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A white and black palette is classic and timeless, with limitless possibilities from statement making to subdued. Whether you are color phobic or color-obsessed, you are certain to fall for these white and black spaces. 

The living area is one of the most crucial rooms in each and every home. It’s where the family hangs out altogether, and due to that, it’s essential to decor the family room more comfortable and pleasurable for everyone. Today, we have selected 17 images of black and white living room decor ideas, and we hope that they will inspire you to take a plunge in this timeless and elegant color combo.


M/I Homes

The curtains in this formal living room play off the geometric rug and decorative pillows nicely.


Megan Grehl

The mesh metal coffee table gives this proper space an open feel when paired with white walls.


M/I Homes

Wall to wall shelves with picture frames will capture all memories when sitting in this space.


B Interior

Black bubble accent chairs give this living room a playful piece for guests to enjoy.


Adrienne DeRosa

Medium-sized eclectic family room that gives off a cozy yet sophisticated ambiance.


Ethan Allen

The combination of modern artwork and traditional furnishings is incredible.


Elad Gonen Photography

This living room space displays perfect symmetry form the light fixtures to the candlesticks.


Laurie Ghielmetti

Contemporary style living space with minimal wall decor and tufted fabric ottoman table.


Foley & Cox

Oversized artwork is the perfect addition to balance the rest of the decor in this space.


Mark English Architects

The horizontal lines of the fireplace, mantel, and sofa, add to the modern vibe.

Why Go For A Black And White Living Room

Whether together or on their own, white and black always come up with a bold statement. It’s a stylish, modern, and sophisticated mixture of colors. You are able to make the entire living room in white or black, but they look a lot better together. White and black design, combine well with details in other colors, like gold, purple, red, silver, or maybe whatever you need. You are able to enhance it with a few details such as rugs, frames, bookcases, pillows, pictures, or maybe chairs, which are going to be highlighted by the white and black designed room. Look at the roundup we ready for you and select your preferred contemporary design. Enjoy and be inspired by our black and white living room ideas!

Even with their differences, white and black fit together very well as a color scheme. If you are thinking of producing a white and black living room, you might be wondering how you can add your unique style to the room. In order to get inspiration for the brand new space, just browse our black and white living room ideas, and you’ll definitely get hooked! You will discover contemporary areas that include abstract art and areas with eclectic, global details. Regardless of what your style preference is, you will see an area here that you will really like. Make sure you check them all to see various styles. When you’ve picked an option for your dream living room, make it to be really yours with the addition of personalized home decor, which includes a framed photo, candles, and photo covers. 

Their contrast makes rooms much more gorgeous and quite fascinating. This color scheme is impressive because when anyone or designers highlight something within the room, it will truly stand out. Generally, certain colored furniture or even a carpet typically does the trick, but the thought of working with a living room in a detailed scale black and white can make the entire space harmonize by itself. Incredible, right?

We’ll be showing you how you can do this with tips, tricks, and images you are able to pick from and perhaps just admire for their classic beauty. We are certain the color pattern we have in store for you is traditional and nevertheless, lovely. White and black will be the celebration of satisfaction and pureness. Their combination rarely tires individuals who see what’s beyond. Old and young, male and female, sure have something for the yin and yang of all styles.


Madison Lily Rugs

Add a large patterned rug to simplistic furniture to finish off a space with a pop.


Rupal Mamtani

The moss on the windows of this industrial loft, gives this living space character from nature.


Linda McDougald Design

Mixing modern and antique finishes offer a dramatic piece with a neutral color palette.


Martha O’Hara Interiors

Patterned black and white accent chairs are the star of the show in this living room.

Decorating Ideas For Black And White Living Room

First, highlight architectural features. White and black decor could be summarized through the following: it’s incredibly versatile, elegant, and timeless. Through years and seasons, an optical palette will invariably work, making your living room appear assembled at all times. Also, it suits any interior style! The striking contrast between the two colors is perfect for spotlighting specific architectural details. Beams, columns, as well as door frames, will instantly be emphasized and turn into a focal point in the room.

Next, you can continue the white and black decor scheme with art. Playing with wall treatments is quite a good strategy when creating a white and black scheme. A gallery wall with white and black photographs is perhaps the simplest way to get started and experiment with a visual makeover. Regardless of whether you select equally sized pictures in a typical layout or maybe various different images in an irregular arrangement and even a single artwork, the result is going to be extraordinary in either case! Always keep in mind that this is meant to be eye-catching, therefore do not hesitate to go big! You can also allow the wall surfaces to do the talking. Black walls are definitely a bold and quite uncommon choice, but will definitely provide lots of satisfaction to the brave souls that will use them! Paint, a black colored wood paneling, or perhaps a striking black colored wallpaper will all produce an incredible backdrop for your brand new black and white living room decor.

On the other hand, it will never hurt to play with white and black textile decor. Textiles are another spot to play with white and black. Simple to bring in, they’re the perfect method to introduce visual patterns. Cushions, rugs, or perhaps patterned upholstery will determine the design of the area and also offer action on the layout while sticking to the white and black color palette. In addition, do not hesitate to mix in some metals. White and black decor additionally creates the ideal ambiance for those sorts of metallic accents. Gold, copper, and silver will completely stand out and put a lot of vibrancy on the space. Additionally, they are super trending nowadays!


Studio Revolution

When working with back and white, you can add a pop of your favorite color to tie it all together.


Clare Kennedy Interiors

Get creative with this sophisticated beach themed living room with huge light fixtures.

Enjoy Timeless And Sophisticated Elegance

White and black is really an enduring color combination which is always hip and is effective with anything you’ve picked for your house. Nevertheless, this brilliant and bold color duo is much more normally used in both contemporary kitchens and calming spa-like master bathrooms, instead of in the living room. While white and black bedrooms often include vibrant pops of fabric accents, in the case of the living room, one may build a really monochromatic setting which merely uses these two colors. Bringing a sense of refined elegance and sophistication, the white and black color palette is simple to deal with and offers plenty of benefits. The apparent contrast between the two colors enables you to spotlight particular architectural features, as well as decor additions with ease. While various other color schemes come and go with changing interior design trends and seasons, white and black come with a safe choice that remains pertinent even years down the road.

Most modern homes generally have a living room that borrows generously from the minimal and contemporary styles. Even if you’re not going for a full-blown minimal style, wall-mounted cabinets, clean and straight lines, and decor that is sleek ensure that you currently have a semi-minimal appearance. The white and black color palette is absolutely ideal for this particular style of decorating! From the traditional Scandinavian design on the chic Boho approach, the two colors assist in making the family room seem to be much more urbane and stylish. While black anchors the space and also will help highlight its visible architectural elements, white lends a feeling of balance and airiness on the backdrop.

If it’s the countertops and cabinets which provide the white and black kitchen a great mixture between the two colors, it’s the sensational, geometric floor coverings that get the job done in the living room. A beautiful black and white area rug with a bold geometric pattern can really change the ambiance of the living area while giving the home a bold monochromatic appearance. From easy white and black stripes to fascinating prints and complicated patterns, black and white rugs provide the space a coherent look, while including warmth and inviting vibe on the room.

Tips For Rocking A Black And White Living Room

A contemporary look depends on lines that are sleek, small ornamentation, and minimalist shapes. It has a bit of Scandinavian quality to it while still remaining extremely livable. Because of this look, you will wish to pick furniture and accessories which feature materials that keep on the color scheme. Think black matte metals, black leather, along with white marbles. Geometric shapes are big with this particular design, and so choose bold and graphic decor and art. Among the popular misconceptions among numerous homeowners that flip through huge home inspirations online would be that the white and black interior must look picture perfect and glaringly glossy! While we go along with the reality that an organized space with no clutter consistently looks a lot better than a disorganized one, achieving this elusive magazine look is equally needless and sometimes impractical. This is why we have compiled together these inspirations, which function as livable spaces and not just imaginary renditions! Don’t restrict yourself to utilizing just complete black and pristine white in the living room. Play around with various values and shades of every color to make an appealing and diverse look.

Gray is a crucial intermediate between white and black, and it is frequently the perfect color for decor additions in a white and black living room. Plush grey couches, smart side tables, along with other accessories, are both easy and trendy to find. This provides the living room a far more pleasing vibe also while maintaining the black and white theme intact. Shades of gray closer to black give a greater and more powerful look to the living room while lighter shades of gray work nicely in tiny living rooms. Although we’d love to keep the living room devoid of all the color to preserve the white and black color palette, this is a process that is much easier said than done. If you have kids around the home, then you can certainly kiss this idea goodbye! But let it not dissuade you from trying out the white and black color palette in your home. In reality, do the color combination to your advantage and also introduce restrained, fashionable accents, which bring in various colors every season. The greater neutral a backdrop is the better accent additions standout. From fresh flowers to decorative throw pillows, you are able to play with a range of accents when you have the proper black and white backdrop!

Among most color combinations one may choose, a few are surely designed to remain in fashion for longer. One timeless example is definitely white and black, which makes for a terrific option in the living room. From daily moments of pleasure to entertaining visitors, you will find so many things that occur in a living room, and the area usually needs to look and perform at its best. Thus, in case you’re planning to provide your space a remodel, think about going white and black!

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