Awesome Industrial Lighting Ideas
Featured Image: SUBU Design Architecture

Industrial lighting is a design trend that commemorates the sturdy and straightforward aesthetic of industrial spaces and old factories. Lighting within these industrial areas was created using long-lasting, unfinished, and strong materials. By including these unfinished elements into more intentional designs, the industrial design developed into a simple and eye-catching look at the same time. Check out these 21 awesome industrial lighting ideas and see for yourself.


Awesome Industrial Lighting Ideas

This industrial-style kitchen by HomeClick features a cluster of matte black metal pendant lights suspended over the kitchen island, illuminating the space with a sleek and modern aesthetic.


Awesome Industrial Lighting Ideas

An industrial-inspired chandelier by Studio Gild with a bronze finish and Edison-style bulbs hangs from a high ceiling, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in this living room.


Awesome Industrial Lighting Ideas

A wall-mounted pulley light fixture with a metal cage shade and adjustable arm adds an industrial touch to this workspace by Carroll by Design, providing functional task lighting.


Awesome Industrial Lighting Ideas

This bachelor pad by Nina Williams Interiors showcases a rustic-industrial vanity light fixture with metal shades and exposed bulbs, adding a touch of vintage elegance to the space.


Awesome Industrial Lighting Ideas

An industrial-style pendant light with a wire cage shade by Nina Williams Interiors hangs above a kitchen counter, infusing the space with a trendy and urban vibe.


Awesome Industrial Lighting Ideas

A reclaimed wood chandelier with vintage-style Edison bulbs by Nina Williams Interiors is the centerpiece in this dining room, combining rustic and industrial elements beautifully.


Awesome Industrial Lighting Ideas

This dining room by PMC Building Materials features an industrial-style ceiling fan with metal blades and a cage-like design, providing illumination and air circulation.


Awesome Industrial Lighting Ideas

An industrial-inspired wall sconce by Creative Spaces Interior Design with a black metal shade and adjustable arm adds a touch of vintage charm to this hallway, illuminating the space with style.


Awesome Industrial Lighting Ideas

This outdoor patio by Creative Spaces Interior Design is adorned with string lights suspended from industrial-style poles, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere for outdoor gatherings.


Awesome Industrial Lighting Ideas

A rustic-industrial pendant light with a metal cage shade and vintage bulbs by Witt Construction hangs above a kitchen sink, adding a touch of character to the space.

Industrial Lighting Is Versatile 

While several fixtures can look edgy, industrial lighting pairs well with many different interior styles, such as nautical, country, and modern. Industrial design lighting was developed initially because of its efficiency. Its timeless and appealing design was unintentional. Traditionally, industrial light fixtures are made of dark-toned steel and unfinished or distressed wood. Some of its standard features incorporate exposed bulbs, wire cages, and metal shades. The connection points between different elements are noticeable and abruptly attached with no embellishment. Vintage stylings found in industrial lighting fixtures stem from the machine age and supply a glimpse of history with each piece. 

With modern lifestyle trends referencing the delights of rural bliss, it is no surprise that there has been an uptick in industrial style requests in the last several seasons, and for a good reason. Industrial style decor marries sleek modernity, and old-world charm with an organic, lived-in feel to produce the perfect play of contrasts. However, what does industrial style interior design mean? And when it comes to developing industrial style homes, how do you create the appearance work for you, without it coming off as a heavy-handed theme?

When individuals think of industrial style, they frequently associate it with lofts boasting oversized black metal windows, exposed bricks, and raw unfinished wood. And to the contrary, this particular design style is not only relevant to urban locations. So what helps make industrial style interior design appear to be very viable for these days, and how can you pull it off with confidence? Industrial style refers to fuss-free and frill no-nonsense decor that takes inspiration from the lofty look of factories, warehouses, and other industrial structures. Industrial style decor includes stripped back architectural details, including the utilization of wood, metals, bare bricks, salvaged and reused materials. Industrial style furnishings are hardwearing and usually from reclaimed yards. The very best advantage in producing industrial style homes is that you will have the chance to personalize the appearance using furniture and decor entirely exclusive to your house.


Awesome Industrial Lighting Ideas

This living room by Yale Lighting Concepts showcases an industrial-style floor lamp with a tripod base and an exposed bulb, serving as a stylish and functional lighting solution.


Awesome Industrial Lighting Ideas

An industrial-inspired chandelier with metal shades and a distressed wood frame by Regan Baker Design Inc hangs above a farmhouse dining table, seamlessly blending rustic and industrial elements.


Awesome Industrial Lighting Ideas

This bathroom by Denney Electric Supply features a wall-mounted industrial-style vanity light fixture with metal shades and a vintage brass finish, adding a touch of sophistication to the space.


Awesome Industrial Lighting Ideas

An exposed bulb pendant light with a metal cage shade hangs above a kitchen island, infusing the space by Lighting Studio with an industrial and minimalist aesthetic.

Advantages Of Industrial Home Decor 

Have you been searching for a change from country inspired house design? The clean lines and contemporary aesthetic of industrial home decor might be what you are looking for. Several of the hallmarks of an industrial home design include exposed and painted brick walls, metal or wood shelving, and solidly functional materials such as a plumbing pipe. A common feature of an industrial home design is the exposed pendant lamp. Generally using Edison bulbs with exposed filaments, these gentle fixtures most often resemble cages. They are available in different sizes, from simple hanging bulbs to large centerpieces. Industrial design is excellent for folks that dislike a cluttered home; industrial home decor lends itself to sleek, organized management. You will find lots of places to tuck things out of the way in bins or baskets. If you seek to shake up your industrial style, add blooming plants or even soft textured rugs to your space. These will tone down the stark appearance and bring some visual interest to your rooms.

One of the trendiest interior styles is the so-called ‘industrial design.’ It features boldly exposed ‘industrial’ interior elements, complemented by original industrial styles such as lighting, contemporary art, and modern furniture. The industrial design style began as an initial solution for transforming a previous industrial building’s interior into a stylish and modern home. Many would argue that the industrial design style is rough, cold, and lacking the homey, cozy vibe. Nevertheless, with its boldness and simplicity, it has many followers and fans. The industrial concept matches completely another famous stylish interior design direction, minimalism. These both develop a powerful combination that has become extremely popular when selecting the interior design style associated with a contemporary home. The essential and significant component of the industrial style trend is the industrial lights. Just like with all other elements of this style, industrial lights also feature exposed cables, Edison-styled carbon filament, often over-sized bulbs, and coiled cords, complemented by stylish metallic-finish decorative fixtures. Dangling from the ceiling, wall-mounted, and standing up on the floor, almost all lighting units stick to the fashionable design style and produce an intimate light home ambiance. 

Modern pendant lighting is a flexible choice perfectly suited to residential spaces such as the entryways, kitchens, formal dining areas, and commercial areas like waiting rooms, offices, and conference rooms. From industrial pendants with cage-like shades in colorful finishes to the rustic industrial chandelier to other industrial ceiling lights, you can be confident that there will be a suitable option for any space. For offices and homes, contemporary industrial lighting offers the areas a practical experience while providing warmth and proper lighting. Industrial pendant lighting is an excellent way to add functional design to a modern space and serve as an impressive focal point. Those that favor a far more refined appearance look for industrial pendant lighting in glossy metal finishes like satin nickel, aged brass, oil-rubbed bronze, and blown glass shades.


Awesome Industrial Lighting Ideas

This workspace by HomeClick is illuminated by a desk lamp with an adjustable arm and a metal shade, providing focused lighting for tasks and adding an industrial flair.


Awesome Industrial Lighting Ideas

A cluster of industrial-style pendant lights with metal shades and vintage bulbs hangs from a high ceiling, creating a striking focal point in this dining area by HomeClick.


Awesome Industrial Lighting Ideas

This bedroom by JASMIN REESE INTERIORS showcases an industrial-style ceiling light fixture with a geometric metal frame and exposed bulbs, adding a modern touch.


Awesome Industrial Lighting Ideas

An industrial-inspired wall sconce with a metal shade and vintage brass finish accents a hallway, adding functionality and style to the area by aamodt / plumb architects.


Awesome Industrial Lighting Ideas

This outdoor seating area by Rejuvenation is lit by industrial-style string lights suspended from above, creating a cozy and inviting ambiance for relaxation and entertainment.


Awesome Industrial Lighting Ideas

A rustic-industrial chandelier with wooden beads and metal accents by Rejuvenation hangs above a farmhouse dining table, blending natural and industrial elements in this dining room.

Things To Consider When Choosing Industrial Lighting

When selecting industrial ceiling lights for your room, you must think about the room’s ceiling height and slope, if applicable. It is more beneficial for areas with vaulted ceilings to pick an industrial pendant light explicitly created for this job and offer a means to illuminate difficult to light interiors creatively. By blending all the room’s decor and design, selecting industrial style lamps is a lot easier than ever. The industry’s best lighting brands have created several exciting contemporary lighting collections that include modern industrial lighting fixtures and lighting for several offices and home settings. When you want to incorporate vintage elements into your home decor, however, like a modern-day flair, think about introducing industrial lighting. It is an excellent way to combine yesteryear and present while maintaining the bold, modern look you enjoy. With home lighting, industrial materials could be converted into functional and striking lamps, pendant fixtures, chandeliers, and sconces. From pipes to pulleys, industrial home decor is all about showcasing exposed mechanical details that you would usually find in a warehouse or an old factory. Lighting fixtures involving those kinds of physical features will include an edge and character to any space.

Especially in the kitchen, using industrial lighting above the island or the dining area is a simple way to blend modern and vintage. Metal-finish, distressed, or black industrial lighting fixtures are widely used. But you could always try to incorporate a pop of color as a contrast to neutral hues. Lights housed in metal geometric-shaped cages add a dramatic effect to your space, regardless if they are hung from the ceiling, sitting on a table, or attached to the wall. Fixtures like these are sure to be a conversation starter when you have guests over. Vintage sconces and wall lights will add personality and charm to your living space. Both provide mechanical details and rustic components that are essential to the industrial style. Floor lamps are frequent in contemporary industrial decor. Think about repurposed pieces, like a headlight lamp, to produce a warm glow that is sure to make your room feel cozy. Moreover, look for unique desk lamps for a mechanical, antique look that adds a whimsy element. 

How can you pull off industrial design for your home? When it comes to developing industrial style homes, think about these qualities to ensure that you will get the look spot-on: When it comes to materials, you must stay away from using plush fabrics combined with industrial-like furniture. Instead, choose hardworking and useful materials and source furnishings you can provide a second life. Scour local antique stores for furniture made from aluminum, iron, wood, steel, stone, copper, and tin as these are the go-to materials for enviable industrial style homes. Also, take advantage of distressed metal elements and wooden floors, bare steel beams, and stone countertops. When designing an industrial style living room, choose colors in a neutral palette consisting of gray, white, and black. Bring in character and the unexpected with lively art that contrasts to the otherwise masculine industrial style decor. Shapes utilized for industrial interior design mainly consist of blocky shapes and squared lines that promote a utilitarian cohesiveness in your house’s overall look. However, this doesn’t imply that you should stay away from organic curves and abstract design, but keep them to a minimum to preserve a well-studied industrial vibe. Limit the utilization of accessories for a little industrial style home. Search for industrial style furniture and accessories that harken to provincial times while staying fashionable. Your industrial home’s overall appearance must be masculine and cool with unique touches.

Tips For An Industrial Style Home

The following are some additional tips to effectively achieve an industrial design look for your house with great ease. Start with a basic color palette. One of several things that you will discover about industrial style homes is that bold tones are preserved for minor details while most areas radiate neutral tones. Choose an open plan. Industrial style homes are spacious and work with an open plan design. To stop the space from looking overwhelmingly large and challenging to decorate at that, strategically plan industrial-like furniture in groupings to break up the area. Combine metal and wood. A no-brainer in pulling off an industrial appearance is mixing new and old components. The most effective way to achieve this contrast is by combining various types of wood and metal in your general style. For example, you can have a vintage cork vanity and a steel-framed mirror within an industrial style bathroom. Ensure that the lighting is on-theme. Most industrial style lighting is made out of metal and often consists of lamps and pendants. When working with pendants, they should be low hanging with wide shades. Multi-directional floor lamps and rustic industrial chandeliers can also look great in an industrial-style living room.

Among the signature components of an industrial-style family room would be the presence of characteristics that nearly all folks are likely to conceal, like pipes and ducts. This look is generally typical in repurposed factory apartments. Include industrial add-ons. The secret to acing an industrial look is making it look like you are in an attractive factory setting. Using accessories will be the simplest way to do this. Decorate with salvaged factory parts and machinery together with vintage pictures, and distressed leather finds. When planning an industrial style living room, ensure that comfort is king, but everything must be trimmed of excess for a minimal take. Choose furnishings that have a simple design with solid upholstery in neutral colors and natural textures.

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