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Hallways. You probably don’t think much about yours. Often, they’re simply a windowless walkway. A straight line, to get from point A to point B. It’s not a place you generally linger, like your kitchen island or family room sofa. There’s no place to sit down. Nothing to look at. What if instead of a closed-off corridor, it was a gallery, a library or even an architectural highlight of your home? Hallways can do more than connect rooms, they can reflect you, the homeowner.

How they reflect you depends on the size of your hallways and your style, of course. You’re not going to squeeze a console table into a three-foot wide hallway, and you’re probably going to need more than a few 8×10 pictures if you have a long hallway that’s five feet wide. As with any design, you have to consider scale and function along with style. Here are just a few hallway decorating ideas.


Wonderful Hallway Ideas to Revitalize Your Home

A terrific idea in this hallway for displaying those precious family portraits and pictures from favorite vacation spots and events. You will appreciate this hallway’s museum-like appearance. Excellent work, Breeze Giannasio Interiors.


Wonderful Hallway Ideas to Revitalize Your Home

The grid of black and white frames is offset by colorful photos and complemented by the grid on the globe-like lights. The wave-patterned rug adds whimsy and a pop of color to an otherwise white-washed walkway by Kristin Rocke.


Wonderful Hallway Ideas to Revitalize Your Home

With the beautifully displayed sculptures at the end of the hall, you will want to get from point A to point B faster. And though the statues are the focus of this hallway by Paul Fritz Architecture/Planning, the colorful flush mounts will entertain your eyes until you can examine the souvenirs displayed at point B.


Wonderful Hallway Ideas to Revitalize Your Home

Do you want your penthouse’s hallway to look and feel contemporary? Well, HAUS did a great job with the price tag on this hallway makeover. The main bedroom in this cutting-edge downtown penthouse is located down a gallery-lined hallway.


Wonderful Hallway Ideas to Revitalize Your Home

Cool contemporary bookcases that you’ll notice aren’t standard designs. Also, I love the lighted nooks at the end of the hallway to feature your favorite tsatskes. Yael K Designs did an amazing job with this hallway.


Wonderful Hallway Ideas to Revitalize Your Home

Everything in this pricey hallway design looks fantastic. Such a gorgeous and sophisticated hallway design by Artefacto USA. A huge wall of nooks! It appears that each 24 × 24 cavity contains a priceless item.


Wonderful Hallway Ideas to Revitalize Your Home

Everyone will agree that Woodford Architecture and Interiors’ concept for a concealed chamber simultaneously appears huge and useful. Magnificent hall with stunning bookcases, but wait, there’s more — see the next picture.


Wonderful Hallway Ideas to Revitalize Your Home

How fantastic to have a private bedroom in your house! The bookcases are excellent. This design by Woodford Architecture and Interiors is beyond amazing. A bedroom is located behind a secret door. What a cool thing!


Wonderful Hallway Ideas to Revitalize Your Home

This gorgeous hallway will perfectly display the homeowner’s prized decor items. Substantial, gloomy, and tragic. The Orange Coast Interior Design team did great with this dramatic and ominous hallway.


Wonderful Hallway Ideas to Revitalize Your Home

That only demonstrates how anything may catalyze creativity to liven up a hallway. The Beatles are the subject here, although it could be any music, book, or other media genre. Contemporary Hall is beautifully designed in this hallway.

Galleries,  Sculptures, Bookcases — Oh My!

The most obvious way to upgrade your hallway is to do a gallery wall–a curated collection of your favorite art pieces and/or photographs. You can display them in a modern grid style with matching frames, or a mishmash of frames and sizes for a more eclectic, thrown-together look. Consider highlighting your gallery wall with directional lighting to showcase your favorite artwork or cherished memory.

Prefer a cleaner look, but still want to add style? Custom millwork, creates an architectural feature out of a blank slate. Bare walls become artwork themselves. Creatively worked ceilings draw the eye up.


Wonderful Hallway Ideas to Revitalize Your Home

So many great features in this charming farmhouse hallway: barndoor, lighted art pieces, and a cute bench at the end of the hall. The design of this farmhouse hallway by Cameron Custom Builder is both lovely and light-filled.


Wonderful Hallway Ideas to Revitalize Your Home

Want to have a beautiful hallway that has a castle-like feel to it? This one exudes the splendor of the monarchy! The floors steal the show in this beautifully traditional San Francisco mansion captured by Mark Pinkerton – vi360 Photography.


Wonderful Hallway Ideas to Revitalize Your Home

This hallway by Structures Building Company is architectural artwork from the richly stained wood plank floors to the unusually peaked ceiling. The warm bases prevent the white walls from becoming too stark, while the headboard and shiplap add textural interest to a mainly monochromatic color scheme. The beam-lined, peaked ceiling is the highlight of the design, with a single pendant light accenting this dramatic hallway.


Wonderful Hallway Ideas to Revitalize Your Home

Picture yourself having a nice time in this upscale hallway with a rustic feel. Such a beautiful design of the Mediterranean by Fratantoni Luxury Estates. Everything in this hallway is magnificent–archways, stone, flooring, lighting, and windows. 

Flooring & Lighting

Don’t forget about what’s under your feet. The floor can be a great place to add pops of color and pattern. Wood planks can be shaped into a pattern different from traditional patterns in rooms. Intricately designed runners add warmth and style to the space.

You may be tempted to overlook lighting in the hallway. Most hallways have one, maybe two, standard ceiling lights. Maybe they’re flush mount, or recessed, but chances are they’re not very interesting. Small chandeliers can add drama to the ceiling. Spotlighting artwork adds interest and directs the eye across the walls. Sconces can also sculptural interest to otherwise bare walls. West Elm is great if you’re looking for modern lighting pieces – though try scouring through Pinterest first to get an idea of what you want.

Check out these highlights of hallway ideas. They are sure to inspire.


Wonderful Hallway Ideas to Revitalize Your Home

This cozy alcove is a perfect place to curl up with a good book; it just happens to do double duty as a hallway. The extra lighting above the cavity and light-neutral walls keep this dark hallway bright. This is such a warm design by Visbeen Architects.


Wonderful Hallway Ideas to Revitalize Your Home

Extending the shelves from the family room to this hallway by Tim Clarke Design visually expands the space, making it feel even longer and grander. The frames also add dimension to an otherwise flat area.


Wonderful Hallway Ideas to Revitalize Your Home

Another take on the family gallery—this time with unframed family prints and a touching plaque. You can feel the love and warmth in this hallway. The Urban Rustic Life hallway design has such an emotional feel to it.



Wonderful Hallway Ideas to Revitalize Your Home

Neutral walls and white bookshelves create the perfect backdrop for this colorful literary display. The hickory floors add warmth, while the carousel horse is the show’s star. This White Picket Fence, Inc. creation is just so beautiful.


Wonderful Hallway Ideas to Revitalize Your Home

A clean, contemporary hallway is given warmth through rustic wood beams, helping to balance the space. The bright and natural motif of this hallway design by M. Elle Design makes everything appear welcoming and cozy.


Wonderful Hallway Ideas to Revitalize Your Home

The tiled ceiling and herringbone floors add enough interest so that the white walls do not feel painful, while the console table provides extra space for light and greenery. This design by FORM – Design Studio is excellent.


Wonderful Hallway Ideas to Revitalize Your Home

This collection of mirrors does double duty as a visual display and reflects light in this otherwise dark hallway. This design even looks like a museum now! This Michael Abrams Interiors hallway design is gorgeous.


Wonderful Hallway Ideas to Revitalize Your Home

Everything in this hallway is rich. Deep dark colors give it warmth. Distinctive ceiling light feature, and the floors are beautiful! You’ll get a deep, cozy feeling in this hallway by Birdseye Design.

So many wonderful ideas to transform a boring hallway and make it special.  Which one inspired you today?

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