Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas
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Lately, interior design trends have already seen plenty of comebacks from past styles—updated and contextualized into contemporary applications. One of those trends is modern farmhouses, which, as its name suggests, combines the simple elements and clean lines of modernism with the texture, rawness, or rustic quality of farmhouses. One specific feature of farmhouses we have noticed more frequently as of recent is shiplap boards. Regardless of being on the walls, cabinetry, ceiling, or backsplash, shiplap has been incorporated in plenty of modern applications. Today, let’s look into how we can incorporate shiplap in kitchens. We have shiplap kitchen design ideas and images just for you!


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas

This farmhouse-style kitchen by Tom Jenkins Films features a shiplap ceiling with exposed beams, bringing warmth and rustic charm to the space. At the same time, the open shelving and vintage-inspired accessories complete the cozy and inviting atmosphere.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas

The shiplap-clad island with a distressed finish in this kitchen adds a touch of farmhouse elegance, while the pendant lights and butcher block countertop create a perfect blend of functionality and style, making it a focal point of the room by Caesar Stoneus.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas

In this modern kitchen by Period Architecture Ltd., the sleek white cabinetry and quartz countertops are complemented by a shiplap backsplash, adding a touch of texture and visual interest to the space.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas

The shiplap-clad range hood in this kitchen by TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design acts as a striking focal point, while the subway tile backsplash and open shelving complete the timeless and elegant look.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas

This coastal-inspired kitchen by Borgani Kitchens features a white shiplap ceiling that adds a sense of airiness and lightness to the space, while the blue cabinetry and nautical accents create a beachy and relaxed ambiance.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas

This kitchen’s dark gray shiplap walls bring a sense of drama and sophistication, while the white cabinetry and marble countertops provide a contrasting and classic appeal. Such a good design by ASHLEY GILBREATH INTERIOR DESIGN.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas

This classic-style kitchen by Luxe Remodel embraces the charm of shiplap siding with its raw and weathered texture, while the exposed brick wall and metal pendant lights add an edgy and urban touch.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas

The shiplap-clad island in this kitchen by Inch&Co serves as a focal point, contrasting beautifully with the white cabinetry and black fixtures for a modern and stylish look.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas

This eclectic kitchen by BERG DESIGN ARCHITECTURE showcases a shiplap backsplash that adds a touch of rustic charm, while the vibrant cabinets, patterned tiles, and unique decor pieces create an eclectic and lively atmosphere.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas

In this minimalist kitchen by tuthill architecture, a shiplap accent wall enhances the clean lines and neutral color palette, adding a subtle and contemporary touch.

Shiplap Is Versatile

Shiplap is not hard to integrate with more contemporary designs. It is subtle enough to blend in and offers a unique appearance; you can quickly link with a farmhouse or rustic design interiors. They are also pretty simple to install; they are now manufactured in an assortment of materials, which you can choose based on the style or budget. They also are available in numerous different colors and sizes. It is an effortless way to “enhance” the appearance of any contemporary space. 

If you want that genuinely subtle touch of rustic feel into your home, having a shiplap kitchen island or shiplap kitchen cabinetry is a simple way to do it. It will be easier for kitchens with paneled cabinetry to install the shiplap boards on to the walls instead. Based on the impact you want to achieve, you can experiment with wide boards, narrow boards, or vertical and horizontal applications. A very basic white paint on shiplap boards makes it subtly blend into the background yet still creates adequate depth and texture to the kitchen. When you do not have much wall space in your kitchen to play around with, you can also consider fixing the shiplap boards as your countertop backsplash. But keep in mind to keep it on dry areas if you are using wood or other materials that effortlessly warp with moisture.

Having a shiplap backsplash instead of stone gives it a tad bit more character and grit for places that are not exposed to too much heat or humidity. In case you are not prepared to invest in covering your entire wall or ceiling with boards, having a shiplap island can be sufficient to get the look you want. Regarding a white kitchen backsplash that is far from typical white tiles, low-cost shiplap has turned into a practical choice due to its minimal look and stylish appeal. And when it comes to unique kitchen backsplash ideas that nobody else has had before you, it is suggested that a shiplap kitchen backsplash is the right way to go. Utilizing shiplap for the island and ceiling together will create a harmonious kitchen design that will truly work together.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas

The white shiplap walls in this kitchen by Peter McDonald Architect create a bright and fresh ambiance, while the exposed wooden beams and natural stone countertops bring warmth and natural beauty.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas

This transitional kitchen by New Old, LLC features a shiplap-clad island with a contrasting color, adding depth and visual interest, while the pendant lights and farmhouse sink complete the timeless yet modern aesthetic.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas

This kitchen’s shiplap range hood surround adds a touch of architectural detail, while the white cabinetry and marble countertops exude elegance and sophistication. Such a good design by Castro Design Studio.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas

This farmhouse-inspired kitchen by Marvista Kitchen & Bath showcases a shiplap ceiling that brings a beachy vibe to the space, while the light wood cabinetry and coastal accents complete the relaxed and airy aesthetic.

Top Considerations For Shiplap Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling can get somewhat complicated when it comes to installing shiplap. For example, there are loads of tight corners and spaces to work around, including outlets, cabinets, and other appliances. Additionally, there are problems of heat and water that should be considered. For those that opt to go the DIY path, accurate measurements are vital in the kitchen. You may also want to consider a waterproof finish for a shiplap that is likely to get in touch with water. You can also consider utilizing tile for your backsplash as it is much better at repelling water and is much easier to clean. Just like the living room, you can decide to use the shiplap on a particular portion of the wall, making that area the room’s focal point. You can likewise mount the shiplap kitchen boards vertically in the spaces between the upper cabinets.

Shiplap is a type of board conventionally used to create homes, barns, sheds, and other rustic structures by the ocean to protect them from moisture. Shiplap boards are joined with an overlapping rabbet joint, which usually has a small 90-degree angled gap between each panel. The interlocking joint makes the shiplap strong and watertight.  Shiplap is now enjoying a resurgence in popularity due to its farmhouse look, versatility, and functionality. It shows no signs of living out of style soon. While shiplap can provide your house a rustic, country feel, down-home, real shiplap is surprisingly expensive. Shiplap wood can cost from $2.50 up to $7.00 a square foot for natural wood, and homeowners usually spend approximately $500 to $1,500 for only one room. That is more pricey than drywall.

If you have a small space, an all-white horizontal shiplap is a way to go. Horizontal shiplap tends to make small spaces feel more prominent as your eyes become drawn through the area, and white paint enhances that expansive feeling. The great thing about painting a room in neutral colors is that you can genuinely go insane on accessories such as colorful towels, dishware, cookware, appliances, and much more. For your shiplap kitchen boards, you can paint them in neutral colors, then add a splash of color to your cabinetry. White cabinets are a mainstay of farmhouse decor, but painting your cabinetry an eye-catching color can add warmth to your kitchen. If you ever feel like you’re bored w/ your current shiplap kitchen and want to try out something new,  changing the colors of other design elements in the room will be so much easier. Add shiplap to the kitchen backsplash to get the look that you want without renovating the whole room. Shiplap does not have to be painted. A stain treatment can offer a more natural rustic look. These natural shiplap kitchen designs are perfect for homeowners who are lovers of clean, modern styles or want a more masculine vibe. Another way to put in a touch of shiplap kitchen charm is by adding it in unexpected spots like an island or even on cabinet ends. With shiplap, your oven hood can finally look like a gorgeous design piece in its own right, instead of a strictly utilitarian necessity.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas

In this contemporary kitchen by Case Design/Remodeling, Inc., the shiplap walls create a clean and streamlined look, while the stainless steel appliances and sleek finishes enhance the modern design.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas

The shiplap accent wall in this kitchen by Pac Trim® acts as a backdrop for the open shelving and decorative items, adding personality and charm. At the same time, the white cabinetry and quartz countertops provide a timeless appeal.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas

This traditional kitchen by Morning Star Builders LTD features a shiplap ceiling with recessed lighting, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, while the rich wood cabinetry and granite countertops exude classic elegance.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas

The shiplap-clad pantry door in this kitchen by Design Shop Interiors adds a touch of farmhouse charm, while the white subway tile backsplash and butcher block countertops create a cozy and welcoming environment.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas

In this cottage-inspired kitchen by Davenport Designs, the white shiplap walls create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, while the vintage-inspired fixtures and colorful accessories bring a sense of nostalgia and whimsy.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas

This kitchen’s shiplap range hood surround adds a rustic and industrial element, while the white cabinetry and subway tile backsplash create a clean and timeless look. Such a good design by ONYX DESIGN COLLABORATIVE.

Tips For Maintaining Shiplap Kitchen

While shiplap is usually installed horizontally, vertically hanging it can make a small space feel much spacious, as the eye is drawn towards the ceiling. This can be an advantageous style option for little rooms with low ceilings. Horizontal shiplap also tends to make rooms appear to be larger, but vertical shiplap does much more. Because of its extensive usage in seaside towns, shiplap can give your room a coastal experience that blends seamlessly with farmhouse design. Navy bluish cabinets can not only provide a shiplap kitchen a clean and crisp appearance, but it can also be another way to put in a seaside element to the design. A small eating cubby is a perfect place for a cozy handmade breakfast nook complete with shiplap ends on each bench. Even the pantry can have a gorgeous farmhouse facelift with a basic shiplap kitchen design!

A rustic shiplap island can serve as the focal point or centerpiece for the whole kitchen and guides the rest of the decor. While many of the design concepts on this list appear new and fresh, you may like your farmhouse decor to experience a far more old and rustic aesthetic. You can achieve an old farmhouse vibe by utilizing flat and matte paints that make the finish look like the shine has been worn off through the years. The only problem with matte and flat paints is that they are not often easy to clean since scrubbing will quickly remove the finish.

Several companies, however, make scrubbable versions for easier cleaning, but even these are not as cleanable as shinier paints. If you are worried about cleaning the wall, like in a kitchen or bathroom, you can use satin paint with a small amount of shine but not as much as semi-gloss or gloss paint. Another way to give the paint that old, worn appearance is by using sandpaper to scrape the paint from corners gently. A taller, shiplap covered ceiling and large wood beams can lend an extraordinary, breathtaking impact to a simple kitchen design.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas

In this coastal-inspired kitchen by PAYTON ADDISON INC, the shiplap-clad range hood brings a beachy vibe, while the white cabinetry and blue subway tile backsplash create a fresh and airy ambiance.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas

This kitchen’s farmhouse shiplap accent wall adds depth and character, serving as a striking backdrop for the white cabinetry and quartz countertops, creating a modern and sophisticated look. Such an incredible design by MossCreek.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas
melissa lenox

A complete blending of the white walls and light wood flooring.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas

The window gives a classic appearance alongside the white cabinets.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas

An elegant traditional kitchen with a touch of blue paint in the ceiling and a perfect pendant lighting.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas
Joani Stewart-Georgi – Montana Ave. Interiors

Nice dining area with pieces of light and tons of storage space.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas
StyleQ Construction Inc.

Fresh look beach style kitchen with a touch of Himalayan Eyes blue paints.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas
Design and Dwell Homes LLC

The white and silver color of this coastal kitchen emphasized the gold pendant lighting.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas
Crisp Architects

The color combination of this modern farmhouse complements each decor.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas
Ink Architecture + Interiors

You can sense the intimate and classy feeling in this traditional dining room.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas
Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath

Functional and bright kitchen with a stunning chandelier.

1970’S RANCH

Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas
Judd Builders

Pleasant and spacious kitchen with quick access to the outdoor.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas
Wm Ohs Inc.

Traditional kitchen with a touch of white and blue paint and decor.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas
Norris Architecture

Rustic farmhouse kitchen with full access to the outdoor view and the overlooking lake.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas
Kasia Karska

A modern high ceiling farmhouse kitchen with a long and gorgeous pendant lighting.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas
Barrow Building Group

The simplicity of this all-white kitchen can give you a safe and homey feeling.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas
Casey Dunn

The natural features of the wood in the middle can bring the real structure of this kitchen.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas
Chango & Co.

This beach style kitchen has the perfect interior with the perfect combo of colors.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas
Dillard-Jones Builders, LLC

Intimate beach style kitchen with a minimum decor and a nice view in the center window.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas
Peninsula Modern

A sophisticated but straightforward mid-century kitchen.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas
John Bynum Custom Homes, Inc.

A well-used space and organized storage of kitchen goods.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas
Royal Construction Group, Inc.

This beach style kitchen has an inviting atmosphere with its minimal decor.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas
Anders Lasater Architects

A nice view from the outside combines well with the interior of this farmhouse kitchen design.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas
Crisp Architects

This rustic traditional kitchen style gets an eye-catching detail.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas
Homestead Timber Frames,Inc

Casual and intimate kitchen with a lovely pendant lighting that matches the island counter.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas

You can see the perfect combination of a rustic and elegant form in this farmhouse kitchen.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas
Kristina Crestin Design

Trendy kitchen in Portland, Maine, with green cabinet.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas
Andrea Swan – Swan Architecture

This white kitchen demonstrates that color is overrated.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas
Sea Island Builders LLC

This beach style kitchen uses eye-catching patterned tiles for contrast and to add characters.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas
Petoskey Kitchen and Bath – Designs By Dawn

A cute gray-blue color island counter and a unique pendant lighting make this kitchen classic.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas
Thomas H Heine Architect, pc

There is no more classic color combo than black and white, and it works incredibly well for a farmhouse kitchen.


Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas
Timberlake Custom Homes

Rustic wood looks even more lovely against white walls and classic features of a country kitchen.

Shiplap Wainscoting Ideas

Rather than the traditional wood paneling on your wainscoting, why don’t you try to use shiplap? It makes a pleasant decorative impact, with unique detailing. Shiplap can focus on all kinds of wainscoting, from one that extends to only a couple of inches over the crown molding to one that moves past half the wall height. Instead of the usual horizontal stack style shiplap, you can also place the planks in a vertical design. Shiplap wainscoting can give your home a great deal of character and charm. Adding a unique texture to your wall adds a point of interest and provides the eye with something different to look at from a bare wall. But when most people think about wainscoting, they imagine paneling, typically about a quarter or midway up the structure, and generally white. However, what most individuals don’t realize is that there are plenty of various looks for wainscoting. You can utilize a range of styles, or no style at all, and let the wood’s natural appearance take over. It can be horizontal, vertical, lined with a trip at the top, short or tall. 

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