal bar countertop, laminate, ceramic tiling, granite, marble, and even stainless steel are just a few alternatives. Each material has its individual set of advantages, ranging from mold resistance to heat and scratch resistance, and all are unequaled when it comes to big-time visual appeal.

You must desire a bar top that complements your bar scheme and dazzles your guests, with years of use and delight ahead. You–and your bar top–deserve to shine, regardless of the size or environment of your home.

A home bar is about more than simply beverages and convenience; it’s also an opportunity to showcase your own speakeasy sensibilities. And, as any lounge owner knows, the excellent drink is in the details when it comes to designing the perfect bar.

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