35 Unique Deck Railing Ideas

Deck railings do more than keep your loved ones safe. As a matter of fact, deck railings work great in giving support, privacy, and sometimes visual interest. Regardless of whether you need wooden deck railing ideas or metal deck railing ideas, these beautiful outdoor spaces below will certainly inspire your very own patio or porch. In fact, there is no greater time than now to deal with that much-anticipated deck makeover.

Your home’s backyard deck is truly an excellent spot to expand the character of your home’s interior.

In the same way, you cautiously pick your paint colors to beautify the walls of your home, your horizontal deck railing ideas are the “walls” of your deck. Aside from offering a required safety measure, railing also defines the area, providing it a definitive frame.

Also, you can utilize various materials to make different styles that complement your home design. At times, a similar base material can offer multiple looks based on the design and finish. Check out our cheap deck railing ideas to see countless ways to guard your deck.

This post about deck railing ideas will assist you with looking through your options and finding the right one for your home. Enjoy!


Stainless Cable & Railing, Inc.

Modern deck with stainless steel cable railing and end fittings.


Stainless Cable & Railing, Inc.

Stainless steel cable gives way for spectacular views.


Stainless Cable & Railing, Inc.

Welded post and top rail with stainless steel cable railing infill.


The Taunton Press, Inc

The orange and white railings match the overall vibe of the house.


Robert Nebolon Architects

The tall glass railings offer wind protection while enjoying the incredible views.


Gary Marsh Design

Custom deck railing design with grid panels.


RailPro of Oregon, Inc.

Sturdy horizontal rail system for this contemporary deck.


RailPro of Oregon, Inc.

Cable deck railing provides protection, as well as great views.


JayMarc Homes

Your friends and family will surely enjoy times outdoor with this awesome deck.


Feeney Inc.

Glass infill railing with LED post accent lights.


Hills & Grant

The black rails look good with the cedar wood deck.


Land Art Design, Inc.

This custom deck features wrought iron railing that matches the stairway.


Zoske Construction

What a lovely rustic deck with metal railings!


Fiberon Decking

The wide flat top rail also doubles as a mini table-top for dining.


Stainless Cable & Railing, Inc.

Round stainless steel posts with client-supplied handrail.


Stainless Cable & Railing, Inc.

Wood post with stainless steel cable railing and end fittings.


Land Art Design, Inc.

Octagonal deck with wrought iron railing.


RailPro of Oregon, Inc.

Sleek and modern stainless steel cable railings for this craftsman deck.


The Stairway Shop

4 x 4 posts wrapped with a vinyl sleeve and cedar top rail.


Stainless Cable & Railing, Inc.

Vibrant ipe posts with a subdued silver wood.


Apple Creek Remodeling LLC

Awesome white and black deck railing for this traditional deck.


Stainless Cable & Railing, Inc.

Stainless steel cable railing system for multiple areas of this home.


Mentor Installed Services

Classic matte black deck railing for this traditional deck.


Jacalyn Gould Landscape Architect

Enjoy your outdoor space with chic and stylish black deck railing.


Furman + Keil Architects

The cable railing maintains the industrial look of the entire house.


Affordable Views By RJB Construction INC.

Built a decade ago, the material is EverGrain composite decking.


Bradford Associates, LLC

Custom wood decking for added privacy on the porch.


Bright Ideas by Martinec

The glass deck railing offers amazing views from this modern deck.


Trace Kannel Architecture

Powder-coated posts and rails with stainless steel cables.


Building Arts Sustainable Architecture

Custom-built deck railing with 4×4 goat fencing.


Affordable Views By RJB Construction INC.

Traditional deck with wood railing and attached seats.


Apple Creek Remodeling LLC

Beautiful patterned deck railing in this traditional deck.


Affordable Views By RJB Construction INC.

Redwood deck and pergola with minimally spaced railing.


Stump’s Decks and Porches

The multi-level vinyl deck features aluminum railing with turned spindles.


Elegant Interior Designs

Elegant black railing made from composite material with smooth lines.

Basic Types Of Railing

Composite + Vinyl

Vinyl and composite deck railing ideas come in numerous styles and hues and are practically maintenance-free. In fact, railing kits already have balusters, posts, connectors, and rails that make installation easy for DIY deck railing ideas. In general, the fundamental core of the framework is pressure-treated wood posts secured with a composite or vinyl sleeve. Also, a few structures provide mix-and-match baluster materials like aluminum and steel spindles. Check out our composite decking pictures for more composite deck railing ideas.


At roughly $40 to $60 per linear foot, glass creates a very chic yet quite costly deck railing framework. Nonetheless, they’re incredible when you need to witness all the vistas your deck offers. Utilize tempered, shatterproof safety glass, but check with your local construction regulations about glass railings before you continue.


Made of either powder-coated aluminum or steel, metal deck railing ideas are the bomb! Although both are rugged, only aluminum is rustproof. In general, metal deck railing that you usually find at home improvement stores have limited color and style options.

Cable Railings

Cable deck railing ideas are another excellent method to make way for views and to provide your deck design a modern style. In particular, these railings include stainless steel cables and posts made of aluminum, wood, or composites, and a system costs roughly $125 to $150 per linear foot.


Wood deck railing ideas can be truly inexpensive or downright costly, based upon the wood you pick. Specifically, pressure-treated wood is the most budget-friendly, at around $10 per linear foot for a railing system. On the other hand, tropical hardwoods like ipe cost roughly up to five times as much.

How To Layout Deck Railing Ideas

People typically use 4×4 lumber for common rail posts. Based upon the material you utilize for your deck surface and trim, pressure-treated or cedar posts will surely function great. Moreover, post wraps or covers are also available to coordinate with most kinds of composite material, and will commonly fit 4×4 posts.

In general, it is simplest to install posts before the actual decking. You can certainly do this as the finishing step of your deck frame, or as you install the decking, stopping for installation as you proceed.

Preparing For The Layout

First, put markings on the places of your rail posts before installing decking. Typically, one post each 4 to 8 feet is common. However, check your local building regulations to clarify and be certain to examine your railing framework to identify particular requirements.

There are two different ways to layout deck posts:

Begin from one corner and position a post every set foot to the corner of the opposite deck, or the edge of the rail, in case stairs or openings are available. Also, the spacing will rely upon code and railing prerequisites in your area. All posts, aside from the last post, will be equally spaced. This works for deck stair railing ideas too.

After that, measure the length of your rail area from corner to corner and separate the space evenly for equally spaced posts. Finally, pick spacing to meet the allowed requirements of code and your rail design choice.

Ideas On What To Do Around A Deck Without Railing

In case your deck is 30 inches above grade or lower, you don’t need to have guardrails. If you happen to see a deck that has no guardrails (also popularly known as a low-rise deck), this may be the explanation: its height stays beneath 30 inches.

In case you choose to build a guard rail on a deck low enough that it does not need guards, the height of the guard rail and baluster spacing is certainly up to you. Nonetheless, these guards still should be as solid as guards situated on higher decks. Since most individuals will lean toward guards and building codes require that these guards not collapse, it is beneficial to have sturdy guards in case you choose to have them.

Indeed, even with low-rise decks, numerous property owners still choose to install creative deck railing ideas. While a 12-inch drop will not necessarily be deadly to a healthy kid or grown-up person or cause serious physical injuries, it can still injure your lower back or twist your ankle.

Viewing it like this will change the way you look at deck railings. Deck railing lights ideas, for instance, should have safety as a priority. Meanwhile, if you want to go for cheap deck railing ideas, the first thing to remember is not to sacrifice quality over price. Also, there are many DIY deck railing ideas that you can get your hands on and make your dream deck come to life.

How To Build Cable Deck Railing Ideas

There are different products and methods for installing cable railing, from complete guard frameworks to simple turnbuckle and cable products. In general, you should install these products based on the manufacturer’s standards and requirements. Indeed, following the installation instructions will provide you the correct installation that the manufacturer tested. In fact, guards at the edge of raised decks have a significant role in opposing the force of individuals leaning or falling into them.

On the other hand, cable railing features hybrid of materials since you install the cables in frames of aluminum, wood, or composite. For the most part, you can let long cables can run all through intermediate posts, enabling quicker installation. In addition, you should take proper care to appropriately adjust the holes as their location administers the spacing of the cables. It is important to realize that drilling in from the two sides will guarantee alignment. Meanwhile, at corner posts, you can terminate the cables in a turnbuckle, and you can connect a new cable to the side to proceed around the deck.

Stainless steel, the basic material for cable railings, is generally soft steel that will stretch after some time. Thus, anticipate to occasionally fix the turnbuckles as the cable stretches to its maximum limit. Also, be certain to leave threads available at the time of installation, fully expecting this maintenance in the future. Moreover, building codes expect guards to have spacing that doesn’t enable a 4-inch sphere to go through, so we suggest to space the cables no greater than 3.5 inches. As a result, this will allow a small safety cushion in the event that you don’t promptly correct loose cables later on.

How To Finish Deck Railing Ideas

In general, one of the crucial details which many individuals miss is to apply a layer of finish before installing wood deck railing ideas. This method particularly guarantees that there is limited wood-on-wood contact. Notably, avoiding bare wood from contacting decreases the probability of wood decaying, so it is a smart idea to clean and apply finish or varnish on the wood deck railing before putting them together. Besides, by applying the varnish, paint, or finish before making the wood deck railing, you can avoid water from getting with the bare wood. Furthermore, this simple method additionally avoids cracking or peeling of the final finish.

Ensure that you apply the wood deck railing finish during excellent climate conditions. In particular, utilizing water-repellent at times of cold climate, or applying any finish just before downpour can result in possible washed-off finish or stained with water marks. Meanwhile, you can apply bone finishes in temperatures of as low as 40 degrees F. On the other hand, you should not use water-based finishes in case temperatures are below 50 degrees.

Evenly apply finish utilizing a brush, guaranteeing that you cover all points of the wood. However, make sure not to leave pools of finish or shabby spots on the wood.

On the other hand, it is important to realize that you must also avoid using too much finish. Also, a wood deck railing that has a lot of finish can start to crack or peel in a year. In particular, an unnecessary extra finish can make a sticky goo that does not penetrate the wood. Furthermore, Over-utilization of water-repellant completion can result in waxy, sticky, or even slick wood deck railing.

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