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Purple is usually a color related to royalty. It’s considered luxurious and also provides you with a general sensation of richness when applied to a decorating scheme. It’s additionally utilized as an eccentric color, or even to produce a spa-like experience to an area, and all of it is determined by the shade of purple you pick. Whichever way you would like the room of yours to appear and feel, you are able to build the best purple living room by using as much or even as little of the color you want. Lavish your living room in a purple shade, or simply add purple accents to get plenty of colors in, that you’re feeling its vibes. If you wish to make a difference to the living room and consider adding purple as a section of your decor, below are 17 purple living room decor ideas regarding how to integrate the magnificent color in your decorating theme.


Advanced Woodwork, INC.

Modernized shiny materials are a refreshing departure to rustic materials in this fresh twist.


Kindred Construction Ltd.

Curved purple leather couch is the perfect spot for socializing.


The Renovated Home

High gloss painted ceiling reflects the light just so that it’s like being in the clouds.


Gaskin Designs

The mood is set with the help of the outdoor uplighting against the privacy wall.


Grace Home Furnishings

Bold vibrant colors interspersed among traditional elements energize this living room.


Company C

The area rug anchors the space as well as inspires this fearless color scheme.


Susan Nelson Interiors

Timeless with a touch of formal yet livable in a familiar comfortability.


EJ Interior

The natural texture design and color of the walls elevate the simplicity of the furniture.


Open Design Interiors

Purple walls are the essential backdrop to highlight the rest of the room’s features.


Christen Interiors

A graphic wall design takes center stage against the minimal furniture arrangement.

The Psychology Of Color Purple 

Color psychology indicates that colors are able to have a strong effect on our moods, as well as behaviors. Every color supposedly has an impact, though the sense that every color creates can vary based on culture and experience. Purple is one color that could result in differing feelings, associations, and emotions. How does the color purple allow you to feel? Individuals frequently describe this particular color as mystical, spiritual, and innovative. Purple tends to happen rarely in nature; therefore, it’s viewed as intriguing and rare. While violet occurs naturally in the visible spectrum, purple is really a mix of red and blue. 

So what exactly are several of the most typical associations individuals have with the color purple? Just like numerous other colors, the feelings that the color purple evokes are usually because of cultural associations. Purple will be the sign of wealth and royalty. In early times, making dyes to color fabric usually demanded a good deal of expense and energy, particularly for many colors. Since purple is less typical in nature, the materials required to produce a dye in this particular color were a lot more difficult to come by and far more pricey.

In the 15th century, the city of Tyre along the coastline of Ancient Phoenicia started making purple dye by smashing the shells of a tiny sea snail. The resulting color became recognized as Tyrian purple and also was very popular. It had been talked about in Homer’s Iliad and Virgil’s Aeneid. Alexander the Great, as well as the kings of Egypt, also wore clothing colored with the renowned Tyrian purple. This particular relationship with royalty wasn’t only restricted to ancient times. Purple was the color of preference for tickets to Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953. Purple also represents humility and wisdom. Its mysterious and rare nature probably leads to it to appear connected to the unfamiliar, supernatural, and divine.



Elegant lifestyle living with an emphasis on bringing the outdoors inside.


Rethink Design Studio

Lustrous fibers of the arrowroot add a unique textual statement to this ceiling that is undeniable.


By Design

White beams and ceiling pop against the fresh color of the wainscoted walls.



Velvety textures and deep saturated colors set the scene for a cozy night at home.

Decorating Ideas For Your Purple Living Room

Decide on just how much purple you wish to add to the room. Would you want a huge amount of purple, or simply hints? When you are already aware of what shade of purple you would like, it can help you determine how much of the color you would like in your room or if it will feel too overwhelming. In case you’re choosing a rich, luxurious purple room, deep dark purples on the area are able to make it produce that feel and look. Remember that the darker the shade, the more it is going to shrink the visible square footage of the home. Darker shades on the wall space make rooms appear to be smaller, though it is able to additionally provide the space a cozier feel. Lighter, paler shades of purple can actually create an area feel much more wide open, airier, and also more of a spa-like, relaxed feel, garden-like, towards the space.

If purple on the wall space appears like overkill for you, get purple in through accents across the area, using home furniture, area rugs, window treatments, wall hanging photos, flowers in a vase, along with various other styles of accents which have the shades of purple you like. With accents, you are able to provide as much or as little of the color in your space by controlling just how much of the purple is in every one of the accents, how dark or light the shades are, as well as the size of the accent—for instance, small throw pillows or a large area rug.

Pair your purple with various other colors that create your purple stand out and pop! Purple and white are a good mixture for rooms that are contemporary, and also, deep shades of black and purple. Light shades of purple, like lilac, are usually combined with yellow for spa-like beautiful themes. Whatever style you choose to make in your room, pairing your purple with the proper color coordinates will aid you to finish the look.


Laura U Interior Design

Symmetrical placed built-in cabinetry recede, highlighting the classic furniture in the room.


Joybird Furniture

Large scale floral artwork is balanced nicely by the vibrant colored sofa underneath.

Easy-To-Pull-Off Purple Living Room Ideas

We are not discussing those fierce, power glam purples everyone enjoyed several years back, but a much softer and altogether easier-to-live-with plum that walks the line between masculine and feminine for a stylish feel you are able to ingest virtually any direction, from shabby chic to contemporary and smart. Concerned that it will look murky? Simply team your purple living room with the best neutral and be courageous with accents. Stay away from true, blue-based purples and pick out a mellow, brown-toned mauve to offer your space color that is sexily sophisticated, but not frightening. Combined with rich accents and brass, it’s modern-day glamour, and spin it rustic with woods and grays for a gray and purple living room. 

Consider jewel colors & painterly details of boho style, but place them with contemporary furniture rather than a country or maybe vintage-look pieces. It will give your space tons of character and an eclectic vibe that is simple to develop. The key is usually to layer dark, light, and mid-weight colors, adding a lot of white and pale gray so that they do not overwhelm. These are great for grey and purple living room. For instance, watercolor washes and oil painting prints are crucial to creating a booming boho style. And why not include a large chandelier for the instant wow factor? 

Dusty purples are indulgent and rich, they lend themselves to an incredibly luxurious look, with plush velvets, heavy curtains, buttoned upholstery, marble, and touches of old gold. Select a flat, chalky matte finish for purple tone paint, or it will appear dated, but bring the color to life with plenty of texture in the space. A rush of turquoise accents is enough to cut through and also cool shades of purple and pink. Dusty purple looks fantastic with off-white furniture for design that is classic, but team it with shades of cool gray for a contemporary scheme for your purple and grey room. Combine dusty purples—plum, aubergine, fig—with blush pink and gray for a harmonious palette that produces only the right mellow mood for a room. Alternatively, match with shades of linen, mushroom, or even delicate green for extra contrast.

Combine a winter palette of plum & claret with an earthy wood structure for cozy cottage style. Keep the color pattern going into overdrive by utilizing softer mauve grays, browns, and grays for other components and equipment in the space. A weathered wood coffee table is going to balance the appearance. Take the exterior in with pages of autumnal nature to improve the country cottage style and snuggle down with a lot of warm throws and blankets.

Other Useful Tips And Decorating Techniques 

Try out your hand at building ombre purple accent walls. Putting a good spin on the word “faded beauty,” this specific decorating method is really hot in the interiors world today. When you are up for a challenge, you might attempt painting an ombre wall yourself—you will need to have a steady hand and spot-on blending expertise to pull it off. A calm and easy lavender living room can be decorated with a dusky lilac color effect on the walls. Layer throws and cushions in calm muted shades on a rocking chair for a relaxed space that is great for curling up with a book. A ladder shelf offers rustic storage for candles and books, while a rug gives a hint of texture and pattern.

If heading for an all-out purple living room is simply too risky for you, think about keeping it to soft furnishings and accessories for a subtle touch. Neutral tones and plush soft furnishings give your trendy living room a homely feel. A purple rug gives a grounding for the theme that can improve the effect of the pale wall space and sofas. While purple isn’t probably the most preferred color among individuals, this roundup of purple living room styles will hopefully tell you exactly how purple should take in a stylish, useful, and elegant spot for your family.

Purple accommodates for many living room design for the fans of the good color. At the same time, you will find modest methods to inject purplish mode into the living room for individuals who pretty love the color. The very first of the purple living rooms ideas suit people that reside in a tiny studio apartment. Often, just a small nook which leaves you with small chances for living room decoration. Fret not, however. Just paint the walls of the living room with purple. Include a little purple tone with a tiny sofa pillow. One very comfortable couch, mats, and rugs, along with a desk lamp, are adequate for a convenient area. The window tends to make the living room refreshing.

Pairing Purple With Other Colors

To make a good room, team purple with colors adjacent to it on the color wheel, for instance, plum, burgundy, magenta, and brown. Going in the opposite direction around the color wheel, you are able to make use of rich purple with navy, royal blue, along with cyan. For a far more subdued color scheme, utilize toned-down shades of the same unified colors. Utilizing the color wheel, pick a lighter shade of purple and then choose the adjacent harmonious shades from the same ring to make sure they’re of the very same intensity and then create harmony. These systems function better if you do not make use of all of the styles in equal measure, so save probably the brightest color for an uplifting accent.

When you would like to incorporate a wallpaper or perhaps patterned fabrics, choose basic geometric patterns or mild floral designs. Use very soft furnishings, including bed linen, throws, and area rugs, to take the element colors to the plan. For a flamboyant and modern use of purple, combine it with accents from the exact opposite aspect of the color wheel. Use purple with either a splash of yellow, a hot pink, or maybe bright orange, but do not attempt to work with all of the colors together.

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