Indoor Home Basketball Court Ideas
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It is every basketball fan’s dream to get an indoor basketball court within a walking distance from their home. But the situation will be even better if you are able to get it inside your own home. If you are planning to enjoy playing basketball indoors, it will be best to determine the available locations where you can actually build it.  

Most homeowners who decide to have an indoor court usually are faced with the problem of determining if they have the right space for it. Original basketball court dimensions are too wide for most homeowners, so in order for them to maximize the available space, they just decide on building a half-court instead of completing the whole dimension.


Indoor Home Basketball Court Ideas

The Siena Custom Builders indoor basketball court design is spacious and light. A local contractor and his pal built this fantastic indoor sports area in the space above their garage.


Indoor Home Basketball Court Ideas

Decorating with Michael Jordan, the greatest player of all time, knocking down the buzzer-beater. Everyone will agree that a tall ceiling looks good in this indoor home basketball court by Zehnder Homes Inc.


Indoor Home Basketball Court Ideas

This basketball court features a blue surface, perfect for blue lovers. Enjoy a friendly basketball game from the comfort of your own home. SDG Architecture has designed a stunning indoor basketball arena.


Indoor Home Basketball Court Ideas

Want to construct a cozy, spacious indoor basketball court for your home? This wooden basketball court’s whole interior was made of wood and timber, from floor to ceiling. The design of the Groom Construction Co. Inc. indoor basketball court is so distinctive and organic.


Indoor Home Basketball Court Ideas

This outdated garage has been transformed into a lovely indoor court with a shiplap on the ceiling. This indoor basketball court design by Thorson Restoration & Construction has a crisp white ceiling, and everything appears so warm and natural.


Indoor Home Basketball Court Ideas

This game court’s two-toned hues make it simple to concentrate on the backboard and rim of the hoops. You’ll feel tidy and peaceful in this white indoor basketball court design by Gonyea Custom Homes.


Indoor Home Basketball Court Ideas

Would you want to provide your kids with a basketball court within your home? This idea for an indoor court is the ideal size for kid-friendly activities. The indoor basketball court design by Dillon Kyle Architects (DKA) is adorable and perfect.


Indoor Home Basketball Court Ideas

This indoor basketball court design by Marcus Gleysteen Architects is for you if you want a natural, warm, and green aesthetic inside your home! The windows and skylights highlight the clean, green interior of this court.


Indoor Home Basketball Court Ideas

Everything is pricey in this Sport Court of North Texas by Platinum Homes by Mark Molthan. The brick walls substantially enhance the gym, drawing attention to the court’s light-colored flooring.


Indoor Home Basketball Court Ideas

The inside of this basketball court displays the architect’s exquisite use of lines and curves. Everyone would agree that Magleby Construction‘s design for this indoor basketball court is very energizing and comforting.

How Long is a Basketball Court?

As set by the National Basketball Association, a standard basketball court measures 28.7 meters by 15.2 meters. However, this basketball court size will differ once amateur basketball leagues will be considered. When you cannot build the whole court, it will be easier to cut the court in half and play on one end. In constructing a halfcourt, you need to cut the length in half and retain the original width. For professional court size, settling for building an indoor basketball half-court in your basement would mean a space of at least 14.35 meters by 15.2 meters.


Indoor Home Basketball Court Ideas

Although the area is not broad, this rustic indoor bedroom court design is reasonably practical. Xpand Inc. Home of Xcellence created such a magnificent design. Natural light emphasizes the wood and backboard accent wall.


Indoor Home Basketball Court Ideas

Would you want a basketball court with a theme based on your favorite basketball players and teams? Keep score while using this indoor basketball court designed by MA Peterson Design Build Refresh in red and white.


Indoor Home Basketball Court Ideas

Everything about this indoor basketball court design is very eco-friendly looking! This backyard field was given a makeover using recycled stadium flooring and seating. Larsen Development Company knows how to provide a recycled basketball court with a high-end appearance.


Indoor Home Basketball Court Ideas

This Sport Pro USA design for an indoor basketball court has a balcony that seems perfect for a party. Create a sports arena reminiscent of the one used by your favorite university team, complete with a viewing platform.


Indoor Basketball Court Surface Options

The most beneficial thing that basketball enthusiasts can get from building indoor courts is having a better environment when playing ball. Compared to outdoor courts in your backyards, once you play indoors you won’t need to worry about the ever-changing weather and the slippery floors. Unless you really want to sweat it out while playing with an outdoor view, building a durable court and playing indoors will always be a better option even if the court is a remodeled basement in your house.


Compared to building an outdoor basketball court, indoor courts have limited choices when it comes to their flooring options. The most common of which will be the hard polished maple wood. College and professional basketball league courts usually choose maple because of its durability and density. Maple wood possesses enough yield to absorb shock which protects the knees of players while they run around and try their best to win games. This wood has been proven to be splint resistant and a yield that keeps the ball bouncing inconsistent speed.

Other Woods

In the event that you want to save up some bucks on the flooring, you also have the option of using less expensive hardwoods. Most homes and local gymnasiums use other wood materials that are as considerably as sturdy and durable as maple. While saving a considerable amount of money is important, you might need to look into materials that can endure some basketball action for a long time. Aside from being mindful of the damages to your indoor basketball hoop, repairing damaged flooring will be more expensive than replacing a hoop.

Indoor Cement Slab

When your budget is tight, the option for a cement slab flooring will also be an option. This indoor flooring choice might sound unsafe but an epoxy finishing will actually resolve the problem of not having a smooth surface. A smoother surface will keep the ball more bouncy and the players safe from scratches when they fall. Even with an added smooth epoxy finish, this flooring option will still be the cheapest.


Indoor Home Basketball Court Ideas

To maintain the continuity of the roofline with the house, this indoor basketball court is purposefully placed 50% into the ground. This indoor basketball court concept by Menendez Architects is very flexible.


Indoor Home Basketball Court Ideas

Younger kids will love playing basketball on this colorful court. With a climbing wall included. This indoor basketball court design by Boston Virtual Imaging has a fantastic atmosphere, and everything looks pretty finished.


Indoor Home Basketball Court Ideas

AVB Custom Homes designed this indoor basketball court, a model of simplicity and brilliance. It’s a basketball court that used to be a garage. Included sports include volleyball, badminton, and racquetball.


Indoor Home Basketball Court Ideas

Photographed by V.I. Photography & Design, this indoor basketball court is a stunning example of cutting-edge architecture. A sports fan’s favorite team served as a significant inspiration for this garage-based indoor basketball court.

Cost of an Indoor Basketball Installation 

You might think that an outdoor basketball court will be more expensive than having an indoor court, well these two do not really have that much of a difference. As one of the most famous backyard sports, most people will normally think that it will be best to get an outdoor court instead of a small indoor basketball court where everyone can enjoy playing to their heart’s content even when it is raining hard outside.

Like any other home remodeling plans, the most sensitive topic when enhancing your house will be the budget that you need to cover the costs. A professional basketball gym court that will follow the NBA’s standards will most likely be at $46,000 while a half-court will be around $23,000. As you lessen the quality of the court that you will be building, the cost will eventually lower but if you think that this estimate is too high, you might need to take note that professional labor costs have been factored in already.

Most of the time, the budget that you need to set aside for this project will depend on the dimensions of a basketball court that you have in mind. Having an extra space that only needs to be installed with the proper flooring, basketball hoops and a set of bleachers will considerably lower the costs. Other things that will reduce your costs will be existent paint on your walls that still looks great. Considering building a basketball court will be a great way of saving money too.

Before you take on the project, go over the budget, and check if it fits the type of court that you have in mind. Keep in mind that what we stated above are costs for professional installation, if your plan is to build one yourself you can set aside the professional labor cost for other unexpected expenses you might encounter while the project is ongoing. Another thing that will affect the budget you have is the location where you will be building the project. Make sure that most of your expenses are recorded to be sure that you are keeping up with your budget. 


Indoor Home Basketball Court Ideas

Do you want a large and realistic design for your indoor basketball court? A full-size basketball court was constructed in the garage. Excellent for a wide variety of games and sports. The Sport Court of North Texas has created a masterpiece with its design.


Indoor Home Basketball Court Ideas

The light streaming through the windows unifies the hues seen inside. A vast, live-action basketball production, this one has it all. Landforms Design outdid itself with this indoor basketball court.


Indoor Home Basketball Court Ideas

Make your own massive, subterranean sports complex with batting cages, a pitching mound, and other amenities for your favorite sport. The indoor basketball court by Gryboski Builders is spacious and well-lit.


Indoor Home Basketball Court Ideas

This indoor basketball court design by JCD Custom Homes Design makes everything seem straightforward. This practical, direct indoor court with accents in blue is ideal for games and other activities.

Multi-Purpose Courts

There are a number of courts that you can actually build in the comforts of your house but the advantageous one that you can have will be a multi-purpose court. This type of indoor court is preferred by homeowners because they are very convenient and can almost benefit all family members. A customizable court that allows the family to enjoy more than one sport is a gem that is worthy of all the money that you will be spending on building it.

Turning an indoor basketball court into a multi-purpose court is fairly easy, you just need to look for a sport that you can also play on the same surface that your basketball court has. Badminton and volleyball are the usual choices because the basketball court can actually accommodate the needed dimensions of the said sports. All you need to do is paint the court markings for the other sports and build mobile posts where you can attach the needed nets. Having mobile posts will be the easiest way to transform the indoor court into a sports venue of your liking.


Indoor Home Basketball Court Ideas

Want to indulge your passion for traditional and rustic style? You should use this indoor basketball court design by CBI Design Professionals Inc. A welcoming, conventional indoor basketball court with glass doors that let in light from the outside.


Indoor Home Basketball Court Ideas

This vibrant indoor basketball court design is for you if you don’t want it to appear dull. The ideal indoor court size has bright lines and white walls to assist the player in concentrating on the backboard. What a magnificent design by Millz House.

The Advantages Of Having An Indoor Court During The Winter Months

A child’s health can suffer throughout the winter months. Sure, there are days for sledding and ice skating, but there are other days when being outside might be risky.

And, let’s face it, there’s usually a time constraint when it comes to many winter activities outside. Winters in this country aren’t exactly conducive to late-night scrimmages. This is why an indoor court is the ideal solution.

With an indoor sports court, you can keep your kids busy and active any season! There are several advantages—here are a few examples:

Getting Enough Physical Activity

It can be difficult to encourage your kids to participate in quality physical activity, especially when it is bitterly cold outside. Basketball, among other sports, provides some of the most comprehensive physical workouts available. Their blood will be pumping, their cardio requirements will be met, and they will have a good time doing it.


Basketball has one essential element. No, it’s not height; it’s coordination. Running, passing, dribbling, and hand-eye coordination are all important aspects of the game.

It’s a good idea to start practicing these abilities with your children as soon as possible. It is equally critical to practice these abilities throughout the offseason. Enjoy the game from the comfort of your own home while the snow falls on the asphalt.

Team Building

Basketball is a sport that’s played as a team. To be successful, you should collaborate with your team and form bonds with them. Basketball teaches both children and adults how to work together to win a game. Because it is also fast-paced, teammates must interact with one another if they are to win.


Indoor Home Basketball Court Ideas

Why not construct a basketball court where you can watch the game from various heights? You’ll think you’re in a live courtroom here! Fergus Garber Architects did a fantastic job designing this multi-level indoor basketball court.


Indoor Home Basketball Court Ideas

This compact indoor basketball court was designed by SW Design and had a highly modern and streamlined overall appearance. Make use of the space that is always accessible by transforming it into a scaled-down version of the indoor court you like playing on.

Final Thoughts: 

If you have the space and the budget for this project, go for it! Your whole family deserves a recreational space where they can actually run around without worrying about breaking something valuable. Kids who are just starting to be curious about sports usually try two or more whenever they are at school so it will be better to at least have an area at home where they can practice.

An indoor basketball court sounds like an expensive project but you can actually consider it as having a personal gym area in your house. It doesn’t necessarily mean a large area, you always have the option to take it down a notch. Building something that you can fit in your basement is enough, a professional indoor court dimension is not mandatory. It doesn’t need to be grand either, as long as it is functional it will be worth the expenses. Just like any other remodeling job in your home, building an indoor court also ads value to your property.

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