31 Walk-In Closet Ideas That Will Make You Jealous

Featured Image: Natalia Neverko Design If your clothes and accessories are important to you, you should take the opportunity to showcase them appropriately through walk in closet ideas. With some significant design decisions, you can have your walk-in closet in which you can appreciate them. A walk-in closet is perhaps one of the elements at home that anyone would want to have. On the off chance that you do not have it, chances are you wish you had one. If you are lucky to have one, you may need motivation on the most proficient method to overhaul it, sort [...]

31 Bike Storage Design Ideas

Featured Image: Feedback Sports We need someplace to keep our bikes when we are not using them! If we are not successful in properly keeping them, they can cause chaos, accidents, or even lose our bicycles to theft! Good bike storage will be worth all the effort, and if you are looking for some inspiration, we have 31 bike storage ideas that will surely keep your bikes in order. OPEN INTEGRATION Doolittle Design Co. Everything has its place when using built-in cabinetry for the garage, even the bikes. ACTIVE FAMILY [...]

35 Built-In Bookshelves Design Ideas

Featured Image: Jessica Helgerson Built in bookshelves provide the chance to blend highly functional storage with a personal and unique design statement. Extremely popular during the 1900's American Craftsman era of design and style, built-in shelves are experiencing a resurgence in recognition among homeowners throughout the United States. Today's built-in bookshelves encompass numerous design types than just Craftsman, reflecting the owner's preferences and the house's makeup. Bookcases can be conventional, transitional, contemporary, or modern. The possibilities are endless! If you need inspiration, check out these 35 built-in wall shelf design ideas and images. HOME [...]