23 White Modern Farmhouse Exterior House Design Ideas

Featured Image: Legacy Builders of North FL Have you been searching for modern white-colored farmhouse exterior ideas? You have come to the right spot! Check out these ideas and images to find out how beautiful and alluring white modern farmhouse exteriors genuinely are! INSPIRATION Do you want a good house exterior design that simultaneously looks bright and inspirational? A black and white exterior with wood accents perfectly defines a modern farmhouse. This is such a good design by Pike Properties. SUPREME This white contemporary farmhouse exterior house design is excellent [...]

23 White Painted Brick House Design Ideas

Featured Image: Develop Architects LLC If you want an inexpensive option to give your house a new look, try painting it white. The general opinion is that a white-colored brick wall looks considerably better than a red one. Check out these white brick house design ideas, take that brush, and start painting your brick wall white. SOLO This white-painted brick house design appears to be both plain and straightforward. This one seems so organized and clean that it appears revitalizing. Your white brick walls should be paired with lovely glass windows: excellent work, [...]

What is EMT Conduit and Do I Need to Use it for My Project?

Whether to use EMT conduit over GRC or other metallic tubing options is the question.  This short guide can help you understand what it is, and where you should be using it. This is a unique type of metal tubing that is often found in hardware stores along with other types of conduits. Protecting electrical wiring is a must! With different types and styles of conduits available, it’s important to understand the unique differences and uses of each.  Whether you hire a licensed electrician, or you are eager to take on your first DIY project; it’s important to understand [...]

21 Stamped Concrete Patio Design Ideas

Featured Image:  BrickWood Ovens Stamped concrete, frequently called textured or imprinted concrete, replicates stones, such as flagstone, slate, tile, brick, and wood. The wide selection of pattern and color options make it popular for beautifying patios, swimming pool decks, driveways, and more. It is also an affordable paving option that needs less maintenance than other materials. Due to its superior durability and weather resistance, colored and stamped concrete is the perfect choice to bring the luxury look of stone, wood, or brick to patios, driveways, pool decks, courtyards, and walkways. Explore these stamped concrete patio design ideas and see [...]

23 Black Interior Trim Ideas

Featured Image: tuthill architecture One of the best interior design ideas is using black trim as a contrast. This one thing can alter your home decor look entirely. Using black as a good contrast in otherwise neutral areas is a great tool to produce clean lines and a sharp, timeless look, regardless of your decor or home style. Best of all, it is not a total makeover. It's much like adding frosting to a cake. If you're up for a timely update, check out these black interior trim ideas. GLAMOROUS In this contemporary [...]

23 Family Room Design Ideas

Featured Image: 2id Interiors The family room serves a crucial role in a home. It is where you go to unwind and bond with family and friends in a casual, inviting environment. But just because it is relaxed, it does not signify that it cannot look as elevated and stylish as a living room. Below are family room design ideas that can help you upgrade the space. From a plush couch to well-curated shelves, learn how you can make your room the most inviting area in your house with these family room ideas. CONTRASTING [...]

23 Houses With Purple Front Entry Door Ideas

Featured Image:  Antologia The color purple is a relaxing and peaceful hue that reminds us of the color of spring and flowers. When utilized in architectural design, it offers a stylish and chic look on the house's interior and exterior. Ever since the color Ultraviolet became Pantone's Color of the Year, the acceptance of purple front doors has become famous for individuals who want their houses to stand out. If you are thinking about a purple front door, here are more reasons why you should give it a go!   LUPINE A deep [...]

23 Houses With Yellow Front Entry Door Ideas

Featured Image: Bevan Associates Even though yellow might not be your first thought for a front door, you can add instant curb appeal to your house with a yellow front door. It is sunny, happy, radiates warmth, and is inviting to all who enter. Check out these houses with yellow front entry door ideas and see how this color can include a burst of sunshine to any gloomy day. VERY CLASSIC This charming yellow front door by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc. with a glossy finish and black hardware adds a cheerful touch [...]

23 Houses with Red Front Entry Door Ideas

Featured Image: Stephanie Gamble Interiors The entryway is the very first thing we see before stepping into a home. It should be inviting and welcoming, making us wonder what is behind that gorgeous door. A functional entryway can build curiosity and mirror the home's decor philosophy in its exterior. A red front door creates a charming entrance with a very bold appearance that does not leave anybody cold. It is intriguing and noticeable, compelling, and memorable. Have you been thinking of replacing the color of your entry door? Check out these houses with red front entry door ideas and [...]

21 Houses with Blue Front Entry Door Ideas

Featured Image: Jonathan Miller Architecture & Design When renovating a home's exterior, the front door might not be the homeowner's main priority, with numerous other elements to think about, such as the landscaping, pathways, and roofing. Nevertheless, these exuberant entryways make a case for a standout design element that your visitors will enjoy before they even enter your house. Think about an excellent paint color, lush landscaping, and stately architectural details. Today, we are putting blue paint in the spotlight as we share with you these houses with blue front entry door ideas. COUNTRY [...]