23 Black Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

The black color evokes confidence, sophistication, and style. A favorite option for both floors and walls of bathrooms and kitchens, black tiles are incredibly flexible. Therefore, they are sure to leave a long-lasting impression. Whether you are thinking of textured black colored bathroom wall tiles or perhaps a dark gloss kitchen backsplash, we have 23 black tile design ideas and images to select from. Check them out and be inspired to use black tile on your next remodeling project. COTTAGE CRAFTSMAN Threshold Interiors Warm wood-toned cabinets pairs nicely with a black straight [...]

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17 White Living Room Decor Ideas

There's absolutely nothing as restful on the eye as the purity associated with a fresh white interior space. Returning home to an uncomplicated white living room decor scheme is able to bring you serenity and peace after one day away in a world that is visually cluttered with a never-ending confusion of color. A plain white scheme is similar to a great calming breath of fresh air. If a living room devoid of color does not interest you, then decorating the space to enjoy a clean white-colored backdrop also provides you with the ideal canvas where you can [...]

17 Black Living Room Decor Ideas

Do not completely dismiss black for your living room until you have seen these 17 black living room decor ideas. These black living room ideas could possibly offer you the needed confidence boost to go for the leap, keep away from the white and gray paint tins on the shelf, and see black for what it actually is. Black is sultry, without being too much somber. It is less overwhelming and more empowering, and instead of flooding your scheme, it is capable of enhancing it. ECLECTIC Nichole Loiacono Black and white striped [...]

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17 Modern Farmhouse Wrap Around Porch Ideas

The modern farmhouse wrap around porch design is an incredible thing you need to have once you experience how comfortable it is. The concept essentially is creating an outdoor area close to the entry, which is going to be ready to replace your living room whenever the weather conditions outside are pleasant, or even when they're less than perfect in case you go for a screened porch. Several new homes are lacking a porch, and we like to say to you that not having a porch is a mistake you will regret soon after. Check out these 17 [...]

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23 Sliding Barn Doors With Glass

From their humble, rustic roots, barn doors have grown to be a very sought after interior feature. Readily available in a selection of styles with exposed mounting hardware, barn doors have a huge visual effect on a room and also work nicely in a variety of instances because of their sliding action. Look at our preferred uses of barn doors, proving this farmhouse attribute can have a place in the contemporary home. These 23 sliding barn doors with glass and their clever uses will have you looking at these rustic accents in a brand new light. [...]

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17 Blue Living Room Decor Ideas

It's astounding how the color blue is able to transform the feel of a space. A light blue ceiling copies the day sky, making an immense feeling of space. A deep navy blue can elicit the comfortable feeling of sitting under the night's stars. You can additionally receive the nautical beach house appearance when you select the proper shade of blue for your living room. In case you are caught somewhere in the middle, you don't have to worry. We've compiled 17 blue living rooms, from room paint ideas to decor options, to allow you to select the [...]

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31 Coffered Ceiling Design Ideas

The ceiling is probably the last part of the house people look at when they are inside. However, it doesn't mean that you should put less effort into it when designing your home. Your ceiling can perhaps make the most significant impact in your house, so you should design it the way you would other parts of your home. Some people consider the ceiling as their “fifth wall,” so they extend the finishes on their walls to cover this part of their home. Ceilings just used to be utilitarian, hiding wiring, ductwork, and pipes. Now, however, they are [...]

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53 Modern Farmhouse Entry & Mud Room Ideas

These gorgeous and budget-friendly 53 modern farmhouse entryway ideas and inspirations are going to have you craving to upgrade your very own area. Sometimes, it's truly amazing how affordable and simple it can be! Having a modern farmhouse entryway is like entering a home, and it greets you with a nice hug. If you are eager to add this space in your home, we have a great collection today, which is about modern farmhouse entryway ideas with bench that are affordable and doable. All of these great spaces, regardless of how small or big, embrace you as you [...]

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Best Stud Finder [2020 Reviews]

The best stud finder helps you locate the studs underneath your wall. Have you ever witnessed a costly appliance, a piece of art, or a shelf stacked with collector plates come falling off the floor? At that point, you already know how being able to find studs underneath a wall can save you a lot. But in order to find a stud, you first need to find the best stud finder. Whether you are looking for a wall stud finder or an electronic stud finder, we have laid out a variety of options, along with their pros and [...]

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How Much Does Spray Foam Insulation Cost?

If you are wondering how much does spray foam insulation cost, you have come to the right place. In essence, there are many variables that add up to the cost of spray foam insulation. Also, in recent years, development in technology has made spray foam the top insulation available in the market. In this post, we will discuss how much does spray foam insulation cost. First of all, you might be thinking that it's challenging to get a precise figure on the costs to insulate your home without having a surveyor round. Though we cannot blame you since it's [...]

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