Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas
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Modern farmhouse kitchens bring together images of rustic materials and retro devices and blend that laid back, country mood with modern sensibilities. Even though modern style and farmhouse design might seem mutually exclusive, we guarantee they’re not. Continue reading for more modern farmhouse kitchen ideas and inspiration.

Regardless of what design or style it comes in, the kitchen is definitely the heart of the home. However, for those of us that always want to make others feel welcome, there is no better choice compared to a farmhouse aesthetic. If you have been considering a modern farmhouse kitchen for your house, you are in luck because today, we bring you these modern farmhouse kitchen ideas.


Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

All will accept a calming and inviting kitchen layout that makes everyone feel at home. The combination of light wood and white paint makes this kitchen look bright and airy—such a good kitchen design by David Charlez Designs.


Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Want a kitchen design with beautiful features that are still evident despite how dark it appears? The kitchen design by Centerline Design & Build is amazing. Dark wood floors, white cabinets, and green backsplash tiles for this suburban Franklin, TN kitchen.


Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Want a kitchen that stands out from all others in elegance and minimalism? The kitchen design by Rosewood Custom Builders is so inviting. The nickel gap 1×6 solid stock pine backsplash and the light pendants are a win for this kitchen.


Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Everyone will concur that this kitchen design is basic, slick, and natural-feeling. This Coyote Design kitchen looks quite cozy. This kitchen combines new appliances with vintage furnishings to create a natural and industrial aesthetic.


Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Bring a splash of color to a classic ensemble like this navy blue. The backsplash is also gorgeous! You must admit that this one resembles a kitchen layout for efficiency. In this kitchen design by Heidi Caillier Design, everything appears quite well-organized.


Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

This is a good kitchen design with a clean white theme and rustic and cozy details. Everything has such a farmhouse feel in this kitchen design by Davenport Designs. Incorporating floating wood shelves in a white-painted kitchen gives it a farmhouse appeal.


Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Want a natural kitchen layout with both dark and light elements? By fusing new and old features, the area gives the impression of being developed over time. Bill Bocken’s bespoke kitchen design is so elegant and natural-looking.


Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

A kitchen with only white surfaces is the best! Everything will be so spotless and well-kept like this! By Habitations Residential Design Group, a truly amazing kitchen design. The open shelving makes this kitchen appear larger and adds a comfortable feel.


Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Everyone will concur that this kitchen design is excellent and has a traditional and cozy feel. A practical, inviting farmhouse kitchen with warm white cabinets and a rustic walnut island. This kitchen design by M Woodruff Design is very adorable and welcoming.


Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Such a modern, industrial kitchen layout! With Cole Harris Associates’ enlivening design for this kitchen, everything appears bright and contemporary. Pietra Cardosa for the island counter and Misty White for the countertop on the stove.

Elements Of A Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Continue reading to discover the components you have to add in pulling off this look and to get a couple of examples you can utilize as design inspiration. In case you stick to our advice, you will end up getting a look that appears straight from the farm, but still undeniably stylish. 

Modern farmhouse design works since it strikes a skillful harmony between modern and conventional aesthetics. Essentially, it is the very best of both worlds—and there is plenty of space between them to include your own personal spin on the appearance. 

Having said that, there are some coordinating components that pull these looks together. They are neutral colors, natural materials, and industrial & antique components. 

Farmhouse kitchens are generally lightweight, bright, and airy. You are able to keep that feeling going, regardless of how much natural light you have in the room, through the use of neutral colors as the foundation of your design. Particularly, choose lighter shades of grays and whites on your backsplash and cabinets.

Also, including natural materials on top of a neutral base is quintessential farmhouse design. Woods are the ideal option for your farmhouse countertops and furniture, particularly warmer varieties, that will keep the room looking modern.

Lastly, complete the modern farmhouse kitchen look by utilizing several antique or industrial components into your accessories & lighting. The rough edges of these particular pieces will ground the area in tradition. Make sure you utilize these pieces sparingly, as using way too much runs the risk of making the room feel a tad dated.


Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

You might never imagine this to be a kitchen! Everything about this kitchen design by The Working Kitchen, LTD appears so warm and beautiful that it might pass for a living room. This kitchen in Brentwood, Tennessee, features white cabinetry, light wood floors, and Carrara marble.


Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

This brick-style wall is unmatched when it comes to farmhouse kitchen designs! Beautiful kitchen with white countertops, gray cabinets, and Savannah Grey brick walls. This Lisa Furey Interiors kitchen design also has a gorgeous wood grain floor.


Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

A small amount of room is sufficient for a kitchen design. Despite the small area, this one appears extremely sophisticated and finished. Matte black cabinets with brass hardware, stainless steel appliances, and a brick-style backsplash characterize this kitchen design by New Old Custom Home Builders.


Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

On their own, the white oak cabinets are stunning. You won’t cover them up with paint, I bet. The architecture of this intimate kitchen and eating room makes everything look cozy. Total Concepts did such a great job with this kitchen design.

Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Finishes

Farmhouse kitchen cabinet hardware finishes are typically antique-looking, robust, timeworn, and dark in color.

Kitchen cabinet hardware in black and dark browns is typically used with farmhouse kitchen cabinets. Strong dark hues in a deep, warm finish create a historical sense and work well with white farmhouse kitchen cabinetry.

See below for the most popular finishes for farmhouse kitchen cabinet hardware:

Black – The primary color of farmhouse kitchen cabinet hardware is black. Black makes a bold statement and contrasts with the typical light tone of farmhouse kitchen cabinetry. Black kitchen cabinet hardware has an antique and old-fashioned air to it.

Venetian Bronze Cabinet HardwareThe color of Venetian bronze cabinet hardware is so dark that it is almost black. However, one of its distinguishing features is the appearance of rich brown undertones. Venetian bronze is darker in appearance than oil-rubbed bronze.

Venetian bronze kitchen cabinet hardware, like black metal kitchen cabinet hardware, works well with farmhouse kitchen cabinetry because it adds a stark element of contrast. Venetian bronze cabinet hardware offers a strong rustic vibe when matched with farmhouse kitchen cabinetry.

Oil Rubbed BronzeOil rubbed bronze is a dark color that runs from a deep chocolate brown to dark gray and has copper undertones. It uses chemicals to replicate the appearance of aged bronze, and when compared to Venetian bronze, oil-rubbed bronze has a lighter tint and a more matte surface.

The dark color of oil-rubbed bronze complements white and beige farmhouse kitchen cabinets.

Old Antique – Because of the Old World, historic, and timeworn character, old antique kitchen cabinet hardware is widely utilized in traditional kitchen cabinetry. Because of their rustic appearance, they are an excellent match for the rugged aesthetics of farmhouse kitchen cabinets.

Old antique kitchen cabinet hardware has a rich chocolate brown finish and is ideal for light-colored and white farmhouse kitchen cabinetry


Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Everything is so fashionable and contemporary in this energizing kitchen design. Blackband Design did a fantastic job with this kitchen design. The contrast between the white cabinets and counter, the dark island stand, and the distinctive pendant light is stunning.


Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

You wouldn’t think floral chairs would go with Black Ink Interiors’ comfortable kitchen decor. Everything about this kitchen design looks so traditional! White painted cabinets, a gray island, and exquisite pink floral chairs.



Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Want a kitchen with a modern, minimalist aesthetic that appears utterly calming and organic? Studio Dearborn’s kitchen design makes use of daylight. Benjamin Moore’s Rockport Gray paint was used for the cabinets in this kitchen renovation.


Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Such a chic kitchen layout that appears both warm and modern! You’ll agree that this Picture Perfect House kitchen design allows for serious relaxation. This area looks wonderful with its white paint, stainless steel appliances, and wooden accents.


Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

The black cupboards and equipment complement the light and airy feel of the entire kitchen. This kitchen design by Design Shop Interiors is so energizing and modern. The deep and rich-colored cabinets use Hale Navy paint by Benjamin Moore.


Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Want a cottage-inspired kitchen design? Solitude Homes’ kitchen design is very cozy and welcoming! This gorgeous Nashville, Tennessee kitchen features white backsplash tiles, light gray cabinets, and floating wood shelves.

Modern + Farmhouse: Having The Best Of Both Worlds

Blending the two styles will work, and also gives the best of both worlds into a room, particularly with regards to the kitchen which is the heart of your home.

As for kitchens, sure, a contemporary approach is widely appealing. On the other hand, so is a small farmhouse kitchen as it’s additionally just as timeless in style. But how can you nail traditional farmhouse kitchen decor without being overly literal? All things considered, the feel of residing in a barn may just be very practical.

You can find loads of design components that will make your kitchen from regular kitchen space to a spectacular industrial farmhouse kitchen. Modern farmhouse kitchen decorating is about celebrating the natural components of a house with the practicality and bright tones that a farmhouse modern kitchen is acknowledged for. Modern farmhouse kitchen design ideas are warm, cozy, and comfortable, but many of them are inherently inviting, making sure your kitchen area becomes the hub of your house, as well as your preferred spot to be. 

Because a home is able to feel outdated quicker compared to every other room in a house, modern materials and elements will ensure that yours feels in fashion for decades to come. An all-white take on modern farmhouse kitchen decor is going to be sure to build yours more universally appealing and contemporary without skipping away on the appeal associated with a rustic country feel.


Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

This gorgeous farmhouse kitchen design has a lot of pricey and exquisite features. The kitchen design by Yankee Custom Builders is amazing. Kitchen cabinets in bright white with Waterworks hardware and a faucet.



Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Imagine having a nice kitchen layout that resembles one upstairs! It’s imaginative and energizing how Synergy Design & Construction designed this kitchen! The entire area appears light, thanks to the window’s abundance of natural light.

A Rustic, Relaxed Style 

Working with a modern farmhouse style kitchen area will be the desire of many since it provides a great deal of comfort and space. Another essential factor is there’s a spot for everyone and everything there. To have the modern farmhouse style of your dreams, we will supply the following ideas that can make this possible:

Every modern farmhouse style kitchen must have a contemporary style and several amazing and modern ideas. This particular type is better recognized through the incorporation and combination of the three crucial components which characterize this particular style. They have modern features, components that are a little rustic, and the last touch that will have several styles and traits which are of industrial type.

The colors are usually of the highest importance as they will provide the finishing appearance, as well as the impression that the modern farmhouse style kitchen will develop. It must be pointed out that there aren’t any particular rules about the option of colors, but in case you choose to generate a mixture which would include white, black, and certain wood colors & tones, you’ll undoubtedly be on the proper track.

The use of the shaker cabinets could additionally be an ultimate great touch to the modern farmhouse style kitchen. They may be quite simple, and in case you mix them with the subway tiles, which are painted white, you’re off to a great start.

Not long ago, interior designers have begun to utilize copper more in their styles. The reason behind this is a good one—it blends in completely. Hence, you can have copper tones, elements, or perhaps accents bundled in your modern farmhouse style kitchen. It’s pretty good since metal blends in completely with wooden materials.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets 

The kitchen cabinets tend to be the very first things that individuals will see in your kitchen whenever they go into the area, and you wish to ensure you have the proper cabinets to both look good and be functional at the very same time. In case you’re going a bit more rustic with ultra-trendy modern farmhouse flair, it could be hard to think of ideas that are great for hardware or paint on your own. There are plenty of color choices, wood choices, and hardware alternatives that it is able to make your head spin as soon as you try to decide. It is sufficient to make other people reconsider the renovation. 

Nevertheless, redoing your kitchen cabinets does not need to be that difficult. Everything you will need is just a bit of inspiration to have their creative juices flowing. That’s the reason we have chosen to provide you with these ideas to help you give your house those French Country vibes. Above are awesome modern farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas and kitchen remodeling images that will help transform your kitchen into the best modern farmhouse kitchen you have been craving for so long.

Have Fun Decorating!

In order to build an area that seems like it’s been cultivated through the years, combine eclectic, unlikely pieces. This is most effective when working with new and old pieces together in a single room. Think about mid-century modern stool combined with a big Victorian light fixture for your farmhouse kitchen remodel.

To give your modern farmhouse kitchen a more roomy and comfy experience, get open shelving into the designs. This is often accomplished by eliminating several of the doors to pre-existing cabinets or putting in brand new open shelving if the area allows. When you are not very keen on totally open shelving, pre-existing doors could be replaced with glass cabinets.

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