Need New Flooring? 6 Reasons to Select Carpet for Your Next Project

Featured Image: Northwest Floors Spring is always a good time to spruce up your home or to revamp the house interior. Most people simply resort to the dreaded annual decluttering and deep spring cleaning, but there are those who are already “window shopping" online for new paint colors or a colorful plush carpet to change the look of their bedrooms, living room or family room. They are eagerly coming up with ideas on how best to remodel their home. So, we can all agree that a dream renovation project renders the perfect opportunity for folks to choose and [...]

23 Interesting Mirror Ideas to Consider for Your Home

Featured Image: HGTV Whether you are planning a renovation or you are in the process of decorating your home, there are many interesting and beautiful mirror ideas to inspire your home’s new look. Besides the bathroom vanity mirror you use every morning, many mirrors are used for decorative purposes. From wall mirror art to mirrored backsplashes in the kitchen, mirrors have become a familiar part of home décor. Modern mirror styles are increasingly creative and unique, partly because of new technologies and partly because homeowners are looking for something distinctive. Take a moment to look at some of the [...]

Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub Smart Garage Door Opener Review

Bob Vila Buy on Amazon MyQ Smart Garage Hub The MyQ Smart Garage Hub model MYQ-G0301-D comes with specific measurements and features that are unique to the product. While compatibility is its biggest selling point, there are also a variety of specifications that make this model a worthwhile choice on the market. Product Specifications: Dimensions: 6.25” L x 6” W x 4” D Weight: 1.15 lbs Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty Brand Compatibility: Most major garage door opener brands with Photo Eyes, including brands such as Linear MegaCode, Stanley SecureCode, LiftMasterⓇ, and [...]

6 Myths About Tub and Shower Wall Panels

Featured Image: Innovate Building Solutions - DIY Shower & Tub Wall Panel & Kit in Arctic Haze Royale Full You’ve heard the TV commercial promoting the "one-day bathroom."  Tub or shower wall panels SO revolutionary the crew will come today, and you’ll be enjoying your new shower or tub alcove by tomorrow. You’re intrigued and set an appointment. A hard-charging salesperson shows up pushing thin acrylic panels. The ONLY way you can get the AMAZING benefits of these panels is to have them professionally installed by his company. If you don’t sign today for this once in a lifetime "special", you [...]

Subcontractor vs Contractor: What Does a General Contractor Do?

Ducere Construction Hiring a general contractor is a must for some of your larger renovation projects. If it’s your first time hiring someone, it can be an overwhelming task to find the right person to fit your budget and remodeling needs. Hiring a general contractor is ideal for certain projects, while subcontractors give you more of the time and flexibility you need. If you are unsure where to begin, take a look at the following information to help you make an informed decision about who to hire for your remodeling projects. Remember that there are advantages and disadvantages to [...]

The Sheetrock vs Drywall Guide: Choosing Different Types of Drywall

Art Decor Gesso All types of drywall are essential components of any home construction or remodeling project. Drywall is the stuff that holds the home together, and without it, some rooms and buildings would not be structurally sound. This drywall guide will help you understand the benefits of the types of drywall available and help you choose the right types of drywall for your projects. We will also discuss some possible alternatives to drywall, as well as some other names for drywall that you may have heard before. Check out this guide for a full list of features and hidden [...]

Why the Way People Hire Contractors is Wrong

Products Up What do contractors do, exactly? What are the first steps you take when you decide to hire a contractor? What specific jobs are you looking to fulfill?  Do you know how to properly assess and validate a contractor’s license? The way people hire remodeling contractors is a bit different when compared to other service industries. Construction-based contractors are being sought after in different and ever-changing ways, and those ways aren’t always good. We want to make sure that you know the correct process for hiring contractors by comparing it to the way other service industries hire and [...]

How to Finance Home Improvement Projects

Sebring Design Build Unless you have a lot of money saved up specifically for home improvement, you’ll need to figure out your home improvement finance options. The national average home renovation cost for 2018 is $39,211 with some homeowners spending as much as $130,000 for high-end multiple-room improvements.  The Sebring pricing guide shows the costs for what a basement remodel will cost , what a kitchen renovation could cost, (depending on your selections), and lastly what a 3 piece bathroom remodel cost will average.  If you are planning to renovate more than one room, the quotes will be much pricier. Luckily, there [...]

The 7 Most Effective Tactics to Budget Your Home Remodel

Matthew Bolt Graphic Design If you’re like most people, you may be wondering if it’s possible to remodel your house into a home you love without breaking the bank, If this is the case, you’ll be glad to know that with the right planning it’s more than possible to have the house of your dreams. However, many people find it difficult to start budgeting for a home remodel; there is a multitude of factors to think about, and it’s hard to know how to how to begin. To make it easier for you to start planning for your dream [...]

How to Save Money Remodeling

Featured Image: Forbes How to Maximize Remodeling Savings With any remodeling project, many money saving ideas can backfire and cost you a lot of money in the end.  Most of my customers understand that remodeling is expensive. I work very hard with my clients to keep costs as low as possible. But a lot of them think that they can save money on a project by doing part of the work themselves or by cutting corners on materials.  Usually, these schemes end up costing more money in the long run or extend the project schedule significantly.  If you’re planning [...]