Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas
Featured Image: Jackson Design & Remodeling

Blue is a timeless, classic, & versatile option for any color scheme. In fact, each shade will offer a different vibe to your room, from a bold navy blue to vibrant teal or aqua blue. In case you need assistance in picking your ideal shade of blue, be inspired by these blue bedroom ideas.

Indeed, blue is one of the most calming hues on the spectrum, and it’s excellent for your bedroom. If you haven’t thought about blue for your room, think about the huge selections of available shades. There is certainly a shade that fits your decorating style. From pale robins-egg blue to dark navy blue, it is truly hard to go wrong with blue.


Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

You’re going to adore this modern bedroom decor from Ocean Blu Designs. The blue walls, white linens, and white-framed artwork well balance this blue-and-white bedroom. What a gorgeous bedroom layout!


Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

This bedroom by Atelier Armbruster epitomizes elegance with its soothing palette of blues and greys. The wall paint in this tranquil blue and grey bedroom is by Farrow and Ball and is called Stifkey Blue. This place has such a cool, contemporary, artsy atmosphere.


Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

Consider this bedroom layout your cozy retreat after a long, arduous day. The New Design Project’s bedroom design will give you a strong desire to return home. Modern and trendy, this dark blue bedroom is ideal for young people.


Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

The bedroom designed by LKS Creative looked calming and rejuvenating thanks to the light coming through the door. Everything is lovely from the outside looking in. The bedding and artwork in this navy blue bedroom have striped patterns.


Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

Beautiful wall paintings in watercolor and a wonderful rug on the floor. Thanks to the watercolor flower painting, this bedroom’s decor is lovely and refreshing. This bedroom layout by Barden’s Decorating, Inc. is excellent.


Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

This bedroom’s decor is unique looking! The blue wall gives everything a beautiful appearance. The bedroom design by North Bay Construction is amazing. The wood bed frame and side table complement the blue bedroom wall.


Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

Do you want a cool blue bedroom theme? Everything looks fantastic with Tyler Karu Design + Interiors’ beach-themed bedroom design. Benjamin Moore painted this gorgeous blue and white bedroom in Hale Navy.


Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

This blue bedroom is the perfect space for your children and features a fun galaxy motif. Kids will love relaxing in this bright, interesting space with a solar system motif. Gordon James Construction outdid themselves with this one.



Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

This blue bedroom decor feels quite modern. Michelle Gage | Interior Designer’s blue scheme goes wonderfully with the white bedsheet. A bedroom decorated in gray, blue, and white is a classic. The wallpaper is blue, so it pops.


Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

Taylor Jacobson Interior Design did a wonderful job with this classic and contemporary bedroom. The colors used in the motif are beautifully coordinated. The vibrant palette looks great against the tranquil blue of the bedroom wall.


Benefits Of Having Blue In Your Bedroom

One reason why blue is the perfect color for your bedroom is it is capable of beautifully contrasting and complementing other shades. Aside from it has a deep quieting impact, it is also the color that represents the sea and the sky that we can all relate to. By having blue to your bedroom, you will create a space that is definitely refreshing, calming, and quieting.

Although there is no hard rule in using blue to your bedroom, how you bring blue into your design plan can impact the total look and feel of your room. In the event that you have high ceilings or huge windows that will permit in a lot of light, you can set out to paint the walls with a dark blue, and include modern accent tones of grey or pale pink.

On the other hand, in case you’re attempting to make an airy feel in a tiny area, a muted theme will be more suitable, according to a palette of light blue, white, or aquamarine.


Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

Do you want your modern bedroom to have a style that is both cool and dark? What an amazing design by Secret Linen Store. This bedroom is made cozier and more tranquil by the denim weave linen set used for the bedding.


Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

The classical aesthetic permeates every aspect of M.RED Design’s bedroom plan! The atmosphere makes everything appear fantastic! A gold frame and table are featured in the blue and gold bedroom. The stems appear so aged.


Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

Want to wake up in your bedroom feeling rejuvenated after a long, arduous day? This bedroom in blue and white appears light and contemporary. Very ideal for any gender type! What a magnificent creation by Beach Bungalow Designs.


Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

Everything in this bedroom design by DEZINE INC. appears very contemporary and creative. Everything seems so brilliant because of the overhead lights. The accent wallpaper and blue and gold bedding make this bedroom even more attractive.


Things To Consider Before Creating A Blue Bedroom

Blue is indeed one of the most common colors for bedrooms. People view blue as comfortable, friendly, and reliable. If you like to include blue to your bedroom’s color palette, there are several shades available. Blue can be delicate with a grey undertone, or bright and splendid with no undertone.

First, choosing the right blue. How would you pick the correct one for your project? By knowing that blue can be delicate like blue-gray, or vibrant like primary blue, and even distinctive like an electric blue.

Our next tip is to try not to decide palette until you’ve chosen a blue. Since there is a wide range of blue shades and undertones available, your other hues negatively affect your decision. In case you set up a color scheme with a blue you seem to like, you might find that the brown you picked is too gray or the white is too gray.

Also, you need to decide first on your style. Choose early what your style is before picking blue for your bedroom. In case you like an ocean-inspired decorating, then an aqua blue or soft gray-blue would be an incredible decision. When you have your style picked, you can get inspiration here or in magazines to provide you with ideas for the shade of blue you want to use.

Finally, you have to understand the foundation of cool versus warm colors. Having the option to perceive the color temperature of any color you’re contemplating about will assist you with picking the correct blue shade. Although you cannot technically consider blue as a warm color, a green undertone will provide it more warmth than violet or a blue one. Realizing the distinction can help you later on while picking other hues and design theme.


Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

Do you want a nice bedroom design for your vacation home? This tropical bedroom design by Simonsen-Hickok Interiors has everything looking so energizing! The furniture made of bamboo wood complements the blue bedroom design perfectly.


Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

Would you want to have a sophisticated yet feminine bedroom design? The blue bedroom furnishings by Emily Parker Designs create a stunning and abundant space. It seems more elegant since blue is used in conjunction with other hues.


Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

This bedroom has a soothing blue motif and an air of purity. A bedroom decorated in a soft shade of blue is a welcome retreat. The bedroom design by See Design is extremely crisp and modern.


Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

Your child will like this bedroom if he is a baseball fan. Everyone will concur that InterMix Interiors’ baseball-themed bedroom decor is perfect. Everything seems very athletic, thanks to the adorable patterns!

New Methods To Decorate With Blue

In today’s bedrooms, property owners wish to make a quiet retreat, a break from the chaos of the outside world. Cool blue shades, in particular, make the ideal background not only for the bedroom, but the dressing area and the bathroom as well.

In traditional rooms, deeper shades of blue make a stately setting for collectibles and timeless decorations, as well as paintings. Be that as it may, a deep shade doesn’t need to mean a dark shade; there are a lot of pale and muted tones of blue that make a delicate look for the individuals who don’t like a dark color on their walls. For instance, think about a grey with lavender undertones or a blue-grey for a look that is both soothing and sentimental.

On the other hand, in a contemporary or eclectic room, pick a more vibrant shade of blue and balance the look with beddings and curtains in white and gold tones. Also, light blue with white accents, fabrics, and furnishings make a look that is both fresh and calming; it functions well with shabby chic furnishings. Moreover, go another shade brighter, and you can make a refreshing tropical vibe in your bedroom.

Meanwhile, for a cheerful look, pick sky-blue and pair it with radiant sunny yellow accents in light fixtures, curtains, and throw pillows.

To include a rustic vibe to your room, beech, walnut, and oak all contrast fabulously with blue shades. Combine wooden furniture and double bed with sky-blue beddings, then include oversized white pillows with a blue stripe.

An ocean-inspired makeover is likewise incredibly effective and easy to accomplish. For example, you can turn a simple divan bed with a large headboard covered with nautical stripe fabric, and cover the bed with complementing bedding.


Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

Do you want a bedroom with a Midcentury motif in your home? This bedroom’s gold touches gave the entire space an upscale appearance. Behr’s Regatta Bay wall paint is breathtaking. Michelle Turchini’s design is amazing.


Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

This bedroom scheme uses theme colors that are bright and upbeat. That’s some great interior design by Powell Brower Interiors; everything looks beautiful and hip. These warm, welcoming tones are because of the bedroom’s use of deep, rich hues.


Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

Need a suitable bedroom layout for a friend who is a bachelor? You may offer him this SLIC Design bedroom as an option. Another great option for a bachelor’s bedroom is a color scheme of blue and grey. It’s a beautiful and spacious headboard.


Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

Who says you can’t use your creativity while designing a bedroom? This one has a great, artistic appearance. Minimalist yet full of creative color and detail choices. This bedroom’s design by MON OEIL DANS LA DECO is amazing.

The Different Shades Of Blue And How To Use Them

From teal to navy, a blue bedroom can truly be tranquil or strong. A blue bedroom, in particular, can be calming and quieting, or intense and fiery. In case you’re searching for a basic method to include your preferred shade, you can try changing accent pillows or artwork in your room.

When assembling a creative area for children, don’t hesitate using intense teals and turquoise hues. These blue shades usually combine well with crisp lime greens and vibrant pinks. In the event that you like a more exemplary look, light shades of blue are extraordinary for making a calming and refreshing space. For a fresh but sleek and modern blue bedroom, mix navy with white and a couple of vibrant accents. We’ve consolidated our preferred blue bedroom ideas in each shade to get you going.

But first, remember these different tips if you intend to paint your bedroom blue:

Blue is indeed an ideal color to blend shades or utilize the ombre technique, wherein you paint the color from light to dark.

Also, painting your ceiling with light blue provides it with the appearance of greater height.

Paint only one wall in a vibrant or profound shade of blue for a burst of color that won’t overwhelm the room. Moreover, you can paint the other remaining walls with cream, white, or light grey.

Navy blue or indigo combined with white can particularly make dazzling and fresh combinations, with more warmth than black and white mixes.

In the event that a comforter or bedspread you like has blue in it, you can go ahead and paint your walls with that shade.

Blue looks incredible with decorations in a wide selection of wood tones, but it looks especially rich matched in white or cream.

Tips In Being Creative With Blue

First, don’t hesitate to experiment. It is important to realize that it is okay to try and have fun in different methods for including blue to your bedroom. In general, doors, walls, and even ceilings can take advantage of blue’s decent style. Sky blue is specifically a popular decision for ceilings as it gives the appearance of a higher ceiling. On the other hand, you can try a deeper blue for your door to achieve a traditional feel.

Navy blue, in particular, is getting popular more than ever. Dark wall color is trending right now, and navy blue can look exquisite without being excessively dark. Bedrooms look particularly dazzling in dark or navy blue combined with brushed silver or gold light installations. In addition, white accents and trim can keep your bedroom from looking serious with the dark blue wall color.

Meanwhile, knowing how paint undertones work will spare you from numerous issues later on with hues that don’t appear to cooperate. An inappropriate undertone can wreck a color scheme immediately. Look out for green and grey undertone with your blue paint hues, since these are the most usual undertone offenders.

With such vast collections of beautiful blue shades in paint and decorations, you can find the ideal one for your bedroom. In case a basic blue shade does not excite you, search for peacock or teal tint for a bubbly twist on blue. In the event that you love the ocean, perhaps this is the year you transform your bedroom into an ocean-inspired retreat with the color blue.


In color therapy, blue shades are particularly viewed to evoke immaculateness, clarity, and increased intuition. This is maybe because blue is the color of the sky and the sea. In the bedroom, blue is quickly quieting and inviting, regardless of whether you use it in a dark navy for a more dramatic effect, or a pale robin’s egg in a more discreet shade. Whatever shade of blue you choose—and whatever decorating style you prefer—what we have here are 29 inspiring blue bedroom decor ideas that will take your designing skills to the next level.

Whether you favor a couple of accent pieces to balance your bedroom or want to go all-out with blue, we got you covered!

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