25 Custom Dog House Decor Ideas

Featured Image:  2 designers The very best outside dog house ideas include elements of the dog and owner's personality and try to improve a backyard space. If you think like your present dog's home is an eyesore & it does not put in any visual appeal, this list is ideal for you. The backyard dog house ideas presented below are unique and cute in their very own ways & span a range of styles and looks to ensure that you'll certainly see something which suits your house, as well as your dog's personality. With choices from traditional peaked roofs [...]

23 Dog Room Decor Ideas

Featured Image: Graham Design and Construction Whether they are snuggling to your lap, waiting around for walk time or even romping around with their favorite toy, every dog requires a space to call their very own. Dedicate places throughout your house, or maybe a whole room, for the dog to play, rest, & nibble. There is zero need for breaking the bank on snazzy designer dog decor. Each one of these projects could be made with regular craft materials, easy food items, and all may be personalized according to your doggy's energy & your home's style. These dog room [...]