23 Bike Storage Design Ideas

Featured Image: Feedback Sports We need someplace to keep our bikes when we are not using them! If we are not successful in properly keeping them, they can cause chaos, accidents, or even lose our bicycles to theft! Good bike storage will be worth all the effort, and if you are looking for some inspiration, we have bike storage ideas that will surely keep your bikes in order. OPEN INTEGRATION This garage by Doolittle Design Co. features a simple but effective bike storage solution using hooks on the wall, keeping the bikes off the [...]

23 Basement Ceiling Design Ideas

Featured Image: Arc3 Design Studio Inc. Now that basement remodeling projects are becoming more common, basement ceiling ideas are becoming more innovative and grand. A number of updates on your basement will actually turn it into a magnificent room that everyone in the family will come to love. One of the most common hitch when doing this project is not knowing what to do with the ceiling. Aside from the walls and flooring, your basement ceiling also plays a big part in enhancing the aesthetics of your interior plan. Creating an extra room out of your basement that will [...]