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Yellow is one of the most lively, splendid, feel-great hues in the spectrum. The color yellow particularly reminds you of the sunlight and a cheerful day that causes you to smile. Getting that same vibe into your bedroom is easy to accomplish when you transform your room into a beautiful yellow bedroom that causes you to feel warm and glad. Besides, your room is your haven away from life and the rest of your home. Also, you go there to sleep and rest, so why not make a room that is as delightful, relaxing, and serene.

Moreover, there is a wide range of methods by which you can add the color yellow into your room. Regardless of whether you need to be intense with the color for a brilliant sunny bedroom, or you need light touches of yellow to make a romantic, sunlit bedroom, you can have the ideal yellow bedroom by following some of our decorating tips.

Yellow is a warm color that provides brilliant and comfortable sentiments; it reminds you of daylight, hot summer days, and tiny buttercup blossoms. An exceptionally color utilized for nurseries and child rooms since it tends to be exuberant, fun, and fit for either sexual orientation. In addition, yellow also look great in contemporary, traditional, or mixed bedroom styles making luxurious and sophisticated bedrooms. If you like yellow, here are some incredible ideas and images that will inspire you to get started.

If your bedroom doesn’t get a lot of natural light, fake it with these bright golden tones. The correct yellow shade will truly transform a gloomy area into a warm and inviting one, and look stunning with leather, wood, and neutral upholstery—making it simpler to work with the design plan you have in mind.


BAR Architects

Try this shade if you are not ready to go bold and bright.


Schwartz and Architecture

Warm and rich palette that has lots of natural light coming in.


Heidi Holzer Design & Decorative Work

Unleash your creative prowess by creating DIY decor and accents.


Seldin Design Studios

The wall looks like a photo gallery of birds, but it’s a wallpaper you can purchase here.


Miller and Smith Homes

What a great way to incorporate your favorite hobby or sport!


PBS Contractors

Light yellow and wood make a great combination.


Thompson Remodeling

A relaxing and comfortable bedroom to start and end your day.


Finstad’s Carpet One

This sunshine-yellow guest bedroom is bursting with life and welcomes you into warmth.


Finch Photo

Don’t be afraid to include elements that will add personality to your yellow bedroom.


Madison Taylor

Adding little pops of color will make it fun without overpowering the room.

Yellow Bedroom For A Happy You

Happy individuals are hopeful and confident. They will, in general, give a sound judgment and hence, are great decision-makers. Cheerful people are also excited and energetic. In addition, they don’t hold grudges and don’t let stress ruin their day. As a result, the people around them can likewise get the positive aura that emanates from them.

Today, it is great to find out that we can carry a happy vibe to our bedroom. We can include the color of the sun to our interiors and quickly light up our private abode. Indeed, there is no other color that can be more lively, energetic, and fiery than yellow. Besides, yellow makes a warm and bubbly climate in your room. On the other hand, aside from the glow and happiness this color summons, too much yellow can likewise cause anxiety and exhaustion. Therefore, it is important to realize that in decorating your bedroom with yellow, you need to go for a balanced look. You should significantly recognize what shades to use to mellow this solid dynamic color for a serene impact.

Warm as the sun, vibrant like the eye of a daisy, yellow is surely a feel-good color that makes an upbeat, inviting appeal to a room. In case you’re painting your bedroom walls in yellow, there are different ways you can decorate to complement the color. Regardless of whether you like a contemporary, eclectic, or country look, our yellow bedroom ideas can give you inspiration for your style of choice.


Julie Schuster Design Studio

The two-toned dressing table, gold mirror, and light fixtures perfectly go together to create this glamorous bedroom.


S. B. Long Interiors

Yellow bedroom with a hint fuchsia makes a very feminine room.


MJ Steen Team at Windermere Realty Trust

The color yellow is flexible and can work with any design scheme.


Kore Residential

This yellow and grey bedroom looks refreshing with a stunning view.

How To Decorate A Yellow Bedroom

Picking the right shade of yellow relies upon how little or how much of yellow hue you like to include and your preferred outcome for your bedroom. In fact, this color can be quite tricky to deal with since the last thing you want for your room is to look overwhelming and shocking. Therefore, in case you like to create a striking impression, a lively zesty lemon shade of yellow will truly light up your room. For a softer look of the color, creamier shades, such as honey or buttery yellows, are more calming and easy on your bedroom walls.

However, not every person likes to overload their room with yellow by putting it on each of the four walls, although they want to include it one way or another. For the individuals who are paricularly a bit color shy, try incorporating yellow shades into the bedroom utilizing accent pieces and fabrics. Curtains, throw pillows, wall art, decorative accessories, and area rugs are, generally speaking, incredible approaches to bring different shades of yellow into the bedroom without feeling like it has assumed control all over the room. A flower vase with sunflower, for instance, can light up a dresser, corner, or side table. In addition, pillows and comfy throws with decorative patterns and splashes of yellow is one excellent approach to bring attention to the bed and make a focal point in the bedroom.

Finally, you have endless design options when you decide to work with yellow. Besides, no matter how little or how much of yellow color you want in your bedroom, you can look at our yellow bedroom ideas to create the look and appeal that you like. In case you are still contemplating on your options, bookmark this for future reference!


Summer Thornton Design, Inc

A yellow bedroom doesn’t mean a yellow wall. Sometimes, a yellow curtain and headboard will suffice.


Fresh Coat of Las Vegas

If you like mornings and breakfast, this bedroom is a treat for you.


Billinkoff Architecture PLLC

This blue and yellow bedroom features a yellow wall, blue bed, and blue pillow.


Day True

Grey headboard and yellow pillows for this grey and yellow bedroom.

Design Theme Options For Your Yellow Bedroom


In case you like a casual, rustic vibe in your room, combine your yellow walls with furniture in distressed paint. Warm wood with chipped green, blue, red, or tan paint appears old and comfortable, particularly if you pair it with rustic metal hardware.


On the other hand, a cheerful color like yellow blends and combines well with most hues to make an uplifting and energetic room—just be mindful so as not to go over the edge with such a large number of shades and patterns. Also, set off your bedroom walls with a cover that has a bright design, and finish the look with bed sheets and pillows in a coordinating solid. Finally, you can cover the floor with a throw rug that integrates the shades of the furnishings and the bed cover.


In case you usually feel comfortable in nature, utilize your radiant “sunshiny” yellow walls as the backdrop for a nature-inspired room. In particular, furniture in natural wood tones is ideal, maybe with hints of rattan or wicker for added interest and texture. Also, go with a comforter that has a nature-themed structure like leaves, flowers, or animal print. In addition, stay away from an excessively fussy look, but choose clean and open designs instead. You can then warm up your floor with an area rug that combines shades of green, brown, yellow, and tan.


In the event that you need a room with a modern style, balance your yellow walls with white and black. Moreover, furniture with black paint is exceptionally intense, and you can truly create an impression with chrome or brushed metal hardware. Lastly, search for a comforter with a black and white geometric design, and make it stylish with plain white bedsheets.


Mullman Seidman Architects

Yellow and cream make an elegant yet soft bedroom that you will truly love.


Nexus Designs

Metallic yellow paint will instantly give a luxurious factor to your room.


Claire Martin

Five mirrors in a single wall? Why not!


Anik Pearson Architect, P.C.

This yellow bedroom features Mid-Century Danish sconces and a painting by James DeWoody.

Color Combinations That Will Enhance Your Yellow Room

Color combinations are important since they can make or break a bedroom. Ending up with the proper color mixes can certainly create a warm, welcoming, and gorgeous bedroom. Yellow and grey have usually been a usual color mix, just as white and yellow. In particular, charcoal hues or red are an incredible way to transform a room and make it stylish and modern, while yellow and shades of blue can bring a beachy vibe.

Grey And Yellow Bedroom

Cool, downplayed grey and warm, striking yellow make an ideal combination. In fact, bedrooms in grey and yellow are enthusiastic, relaxing, and raise the disposition since yellow can represent spring and summer, which is particularly what we need in winter when we lack sunshine. Moreover, you can choose various shades of grey and multiple shades of yellow to accomplish the impression you are trying to achieve. Also, pick soft shades like pale yellow or dove grey for a quiet and serene bedroom, and neon yellow and charcoal grey for a strong and vibrant bedroom.

Blue And Yellow Bedroom

The bedroom is usually the best spot in the house to enjoy the exciting mix of yellow and blue. As a matter of fact, the two colors come in such an extensive range of tints and hues that the options are nearly endless. Because you like the bedroom to be a calming, quiet area that provides a restful sleep, utilizing smooth tones of yellow for the walls and vibrant blue accents is an extraordinary approach. Furthermore, the warm yet light yellow walls likewise offer the room a cozy climate that transforms it into a comfortable retreat in the winter season.


The Creative Decorator

Stunning hand-painted white blossom and butterflies on yellow walls.



Torn between blue and yellow? Why not have a blue and yellow bedroom?


Hunting For George

Adventure never ends with this spunky yellow bedroom.


Leslie Banker

If you want a serene and soothing feel in your room, use Benjamin Moore’s Morning Sunshine paint color.


Karl Le Photography

This yellow bedroom features floating basket shelves and gorgeous lighting fixtures.


Home On Cameron

Butterfly and leaf patterns for this transitional yellow bedroom.


Our brain perceives yellow as a warm and happy color. Indeed, yellow reminds us of sunny days in summer.

For the most part, people use yellow for kids’ bedrooms since it is a unisex color, and you can use it for both girls and boys. In fact, designers frequently utilize the color yellow either for vintage or modern interiors.

In the event that you need positive vibes in the first part of the day or around evening time, you should certainly use yellow paint or decor in your bedroom. Also, yellow is probably the easiest to mix with other colors.

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