Best Drill Bit Sets
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Drilling small holes. Boring large holes into a thick piece of hardwood. Driving some fasteners into wood or sheet metal. These are some of the common uses for drill bits.

There’s no doubt that drill bits are indispensable tools for weekend warriors and professionals alike. They are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and shapes. They are amazingly versatile and can be used to drill holes into wood, plastic, and metal.

Buying a drill bit set to replace your broken ones might seem like a very easy and straightforward task, but there’s a lot of factors to consider before you choose the best one for your application. Things like drill bit material, finish, flute length, and more.  

These drill bit sets cater to different drilling needs, whether you prioritize durability, precision, versatility, or value for money. Choose one of these top-rated sets and enjoy the convenience and high performance they provide.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the things you need to look for when choosing the perfect set of drill bits for your home or your jobsite. We’ve also assembled some of the best drill bit sets available online, so you already have a head start even before you visit your favorite online or local store.

BOSCH HCK001 7 Piece Carbide-Tipped SDS-plus Rotary Hammer Drill Bit Set with Storage Case
  • INNOVATIVE: The Bosch HCK001 Drill Bit Set features optimized 4-flute design to reduce bit stress when drilling and for faster dust removal.
  • FOR USE: Use with SDS-Plus rotary hammers, delivering optimal hole geometry in a variery of applications including concrete, brick, block and more
  • VERSATILE: Ideal for anchoring and through-hole applications in concrete
  • LONGEVITY: Carbide tip is tougher and more durable under heavy loads
  • PORTABLE: The included rugged storage case allows for easy access, organizing and portability
DEWALT Titanium Nitride Coated Drill Bit Set, Pilot Point, 21-Piece (DW1361)
  • DEWALT drill bit set has connectable accessory storage system to optimize storage space
  • Patented bit-bar design of the drill bits set allows easy removal of bits and customizable placement
  • Clear lid of the Titanium Nitride Coated drill bit set allows you to easily see contents at glance
  • Clip latch for secure closing
  • Small Bulk Storage size fits inside the Small and Medium ToughCase plus (sold separately) - Ideal for organizing loose bits
COMOWARE Titanium Impact Drill Bit Set - 30 Pcs Hex Shank HSS, Quick Change Design, 1/16"-1/2"
  • HSS Titanium Coating - Classic HSS construction with titanium coating for capability and durability. The cutting edge is hardened and honed for sharpness, chatter-free design with staggered cutting teeth ensure the precise countersinking and hole smooth clean.
  • Flutes Form - 2 flutes form helps clear chips and debris away from the bit, decreasing friction and heat for a faster, cooler drilling process.
  • Quick Change - 1/4 inch hex shank fits into all power tools more easily and securely, specially for locking into quick change chuck. We also offer a quick-change adapter to better quick change.
  • Meet Your Demands - Great drill bits set for metal/wood/plastic countersink. Suitable for Home DIY, and General Building/Engineering Use.
  • Organized Holder - This 30-piece set includes 29 drill bits and 1 quick-change adapter. A drill bits holder with size index is included in the set for easy storage and organizing. Sizes include 5/64", 3/32", 7/64", 1/8", 9/64", 5/32", 11/64", 3/16", 13/64", 7/32", 15/64", 1/4", 17/64", 9/32", 19/64", 5/16", 21/64", 11/32", 23/64", 3/8", 25/64", 13/32", 27/64", 7/16", 29/64", 15/32", 31/64", 1/2".
Makita B-65399 Impact Gold 14 Pc. Titanium Drill Bit Set, 1/4 In. Hex Shank
  • Titanium nitride (TiN) coating lasts 2.5x longer than non-coated bits
  • 135 degree split point geometry for faster starts and reduced walking
  • Impact rated: For use in 1/4 inches Hex impact drivers
  • For drilling holes in ferrous metal, wood, plastic, non-ferrous metal, cast iron and stainless steel
DEWALT DW1263 14-Piece Cobalt Alloy Pilot Point Drill Bit Set
  • Maximum speed and life in stainless steel and other hard metals
  • Pilot Point tip starts on contact for clean, accurate holes and reduces lock-up on breakthrough
  • Industrial-strength cobalt Alloy for optimum life and durability in metal
  • Heavy-duty case made from industrial-grade ABS material
  • 14 bits ranging from 1/16-inch to 3/8-inch
21 Pc Cobalt M42 Drill Bit Set 1/16" to 1/2" by 32nds Drill Hog®
  • Solid Cobalt M42 Steel
  • 135 Degree Split Point Prevents "walking"
  • Tri Flat Shank - 3 Flat Sides on Shank Prevents "Spin" in the Chuck
  • 1/16 to 1/2" by 1/32nds Includes Steel Case with Pop Up Tiers
  • Lifetime Warranty
Irwin Tools IRWIN Drill Bit Set, High-Speed Steel, 29-Piece (3018005)
  • Premium high-speed steel withstands extended drilling in tough materials
  • Black and gold oxide finish provide maximum corrosion resistance
  • 135-degree split-point tip starts drilling immediately with less force and eliminates “walking” across the work surface
  • Metal index case for easy bit access and identification. Includes drill bit sizes 1/16- to 1/2-inch in 1/64-inch increments

Drill Bit Set Buying Guide

Drill Bit Material

High-Speed Steel

High-speed steel is the most basic drill bit material. It is also the least expensive. It is ideal for use in hand drilling and drill presses. Aside from the cost, one of the advantages of a high-speed steel drill bit is that it is easy to re-sharpen so you can use it again and again.

High-Speed Steel With Cobalt

If you want a drill bit that is stronger than your regular high-speed steel one, then check out high-speed steel drill bits mixed with cobalt. This drill bit is more durable, and can withstand heat and regular use better. You can use it for a long time as it can be re-sharpened, too.


Carbide is the king of all drill bit materials. It can resist chipping and breakage for a long time. It can also resist heat better thanks to the presence of coolant holes in some of the tools. Carbide drill bits with coolant holes can flush out metal chips better, as well as improve lubrication to prevent chipping.

If you’re a professional builder, carpenter, or a CNC machinist and you’re looking for high-quality drill bits that will last for many years, then carbide drill bits are a great choice. High-quality carbide bits, however, are some of the most expensive tools on the market. The good news is that they will last for many years and can drill more holes than their high-speed steel and high-speed steel with cobalt counterparts, which makes them a good investment in the long run.

best drill bit sets

Drill Bit Finish/Coating

Bright Finish

This is the most basic drill bit finish, and it is also the cheapest. Drill bits with bright finish can be used on aluminum and other low-carbon steel.

Black Oxide

Black oxide coating ensures better resistance to oxidation and adds additional lubricity to the drill bits. They undergo additional heat treatment for better durability.

Titanium Nitride (TiN)

This is one of the most common drill bit finishes in the market, and it is ideal for use on wood and mild steel. You can tell that the bits have a titanium nitride coating when they have a bright gold finish. It is durable enough for most applications, but drill bits with TiN coating will not do well with hard materials.

Titanium Carbonitride (TiCN)

Drill bits with titanium carbonitride coating are more durable and harder than those coated with titanium nitride. This is ideal for use on cast iron and other hard metals. You can tell that drill bits have a TiCN coating when they have a purplish or bluish tinge.

Titanium Aluminum Nitride (TiAIN)

Drill bits with titanium aluminum nitride coating offer better heat and wear resistance than those with TiN and TiCN finish. Because they are sturdier, they are great for stainless steel and other hard materials. The catch is drill bits coated with TiAIN are not recommended for use on aluminum. TiAIN drill bits have a gray coating.

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Choosing The Right Drill Bit Set

1. Drill bits have two lengths: jobber length and stub length. So, what’s the difference between the two? Jobber drill bits are longer, while stub drills are shorter.

You might think that jobber drill bits are ideal for all tasks because of their length, but keep in mind that stub drill bits are more preferable for most applications because they are more rigid and therefore, stronger. Stub drill bits are also more ideal for CNC applications.

2. The flute length determines whether you can get the chips of the material you’re drilling out of the hole easily or not. When choosing the right drill bit, choose one that has twice the drill diameter in flute length above the hole when the bit is at its deepest point. This allows the bit to evacuate chips easily and prevent it from packing the chips inside the flutes.

3. There are two drill point angles for ordinary drill bits. There’s the 118° point and the 135° point. The 118° point is common on high-speed steel drills. This drill point is ideal for boring holes on aluminum, mild steels, and soft metals. This is the drill point angle you can commonly find on jobber length drills.

You can commonly find 135° drill point angles on CNC machining and stub drills. This angle is ideal for harder steels and other tough materials.

4. Choose the right helix angle for your application and the material you’re working on.

The most common helix angle is 30°. This is ideal for general applications and can be used for most materials.

If you’re working on tough materials, such as stainless steel and cast iron, the 40° helix angle is ideal for your application.

The 10° helix angle, on the other hand, is great for boring holes on aluminum alloys and harder steels.

5. Another factor to consider when choosing the best drill bit set is whether the tool has a self-centering point. This is commonly found on the tips of a lot of cobalt and most carbide drill bits. Drill bits with self-centering points allow you to work faster because you don’t need to spot drill on the surface. The self-centering point also helps you drill in the true position and reduce drill walking or wobbling.

What about high-speed steel drill bits? These drill bits usually do not have self-centering points, so if you’re looking to save time, high-speed steel is not a good choice. HSS drill bits are also more prone to walking.

Ever wondered how drill bits are made? Then check out this cool and informative video on how drill bits are manufactured.

best drill bit sets


So, what’s the best drill bit set on the list?

The best drill bit set is the Bosch HCK001 Drill Bit Set. What sets the drill bits apart is their carbide tips. They can withstand heavy use and resist heat during repeated use. They can produce more holes compared to their high-speed steel and high-speed steel with cobalt counterparts.

The drill bits have a centric tip, which makes them easier to operate. The centric tip also reduced walking or wobbling. You can use these bits for drilling holes into wood and other materials, but they are, first and foremost, masonry drill bits. These heavy-duty bits can cut through tiles, concrete, bricks, and other hard materials easily and without much effort on your part or putting a strain on your rotary hammer.

This drill bit set is one of the most affordable ones on the list, so it’s a good choice whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional.

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