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Brown is one of the trendiest colors to use in the bedroom. Homeowners and designers particularly utilize the color in different rooms because of the warmth and comfort brown brings to any room. Regardless of what shade of brown you use, it is truly simple to work with since it functions well with different hues. In fact, you can pick delicate creams and light brown shades or go for dark, rich chocolate tones for decorating. Also, you can have as little brown or as much as you want based on the mood you want to create for your brown bedroom.

Moreover, your bedroom is one room that you need to feel warm, relaxed, and comfortable. In particular, brown is probably one of the best colors you can use to transform your personal space into a cozy and stylish haven. When you go to your room at night, isn’t it nice to quickly feel the warmth around you? In case you have been contemplating about decorating your room in brown but don’t know where to begin, here are 29 brown bedroom ideas to check out.

Brown is an exemplary color utilized in a wide range of decorative styles. Besides, the first color that probably comes to your mind when you think about a rustic style is brown. For traditional room styles, brown bedroom furniture can be the main spotlight, as well as brown accents and beddings. Brown is additionally a typical color decision for modern design, and combined with white, brown functions well with Scandinavian styles too. Or maybe you are eyeing a Mediterranean or beach theme? People also usually use brown in both of these styles.


Friedman & Shields

This contemporary bedroom in Phoenix features medium tone wood floors and brown beddings.


Deborah French Designs

Lovely Mediterranean bedroom with soft textures and light browns.


Michael Abrams Interiors

Grey and brown bedroom with grey walls and brown beddings by Designer’s Luxury Linens in Chicago.


Saviano Builders

This country carpeted bedroom design looks refreshing and calm.


Starr Homes

Huge master bedroom with wood floors, a ribbon fireplace, and a stone fireplace.


Dmitry Serba Design

The neutral colors in this bedroom complement the dark bronze decors and brown hardware.


La Casa Builders Inc.

This dark brown bedroom looks classic with the presence of wood in the ceiling and furniture.


Eldorado Stone

This simple and chic cabin bedroom features a cozy stone fireplace.




Ejay Interiors

A mountain style master bedroom with huge glass windows for a perfect view.

Ideas On How To Decorate Your Bedroom Brown Wall

Brown walls offer a neutral backdrop for a lot of decorating styles. Look at your current decorations to identify the style and hues you like to put on your brown wall. The decor in a brown wall should match with the remainder of the space to make a cohesive design. There are a ton of approaches to decorate a brown bedroom wall, providing it a captivating look, tranquility, or luxurious feel. Based on your preferences and budget, you can then narrow down your designing choices.

First, you can level up your wall with patterned wallpaper, chair rail, crown molding, or painted stripes. Having 12-inch level stripe paint on a brown wall can include visual interest while causing the space to look wider. On the other hand, 6-inch vertical stripes can make the ceiling look higher. Pick a complementary for your stripes to improve the room’s current color palette. Installing chair rail on a brown wall around 3 feet from the floor includes an alluring feature to any room. Then have the chair rail in a similar color as your baseboards to bind together the look. Put a decorative wallpaper over the chair rail to increase your wall’s textural impact. Affix decorative crown molding on the upper part of your wall for a timeless and elegant look.

Jazz up your wall with some light and sparkle. Wall sconces, for instance, provide decorative illumination to light up a dark wall. Track lighting or recessed ceiling lights shine downward to help perk up a dull wall. Eyeball ceiling lights can offer targeted light to your favorite artwork. Install a set of various framed mirrors to your wall to introduce instant shine and sparkle. Hanging silver or glass wall shelving offers a shiny modern touch to a neutral brown room wall.


Artistic Interior Design/Amy N. Lee, ASID

Light brown walls and bed combine well with the grey accents and decor.


The Cabinet Gallery

This small rustic bedroom is perfect for afternoon naps and reads.


Manchester Architects, Inc.

This dark brown bedroom set features a headboard with storage and textured glass panels for the doors.


Boiseries LGL Inc.

Lovely custom built-in wall unit for this traditional bedroom.

How Much Brown Is Ideal

Your room is your retreat away from the remainder of your home and the world. Make your bedroom warm and peaceful with as much brown or as little as you like. In case you like to experience the warmth of brown surrounding you, painting all the walls with your preferred brown shade can truly immerse you into the color. Huge rooms can feel more comfortable and warm with all walls painted in brown, and smaller rooms, significantly cozier. To truly make the brown color pop, keep the trim white and include white or light cream colored decors all through the room.

Curtains, bedding, and different textures are acceptable approaches to bring some airiness and light to the bedroom with white. In case you don’t like your room overwhelmed by brown, keep the entirety of your walls a lighter shading, or make a darker feature wall. You may likewise decide to fuse some brown into your bedroom using decor pieces and fabrics. Brown color in your bedding, curtain, area rug, lamps, seat pads, and decorative pieces can include a similar sentiment of warmth without having too much brown in your room.

Many colors work with brown that it is practically difficult to turn out badly here. The most widely recognized hues combined with the various shades of brown, such as reds, yellows, blues, golds, greens, golds, and even black. In a room brimming with brown, throw an additional color in the mix by including an all-red seat that truly stands out and attracts the eye. A black and white wall, for instance, can truly make a brown wall pop. Vibrant yellow flowers above the dresser against a brown wall provide the dresser a different look.


Kathleen Bost Architecture + Design

The wood wall in the bedroom extends to the balcony and garden, creating symmetry in the whole space.


Coyote Design Architecture + Planning PLLC

White oak timber flooring by Shaw and furniture from TREE.


M.T.N Design

This eye-catching timber cabin features space-saving bunks and angled wood ceiling.


This rustic guest bedroom is cozy and welcoming; you will want to stay longer!

Color Combinations For Brown Bedroom

Brown is indeed an extraordinary neutral color for rooms. In fact, it comes in numerous hues and tones that function well with cool shades like violet, green, and light blue, along with warmer colors like orange, yellow, and red. As the most famous neutral color utilized in rooms, brown will certainly offer you a few color choices and will never get disappointed.

Brown And White

Meanwhile, brown and white is a gorgeous color combination that makes a comfortable and sentimental room. Regardless of whether you choose to paint your wall a deep shade of brown with white accents or vice versa, you will certainly end up with a satisfying and dynamic color combo.

Brown And Blue

Moreover, brown and blue is a superb color blend to use in a bedroom. Also, there are a wide range of alternatives on the best way to join blue and brown together; for instance, pastel blues with deep and delicate dark brown tones make an unpretentious and famous color mix, while dark blues with brown will, in general, be more striking and energetic as found in rooms for kids and teenagers.

Brown And Green

Next, brown with green is another brilliant color combination for rooms. This mix is bold, but whenever done appropriately, it very well may be a stunning room color idea. For instance, use vibrant green wallpaper combined with dark wood furniture and accents such as white bedding, headboard, and metallic furnishings.

Brown And Yellow

On the other hand, consolidating brown and yellow together is somewhat tricky since these two colors ordinarily don’t work well together. In case you wish to add yellow to your brown bedroom, the best arrangement is to include subtle accents to a great extent.


Miller-Roodell Architects Ltd

A mountain style bedroom with wood walls and ceilings and large windows for that stunning view.


Chad Stearns Builder LLC

The brown area rug, wood floors, ceiling, and blinds make this room homey and comforting.


Carlton Edwards

The high ceilings and huge windows with a great view make this bedroom phenomenal.


Mark Thomas Home

Elegant bedroom with dark wood furniture from the European Farmhouse Collection of Stanley Furniture.

Other Creative Ways To Maximize Brown Bedroom


Although we frequently find black and grey on the contemporary room’s palette, brown is also an astounding option, especially in a room with midcentury style. For instance, a fascinating headboard, textured area rug, chair, and art painting create a brilliantly retro, yet totally contemporary room. Even though there is actually no color in your neutral area, the different textures and intriguing lines can keep it crisp and welcoming.

Metallic Accents

On the other hand, do you wish to add some solid zest to your brown room? Why not go metallic? Since brown is quiet and earthy in nature, it’s the ideal foil for a sensational accent like the metallic gold, for instance. Indeed, too much metal against another color may look reckless or tasteless, but brown shields your dazzling room from going over the edge. Also, you can complement the warmth of the color brown by similarly warm bronze, gold, or copper.

Vibrant Accents

In the event that you like to provide your brown bedroom a fun-loving side, you can just include a couple of touches of your preferred vibrant color. In fact, you don’t have to include a great deal of hues—a playful blanket, a throw pillow or two, and maybe a vase of lovely flowers are all it takes to give your room a major burst of style.

Animal Prints

Nature certainly adores brown, so in case you love nature, why not bring a sample of the wild into your room with a bit of animal print? Regardless of whether you pick tiger, leopard, zebra, cow skin, or giraffe, a couple of animal accents are simply enough to perk up a traditional room.


Tulip Hardwood Floors

This tropical master bedroom in San Francisco is perfect for relaxation at any time of the day.


Laura Moss Photography

The light fixtures, baskets, cozy sofa, and other little details make this bedroom a dream for teenagers.


WrightWorks, LLC

This Midcentury bedroom features floor to ceiling closet space with enclosed doors.


Centre Sky Architecture Ltd

Fall in love with this dark brown bedroom set with breathtaking views.


Harrell Remodeling, Inc. / Design + Build

A zen bedroom with Asian fixtures and design.


You see, interior designers and homeowners alike frequently overlook the color brown. But if you like to go with brown, there is no need to fear! Aside from it is a neutral color; its warmth and versatility mean it can provide totally awesome outcomes once you decide to welcome brown in your home. Let us know what you think and tell us how these brown bedroom decor ideas helped you in your project! Best of luck!

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