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The red color generally symbolizes love, which means it’s an incredible decision for a bedroom that you love. You can opt to use red as an accent color, or you can make it the highlight of the room by utilizing red furnishings and painting your bedroom walls red. In case you are ready to include a fiery color scheme to your house, these red bedroom ideas will ignite your senses and get you going with your long-overdue bedroom remodeling.

Red is passionate, so including it in your design plan can bring some heat to your bedroom. When you combine red decor with white, it becomes sharpened and crisp, while black brings drama to the room. On the other hand, shades of grey with red tame the look, while blue makes it energized, and gold enriches the area. Red can bring a variety of looks to your bedroom, and none of them lacks confidence. In case you’ve been thinking about a bold and daring design scheme for your bedroom, check out these 29 red bedroom decor ideas. Learn about the different ways to include this bright yet flexible color, from full red bedroom walls to red accents, bedding, furniture, and paint techniques.


Virge Temme Architecture Inc

This bedroom is perfect for afternoon naps or when you just need to be alone and read a book.


FORMA Design

If you don’t want to color your walls red, a red ceiling and red carpet are perfect!


Dunn-Edwards Paints

This shade of red looks warm and inviting. The decors are pleasant too.


Chase Green Construction, LLC

A red bedroom can also look dainty and sweet. Just look at this one!


Renew Doors and Closets LLC

Dark red looks great with wood furniture and traditional decors.


Urbanology Designs

Dreamy watercolor mural with a fun bookcase for this stylish teen bedroom.


Erin Ellwood Design

Red patterned walls with matching throw pillows in yellow and grey.


studiovert design

Red walls with purple bed and chairs make an elegant bedroom.


Lisa Petrole Photography

Trendy red bedroom set that is sure to captivate hearts.


Tim Kulin Cabinetry

Bunkhouse style bedroom for the owner’s grandchildren.

Red Is Indeed Not For The Faint Of Heart

The red color symbolizes fire, passion, and love. It is not for the faint of heart, and only the fiercest interior designers know how to apply it to their bedroom for the maximized yet unforced impact.

Contrary to widespread belief, red can bring a warm and welcoming vibe to your bedroom, inviting visitors with a guarantee that while things truly won’t be dull, they will, in any case, be a solace and delight.

Indeed, even in its subtlest form, a red bedroom establishes an unforgettable impact. From intense scarlet tints to rustically brick accents, your red bedroom represents a fondness for the bold and daring yet refined. Red isn’t just a color the gets attention, but it also reflects a grand, brave character. It is no surprise that red also indicates royalty like the purple color.

From rich wallpapers to indulgent beddings, the red bedroom demonstrates that a burst of color can go a long way, but that is even more motivation to go somewhat further. From cherry Art Deco style to more tamed designs, there is certainly no restriction on the possible outcomes red brings.

Many avoid sensational hues, especially in the space of rest and relaxation. If light blues and creamy whites don’t work for you, these red bedroom ideas are perfect for those dream chasers, adventure seekers, and passionate lovers.


Overmyer Architects

This room features vintage-inspired toys and red curtains for bedroom.


Marilyn Hill Interiors

Pour your heart out with this eclectic loft-style carpeted bedroom.



This Red Black And White Bedroom looks elegant and sophisticated.


Debi Weber Design, LLC

This room looks exquisite with intricate ceiling and red rugs for bedroom.

What Red Can Do For Your Bedroom

Since people often regard red as the color of passion and romance, red is a decorating tool that ignites the senses.

Red can feel modern, traditional, contemporary, timeless, or rustic, based upon the shade and setting. Indeed, a pop of red is able to warm up a cool blue and white bedroom, or include dramatic effect when utilized as the primary color in a small area like a powder room.

From fire-engine red to crimson, to rust and merlot, there are unlimited approaches to utilize this warm shade to establish a mood.

In particular, utilize red on the walls to cause a space to feel more personal, or paint one wall only to modify the extents of a long, narrow bedroom visually. Also, various patterns and shades of the color red can combine to liven up a neutral bedroom.

Moreover, when paired with other colors, red provides even greater flexibility. An earthy red, for instance, when utilized with wood tones is able to warm a bedroom. In addition, red combined with soft gray and hints of fuchsia can cause a space to feel comfortable, feminine, and delicate.

Based upon the texture, dark reds may absorb light while more splendid reds permit light to bounce off walls. On the other hand, red with a hint of purple or brown will appear warmer than pure red with traces of pink.

In a tiny room, a red wall can give a decent background for a gallery wall for photos or paintings, with the red appearing in pieces rather than in a solid block. Gold tones in your beddings and carpet can likewise give balance and bring a luxurious look.


Интерьерная студия AI

This red and gray bedroom is perfect for bachelors who want to keep it simple.


MQ Architecture & Design, LLC

The built-in pagoda-like shelving and the custom-made headroom look unique and stylish.


More Space Place – Jacksonville

Gorgeous red and black bedroom set for this traditional bedroom.


Katie Scott Design

Another Red Black And White Bedroom that looks breathtaking.

How To Decorate A Red Bedroom

With regards to red, “less is more” is frequently the case. Small pops of red can cause to notice different features or decorations in the room, so it’s an excellent color for accent walls. Thus, you can paint stripes with red and another color on a plain wall, which can cause you to notice the bedroom’s other features. Moreover, you can also paint the floor red if you like since your furniture and bed will cover a lot of it.

If you decide for a solid red wall, it will look great in case the burst of color appears from behind painting, mirrors, and different features; otherwise, there not be sufficient contrast between the hues. Dark wood furniture, in general, doesn’t look great against a solid red wall, so pick black, white, or light-colored items. In addition, you can likewise offset red with more subtle hues like a grey rug or carpet. Also, white is additionally an extraordinary balancing color to match with red, as it pulls in the intensity of red.

On the other hand, red can work great for both traditional and contemporary styles. For instance, pick vibrant red for a modern look, and think about matching it with white, black, or even shade. Meanwhile, for modern bedrooms, pick more earthy reds with burgundy or brown undertones to combine with your wood furniture, which will, in general, look lost and unappealing beside solid red walls. However, for a more conventional style, go for dark reds with black undertones; while for a country vibe, turn to muted or dusty hues, or attempt a lighter shade with a trace of blue.


Traci Rauner Design

Glamorous teen bedroom with red curtains for bedroom.


Александр Громов | ARTFOTO

Red closet doors for this transitional bedroom remodel in Moscow.


Brooke Copp-Barton | Home Interior Design

Red wallpaper with floral details and dark green walls for this transitional bedroom.


Nest Design Studio

Elegant red black and white bedroom with swirl hanging pendant light.

Style Options For A Red Bedroom

When you like everything to be great and perfect, room decorating options can be endless. Color assumes a significant role in the general design. Red, for instance, is an incredible color and adding it a room’s design theme is particularly challenging when you’re utilizing it on the walls. Here are a few tips and ideas to avoid going overboard.

Complementary Colors – If you are planning to have red walls in your room, attempt utilizing complementary hues like sky blue to make a contrast. You can keep the color of the beddings and other accessories in uniform to retain the appeal of the room. Adding such a large number of brilliant hues when the backdrop is red can result in chaos so try to stay away from them.

Furniture – Wooden furniture is perhaps the best option when you have red bedroom walls. Dark wood is frequently ideal in this case. In the event that you want to get the shade of modernity in the room, try using black furniture. The blend of red and black is exceptional and can make a fantastic vibe.

Retro Look – The color red that can give a retro look to the room and there are numerous choices to select from. Placing a black wooden frame against the red wall can be stunning.

Consistency – If you want a red accent wall in your room, you should get the color somewhere else in the room utilizing beddings and decorative embellishments. Attempt likewise to make contrasts using the traditional black and white combo.

Little Hints Of Red – In case you think painting a whole wall red is excessive for your taste, you can paint a couple of red stripes. You can even make fascinating geometric patterns.


Bonnie Sachs, ASID

This guest stateroom in a vintage yacht looks cozy and sumptuous.


Hotel Collection

This contemporary bedroom features luxurious bedding in pomegranate and red hues.


Stef Albert

Dark red bedroom with hues of gold looks timeless and classy.



Contemporary bedroom idea with red “sleeping boxes.”


MacNelly Cohen Architects P.C.

Red and gray bedroom with lovely design and stunning view.


Keesee Associates

Exquisite wall paint using Sherwin Williams Luxurious Red SW6314.

Color Combinations For Red Bedroom

Red And Black Bedroom Set

Utilizing a red and black bedroom set is truly an exemplary mix. It particularly offers the space a retro vibe, suggestive of classic race automobiles and smooth Art Deco decors. Use smooth, polished finishes and Art Deco-style details in case you are going to utilize red and black in your room. In general, it makes a masculine look and is an extraordinary choice for a bachelor who needs an alternate kind of style.

Red And Grey Bedroom

Red bedroom decor looks excellent when matched with grey. Also, it is a modern look that transforms your room into a personal sanctuary. Moreover, a soft grey primary shading, usually painted on the walls, makes red bedroom decor truly stands out. Those red accessories will bring life to a bedroom that may appear to be dreary or excessively delicate. In addition, you can utilize red bed covers, blankets, artwork, area rugs, and throw pillow.

Other Popular Mixes

Red and Gold Bedroom

Red and gold are an extravagant blend, particularly when combined with stylish decor and furniture. Paint the walls a delicate, rich vibrant yellow, then include red textiles and decoration. Fancy wooden furniture causes the space to feel grand, as though it belongs to a fantasy castle. For a theatrical appeal, utilize long red velvet curtains.

In order not to overwhelm the lavishness of gold, you can include some red patterns or swatches of red wallpaper for wall accents.

Red Black And White Bedroom

Utilizing just red, black, and white in a room is a very modern technique. You can have the walls painted with white or off-white. Utilize black decorations, then finish everything off with red accents. This makes an austere yet vivacious look.

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