Choosing the Perfect Glass Features for Your Home

In the effort to make your home not only an exceptional living space but also an expression of your own taste and style, glass features can make all the difference. From simple windows, doors, and glass panels, to more elaborate or artistic installations, choosing the perfect glass features for your home can completely transform your property - both aesthetically and practically. Sebring Design Build Why is Glass Important? Glass as a building material dates all the way back to Ancient Rome, and with the visual and practical benefits glass features offer [...]

Spray Foam vs Fiberglass Insulation Options Guide

Insulation Institute Many homeowners realize that insulation is a must to keeping our homes comfortable and energy-efficient. There are many questions that come to mind. How do we safely remove old insulation? Also, when insulating a home, the decision between spray foam and fiberglass can be difficult; but what is the difference between the two types? Hopefully, this blog can help clear up some of these questions. Safely Removing Old Insulation You’ll need to make sure that the insulation you are removing does not contain traces of asbestos. This is very important if your [...]

Landscaping Blocks: A Great Way to Perk Up a Boring Yard

Landscaping your backyard with landscaping blocks can be a great improvement project for your home.  The results will have your family enjoying the great outdoors and your new beautiful outdoor space. You will probably want to add some plants or shrubs, embellish natural features, and downplay areas of your yard that aren’t the best; so you will need to make sure that you are using the right materials for your landscaping project. J.R. Thomas Landscaping, Inc. Great Design Element Landscaping blocks are unfortunately an overlooked material when designing an outdoor space.   You should keep [...]

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5 Easy Ways To Get Your Lawn Greener This Spring

A lush, green lawn can easily make a house look appealing, but getting that lawn takes some effort. Fortunately, this is one of the times when working smarter will lead to much better results than working harder. There are a few strategies that every aspiring gardener can employ to make sure that they have the best lawn on the block without putting in too many hours of effort. Test the Soil Everyone knows that plants need nutrients to survive, but it isn't as easy as giving them a regular dose of fertilizer. Soil composition can vary significantly from one [...]

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Remodeling Projects that Increase the Value of Your Home

Did you know you’ll be able to recoup a high percentage of the costs when you decide to remodel your home? This is due to the fact that remodeling and thereby upgrading it will increase its resale value. Sure, this is money you won’t see before you actually decide to sell your home, but isn’t it nice to know that you’ll be able to get more than just the added comfort from remodeling? If you’re like most homeowners, you surely want to remodel in a way that will truly suit your taste, but are you aware of the things [...]

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8 Awesome Basement Remodeling Ideas [Plus a Bonus 8]

Basements are often overlooked as possible rooms that can benefit from a finishing or remodeling. They are often dark and neglected areas used for storing old clothes or to hold an extra freezer. However, with a small investment and some imagination, your basement remodel can offer an extra living space that will add joy and value to your home. We have also included 8 additional awesome ideas, totaling 16 Awesome you can use for your basement remodeling project. They range from something as simple as adding a new fireplace to turning the entire basement into a garage. 1. Create the Beverage Center Most [...]