Modern Concrete Countertop Ideas
Featured Image: Trueform Concrete, LLC

Having trouble deciding on what kind of countertop to place in your new kitchen? Concrete is a very popular and durable option that offers a lot of versatility in terms of customization.

If you’re into the modern look, you can do a lot with just a little bit of concrete. Not only is it functional, but it makes for a great design. Since there’s such an upward trend in this simple but beautiful concrete countertop look, we compiled our favorite ideas that we think you can make great use of in support of a cement kitchen countertop.

First, let’s talk about why you would want concrete or cement countertops in the first place!


Modern Concrete Countertop Ideas

Concrete countertop, floating wood shelves, white walls and ceilings, gold faucet and hardware, simple appliances—this farmhouse kitchen is the bomb! Kitchen by Rip City Construction & Remodeling is a great example of a contemporary take on the classic farmhouse style.


Modern Concrete Countertop Ideas

These are poured-in-place concrete countertops, left in natural color with several coats of Iron Clad Concrete sealer. This allowed great flexibility in length and turning corners without unsightly seams—such a good design by Modern Craft Construction, LLC.


Modern Concrete Countertop Ideas

The stained concrete countertop complements the rich wood of the cabinets. When put together, they create an authentic country kitchen. SureCrete Design Products did a wonderful job giving this kitchen rustic yet refined air.


Modern Concrete Countertop Ideas

Gorgeous chiseled edge concrete countertops with veining. The color was achieved with two different mixes of powdered pigments—Buddy Rhodes Universe color and charcoal custom mix. Such an excellent design by Eco Designer Concrete.


Modern Concrete Countertop Ideas

The main countertop is Caesarstone Sleek Concrete, while the island is Caesarstone Jet Black. They work well with the maple cabinetry with a Just White finish. Everything looks so sleek in this kitchen design by CAGE Design Build.


Modern Concrete Countertop Ideas

Fiber-reinforced cement was used in the construction of the countertop. This produces a concrete countertop that is strong and long-lasting, and it will serve its purpose for many years—such a cutting-edge design for a kitchen by JM Lifestyles.


Modern Concrete Countertop Ideas

Concrete countertops with an under-mount sink. The beach-style kitchen also features a metallic backsplash and stainless steel appliances. Everything looks so lively and colorful in this kitchen design by S+H Construction.


Modern Concrete Countertop Ideas

I love this contemporary kitchen with a drop-in sink, light wood cabinets, concrete countertops, white subway tile backsplash, and white appliances. The kitchen looks bright and refreshing. Such a traditional design by We Are In Our Element.


Modern Concrete Countertop Ideas

The counters in this industrial kitchen are light gray, and it has minimalist décor and silver hardware. The whole effect is magnificent. This contemporary and light-filled kitchen design by Fougeron Architecture FAIA is the kind of space that never gets old.


Modern Concrete Countertop Ideas

The concrete countertop’s surface gets a slight texture from corn husks, which gives it a more natural look rather than a stark, utilitarian feel. This Livingston Interiors kitchen design has a highly modern aesthetic.

Pros and Cons of Concrete Countertops

Cement kitchen countertops have a lot of advantages for use, but some drawbacks as well, so it’s important to be aware of them. Here’s a short list of what to expect.

The Pros

  • Strength and Durability. Counter tops of concrete or cement can be mixed with other durable materials like fiberglass to make it incredibly strong. Not only can it withstand a lot of use, but it is also protected against cracks and chips.
  • Finishes and Textures. You have plenty of options when it comes to the finish or texture of your concrete countertops. For example, you can finish it with a traditional glaze, or invest in something modern and industrial.
  • Concrete and cement kitchen countertops are easy to customize with your own personal engravings or patterns of your choice.

The Cons

  • Varied Affordability. Concrete countertops cost more with more customizations; however, basic slabs can be affordable. It is mostly dependent upon the size, style, and personalization that you choose to invest in.
  • Prone to Stains. Concrete countertops are not very impervious to staining. Make sure that you have constantly polished concrete countertops with sealer and wax applied in order to protect against stains. As long as you clean up messes and spills right away, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Concrete is a durable material used in many different construction projects, from walkways to houses to kitchen countertops. If you are thinking about making your counter tops out of concrete, here are modern and trendy ideas to bring your kitchen to life!


Modern Concrete Countertop Ideas

This contemporary kitchen in New York features a custom concrete kitchen countertop made by Trueform Concrete. The countertops are 1.5 inches thick and blend well with the light wood cabinets—a trendy kitchen design by Trueform Concrete, LLC.


Modern Concrete Countertop Ideas

This outdoor kitchen features a cast-in-place concrete countertop made by TrueForm Concrete. A UV-stable topical sealer protects the concrete from extreme weather conditions. What a refreshing design by Trueform Concrete, LLC.


Modern Concrete Countertop Ideas

The tropical backyard patio features a concrete countertop with a smooth trowel finish and Silversmoke color from Davies’s color chart. Promised Path Landscaping Inc. did a great job designing the kitchen and dining area.


Modern Concrete Countertop Ideas

This rustic kitchen features an acid-stained concrete countertop and rustic lower-level kitchen cabinets by Mullet Cabinets, Inc. The kitchen and dining room designed by Weaver Custom Homes look amazing.

Creative Uses Of Concrete Countertops

1. Shades of Gray

Like many other countertop materials, concrete can be finished with a variety of colors and patterns. A cool, bluish-gray kitchen countertop with bright wooden fixtures can be that perfect contrast of light and dark that will transform your kitchen into a talking piece that your friends and family will love.

2. Concrete in the Background

One thing that many homeowners love about concrete is its subtlety. You can install new concrete countertops without making them the star of the show. In fact, if you have a kitchen island or bar, you can fit it with a different kind of countertops so that your countertop with the sink and stove can rest easy in the background. It’s a good option if you are looking for something neutral!

3. Floor and Counter Combination

Concrete is a common material for floor tiles and backdrops. You can frame the picturesque look of your kitchen by using the same concrete for your countertops as you do for your floor. With bright cabinets in between, your kitchen will definitely be something to look at from the top to the bottom.

4. Sharp Edges are the Future

Want to be ultra-modern and contemporary? Don’t bother rounding off the corners of your concrete slabs. Having pointed edges can be a really cool way to separate the solidity of the concrete countertop from the open space of your kitchen, giving everything its own place and function. It will certainly help these blocks of stone stand out, too.

5. Taupe is the New Brown

As the years continue to develop new definitions of modernism, one thing remains the same: you can never go wrong with neutral colors. Since the world is seeing such a surge of popularity with shades of grays and browns, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to combine them. Taupe is a neutral gray with a hint of brown, making it pair well with almost any other color you can think of.

6. You’re Golden

Concrete is much more versatile than people give it credit for. You can opt for a golden-tan finish on your concrete slab to brighten up your kitchen. The best kind of flooring to pair with a bright yellow like this is a dark, wooden floor, or a tile with rich colors to make the lighter ones pop.

7. Dark on Dark

Are you in love with all-natural materials and an all-natural look? We are, too! And although stone walls and wooden beams may scream “rustic” to you, there are plenty of ways that this look can come off as surprisingly modern. Your countertops can be finished with an uneven edge to give it that raw stone slab look, which pairs tremendously on top of a custom stone island or above dark wooden floors.

8. It’s All White

Want to focus on the lighter side of modernity? There is a lot you can play around with when it comes to concrete. You can make an entire counter out of concrete, extending the top over the sides for a natural look that rocks – pun totally intended. Extend it to your floor as well to keep everything the same color!

9. Get Creative with Patterns

There’s a lot of beauty in solid colors. But every so often you need something to break up the monotony with. One of the biggest advantages of concrete countertops that we mentioned above is that you can choose the type of texture and finish you want on the surface. Polished concrete countertops with natural or unique patterns can automatically raise the value of your kitchen as it adds more depth to an otherwise monotone scene.

10. Give the Bathroom Sink Some Love

Looking to replace countertops all throughout your home? Don’t forget about the bathroom! Bathrooms can be the perfect place for modern cement countertops as they offer versatility in size, shape, and design. Add a built-in sink, or have the bowl placed on top to stay on par with the contemporary, minimalistic look.

Modern Concrete Countertop Ideas

The wet bar area features a concrete sink, concrete wall shelving surround, and a concrete island top—all made by TrueForm Concrete. This is an elegant and modern wine cellar design by TrueforSUBWAY TILEm Concrete, LLC.


Modern Concrete Countertop Ideas

Dark wood floor, dark gray concrete countertops, white cabinets, and stainless steel appliances for this transitional kitchen. In Susan Glick Interiors’ kitchen design, everything appears to be transitional.


Modern Concrete Countertop Ideas

The concrete countertop was built by Michael Nelson utilizing Z Counterform products. It is sleek, smooth, and durable while taking the appearance of a granite or marble countertop. This is a classic kitchen design by Concrete Countertop Solutions.


Modern Concrete Countertop Ideas

This countertop in this contemporary kitchen in San Francisco is hand-trowelled concrete with an integral drainboard utilizing stainless steel inserts. The kitchen design by Cameron C. Habel Construction, Inc. is conventional and vibrant.


Modern Concrete Countertop Ideas

This rustic kitchen idea in San Diego features light wood cabinets, poured-in-place concrete countertops with natural color, and some rocks from the foundation embedded in the concrete. Such a good design by Mark A Silva, Architect.


Modern Concrete Countertop Ideas

On this energizing, soothing, and relaxing rustic outdoor patio, you, your friends, and your family may have a barbeque and a few beverages together. Birdseye Design’s patio, kitchen, and dining area designs appear rustic and classic.

Maximize Your Concrete Countertops

11. Industrial is In

Industrial and modern styles go hand in hand. And no material makes for a better industrial-style countertop than concrete. Countertops can be made black, slate, or metallic in color to reflect an awesome urban look. Pair this with some bright light fixtures or creative flooring options.

12. Bright, Vibrant Colors

This is your brand-new, kitchen remodel; there’s no need to be color-conservative! This year is about being bigger and bolder than ever, so why not introduce some modern and funky colors to your kitchen! Keep traditional concrete countertops as a smooth natural color, but use them to highlight bright green countertops or yellow fixtures that can really help the kitchen come alive.

13. Give the Alcove Bathroom Some Love

Add a touch of modernity and elegance to your ¾ bathroom with a concrete countertop that continues up the wall or even down to the floor for that sheer stone look that is both modern and timeless. A vessel sink on top makes an intriguing addition.

14. Eclectic is Electric

In our book, the more eclectic, the better. A colorful backsplash, solid color concrete countertop, painted wooden cabinets, and a tile floor can really make a statement. Plus, the designing phase can be so much fun! It’s important to work with your contractor or remodeling specialist first to find out exactly what can be done with your concrete slabs.

15. What About the Outside?

Don’t hide your concrete countertops inside. You can install them in the backyard as well! Smooth countertops surrounding a poolside bar, or even edged along the outline of the jacuzzi, can add value with the natural stone look. It is an affordable way to expand your backyard into a place where friends and family can spend long summer evenings and great conversations!

16. Take Open Concept to The Next Level

Open-concept contemporary style is all about keeping things to a minimum while allowing your space to be as open as possible. This means your concrete countertops can stand alone as a single block of stone, serving as both the unit and the surface. You can make a bold statement with this look while the rest of your home can be enjoyed for its simplicity.

17. Pretty in Pink

Let’s look back on the advantages of going eclectic. If you want to introduce a new and not-too-traditional style to your kitchen, you can use a bright, rosy ink to really lighten up the space. And as far as your concrete countertops go, you can introduce a warm brown or gray stone look. As the old saying goes, opposites attract!

18. Trendy Tiles

Ceramic tile is a popular option for your kitchen or bathroom flooring design. It pairs well with light-colored concrete, adding an airy and clean feel to any room of the house that sports these cool stones.

19. Eat-in Kitchen for Everyday Use

The way you use your kitchen can play a huge role in determining what kind of countertop you want to invest in. The benefit of concrete is that it can withstand daily use. So if you and your family love dining in your eat-in kitchen every night, a cement slab for your countertop will never do you wrong.

20. Rustic Bathroom

Yes, the word “rustic” means essentially the exact opposite of “modern”. However, a modern trend is seeing the rise of rustic styles, essentially creating new looks out of old traditions for something truly contemporary. Whichever way you want to look at it, there’s no doubting that a craftsman-style bathroom with wooden cabinets and a cool grey countertop can make a great statement, especially if you are a fan of farmhouse living.

More Clever Ideas For Concrete Countertops

21. Sleek Black

Black is an overpowering color, but it sure knows how to make a statement in a cool way. Some kitchens and bathrooms can look majestic when you add just a little bit of black. If you don’t want a black countertop, then make everything else black and keep your countertop white. It’s classic yet modern at the same time!

22. The L Shape

Want to build a new kitchen island, but bored the traditional rectangle? L-shaped islands are a totally modern trend that can help you make the most out of your kitchen space! Plus, it’s easy for manufacturers of concrete countertops to cut slabs into custom shapes and dimensions that will fit perfectly in your home.

23. The Floating Counter

Keep things contemporary by installing floating counters and appliances. This can be a great new look for your bathroom, with a wall-mounted toilet, standalone tub, and floating concrete countertop to complete a futuristic style.

24. Triangle Island

Aside from the L-shape, the triangle is also a popular non-linear shape for your new kitchen island. It’s time to play around with different geometric shapes to achieve a fresh new look that totally redefines the way you use your kitchen. Your countertop can be completed with rounded corners or unfinished edges for a lived-in look.

25. Save it for the Guest Bathroom

Looking to take things slow with your first remodeling project? Instead of tackling the kitchen, you can start with something small, like your guest bathroom. A solid concrete countertop with plain colors can make the space warm and inviting. Plus, this is a great space to experiment if you are still trying to figure out the best style for your kitchen.

26. The Thicker the Better

Another one of the pros of concrete countertops is that you can install significantly thicker slabs than you could with other materials. In fact, you can have a slab several inches in depth, even up to one foot, for a purely solid countertop that is sure to make an impact on the style of your home.

27. Waterfall Edging

A rising trend in the world of modern countertops is the waterfall style, in which one of the edges carries down all the way to the floor. This creates a geometric unity between the countertop and the rest of the room, and makes for an awesome look all around.

28. Contemporary Slate

Slate is a deep and bold color that is simultaneously relaxed, making it good for almost any mood. If you’re going for a more modern and contemporary style, slate is a great option not just for your concrete countertops but for your flooring as well. It’s a color that mimics natural stone, too!

29. Perfectly Chiseled

Not all countertop edges need to be perfectly smooth or rounded. The chiseled edge is a wildly modern concept that is topping the charts when it comes to remodeling projects, especially in kitchens. This wavy and unfinished-looking edge gives a natural stone texture, making your kitchen feel more earthly without losing its contemporary touch.

30. Something New, Something Blue

Keep the natural coloring to the floors and cabinets. With your new concrete countertops, you should have all the freedom in the world to be creative. A milky or grayish blue can make a statement while still inviting you into the kitchen with its unique colors that are sure to put you in a good mood.

31. Integrate Your Sink!

It’s one thing to have a countertop cut out with enough room for your sink bowl – but what if the countertop was part of the sink bowl? The integrated sink is at the height of modern style, keeping in line with the tradition of minimalism by cutting out the need for additional materials. Just build the drain system within the cutout itself, and you have a wonderfully implemented hidden sink that won’t keep you from enjoying your new concrete countertops.

Modern Concrete Countertop Design Ideas

Concrete countertops and bartops make a strong design statement in modern kitchens and restaurants, frequently becoming the focal focus of the space. Concrete’s mass and natural appearance instantly generate an industrial vibe. Concrete countertops in houses have a clean, sleek, minimalist appearance that matches modern décor and works well with modern stainless steel equipment and furnishings. Concrete countertops and bartops in brilliant attention-getting colors are common in restaurants to create a hip, urban ambiance. Because of the versatility of concrete, contractors can take a variety of approaches to modern design, from the subtle and elegant to the trendy and cutting-edge. Check out these suggestions to get a sense of the possibilities:

  • Leave the concrete alone and only cover it with a neutral sealant to create a slight gloss.
  • Polish the concrete to achieve a gleaming, mirror-like sheen that reflects overhead illumination.
  • For modest nighttime illumination, install fiber-optic lights inside the countertop.
  • Use drop-nose edges to make an illusion of mass and thickness.
  • To achieve a clean, porcelain-like appearance, cast the countertop in white cement.
  • Experiment with bright colors and interesting shapes to make the countertop stand out as a contemporary focal point.

Concrete Countertops Will Last A Lifetime

When you invest in concrete countertops, you are investing in the future of your home. You can depend on this kind of material to be extremely durable and long-lasting, with little to no maintenance costs over the course of its use. Hopefully, some of the ideas above have inspired you with new options that you can make use of during your next remodeling project. If you want to learn more about the benefits of concrete countertops, reach out to our Sebring Design Build staff and request a consultation!

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