Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas
Featured Image: Fratantoni Interior Design

You can find numerous ways to create a home that makes a statement—but have you tried searching for inspiration from above? Kitchen ceilings are frequently ignored, but function as a great blank canvas for architectural and decorative design. The kitchen area is definitely the heart of the house. It is a location where friends and family gather to re-connect & relax while savoring a meal. Make this particular spot special by including a ceiling layout that enhances your individual style and sets an inviting tone. Check out these kitchen ceiling ideas and let us know what you think!


Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas

In this kitchen design by Metzdorf Designs, everything appears warm and tropical. The ceiling’s warm wood tone looks so inviting. When you add a vaulted wood and beamed ceiling, you’ll instantly feel like you’re on a tropical vacation.


Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas

Everything is so refined and bright in this aesthetically pleasing kitchen design. What a fantastic kitchen design by Jane Kelly. A simple technique to repair a period piece is with sheet metal panels that are sunk into the ceiling.



Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas

This subtle touch gives a pure white ceiling dimension by Benjamin Moore painting it in a wonderful serene tone. A kitchen design with a white interior theme and colorful accents, like this one by RLH Studio, will make everything appear vibrant.


Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas

The incorporation of architectural elements, like this coffer, is made possible by higher ceiling heights. This kitchen design is amazing; it looks both cozy and sophisticated. Stuart Silk Architects did a great job with the design.


Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas

This kitchen design by Inspire Kitchen Design Studio is very lovely. Beautiful lighting and theme colors go well with the entire atmosphere. The contrast between the dark-stained beadboard and the white-painted molding highlights the pattern.


Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas

USI Design & Remodeling did a fantastic job with this kitchen’s wood tones and black-and-white concept. These hand-hewn wood beams give this otherwise sleek kitchen some much-needed character. Such a modern design!


Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas

This kitchen’s white and gold color scheme looks both sophisticated and light. This kitchen design by USI Design & Remodeling is amazing. This classic white kitchen gets a boost from blue lattice design wallpaper and receives a splash of color.


Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas

You’ll agree that British movies often use this kitchen design style! The kitchen design by USI Design & Remodeling is really beautiful and classy. The beams were placed as part of a makeover to draw attention to the vaulted ceiling. They were painted drywall.


Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas

Everything in this warmly decorated kitchen design seems so elegant and rustic simultaneously. The kitchen design by USI Design & Remodeling is retro. The brickwork around the barrel ceiling gives the room an Old World character.


Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas

This is such a great kitchen layout that appears both broad and substantial. This kitchen design by Creative Touch Interiors is so classic and exquisite. This sensation of four curving bricks drives the gaze upward and almost to the heavens.

Finding The Perfect Kitchen Ceiling Ideas

When we think about the ceiling of our houses, the thing that usually comes to our mind is flat and white. Very few think of including a distinctive ceiling design for their bedroom, living area, and all the more, the kitchen. Ceiling styles are typically the very last thing we imagine when decorating our homes, but it is able to provide an area of a distinctive character that absolutely no level of furnishings or art is able to do. The greatest thing about an excellent ceiling design attracts the eye, would be that you do not need to entirely remodel your home to attain your desired look. You will find great money-savvy ways like buying stick-on coffered ceiling tiles, which can be painted any other color for ceiling materials.

Or if you are searching for something more intricate, you can actually try gold, design encrusted, tiles in a 12-pack. Lastly, in case you are prepared to go for the plunge, you are able to merely work with a contractor as well as re-do the whole ceiling! The ideal ceiling design varies for each home and each room and based on the accessible space. With the surrounding walls as well as the general theme of the home, you will find infinite patterns and colors to pick from. From paper tray ceiling to beam ceiling, cove ceiling on the extremely popular drop ceiling, these gorgeous ceiling inspirations & ceiling suggestions create an area which exceptional and exclusive experience you are just after. 

Modern ceilings are able to do a lot more than simply provide a basic white roof. Together with the incredible amount of styles on offer, you are able to do anything possible. Architects play with both function & form, which means you are able to certainly include gorgeous LED lighting products as part of exquisite and elaborate roof design with this ceiling material. From giving a dazzling and fashionable contemporary alternative to providing the traditional appearance by employing pendant lamps & chandeliers, cutting-edge roof design is able to do great things to the current space when coupled with appropriate lighting methods.


Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas

Everything appears bright and rustic in this warm kitchen design with a retro centerpiece. What a charmingly old-fashioned kitchen Jann Wisdom Designs has created. The wood beams’ circular form highlights the beautiful island below.


Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas

With its many brown textures and lovely patterns, this kitchen design will make everything appear cozy and vintage. Barton Builders created a simply amazing kitchen. This dome, covered in copper, is positioned directly over the island to give height and drama.


Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas

With a highly inviting motif, this kitchen design appears elegant and bright. Fratantoni Luxury Estates Design created such a stunning kitchen. The coved ceiling draws your attention to the center’s brilliant ornamental millwork.


Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas

This kitchen has such a magnificent design that simultaneously seems rich and attractive. Fratantoni Luxury Estates Design did a fantastic job with the kitchen. The room’s massive archway with crown molding accents is an excellent example of the level of detail present.

Modern Kitchen Ceiling Ideas You Should Consider

Ceiling Planks – We obviously react to the appearance of wood as being a decoration component, whether it is on the floor, on the wall, and on the ceiling. Wood creates a feeling of coziness as well as warmth—the best feelings for a kitchen area. This is also one of the cheap ceiling ideas you can try. A beadboard or ceiling planks ceiling adds architectural detail, determine your room with rich color and texture, and cover up outdated plaster or even cracked drywall. Planks can be installed straight over an existing ceiling utilizing recommended installation methods. If you’re looking for DIY ceiling ideas, you can try this one.

Tin Look Ceilings – The appearance of surface mount metallic ceilings accomplishes an upscale contemporary appearance utilizing a vintage appeal out of the late 19th century. Traditional designs from tin ceilings initially found in Victorian houses & shops have been rejuvenated for present-day contemporary kitchens. Install with coordinating cone head nails and stop with matching filler panels, as well as cornices.

Ornamental Tiles – White ceilings do not need to be dull, although you are able to try painting them in case you want! 12″ x 12″ mineral fiber ceiling tiles are available in conventional plaster as well as pressed tin looks visuals. Put in with a surface mount installation product and also adhesive. 

Kitchen Backsplashes – Add a stylish sparkle to the kitchen with stainless pressed tiles. These backsplash tiles are supposed to coordinate with bigger metal ceiling tiles for a good look, though you may also set them up by themselves for a simple space refresh.

Kitchen ceilings w/ partial detailing – In case you have a sizable space that is wide open and wish to produce a little separation, or even when you are looking for budget ceiling ideas, this particular kitchen area ceiling layout may be the one for you. The thought is adding detail to just a percentage of the kitchen—for instance, a tiny part based over an island. One of the best inexpensive ceiling ideas, we must say.


Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas

Everything about this kitchen design, which exudes elegance, appears contemporary and bright. Fratantoni Luxury Estates Design created this stunning kitchen. This elegant suspended ceiling makes a captivating focal point with its lofty ceiling heights.


Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas

Choose this kitchen design by Fratantoni Luxury Estates Design if you want a rustic kitchen that looks rich and exquisite. The main focal point of this room is a grid of dark wood beams set against a bright ceiling.


Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas

This kitchen layout appears cozy and welcoming, giving off a living room vibe. Sutton Suzuki Architects did a great job with the design of this kitchen. This beam ceiling is made feasible by vaulting the ceiling, which also heightens the feeling of space.


Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas

Want a typical kitchen layout that is cozy and appropriate at the same time? Sutton Suzuki Architects did a great job with the design of this kitchen. On a characteristic ceiling feature, using a light gray stain on the wood feels new and fresh.



Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas

This kitchen design is cozy and welcoming and seems extremely bright and old. With this beauty, HGTV triumphs once more. Unexpected elements are added via exposed trusses with ironwork accents. This kitchen design by Cabinets To Go is amazing.


Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas

This kitchen design has a very inviting vibe, so you’ll have a great time there! Everything about this kitchen design by Locati Architects is gorgeous. Red ceiling tiles are a vibrant addition between the wood beams that shine with personality.


Painting Your Kitchen Ceilings

Completely overhauling a home may be pricey, but painting a kitchen ceiling is one of the ceiling options to reinvent your room while not emptying your wallet. Color is one inexpensive way to fix up your home, and yes, it is able to work wonders on your floors, cabinets, walls, and even your ceilings. Actually, lots of interior designers think that painted ceilings give kitchens a much-needed burst of color. A painted kitchen ceiling could additionally help draw the eye up or even bring ceilings that are higher down. It is a pleasant way to totally envelop an area in color in case you opt to paint your ceiling & walls the very same color. But deciding on the best color for a cooking area ceiling could be challenging.

Before selecting a color, review your room and discover a shade that actually works best with other accents in the space. It is likewise essential to think about just how much light your kitchen area gets. Light blue is a great go-to color for kitchen ceilings. Reminiscent of the skies, it feels light and airy. If you have an extremely big kitchen and extremely high ceilings, you are able to go with a bold hue like dark gray or maybe navy blue. To stay away from highlighting some blemishes on your ceiling, it is better to utilize a flat surface, though a few internal designers love to work with a glossy finish for brand new homes to reflect light and then add dimension to the area. To paint a ceiling can be a total pain in the neck literally, but it is a somewhat simple task that you are able to do yourself. Before you start painting, ensure to deal with your floors, cabinets, countertops, appliances, and other surfaces with a drop cloth. Utilizing painter’s tape, cover the spot in which the structure meets the ceiling, unless you are utilizing the identical color on both surfaces.

Before you start painting, ensure to purchase a paint roller with an extension handle, which means you are able to quickly get to the ceiling without standing up on a ladder. If perhaps your ceiling is textured, you will wish to utilize a thick nap roller to guarantee you are able to totally cover the problems in the surface area. When you are prepared to begin painting, you will want to prime your ceiling. After the primer is dry, paint a 2-3 inch cut in line on the ceiling by using a paintbrush. Be sure to start painting the ceiling with your roller as the cut-in line is still damp to avoid having a noticeable line. Next, create a zigzag design with your roller and go on with straight strokes to even out the color. Allow the very first layer dried out and after that, begin exactly the same practice over once more for a second coat.


Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas

This kitchen design seems so conventional in every way that it exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere. What a fantastic creation by Locati Architects. An extremely refined and restrained rendition of a tray ceiling with beamed ceilings.


Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas

In this kitchen’s design, everything appears to be so exquisite! This kitchen design by Locati Architects is sophisticated. The rustic surroundings are swept by a flood of glitz, adding fresh brightness. Everything looks so modern in this kitchen design!

Creative Ways To Style Your Kitchen Ceiling

You should try kitchen ceilings with timber beams. Beams offer structural assistance, so you may be frustrated to discover that if you wish to redesign a kitchen ceiling, they simply cannot be eliminated. We think those beams could be a blessing, however, because they are integrated architectural details that may be used to create uncommon kitchen ceilings. You are able to develop square sections with the addition of new beams to the current setup. If perhaps you have an open floor plan, you are able to utilize this particular look to link the home to the next area in the home by having the identical appearance throughout the whole ceiling or even make use of it to sort the kitchen from the majority of the area by restricting the square grid on the kitchen area. When including beams, you may have to reconfigure your kitchen cabinets—but there is an innovative strategy for every design challenge.

Next, you can have kitchen ceilings with skylights. Skylights are an incredible method to obtain much more natural light in your home and include visual interest. There’s a great deal of freedom with skylights, too —you are able to build them to span throughout the room or even be concentrated in a single area, being positioned directly and at various angles. Skylights, along with a wall of windows, blend to provide double the view. It breaks up the expansive ceiling area, generates interest, and provides a lot of light. This particular very same appearance is one of our preferred little kitchen ceiling suggestions since it really works very well so long as you have a peak style ceiling.

Another one of our fave kitchen ceiling ideas: include one big skylight, which spans a huge component of the kitchen. This simplified appearance allows the uninterrupted light to shine in. The cabinets may go as much as the ceiling, but rather, designers decided to incorporate clerestory windows to supply a lot more light.

Special kitchen ceilings are unique, and that is exactly why we like them so much. When you are thinking about a kitchen remodel, do not ignore the chance to enjoy these kitchen ceiling designs to make your guests looking up and admiring your ceiling.

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