Small Laundry Room Ideas
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If you are looking for small laundry room ideas, you have come to the right place. We have a lot of ideas for small laundry rooms to make them truly look gorgeous and functional. Even if you have a tiny space to work with, there are plenty of ways to make it appear larger than it is.

The laundry room is certainly one of the most unappealing, utilitarian areas in the house. In particular, people often take it for granted and only notice when an appliance breaks down, and they have no choice but to utilize a public laundry facility. By then, almost everybody will come to realize the convenience of having an in-home laundry. In general, the common laundry room is a small space. In fact, if we will base it on usual sizes, a more precise depiction would be a laundry closet as opposed to considering it a room. However, regardless of what size, odds are your laundry room needs to pack a ton of function and storage into a moderately little space.


Small Laundry Room Ideas

Designstorms LLC’s laundry room efficiently uses a little area while still feeling entire. The shelf may be rolled out for more space when needed for ironing or folding and rolled back in when not.


Small Laundry Room Ideas

The laundry room by GO LOGIC is ultra-contemporary and inviting. Having a sliding door gives the impression of an automated, high-tech setting. The indoor clothesline creates a soothing and comforting atmosphere.


Small Laundry Room Ideas

This layout might be used in a kitchen, but it isn’t. This laundry room, designed by Fergus Garber Architects, is a beautiful example of the craftsman style and looks clean and crisp. English craftsman-style home renovation includes a posh laundry room.


Small Laundry Room Ideas

This is the quintessential old-school laundry room, and you’ll like it. This is our first time seeing such a tidy and well-kept house! The Knight Architects did an amazing job. The red-colored appliance and accessories bring lots of character to this traditional laundry room.


Small Laundry Room Ideas

Whoever argued that lacking square footage meant a beautiful design couldn’t be achieved was wrong. Look at this modern washing room. Despite its compact dimensions, EuroCraft Interiors Custom Cabinetry’s design appears comprehensive and well-thought-out.


Small Laundry Room Ideas

Very few laundry rooms are as cheery and refreshing as this one, which exudes a timeless elegance. CG&S Design-Build did a fantastic job with this laundry area. The stackable washer and the pull-out shelf are ingenious solutions for a cramped apartment.


Small Laundry Room Ideas

Hartley and Hill Design did an excellent job with this laundry area. Customers have a strong need for individualized storage solutions. The classic design of this laundry room fulfills their requirements.


Small Laundry Room Ideas

Do you want to have a laundry room that is clean and bright in your home? Choose a gray-and-white color scheme. This laundry room looks chic, thanks to the rug and the gray cabinetry. The talented team created this adorable decor at Laurie Trinch Interiors.


Small Laundry Room Ideas

Do you wish your laundry area was more inviting and well-lit? While not in use, the washing machine and its accessories are concealed behind doors with a unique hinge mechanism. The design by Terracotta Design Build is clever and practical.


Small Laundry Room Ideas

This layout is so straightforward and common that you shouldn’t have any problem with it. The brick mosaic tiles from stainless steel add a contemporary and lively feel to this otherwise traditional laundry room. The team at Clean Design did an amazing job.

A well-planned and excellent laundry facility, no matter how small, will remove some of the drudgeries from washing clothes—particularly for huge families.

There are many things you can do with a small laundry room, especially with the small laundry room ideas and photos below. For instance, cabinets and shelves above the washer or next to them can hold all your fabric softeners and detergents. This also makes everything sorted out. On the other hand, accessories like collapsible drying racks installed to the doors or walls, pull-out ironing boards, and fold away countertops can additionally build functionality, guaranteeing there is a spot for everything you need for laundry.


Small Laundry Room Ideas

Considering how valuable square footage is, this space-saving laundry room layout is a must-have. Everything is extremely shiny and modern. The laundry room is neat, well-organized, and just the right size for us—such an incredible design by Midori Yoshikawa Interior Design, inc.


Small Laundry Room Ideas

The Abbott Moon laundry room design, is perfect for those who like a minimalist, all-white aesthetic in their home. This laundry room’s marble checkerboard floor and sleek black cabinetry give it a touch of class.


Small Laundry Room Ideas

This adorable layout is sure to be a hit with everyone. Everything is spotless yet endearingly quaint. Custom Wood Products outdid themselves with the “Blumotion” finish on these stunning cabinets—an amazing laundry room design by Blackline Renovations.


Small Laundry Room Ideas

Steele Canvas has created a laundry room that is both spacious and cheerful. Large, well-designed windows let in plenty of natural light. Steele Canvas manufactures this little trailer with casters that have a 2-inch stem.

Decorating Options For Your Laundry Room

Proper decorating, alongside small laundry room organization ideas, can make your laundry room look larger and more appealing. Here are some ways you can pull off laundry room ideas small.

First, try not to paint the walls of a small laundry room with a dark color. Rather, paint them a lighter tone to cause the space to appear bigger. Pick cool-toned colors, such as green, blue, or gray, to help make it look larger.

Next, do not decorate the room with unnecessary accessories. Even though a painting will coordinate well with the shading and style of the laundry room, abstain from hanging it in there. Instead, utilize storage items as the decorations. For instance, hang splendidly colored baskets on the wall or paint the cupboards white and put one of a kind pulls on them.

To allow more space, you can also choose to remove the doors from the cabinets or even the entryway. Alternatively, hang curtains in front of the cabinets or doorway to hide the items. This is additionally an extraordinary useful approach to add more space and include some style.

Meanwhile, make sure that the lighting in the laundry room is extra bright. In particular, a smart idea is to have lighting that slightly hangs down from the ceiling rather than flushes to it.

Stay away from patterns or rugs that break up the floor. The bigger and less busy the floor appears, the bigger the room will look. In case you are tiling the floor, pick the biggest tiles you can have to limit grout joints and grid effect.

Utilize the back of the door to attach hooks, laundry bags, or folded drying racks. An often disregarded area, the back of the door can work simply like wall space when you close the door.


Small Laundry Room Ideas

This is a laundry room layout that everyone can appreciate. This sleek laundry room results from a white mosaic backsplash and gray porcelain floor tile—a fantastic laundry room by barlow reid design.



Small Laundry Room Ideas

This laundry room was renovated by Williams Drake: Custom Homes I Renovation I Design and features a classic style. There’s a distinct vibe of the past and the present emanating from the washers. A galvanized tub has been converted into a sink by rerouting its plumbing.


Small Laundry Room Ideas

Interbath has done a wonderful job with this modern laundry room. The emphasis on white helps convey an air of efficiency and order. Colorful accents in an otherwise white laundry room create an inviting atmosphere.


Small Laundry Room Ideas

Everything appears so bright and clean in this laundry room decor. The mood will make you wash your laundry productively. Keep it basic with a single washer and a few cabinets—an excellent design by nestarchitects.

Clever Hacks To Nail Small Laundry Room Ideas

Indeed, you should not waste any space in your small laundry room. If you have a limited nook for your washer and dryer, you most likely have them in the middle. In the event that you pushed them to one side, you might have the option to free up enough space for a slide-out cart or a narrow bookshelf. As a result, these give enough extra space for detergent or softener bottles.

On the other hand, perhaps the greatest disappointment in having a small laundry room is managing clothes that need to air dry. Do you bring them all to your shower curtain rod and briefly transform your bathroom to a drying area? Or do you include a clothing line to your outdoor space? These are alternatives but, to some degree, risky ones. Luckily, there are approaches to add a drying area to your small laundry room without occupying a lot of space. For instance, a pull-out drying rack can be a solution for your air-dry concerns.

Also, you can additionally expand the space underneath your washer and dryer if you have high ceilings. Particularly, bringing them up even a foot or two makes an ideal cubby for dirty laundry. In case that you keep your unclean garments elsewhere, those open spaces can store cleanser, dryer sheets, and other things you require to handle this recurring task.

In case you have a small laundry area, it may feel like a smart idea to store your ironing board elsewhere. But then you need to find extra space in which to store it. Also, leaving it in the guest closet will be a hazard for unsuspecting visitors. Instead, think about a pull-out or pull-down ironing board for your small laundry room ideas with top loading washer.


Small Laundry Room Ideas

This laundry room design by Sicora Design/Build features a light blue and white color scheme, which makes everything appear lovely. You’ll feel pleased due to the atmosphere’s simplicity and freshness. Your washing machine will be hidden and arranged with a little enclosure.


Small Laundry Room Ideas

Do you desire a chic laundry room design for your home? The walls are painted in Benjamin Moore’s Classic Gray, while the floor is tiled in black slate. A laundry room is supposed to be more organized. Everything looks incredibly tidy, thanks to Vivid Interior Design – Danielle Loven.


Small Laundry Room Ideas

Everyone agrees that Attard’s Kitchens & Cabinetry Pty Ltd. designed a practical laundry room. The white theme color looks fantastic with the light atmosphere—a laundry area where you may store and hang your kitchenware and cleaning supplies.


Small Laundry Room Ideas

Do you want a modern, uncomplicated laundry room design for your home? This Roomfour design is incredibly crisp and light-colored! A space saver’s dream is a washer and dryer stacked nicely with enough room to store above.

Small Laundry Room Organization Ideas

Storage is one significant feature of a laundry room, whether big or small. In fact, numerous individuals utilize their laundry room for more than just washing clothes. For instance, they use it for storing coats, shoes, food, paper towels, etc. Indeed, even with a small laundry room, there are approaches to get the most out of small laundry room organization ideas.

In case you have unorganized storage in the laundry room, it can be a problem. In particular, one of the small laundry room organization ideas is utilizing smaller organization items like boxes and baskets all through the room. Moreover, you can also use all the storage space available in the room more efficiently.

Next, fill in space around the washing machines with baskets, cabinets, shelving, and other organizers to have all that you need readily available. Since space might be limited, search for narrow shelving towers that you can press in the middle of machines and walls.

In addition, make use of the room’s height and stack cabinets over one another rather than next to each other. Also, taller and narrow shelvings are great small laundry room ideas.

Furthermore, in the event that there are empty walls in the room, make a point to utilize them for something. For instance, hang especially designed hooks on the walls and put laundry bags for dirty clothes. As a result, this frees up floor space for different things that you may require it for like a trash can. Finally, check out our small laundry room ideas and photos for inspiration.

Appliances For Laundry Room With Limited Space

Additionally, here are some small laundry room ideas with top loading washer for both getting the most functionality and including some style to the area.


As much as possible, a small laundry room needs to have a small and sleek washer and dryer. Despite the fact that the washer and dryer are the major features of a laundry room, they need not occupy the whole room. Search for a stackable washer and dryer unit in case you have a narrow laundry room or try to get particularly small washers that also act as dryers. In addition, black-colored appliances may look slimmer, which thus can make your laundry room appear larger.

Ironing Board

Many people keep their ironing board in the laundry room, but this can take up a considerable amount of space. In particular, a fold-down half-style ironing board is an incredible choice for laundry room ideas small. Fold this kind of ironing board back up, so it leans on the wall and frees up space when not in use. In case a fold-down board is out of the options, then hand the board on hooks and just open when you need it.


Although it may seem ideal, you don’t have to keep dirty laundry hampers in a laundry room. Instead, you can place them in individual bedrooms or the bathroom in case there is additional space.


Hotel shelves, in particular, can be sleek organizers and space savers in small laundry room ideas and photos. Moreover, these open metal shelves keep items, enable you to hang wet things, and let drips run through so you don’t have to clean sticky puddles after some time. Also, you can install them quickly and come in different widths.

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