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Green living walls might have gotten their start eighty years ago, but they have just recently turned into one of several of the most striking and essential eco-friendly features in structures across the globe. Let’s look at these 31 indoor living wall garden ideas and be inspired by the many ways we can add them into our house.


Deering Design Studio

Contemporary living room with a floral statement wall.



If you love the outdoors, bring it inside with wall plants.


Eduarda Correa Architecture

Make it more natural with hanging wood pots.



Feel the zen vibe inside your house with a large living wall.


Kari Whitman Interiors

Industrial bathroom with gorgeous wall plants.


Webber + Studio

Midcentury living room with hanging plants in the word PLAY.


CP Construction

Modern shower with a relaxing and serene vibe.


Janet Paik

Enjoy a sacred bath in this peaceful contemporary bathroom.


2id Interiors

Bright and airy Scandinavian living room with a statement wall.


Living Green Design

Interior vertical garden with lush ornamental plants.

What Is A Living Wall?

A living wall is also known as a green wall, vertical garden, or living/self-cleaning walls. These architectural features can be found on the interiors and exteriors of buildings and can range in size, from a few square feet to entire walls in atrium spaces. Living walls are several of the most popular, brilliant ways to add greenery and plants outdoors and indoors, typically in eye-appealing ways. A living wall is a wall or part of a wall covered with foliage growing in soil or another kind of substrate.

When utilized outside of buildings, vertical gardens are most often found in cities, where vegetation serves as an extra level of insulation and helps lessen the overall temperature of the structure from solar radiation or even prevent warm air from leaving the building. Some studies have also proven that living walls can help purify gray-water or gently used water from bathroom sinks, tubs, showers, and washing machines. When a living wall is utilized on the building interior, it can help improve the air quality. This is because plants naturally remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce oxygen-rich air, and they can filter the air around them by absorbing and cleaning pollutants. Living/self-cleaning walls serve as a three-dimensional, living artwork piece, providing an aesthetic feature and health element.

Living wall, a.k.a. a green wall or vertical garden, is among the typical methods to decorate bare walls nowadays. Living walls are trendy in cities as one can achieve a greener environment in the house quickly. It means to cover up the walls with living plant life or even adding several leafy greenery as a gorgeous backdrop when we say living wall. You can either set plants in an individual garden wall hanger or assemble them in vertical garden panels to create an artwork. Living walls are beautiful, eye-catching, and one of the best and most effortless ways to add a natural element to your dwelling. Speaking of advantages, the plants help clean or purify the atmosphere, reduce stress, promote productivity and positivity, and muffle vibrations and background noise. Thus, if you are looking to include this feature in your room, but are a bit confused and searching for some living wall ideas and tips, then read on.


Blooming Walls

Wall planters from Green Pockets for this contemporary kids’ room.


Portico Design Group

Keep your herbs handy with mason jar herb containers.



The green living moss wall art is preserved moss in a burned pine frame.


Joel Sanders Architect

Contemporary bathroom with lively and healthy plants.

The Essentials Of A Living Wall

A living wall can be featured on any one or more walls of your house, like office and kitchen space. Thus, pick the wall and design as per your choice, and it should all come together with your home decor. Be sure you select the area where there’s adequate light coming in. When you do not have enough sunlight coming onto the wall, you can consider led grow light fixtures. Determine the layout before you begin drilling your wall. What do you want? A grid or just one line of containers or something unstructured? Make sure that there’s ample room for the plant life to grow. If you are a low maintenance type of person, then choose plants that need less watering, which may flourish in low-light and care. Some of the plants you can start with are pothos or small plants like herbs, terrariums, and succulents. Choose plants as per how you can maintain them and as per the climate in your region. For instance, if the wall receives a lot of light, then succulents and cacti, and similar plants would be the best option. However, if the area is damp and humid, you must opt for tropical plants. Also, choose plants that need similar care to feed and water them in one go, which is more comfortable.

Watering is among the most significant elements to keep your green wall perfect and blooming. Therefore, as per the wall and planters, you’ve got to figure out the watering process. You can go for a single wall-mounted living wall made up of moss and air plants.  But if you do not want one giant display, you can go for a garden wall hanger or planters hung in the wall. Or choose wall mounted planters. The planters or frames can be made of wood, recycled tins or water bottles, metal with felt pockets, or other reliable items.  Who said that you have to employ a professional to give a makeover and help you with living wall ideas. There are numerous DIY vertical wall garden ideas and video clips one can follow to create a statement-making living wall.

If you are looking for a new way to decorate a bare wall or something new to add to that gallery wall, consider a living wall. It is essentially a wall covered with living plants; they can either be set in individual planters or assemble to create a living artwork. If you are fortunate enough to have enough light in your kitchen, consider including a living wall. When deciding to install a living wall, consider the plants that need similar care, as you will be feeding and watering at the same time. Winding and climbing plants like pothos or philodendron are great starter choices that are not hard to take care of. You can create a DIY wall garden by utilizing cable baskets and hand them from the wall showing off different easy-to-care-for plants. This concept could be recreated with nearly any basket type (do not forget the plastic liner) and some wall hooks. Air plants, including tillandsia, are excellent choices for an office environment because they do not need a lot of care but still look gorgeous when arranged together.



Keep it minimal with two rows of planters for this contemporary kitchen.


Studio Peck LLC

Transitional dining room with beautiful plant boxes.



6×6′ EcoWall and artwork for this modern gallery.



Lovely floral and plant walls for this dressing room & master bathroom.


MDP International

Tropical living room with an attractive plant statement wall.



Vertical garden with a water feature in this modern living room.

DIY Wall Garden Ideas

Among the biggest hurdles that we face when decorating our outdoors is space. While you might want to grow an entire backyard full of lovely flowers and greenery, what if you do not have enough space? We want nothing more than to fill our whole lawn with gardens, but you need to have room for some other things. That is where vertical gardens come in. They’re all simple to make, and there are many different designs and styles you can do. Whether you are looking to create a vertical wooden planter from scratch or upcycle some old plastic bottles, yes, there’s a DIY for that; you can build the perfect garden space without taking up too much of your yard to get it done.

Build your cedar ladder planter where you can house all kinds of small plants. This is excellent for standing up next to your fence, or you can build a few of them and have them lining your deck.  This will give you loads of space for planting, and they’re ideal for succulents, herbs, or flowers. You can also house smaller vegetables here. This DIY stair step vertical garden is effortless to make, giving you a lot of planting space. You can add as many or as few stairs as you like and then add the planters.

Shiny new paint cans and recycled pallets can turn a chain-link into a wow-worthy DIY garden wall. This idea is perfect for budget-conscious homeowners or renters who can’t replace a fence but want to cover the eyesore. The pallet wall attaches to the fence with hooks; this allows it to be moved somewhere else quickly. After drilling some drainage holes in the cans, they are now ready for potting soil, plants, and a distinguished place in your lawn. Succulents need minimal effort to maintain and pack a powerful visual punch when placed together. Build a frame and make your artistic arrangement to hand on any wall, indoors or out. When it is time to water, about once a week, place the planter flat and spray them with a mild mist. If you love the look of the wooden supports, do not limit yourself to hanging only plants. You can install candle holders or artwork the same way or intersperse green wall decor things amongst your plants for a unique look.


Heller Construction

Rustic staircase with fountain into pod & plant wall.


Greyhorne Interiors

Contemporary luxury dining room with planters and wood planks.


Elise Som

Traditional bedroom with framed succulents and cacti.


Red Hook Design

Modern kitchen with wavy patterns and wall plants to balance it out.


PHX Architecture

Trendy and sophisticated space with plant boxes above the fireplace.


LKM Design

Modern sunroom with a stunning garden inside.


SUBU Design Architecture

Beach style residence with a floral showcase.


Ezra Lee Design+Build

Enjoy a serene time in this striking lounge.


calm living homes

Make your stairway amazing with a living wall.

Real Or Artificial Living Wall

English ivy is among the most popular houseplants for gardeners, although it’s a bit tricky to grow indoors. Ivy usually doesn’t like the artificially warmed and cooled air in most modern houses.  However, it’s still possible to start growing them indoors with some knowledge and persistence and have them thrive. English ivy is quite a beautiful plant to grow and can make a great climbing plant or indoor hanging plant. Since ivy is a climbing plant, it can make for an excellent wall covering. Ivy wall indoor can be a fantastic and striking addition to a house or garden wall apartments and are relatively easy to do. It is as simple as providing some support, letting your plants grow, then trimming them to keep their shape. Experts believe that English Ivy is among the best air-filtering plants to have in your office or home. Although it’s a creeper by the natural world, it can be cultivated as a houseplant when nurtured within an enclosed and controlled environment. It is often a little challenging to begin with, but it is definitely worth this gorgeous plant’s reward!

The artificial vertical garden is a wall with a highly simulated plant layout. To help make the artificial garden, we have to attach a wire mesh on the wall first and then embed artificial plants. There are three types of an indoor artificial living walls, in general. The first kind consists of standard artificial hedges, the style of the wall depends upon these hedges. This artificial garden wall depends on the simple artificial leaves, but the design changes a lot by all those various combinations. With pleasing aesthetics and superb coverage, this is the ideal option for the fence in most courtyard owners. The next kind is a mix of artificial foliage and artificial hedge, which gives new elements to the simple products. Artificial greenery can make the whole panel much more flexible and changeable; thus, making it perfect for interior decoration. The last type is artificial foliage; this is the best option for those DIY enthusiasts. It’s much more innovative than the other two types because all the plants are within your consideration. You will have your unique garden with it. 

Nowadays, a lot more people are ready to use green plants for decoration. However, it’s not easy for some plants to grow anywhere, and it is also expensive to purchase and maintain those kinds of plants. Due to this, the artificial plant walls became a good alternative. In contrast to a real plant wall, the artificial garden wall has numerous benefits. Aside from the financial part, artificial bundles are far cheaper than actual plants, just like their installation costs. From the range of styles, all sorts of simulated plants have the opportunity to appear on the artificial garden wall. Increasing artificial vertical gardens bring different colors to our cities. We can see them in offices, shopping facilities, the exterior wall of a building, and numerous other locations. This proves that the artificial garden wall has more and more practical values in modern life.

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