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Just like the cool blue color, green radiates quiet and calming vibes, making it the ideal hue for a room design! Also, green reminds us of nature and helps us to bring the outdoors to our abode with its brilliant hues. We love this color since it has the serenity of a neutral color, but includes energy and character. In addition, it’s a flexible color that provides harmony to green bedroom ideas. In case you’re searching for inspiration on adding this color to your resting space, here are our 29 most loved approaches to have a green bedroom.

Indeed, green is not only for the garden. When used right, green can make a smooth, delicate statement in any room. It’s specifically perfect for a bedroom, where it can be quieting, refreshing, and invigorating all at once.

Shades of green function delightfully together, so don’t be hesitant to blend dark and light, yellow- and blue-based tones. With regards to accents, our preferred combinations at present are blush pink and sage green, as well as sapphire blue and emerald green.



The wood ceiling in distressed paint makes the space relaxed and inviting.


H. Gary Frank Architects

Crisp and refreshing for this large apple green bedroom with a second deck.


R Brant Design

Deep emerald green bedroom with white beddings and pink throws.


Sebastian Construction Group

Lovely mint green bedroom with pink floral accents.


Trove Warehouse

The vintage mahogany stools add a natural touch to this dark green bedroom.


TMS Architects

This sage green bedroom looks warm, inviting, and comfortable.


Lindye Galloway Interiors

Deep and rich “Balsam” paint color by Benjamin Moore.


West Chin Architects & Interior Designers

Green colour bedroom combined with black and white wall paint and beddings.


Phoebe Howard

This light green bedroom features a panel bed by Coastal Living Resort.


Plume Home Group – Decorating Den Interiors

Soft lines and warm green colors for this beach style bedroom.

Is Green Color Good For Bedroom?

In the event that you need more color on the walls of your bedroom, let your interests and passions guide you. Do you love green? Then go for it! Green is probably the best color for rooms, since it has elements of both cool and warm, and there are wide selections of shades available. With green, you can design your bedroom in a traditional, modern, or even eclectic style. It looks fantastic with bursts of complementary hues. Also, it looks great with either painted or bare wood furniture.

Green is certainly one of the most versatile colors used in decorating. It’s additionally one of more calming hues, and you have a variety of shades to select from.

Rejuvenated, stimulated, in touch with nature, these are everything you may feel from surrounding yourself with green colors—regardless of whether that greenery is a result of interior decoration. With these superb advantages, it appears to be more fitting if we decide to use this palette into our rooms, so we can feel the positive vibes as soon as we wake up in the morning. Here, we will guide you through an assortment of green bedroom ideas, ranging from light tints of mint and vibrant lime green, to darker shades of emerald, sage, and hunter green. We’ll give tips on the most proficient method to make your own personal aesthetic, and incorporate accessories to create your green bedroom.

Green consolidates the radiant characteristics of yellow with the quieting impact of blue. It is the shade of nature, life, fertility, and balance; it symbolizes sense of pride, well-being, and harmony. Shades run from splendid and cheerful to profound and rich to earthy and calming. In case you are uncertain what color you need to paint your room, begin with green.


dpf Design

Elegant master bedroom remodel features light green walls and beige beddings.