Accent Wall Decor Ideas
Featured Image: Homes of Distinction, Inc.

Does the thought of dazzling paint all over your home scare you to your very core? Does wild wallpaper make you feel claustrophobic at the mere mention of it? It is time to change all of that with the humble accent wall. Accent walls can change the feel of the home for the better. To learn more about how you can efficiently use this strategy for your home, check out these 31 accent wall decor ideas and images.


Accent Wall Decor Ideas

A geometric patterned wallpaper is used to create a dramatic effect on this accent wall, drawing the eye toward the bed in this room designed by Actual Architecture Company. The transition from white wall space to hot pink is phenomenal.


Accent Wall Decor Ideas

This accent wall features a three-dimensional patterned tile in shades of warmth, adding texture and depth to the space. This bedroom by BH Construction & Handyman Services features wood planks with twig wall sconces for a rustic vibe.


Accent Wall Decor Ideas

This accent wall is covered in a large-scale, colorful blue wallpaper that creates a cheerful and lively atmosphere in the room by Blue Copper Design.


Accent Wall Decor Ideas

The accent wall in this room is covered in a dark, dramatic wallpaper with a metallic finish, adding a touch of glamour to the space. Gorgeously done accent wall using coastal white by Timberchic.


Accent Wall Decor Ideas

This accent wall features a white brick veneer with varying textures and colors, adding an industrial feel to the room designed by Nate Fischer Interiors.


Accent Wall Decor Ideas

A wooden slat wall is used as an accent wall in this bedroom by AMEK Custom Builders adding warmth and texture to the space.


Accent Wall Decor Ideas

The accent wall in this bedroom by Chelsea Lauren Interiors is covered in brick-white patterned wallpaper, creating a serene and calming atmosphere.


Accent Wall Decor Ideas

This accent wall is covered in a hexagonal patterned tile with a mix of neutral and metallic colors, adding interest and texture to the space by DEMESNE.


Accent Wall Decor Ideas

The accent wall in this room by Progress Lighting features a large, bold floral wallpaper in shades of elegance and sophistication, adding a playful and feminine touch to the space.


Accent Wall Decor Ideas

This accent wall is covered in gray shiplap paneling, creating a simple and clean backdrop for the room’s decor. Such an incredible design by Jon Hensley Architects.

Choosing Colors For Accent Wall Ideas 

When choosing accent wall colors, search for a complementary shade darker and bolder than most of the room. Think about framing your preferred art with a brilliant paint color. A black colored accent wall adds instant style to the area. A green bedroom accent wall pairs superbly with off-whites and whites, providing a far more restrained edition of the distinctive bold accent wall. When you seek to spruce up your house this summer, an accent wall, such as a bedroom accent wall, might be the perfect way to get it done. Traditionally, an accent wall is a colored and patterned structure inside an area that features a neutral palette. Not only can they be less time consuming to paint than an entire room, but they put in a striking focal point that could genuinely take the components of your room together to make a theme. When selecting where to try painting your accent wall structure, the most specific advice is to find the area which stands out the most. Where do you typically look at when entering a room? The room where there is the most attention is usually the best option for an accent wall structure.

DIY wall art is among the most fun and cheap ways to brighten your home. Lately, geometric shapes and metallic colors have become two of the most favored interior design components. Best of all, you require little supplies. And so, grab a stencil press or pair of scissors and your favorite metal paper, a few adhesive, and any size of the canvas. Who doesn’t benefit from an inspirational message? DIY wall decor ideas, such as an inspirational message, are excellent for family homes since they make an uplifting space. It functions well as a focal point for living or dining rooms. A gorgeous watercolor mosaic is one of the best walls decoration ideas because watercolor mosaic adds colors to the walls and accents solid-colored home furniture and decor successfully.

A wood accent wall is an interior element that impacts the whole room. It is an excellent way to add style, interest, and texture. Wood provides warmth to a place and creates dimension. When you need walls that make a statement and transform the ordinary into a new level, adding a wood accent wall is an excellent way to do this. There are numerous styles, textures, varieties, and wood colors that could be utilized for wall accents. You do not even need to use actual wood because nowadays, there are papers and peel-and-stick options. When you wonder where in your house may be the optimum spot to put in a wood accent wall, consider everywhere! Give your entryway a focal point by applying a wood accent wall. Your entrance is where you will make your first impression to all those entering your house. Create a statement with all the elegance and character of the wood. It does not need to be like the existing paneling of the 1960s and 70s. Try a weathered grey wood for something different. There are many exciting ways to integrate patterns and texture with a wood accent wall structure. Whether it is rustic, modern, or a unique appearance you are searching for, explore the many wood facets.


Accent Wall Decor Ideas

A deep blue accent wall with a subtle texture is used to create a focal point in this room, complementing the neutral tones in the rest of the space captured by Laura Dante Photography.


Accent Wall Decor Ideas

This accent wall is covered in green and beige graphic walls, creating a striking contrast against the light-colored furniture in the room by Harrell Remodeling, Inc. / Design + Build.


Accent Wall Decor Ideas

A wooden plank wall is used as an accent in this living room by HoneyBee Designz, adding a natural and rustic feel to the space. The accent wall for this contemporary living room perfectly matches the custom area rug.


Accent Wall Decor Ideas

This accent wall is covered in a large-scale, natural wallpaper, creating a bold and artistic statement in the room by Susan Diana Harris Interior Design. The dark mocha color for the accent wall gives off a warm appeal to this bedroom.

Creative And Modern Ideas For Your Accent Wall 

Are you fed up with looking at that one blank concrete structure in your house? You’ve tried everything, but nothing seems to feel right. Simply painting it is not sufficient, and hanging art does not fit the room. It is time to consider some wall covering ideas. By using unique wall coverings in your house, you will add personality and interest. This provides you with an opportunity to produce a feature wall, bring color, and bring your home’s wall space to life. Perhaps, a mural is an ideal solution, or a wood paneling or a ceramic tile is the perfect accent. Whatever you choose, this is the time to change that ugly wall and enhance your home decor. 

The contemporary method of wall decoration is by utilizing the wall itself as the center point. Rather than hanging art or pictures, decorate the wall. This means using bold colors and patterns to produce an eye-catching plot that spreads over the wall’s entire length and height. The other essential thing to remember is the fact that you can cover any wall you want. Traditionally, the idea was to pick the accent or feature wall, but those times are gone. You can select a small or hidden away wall to embellish some surprise wall designs. You should not hesitate to coat the walls of your hallway or the walls of your modern bathroom, or even the wall which lines your staircase.

You should also not hesitate to use uncommon materials to cover your walls. You can create a brick wall, timber paneling, or fabric. Nowadays, the wallpaper comes pretreated with adhesive and easily removes to create a far more short-term wallpaper option. The simplicity of application with modern wallpaper means you can easily apply it to an entire room. To keep your decor seeming modern, pick a wallpaper with a geometric design or metal accents.


Accent Wall Decor Ideas

The accent wall in this bedroom by Alexander Design Group, Inc. is covered in beige and blue textured wallpaper, adding subtle interest and warmth to the space. Beach-style bedroom with nautical wallpaper from Ralph Lauren Chesapeake.


Accent Wall Decor Ideas

This accent wall features unique, three-dimensional wood paneling with varying textures and finishes, creating an eye-catching statement in the room by Lindye Galloway Interiors. The space looks luxurious with the patterned wallpaper and gold sunburst mirror.


Accent Wall Decor Ideas

A sleek accent wall is used in this living room by Interiors Group of SW Florida, creating a bold and energizing backdrop for the space. Stunning accent wall with five-inch Reclaimed Hickory wood planks and artwork.


Accent Wall Decor Ideas

This accent wall is covered in warm-toned wood paneling with a diagonal pattern, creating a dynamic and interesting feature in the room by RW Anderson Homes. Gorgeous farmhouse hallway with a gray accent wall with a green undertone.


Accent Wall Decor Ideas

This accent wall is covered in warm-toned wood paneling with a diagonal pattern, creating a dynamic and interesting feature in the room by RW Anderson Homes. Gorgeous farmhouse hallway with a gray accent wall with a green undertone.


Accent Wall Decor Ideas

This accent wall is covered in a colorful, geometric patterned wallpaper, adding a playful and modern touch to the space by Turn Collaborative.

Let’s Revisit Wallpapers 

Boring and dull wallpapers are a thing of the past. A wallpaper that features a bold repeating look of one to three colors can make a lot of difference. And then, gold, silver, copper, and rose gold foil are put on to bring depth to the layout. Yet another alternative for your wall designs is to buy a wallpaper with a lifelike picture printed on it. This may be a natural stone or brick wall scene. These murals are ideal for a bedroom in which you wish to produce a peaceful sanctuary. In case you are prepared to replace all those stark, blank walls into fashionable centerpieces, continue reading. You don’t have to worry about the wall designs not matching your style because numerous accent wall ideas could amp up your walls and draw out your taste and personality. Whether you are an art collector, a dynamics enthusiast, or a book enthusiast, your walls could be customized so you may be surrounded by the items you adore.

Brick accent walls are incredibly trendy, modern, cool, and look ideal with any wall decor for living room, and it is up to you what color and look you will give your brick accent wall. You can bring an existing brick wall or even make one or try out faux brick covers that imitate the clad very well. You will find many ways to use brick walls in decor, and many tips to conceal and accentuate them. A brick wall in the home is one of the most famous wall decoration ideas since it can conveniently substitute as a backsplash. It is a budget-friendly concept that also adds style to the interior. Whitewashed bricks are ideal for vintage or even shabby chic interiors, and can produce a contrasting look with modern black cabinets. Rough red brick will make the area a little industrial and will deliver texture to the decor. Think about covering the brick wall with a particular solution to avoid damage and a dull look since brick is not the most durable material. 

In contemporary design, the creative decoration associated with a particular wall in a room can change the space entirely. When you correctly manage the different elements of color and light, you can make something unusual. When designing your walls, your imagination must have no limits, but you have to ensure that the adornment is elegantly connected with the home’s design as a full. Paint and wall covering items must be in line with the typical aura of the house. Check out different wall decoration ideas and learn the numerous strategies to decorate your walls! Your design may involve wood, paint, plaster, stone, wallpaper, or even decorative panels. The wall designs are usually expressions of your personality. Select your favorite styles, patterns, and designs that match up your style, and that positively impact your feelings. When you want to make your living room walls home to many expressive drawings and colors, you can choose murals or designs. However, your goal should focus the colors and pictures on one wall to produce a concentration on the central area; your feature wall’s content shouldn’t subsequently be replicated throughout the space.


Accent Wall Decor Ideas

A wooden plank wall with a mix of light and dark tones is used as an accent in this bathroom, adding warmth and texture to the space designed by Frank de Biasi Interiors.


Accent Wall Decor Ideas

The accent wall in this room features a large-scale, textured wallpaper with a neutral color palette, creating a serene and calming atmosphere by Mackenzie Collier Interiors. Bright blue paint for the accent wall with the famous San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge.

Putting Together The Best Accent Wall Ideas

Whether you wish to create a drastic change to your house design or even put in a slight improvement, a feature wall might be precisely the thing you need. Since feature walls are such an affordable way to create a difference, it is an excellent weekend project. When it relates to picking your standout feature wall ideas, you will find numerous choices. Try letting your creativity run outdoors with timber, brick, red chevron tiles, or palm print wallpaper. Essentially, if you can dream it up, you can have it on your wall! And feature walls are not just reserved for the family room; you can produce an accent wall in almost any area in the home—including small corner nooks in your guest bathroom. It is time to take out the paintbrush and grab some patterned wallpaper since your house is about to get a significant makeover.

You have unlimited paint choices for your accent wall and other materials and surfaces. Accent walls could be utilized in any area if you understand the essential dos and don’ts. Don’t avoid using a bold color on your accent wall. So long as you have the proper accents across the space to coordinate with your brand new color, you can choose any color that makes you happy. You are not restricted to the primary wall color that covers the wall. Think about many other methods to use paint color. The key to accent wall space is they are the best versatile decorating secret weapon you can have. The sole rule for accent walls is the fact that they accessorize a wall. That is it. Do think about an accent wall even if you are keeping your bedroom neutral.

Take into consideration the color in your other walls. Most accent wall spaces appear to be better whenever they adjoin white walls that can look extraordinarily contemporary and stark. Have you thought about the ceiling? A chic decorating direction is adding color to the ceiling. This ceiling color is your accent wall. Select the right wall for your accent. Rooms with no architectural feature could gain from an accent wall structure, particularly one with texture. Don’t forget that wallpaper is an attractive solution for an accent wall living room. Search for wallpaper with pretty colors and designs for a chic approach. For renters, short-term wallpaper is a brilliant way to personalize your house. 

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