31 Backyard Pond Design Ideas

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Nothing brightens up a backyard and provides interest quite like water features. Not only will you include a brand new and different ecosystem of plant life with the development of a garden pond, but you also invite a relaxing environment into your outdoor living area. You will find numerous pond types, sizes, and styles to select. To narrow down your search, we have curated the best 31 backyard pond design ideas to give you the inspiration you need in creating your own.


Ancient Surfaces

Mediterranean living experience constructed of authentic stone materials evokes true relaxation.


W Garett Carlson

After a hard day’s work on the farm, jumping into the pond is just what’s needed to cool off.


Fitz’s Fish Ponds

A scene right out of a movie, this picturesque waterfall would be a welcome addition to any yard.


Fitz’s Fish Ponds

Imagine the calming sounds of the water flowing down the rocks from one pond to the other.


W Garett Carlson

The large white stones and cascading palm trees frame the house ever so elegantly.


Pond World

Waterfall, flower beds, pergola, and stone pond. Everything needed for a stunning backyard.


Pond World

Nestled in the woods, this Modern house evokes a sense of tranquility with nature.


Curti’s Landscaping, Inc.

Escape the day to day stresses swinging in the hammock listening to the water flow & birds sing.


Pond World

Unwind and dip your toes in the water, feed the fish, or just sit in the chair and relax by the water.


Conner Landscape Architects

Reminiscent of a formal French garden, one would expect to see a castle at the other end.

The Search For The Best Backyard Pond Ideas 

Ponds are frequently ignored in landscape design preparation as an unnecessary element that produces extra effort and work. But in fact, ponds require hardly any upkeep after their installation, particularly if you are incorporating certain varieties of plant life that help naturally filter water and fish. You will find many ideas to consider when attempting to prepare your perfect garden pond. It is also not hard to be confused with all of the great ideas you can highlight for your preferred garden areas. Make your backyard double the size with a big reflecting pond, which brightens shady areas that arise throughout the morning, and causes a picturesque reflection of your gardening. Practically nothing completes a pond like having several cold-water species, such as Koi or goldfish. Not only will they help keep your water in good condition by munching on unwanted insects, like mosquitoes, but they also help keep algae from forming.

A backyard pond will be the perfect area to spend a tranquil evening and do this without the headache of today’s rush all around. It is also an excellent spot for fauna and flora to thrive. A little contemporary pond with an all-natural stone is an equally appealing concept that perfectly fits together the idea of a modern-day backyard. There seemed to be a period when there were very minimal backyard pond ideas. Today, there are many choices for developing a pond or a water feature in your backyard that you could make sure you can find a design and maintenance kind that will match anyone. Ponds do not always have to be on the ground. You can construct an above ground pond a lot more quickly and more accessible. An above ground pond style can be more secure, but always supervise small children around any pond.

Many of us dream of possessing a luxurious fish pond or water garden. But most of us set it off. There is a high cost that comes with professional installation, or the challenging task of preparing, developing, and installing a landscape pond yourself. There might be heavy equipment and many dirt, shovels, picks, and a lot of work. And then there is the liner, the filter, the pump, the fountains, what to purchase, where to get it, and can it work? These days, many of us live in heavily populated urbanized areas, with just a small yard, concrete patio, or a deck readily available to produce our tranquility space. Lots of people move regularly and would not wish to leave their beautiful pond. A pond kit can be disassembled very easily for relocation! Even in case you want to move your pond to an alternative place in your yard. Pond kits are the all-in-one alternative for someone wishing to construct their very first pond or someone that wants much less hassle. Pre-assembled pond kits allow it to be easy to get started now without the headache. Pondless waterfalls provide an impressive soothing sound when you wish to take a seat, clear your mind, and think. Numerous cultures over the generations used waterfalls as being something for relaxation and meditation. Pondless waterfall kits are a tranquil inclusion to the backyard garden—experiment with adding a water fountain as a centerpiece to the deck. A rock column soaring out of your small pond is a perfect idea.



Virtual Studio Innovations

A magical place where one could imagine all their dreams coming true.


Duet Design Group

Full sun backyard ideal for lounging by the beach, having lunch on the deck or taking a swim.



This expansive pond requires a bridge, an ideal place to watch for turtles and fish.


Andrew Grossman Landscape Design

A distinct style that uses informal design, a mixture of dense and ornamental plantings.

How To Develop A Backyard Pond

A koi pond could be regarded as a “swimming pool for koi” or just big fish tanks. There aren’t any rocks, gravel, or aquatic plant life in the pond, potentially damaging the Koi. If you want to have a koi pond, first and foremost, you have to start by making some careful plans. Creating and keeping a koi pond is not a challenging process, but it will compromise your fish’s overall health and waste your investment if it is not done carefully. You must first need to find the right location where you will have the koi pond. Determine the fish pond’s depth and size, then calculate how much water shall go into the pond. That can let you know what size the filtration system has to be. Lastly, you will need to establish the koi pond and include some landscaping around it. It is just at this point that you need to purchase koi fish. Preferably, they will go directly into their permanent habitat.

If you’re considering numerous koi pond ideas, you must also consider the following. The koi pond features a minimum level of four feet, typically 5 to 6-foot deep, but can also be more profound. Koi ponds are biologically and micro-filtered with very efficient, easy-to-clean filters, together with fish-pond skimmers, bottom drains, and bottom drain pre-filters that are doing the physical filtering duties. An aeration system provides the koi pond’s oxygen need, and the water is pumped using an external pump. No high voltage electric devices are in the water. The koi pond is a far more “formal” framework within the landscape, like a pool area. Koi ponds may be constructed below the ground like some other ponds, or they may be done somewhat underground and partially above ground. It is possible for koi to live harmoniously with different types of fishes like goldfish, but not every type of backyard fish can live with koi. Before introducing new species, it is essential to research precisely how that species will communicate with the koi and what types of demands it will place on the pond’s upkeep. 

Easy and effective DIY ponds are ideal for first-timers. DIY ponds are available with all of the proper necessities you need to start building instantly. No more hunting down pieces only to discover they are not compatible or even purchasing a pump that is way too little for the dimensions of your fish pond. A DIY pond is not too difficult to get, and it takes much less time to create than you would imagine. It also takes a considerable quantity of DIY skill and a fair bit of preparation, but a lovely small custom pond in the yard can make your life a lot more pleasant! In case you are a passionate fish lover or a person who likes to get closer to nature, some DIY ponds will be the very best. With a couple of simple pumps, natural rocks, and hoses, you can quickly produce a cool DIY pond, making a huge visual impact. A fantastic DIY pond is a lot more than merely investing the starting, filling the gap in the soil with water, and after that, putting a couple of natural stones across its perimeter. It is all about creating the perfect environment which plays up the overall appeal of your yard. Apart from preserving resources, the low-cost DIY pond also provides you with an option to customize and precisely get what you need. Add some lovely flowering plant life around the pond, produce the proper lighting, and ensure it is as natural as they can. The most critical areas of making the best natural ponds are both water supply and the foundation that keeps everything together. When you have both of these in position, it is time to consider aesthetics and other smart additions. When you can add just a little water feature, possibly a fountain or two, or even a pure waterfall, then things will seem even better!


Pendleton Design Management

An exquisite build that blends nature and architecture together in a genuine manner.


Pendleton Design Management

Instead of a large pond; it was divided up into smaller ponds that cascade around the landscape.


Carter van Dyke Associates

In the hills of Philadelphia sits this charming gem.


lensi designs photography

Japanese Maple and stone arched bridge paired with the purple iris symbolizes peace & wisdom.


David Neale Landscapes

Inspired by the Silent Pool Distillery located in Surrey Hills, UK.


Charles Debbas Architecture

Steps from the living room, this modest koi pond embraces the need for solitude.

Choosing Fishes For Your Pond 

A garden pond provides lively, elegance, and beauty interest to a lawn. A garden pond gives a focal point that enhances most yards. But to effectively develop a garden pond which looks natural, it would be best for you to follow a couple of basic suggestions to make the construction go smoother and for the better upkeep of the pond. When digging the ground for the garden pond, one must remember that the garden pond’s water level is only as high as the pond’s perimeter’s lowest point. In other words, the whole perimeter of the garden pond has to be as near to the same height as possible. This may be a time that seems evident from afar; however, it can often be forgotten when digging the pond. Since an actual level isn’t possible, think about tolerances and deviation. For instance, in case your selected pond depth is twenty-four inches, the perimeter’s deviation coming from that particular level ought to be as few as possible: only an inch or two. 

If you would like to produce a water garden in a small garden, a terrace, or a balcony, a smaller pond is a wise idea. Each pond, even a tiny one, is beautiful and calming to see. No matter how small the pond will be, it is advisable to fill a part of the pond with stones and pond substrate. In this manner, you produce accommodation for useful bacteria. Water plant life in a little pond is crucial. When collecting water plant life for your small pond, you shouldn’t choose plants that flourish very big, grow way too quickly, or type of plant life that overgrow others. The selection of water plants is less massive than in the case of a large pond. In a small pond, you can correctly plant pistia stratiotes or even frog bits. 

Nevertheless, there are also pond plants that flourish, incredibly high, like the Japanese pipewort. If you plan to keep fish within your pond, oxygen-producing vegetation is indispensable. The more significant the amount of water, the easier an equilibrium will begin forming. Keeping fish in a smaller pond is possible; however, some factors should be considered. During summer, lack of oxygen may occur for the fish, resulting in a quick rise in the water temperature. If this happens, an air pump will have to be installed. Fishes within a small pond will be easy prey for birds and cats. You will find various solutions to approach this issue. Add water regularly to the pond. This is because water can quickly evaporate, especially during the summer season. Fathead minnow and goldfishes are suitable fishes for small ponds.


Poole’s Stone and Garden

Carving out a smaller section of the pond to become a water feature is enjoyable for everyone.


AquaLife Ponds Inc.

Set far back away from distractions, this oasis is a prime location for self-reflection.



Modern wood cabana is an ideal place to lounge by the pond over the weekends.


Studio 22a Architects

Low maintenance backyard creatively designed with lots of style and purpose.


Fenton Roberts Garden Design

Wood wall sets a dramatic backdrop against the black arbor and rounded topiaries.


Holland Landscapes

Contemporary and powerful aesthetic with low visual lines to highlight the plantings in the back.


Garcia Rock And Water Design

Such a picture-perfect landscape that it looks like it came from a Norman Rockwell painting.


Monarch Gardens

Koi fish are considered coveted pets to many. So that explains why these are so close to the house.


Greater Detroit Landscape Co

A bronze statue graces this lily pond in that it becomes a more personalized space to relish.


Von Westernhagen

This homeowner turned their pond into a swimming pool, equipped with a floating dock.

Benefits Of Having A Backyard Pond 

While you might not be considering marketing your home at this time, it is worth noting that having a pond in your backyard can increase your home’s value. This is because having a pond can make your property even more appealing to consumers than their other choices. From the possible buyer’s point of view, all other things being the same, the pond and its surroundings may be the matter which swings the sale. Due to the higher demand, you will have the ability to charge a premium selling value! Adding a pond or any other water feature to your lawn is another natural feature that could attract local wildlife. Your backyard might quickly be a popular watering hole to the neighborhood birds, and attracting mammals, frogs, and beneficial insects. In a few small ways, you are doing your part to save nature. This is a fantastic way to help wildlife and bring an aspect of wildness to your well-kept yard.

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