Cool Pool Table Lights to Illuminate Your Game Room
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If you’re looking for some top-notch ideas for cool pool table lights, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve picked out some of the best cool pool table lights ideas. Your billiards table is one of the most valuable and entertaining fixtures in your home, and it deserves all of its glamour and glory. Having the right kind of lighting on your pool table can add that extra touch of elegance that can tie the entire entertainment room together.

Whether you’re into a more contemporary style, or you want something rustic to complete your interior design; there are several great lights and light fixtures to choose from. Check out the number of ways you can illuminate your pool table and keep the game going for hours on end.


Cool Pool Table Lights to Illuminate Your Game Room

The vibrant colors and unique design of these pool table lights evoke an exotic atmosphere reminiscent of Spain. That game room by Distinctive Designs By Janelle is gorgeous. The color scheme gets two thumbs up since it looks great and feels extremely classic. In this vintage arcade, you may relive your childhood.


Cool Pool Table Lights to Illuminate Your Game Room

The baseball stadium aesthetic was a major inspiration for this game room. The white lights above the pool table are a nice touch, adding to the contemporary feel of the area. This stunning design by Scott Landon – Modern Antique Store will transport you to the ballgame with all its nostalgic charm and modern conveniences.


Cool Pool Table Lights to Illuminate Your Game Room

Intent on creating a game area that looks and feels like a luxurious log cabin? The rustic décor will make you feel like you’re in a lodge or place. As with the rest of the room, the table lamp has been dimmed to set the mood. Wow, Denise Stringer Interior Design did a fantastic job.


Cool Pool Table Lights to Illuminate Your Game Room

Need a clean and lavish-looking game room? The casino atmosphere is perfectly captured in this one-of-a-kind game room design. You certainly wouldn’t want to soil this space in any way. The Wiseman Group Interior Design, Inc. did a fantastic job designing a luxurious recreation room with a gaming area!


Cool Pool Table Lights to Illuminate Your Game Room

This timeless Rinfret, Ltd. brass recreation room design will surely be a hit at any party. Klaff’s provides an exquisite representation of the classic pool table light. The gold fixtures, in particular, give the impression that everything here is extremely costly.


Cool Pool Table Lights to Illuminate Your Game Room

Lights by Visual Comfort set off this pool table and game area. The game area is so big it even features a kitchen where you can make yourself a meal or grab some munchies. Additionally, the color scheme is aesthetically satisfying—incredible work by Dream House Studios.


Cool Pool Table Lights to Illuminate Your Game Room

A warm and welcoming abode, ideal for unwinding with loved ones. The nook will be a hit with guests of all ages. The space is tranquil thanks to the soothing paint job, and the candlelight chandelier is a nice touch. Thompson Custom Homes created this inviting space with a game room and a living area.


Cool Pool Table Lights to Illuminate Your Game Room

The entirety of the black floor complements the rich, warm ceiling. The lighting for the pool table is the icing on the cake—the dominance of brown and black aids the futuristic vibe of this game room. Benning Design Construction did a nice job with this ultra-modern and stylish game area.


Cool Pool Table Lights to Illuminate Your Game Room

Do you want your game area to feel like a medieval castle? The room’s lighting is fantastic all the way around. This Houston mansion is stunning down to the last detail. Specifically, the game room’s predominant shade of gray. Stunning work by Parker House, Inc.


Cool Pool Table Lights to Illuminate Your Game Room

Do you want a game room that can double as a social gathering spot? Kimberly Timmons Interiors did an incredible job. In Denver, you’ll find a rustic game room ideal for hosting a get-together. Sonneman Lighting’s Bronze Age Six Light Bar Pendant is a stunning addition to any room.

Pool Table Lights Specifications

There are a couple of features and specifications of pool table lights that should be reviewed before taking a look at the different styles available. You need to ensure that your fixtures will be secured, with just the right amount of light for your gaming pleasure.

The pool table lights’ height should typically be around 40” above the table, but no higher than 70”. Between 40” and 70” is a great range for the perfect amount of lighting, without being too bright or too dim.

The pool table lights’ length depends on the size and width of your table. You can decide which size lights to use by taking a look at the handy sizing chart table below. Remember that the same information applies whether you are using one or multiple lights in a row:

The available pool table sizes offer different lengths and depths, which can help to determine which style of lights you’d like to choose for your billiards room.

Cool Pool Table Lights

The scope of what is and isn’t cool can vary from person to person, and the interior design world is often redefining the meaning of cool itself.  However, there are several timeless pieces that will always be known as “cool”. Several ideas for cool table lights include those made from barn wood, different colored lamp shades, vintage colorations (such as green and pink), imprinted lamp shade designs, rubbed bronze, and much more.

Next, let’s take a look at some of the most popular lighting styles for your billiards table.

Cool Pool Table Lights to Illuminate Your Game Room

A brightly colored arcade in Brentwood, Tennessee. The fireplace, wine nook, lounging area, and pool table lighting are all highlights. There is a noticeable lack of congestion despite the extensive use of available space. Eric Ross Interiors, LLC did a fantastic job with this layout.


Cool Pool Table Lights to Illuminate Your Game Room

Do you long for a beachy atmosphere in your game room? This beachy Cape Cod home needs no more sparkle than this Quoizel Emery chandelier. The game area has a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. Home Beach Designs is responsible for this beachy recreation space. 


Cool Pool Table Lights to Illuminate Your Game Room

You can also amaze your guests with this great game room. The bar area is perfect for your most fashionable guests, who can enjoy drinks and appetizers while watching the action at the game table. The place oozes sophistication and could easily serve as a host’s social hub. Urban I.D. Interior Design Services did a fantastic job with this layout.


Cool Pool Table Lights to Illuminate Your Game Room

Ever seen a game room that doubles as a showroom for high-end wares? Light up your billiard table style with Pam Morris’s creative and one-of-a-kind bespoke fixture. It gives off an air of extreme luxury and beauty. Wow, Schippmann Design stepped it up with this game area.

Stained Glass Pool Table Lights

Also known as “Tiffany” style, the stained glass pool table light can be a beautiful addition to your ceiling. These fixtures are often adorned with colorful decorations, almost in a mosaic-like pattern on the glass shade of the lights. They can be fixated to an iron bar, which attaches from the ceiling and hangs at exactly the right height.

This is a great choice for anyone who is looking to add a more antique feel to their home, further pulling together the golden oldie style of a classic games room.

Vintage Pool Table Lights

Vintage pool table lights can either be handmade or produced to mimic a vintage style. There are a wide variety of vintage styles available to choose from. Some popular favorites include lights made out of an upside-down feeding trough, with the rustic metal adding a genuine touch, and the refurbished industrial hanging light, which uses vintage materials salvaged from machines with an Edison light bulb for a vintage look. Several other styles are available that can be made from old pieces of furniture, salvaged wood, different metals, and even stained glass.


Cool Pool Table Lights to Illuminate Your Game Room

The overall gaming room has a pretty regular appearance that is stunning. The wall frames give an otherwise plain space a bit more character. The pool table in this Brazilian rec room is illuminated by a stunning fixture made of iron and zinc. Eunice Fernandes designed this fantastic playroom.


Cool Pool Table Lights to Illuminate Your Game Room

The ideal place to get away from it all is a natural setting. What about those bunk beds, perfect for guests and your rest? Shannon Callaghan Interior Design has created a wonderful country retreat with this gaming room. The table light is a great finishing touch for the homey atmosphere of this game area.


Cool Pool Table Lights to Illuminate Your Game Room

Do you wish your game room included a space dedicated to your passion for sports? There is no question that a sports fan was responsible for creating this magnificent pool room. Additionally distinctive are the lights that hang over the pool table. The brown and red colors scream for a certain sports team! Mitchell Exclusive Billard Designs is responsible for this upscale sports bar’s sleek aesthetic.


Cool Pool Table Lights to Illuminate Your Game Room

In need of a game area that can be easily adapted to your needs? In addition to being a place to shoot some pool, this room may also serve as a library, thanks to the ample storage space provided by the built-in bookcases. Modern dome lights set off this billiards room. blurrdMEDIA designed this double-domed structure.

Rustic Pool Table Lights

Rustic pool table lights often come from old and natural materials. The term “rustic” itself refers to old metal which has slightly rusted over, giving it a genuine and well-used look. Many homeowners love inviting rustic styles into their houses, which can look especially neat when adorning a classic game room.

Rustic lights are often made from metal or wooden troughs, industrial materials, or pieces of furniture. They are not required to be vintage in order to be considered rustic.

Contemporary Pool Table Lights

Before delving into the details of a contemporary pool table light, it’s important to highlight the difference between contemporary and modern. People tend to confuse the two because there are certain similarities that can compare the two styles. However, contemporary is a style all of its own, with many features that are independent from that of a modern look.

Contemporary defines anything that is current and trending, while modern takes its cue from the past. There is a definitive modern style that will never change, whereas contemporary fits the times and preferences of the moment. With this being said, contemporary pool table lights are often boxy, square-shaped, and with several minimalistic devices. They add a great touch of modernity and a city-like feel to your room when you install them.


Cool Pool Table Lights to Illuminate Your Game Room

There is no such thing as an unsightly room when it is painted a neutral gray. The chrome accents of this game room are fascinating, and the enormous dome light is a one-of-a-kind focal point. Mitchell Exclusive Pool Tables‘ chrome dome design for a game area is aesthetically beautiful.


Cool Pool Table Lights to Illuminate Your Game Room

Looking to relive your youth in an arcade? Don’t overlook the basic and pleasant ambiance of antique and vintage pool table lights. Lighting over the pool table helps set the mood for a throwback atmosphere. Scott Landon – Modern Antique Store is responsible for the design of this vintage-inspired game area.


Cool Pool Table Lights to Illuminate Your Game Room

Traditional best describes Everything Home’s take on the game room. Over the pool table in this classic game room, this chandelier’s candlelight design is a lovely touch. The pool table gives off an air of antiquity and luxury, elevating the overall ambiance of the space. Wow, that’s a clever layout.


Cool Pool Table Lights to Illuminate Your Game Room

The gorgeous game room is anchored by a Robert Abbey Jonathan Adler Sputnik chandelier decked in polished nickel and crystal. Inspiration from the universe and the planets is a given. Every detail of Erica Bryen Design‘s aesthetic is exquisite and high-end.


Cool Pool Table Lights to Illuminate Your Game Room - Sebring Design Build

This magnificent Park City, Utah, residence, built in the craftsman style, boasts, by all appearances, the finest amenities money can buy. The curving lamp would look great above a pool table. Despite the owner’s seemingly eccentric taste, the pool table makes this restaurant a blast to spend time in—amazing work by Sorento Design, LLC.


Cool Pool Table Lights to Illuminate Your Game Room

This rustic pool table light has a unique form compared to the lights often found above pool tables, but you’ll need to turn the photo around to see it. This design by J.Banks Design Group will make you feel like you’re staying in a cabin in the woods outside of Atlanta.

Custom Pool Table Lights

Aside from the huge variety of creative and classic pool table lights available on the market, you always have the option to make some custom designs that would fit perfectly with the personality of your room.

Do you like some stained glass designs, but you are also into modern and contemporary styles? If so, you can combine the two to make a custom fixture that nobody else in the world will ever have

The beauty of creating custom lights is that it’s easy to get creative and come up with a multitude of ideas that have yet to be produced. Looking back on some of the vintage designs, you can see how others used to fashion lights out of wooden troughs or barn tools. You can apply the same thought to your custom idea and let your imagination soar.

There are other ways to customize your lights, too; you can imprint the lamp shades with your favorite design or decal. Is your game room sports-themed? Want to show your loyalty for a specific team? Get their team name branded on your lights, so your guests will see them and smile when they enter the room.

Here are a few pool table lights that our clients’ chose:

Standard Pool Dimensions

Pool tables are available in many sizes. If you like to buy a pool table for your home, you should know the correct dimensions.

Pool tables are typically rectangular in shape, with a length-to-width ratio of 2:1. For example, if the table’s length is 8 feet, its width will be 4 feet.

The standard pool table measurements (length and width) are, in general, as follows:

7 feet (2.1 meters) length and 3.5 feet (1 meter) width
8 feet (2.4 meters) length and 4 feet (1.2 meters) width
8.5 feet (2.6 meters) length and 4.3 feet (1.3 meters) width
9 feet (2.7 meters) length and 4.5 feet (1.4 meters) width

A pool table’s typical height ranges from 29 1/4 inches (74.3 cm) to 33 inches (83.8 centimeters). This relates to a height range of 2.4 feet (0.74 meters) and 2.75 feet in feet and meters (0.8 meters).

Make Your Game Room Fun!

Pool & billiards are exciting and timeless activities that can be enjoyed with just one or multiple friends. Pool & billiard tables are beautiful and often expensive pieces that deserve to be taken care of and showcased with the right kind of light. When you are looking to install pool table lights above your table, you want to make sure you get it right.

After figuring out the proper height and length adjustments, you can then use your creative spark to figure out your style. From rustic to contemporary, there are plenty of shapes, styles, colors, and materials to choose from. You’re guaranteed to have something unique and beautiful every time.

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