7 Different Types of Sanders (With Pictures)

Featured Image: DAVE’S FLOOR SANDING If you’re into flooring or you are invested in a DIY maintenance project, you’ll quickly learn about the different types of sanders. Whether you need a sander for flooring, or you are interested in getting your hands on a small sander, each type has its specific uses that can help you complete your project with ease. Many unfinished wood floors require a bit of sanding before they can be stained and finished. And in order to achieve that perfect smoothness, you will need the right tool for the job. But it can be overwhelming [...]

What Is A Bungalow Style House?

Featured Image: Lars Remodeling & Design Architectural styles are just as vast and characteristic as interior designs. When it comes to building your own home, there are many different layouts, floor plans, and exterior designs to choose from. In 2020, one particular house style has reemerged as one of the most popular choices of the decade: The bungalow style house. What exactly is a bungalow? What kinds of houses are classified as a bungalow style? Using the pictures and descriptions below, you’ll be able to learn more about what makes the bungalow style so unique. You just may find [...]

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