Glass Countertop Ideas For Your Next Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel
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Glass kitchen countertops may not be the most traditional styles around, but they have certainly taken off in the home remodeling industry. If you are looking for something to bring a touch of class and uniqueness to your kitchen, why not go for full elegance and invest in a glass piece to last you a lifetime?

There are many benefits to glass countertops, and homeowners throughout the generations have been drawn to their pristine beauty and precise cuts. There are many different types of glass countertops available to choose from. Here are a few of our favorites; these popular glass countertop trends may inspire your own kitchen remodeling plans!

Glass Countertops – Their Function and Design

Before looking at some of the specific styles and designs of glass countertops, it’s important to recognize what makes these countertops so attractive, and what kind of form and functionality glass can bring to the table. If you’re no stranger to glass, then you may already know that glass is extremely heat and scratch resistant, offering great versatility if you plan on using your countertops for some heavy cooking and food preparation.

Not to mention that glass is cheaper than you might imagine. While it can be a very luxurious and pristine material, it isn’t that expensive – in fact, it usually costs about the same as granite. It’s an exciting and highly affordable material, which pairs well with its versatility and durability to many different situations.

Plus, you can also infuse the glass with color treatment, or leave it translucent. There are nearly endless effects that you can achieve with your piece of glass, and in that is the beauty of glass countertops. Take some time to look at the various style ideas below and find inspirations for your kitchen remodeling dreams.

Recycled Glass Countertops

Glass Countertop Ideas For Your Next Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

Not only is recycled glass affordable, but it is highly functional. You can save the planet one purchase at a time by investing in recycled materials to decorate your kitchen counters. You can find recycled glass mediums at just about any hardware or specialty remodeling store. Also consider speaking to your trusted contractor for recommendations.

The thing to remember about recycled glass countertops is that they still retain as much durability, solidity, and beauty as a new piece of glass. The most popular style of recycled glass countertops is the crushed glass countertop, but the name shouldn’t imply its reduced strength or trustworthiness.

Crushed Glass Countertops

Glass Countertop Ideas For Your Next Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

And speaking of crushed glass countertops, these can denote a style all on their own. They are by far the most environmentally friendly countertops that you can invest in, making them a popular choice for those who are on a budget or who enjoy bringing some sustainability into their lifestyle.

Crushed glass typically comes in two available styles: a glass encased in a clear acrylic, or crushed glass embedded in a concrete material. This allows the finished results to display tiny and beautiful pieces of glass inside of a much more solid material – which is exactly what it is! The beauty of these methods is that you are guaranteed to get a unique piece every time. It is impossible for two pieces to be alike,

They are a great way to direct focus in your room. They offer a little punch and pizazz, unlike more solid or monotone countertops made of stone. This unique style is sure to be a conversation starter when guests are visiting your home. Crushed countertops will also add something fun to make your project worthwhile.

Tempered Glass Countertop

Glass Countertop Ideas For Your Next Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

Another popular type of countertop for your kitchen counters, your shelves, bathroom counters, or even for your vanity, tempered glass is a refined grade of glass that offers solidity and durability against any kind of condition. Therefore, they are by far the most popular type of glass grade for any countertop project. Tempered glass is glass that has been heated at extreme temperatures to get rid of its impurities, as well as to bolster its strength under any kind of pressure.

One drawback to a tempered glass countertop is the increase in price. Since these slabs of glass have been treated with so much detail and perfectionism, they become highly sought-after pieces on the market. Although it is a more expensive grade, most homeowners agree that the increased strength is far worth the increase in price. If you know someone with a glass countertop in their kitchen, it is very likely that it is made of a tempered glass product.

Tempered glass can easily replace whatever material your countertop is currently made of, making it advantageous over other materials. When in doubt, go with tempered glass for a finished and refined look. They are uniquely beautiful and can be blended or combined to create different colors or patterns. Each one is crafted to perfection!

Sea Glass Countertops

Glass Countertop Ideas For Your Next Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

No, sea glass countertops aren’t really made of actual sea glass, or else it would be far too soft. However, sea glass countertops describe a type of glass countertop that uses a coloring and solidifying style in which the finished result resembles the mystifying and cloudy-colored glass we often find on the beach. It is largely inspired by natural beauty, making it a unique type of glass kitchen countertop to consider for your project.

If you are looking for something different, you may certainly want to consider this type of countertop. Similar to a crushed glass countertop, a sea glass countertop includes chunks and pieces of glass that have been colored in different colors and then tempered, and finally embedded into stone or concrete. The main difference between this and other types of glass countertop is in the texture. With sea glass countertops, the glass pieces actually rise out of the stone slightly, making it bumpy and very natural to the touch.

If you want something that looks like it came straight from the ocean, you’ve come to the right place – give sea glass countertops a try if you are harkening for a room that takes you back to the beach!

Glass Countertops Pros and Cons

After having a look at some of the most popular glass  countertop styles, you may be considering one of them for you newly remodeled kitchen or bathroom. If you are still in the decision-making process, then perhaps looking at and understanding the pros and cons list below can sway your opinion in a certain direction.

There are plenty of reasons why homeowners are lining up to purchase glass countertops. Their beauty, natural elegance, and extreme strength all make them desirable materials. But that doesn’t mean they are the best for every situation or every home. There are some things that you may not desire about glass, sending you to find stone or quartz as your preferred countertop material. But before setting anything into real stone, consider the advantages and drawbacks that glass has to offer.

The Pros

  • Glass is easily one of the most versatile materials you can find on the market for your kitchen countertops. It can be designed into various shapes, patterns, or colors to match your preferred style.
  • Glass is durable and strong. It never wears over time, it is very heat resistant, and it is not porous, making it very easy to clean up spills.
  • Most glass products on the market today are made from recycled materials, making them a great option for eco-friendliness. The recycled glass does not sacrifice strength or versatility, giving it an even higher advantage than some other countertop materials.

The Cons

  • While glass is very resistant to many types of damage and wear, it is not invincible. If you land a sharp object on the glass, it can crack or dent. Glass is one of the most expensive materials to repair, so you will want to be careful around it regardless of the other strengths it has.
  • In some cases, glass kitchen countertops come with higher installation fees, making them hard to justify for some homeowners who are on a budget. However, this is something that can be discussed with your trusted contractor.

Your unique preferences and needs can determine whether or not glass is a worthwhile material for you. While some homeowners love the way it looks and feels, others cannot make up for its higher installation and manufacturing costs. Either way, there are plenty of unique and beautiful styles to look at if you are considering all options for your kitchen remodeling project.

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Glass Countertop Ideas For Your Next Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

For more inspiration, ideas, and how-to guides, check out our Remodeling 101 eBook, a free homeowner’s guide on everything you need to know about starting your first remodeling project. From kitchens, to bathrooms, to basements, there are plenty of reasons to look to glass as one of your most trusted materials. You will find a lifetime of enjoyment out of its longevity and durability. Not to mention how beautiful it is, whether you like it translucent or infused with glowing colors! For more information about how to get started with a glass countertop remodeling project, reach out to one of our design consultants today and see what the future holds.