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Basements would be the supreme blank canvas. Must you go with a man cave or maybe a family room? An entertaining zone or additional living space? Regardless of what purpose you pick, for the basement to actually be a part of the house, you have to light it in that way. Tossing in a number of lamps simply will not get the job done. Basements have their very own specific challenges, including an absence of windows and low ceilings, which make appropriate lighting particularly important. But how can you obtain it? Lighting is among the most critical aspects to think about when you’re decorating your basement. These 33 basement lighting ideas will certainly make your basement a comfortable spot for living or leisure.



This basement exudes comfort and luxe with recessed lighting.


FBC Remodel

The light sconces in the TV wall is from Urban Lights in Denver.


MDC Cabinetry & More

This traditional basement never lacks light with many small spotlights.


Sanders Pace Architecture

Stunning floor lamps with halogen track-type fixture for the ceiling.


Walker Home Design

Bright basement with white ceiling and light wood floor.


Basement Remodelling

Transform your basement into a space you can relax with proper lighting & wall color.


KUBE architecture

The subtle lighting highlights the industrial and contemporary feel of the room.


Superior Custom Homes & Remodeling

The vintage pendant lights blend well in this basement with bricks & wood.



Feel motivated in your goals with this brightly lit home basement gym.


Kyle Hunt & Partners, Incorporated

Choosing light-colored furniture will add brightness in the space.

Your Guide To Basement Lighting Ideas

A basement which is illuminated very well might be a lifesaver! Basements are generally dark, but with the proper amount of lighting and indirect lighting ideas, you are able to build a brilliant looking basement! A well finished basement incorporates some fundamental components like basement recessed lighting, ambient, task & accent. You can remodel your basement with the proper lights and allow it to be good as new.

Unique or remodeled, numerous basements simply do not obtain natural light out of big windows. That makes picking out the perfect lighting a lot more vital. Whether your cellar is unfinished or perhaps completely finished, there is a means to brighten the area. We understand the importance of generating every square inch of your house bright and functional. We will discuss with you plenty of industrial basement ideas, tricks, and tips to light up your lower level and also make it one of your home’s most lit spots to work, relax, or even play. In case your basement goes unused since it is dim, you will find loads of methods to loosen up the area and make it glow.

One foundation of a light, airy, and bright basement is paint. Figuring out the wall colors for your cellar is pretty easy. Stick to the lighter-neutral and white side for nearly all of the area. Go ahead and experiment with clear & bright accent wall colors across the area for visual interest. Don’t forget the ceiling. To paint the exposed joists and most of the nooks and crannies in a reduced open ceiling basement brilliant white makes all of the difference with regards to working or living perfectly in an unfinished space. The white surfaces and unfinished basement lighting come together, amplifying one another to produce a bright room. Think about painting the wall space exactly the same color and finish for a fresh, sleek appearance.


Martha O’Hara Interiors

Dine, drink, & play in this multi-purpose basement.


John Kraemer & Sons

The pendant light balls are perfect lighting when you eat or drink in this bar.


Ryan Duebber Architect, LLC

Although the ceiling is dark; this basement doesn’t lack good lighting.


LeBlanc Design

The luxury transitional nickel hanging pendant lights look trendy.

How To Work Your Basement Lighting Ideas

Determining how you can light a basement is simply like decorating other parts of your house. It demands layers of lighting. Most likely, you can benefit from recess lighting ideas in a finished basement. You may have a dropped basement ceiling lights with sections of fluorescent lighting of an old basement. Anything you have, improve it with string lights. The latest string lights are created for year-round use, not only for the holidays. String them up and connect them to rafters and around the perimeter of an area to add an additional layer of illumination. Also, you can take full advantage of LED lights. You will require a few basement lighting in all those out-of-the-way corners. For instance, how many basements have poorly lit entryways & stairs? Make the way down to the basement much more inviting with stair lighting. Utilize LED strips, night lights, and bars for your basement lighting ideas. Put in a strip under your stairs’ handrail. It will illuminate the steps beautifully. Or perhaps, add these strips under each stair tread for quick climbing.

Treat your basement’s entryway lighting at the top of the stairway as you would in some other entrance. In case you currently have a light in place, update it with a better fixture. Or perhaps, ask an electrician if there is a method to put in a switch and fixture if there is absolutely nothing there at the moment. Indeed, you truly can camouflage those fluorescent light panels into your basement. Conceal them with fluorescent light covers. These accessories are fashioned to freshen up or create those dated fixtures that seem to vanish. Think about a flexible peel-and-stick design.

Put it on to a light fixture diffuser panel. It will change the appearance and feel of your basement without the requirement to change the light fixtures. After the cover is on the board, the design is backlit if the lighting fixtures are left turned on to produce a moody atmosphere inside your basement. Layering lighting in a basement suggests earning standard floor and table lamps. These make the area seem like an extension of your primary living space. It is likewise essential to bring in different levels of lighting when you are establishing a home office, some other work or craft area space in the basement. Treat the basement to stunning lamps to then add style to the room. Dinner table and floor lamps with lampshades would make a basement glow with that bright, lived-in appearance. Don’t forget to incorporate fun night lights in corners and in small hidden corners if you are lighting up a playroom area for your basement lighting ideas.


Morgan McMurphy Renovation & Design

The game room looks dramatic with the choices of lighting.


PGC Building + Design

The glowing countertop instantly attracts attention.



The small sparkling lights on the ceiling are gorgeous.


Spire Integrated Systems Inc.

This entertainment space features a bar with built-in lighting.


Design Build Planners

Intricate ceiling with white trim lighting for that homey feel.


Royal Construction Group, Inc.

The black walls are complemented with small recessed lighting.

Ways To Lighten Up The Basement

Improve your basement’s lighting by setting up light-colored or white countertops & storage cabinets. Go for the glossy finish to best mirror the light. The lighter the counter is, the more it will bounce light around the home. If the design fits, like in a basement with a bar area, think about adding much more light to the room with fashionable illuminated furniture. Dealing with your basement like every other living space in your home will be the method to really make it more welcoming, which consists of watchful thinking about the landing in the stairs. Below, make use of a mirror with lighting positioned before it. This magnifies and throws light across the area. If you have space in the landing location of your respective basement, include a console table and mirror. Next, line up different size flameless candles for a brilliant, welcoming effect. Your basement could become a bright place to be. Just use some or even most of these tips to change the space. You will be so excited to spend time in this refreshed area!

The way you opt to light your basement truly boils down to just how much or just how little natural light you have readily available. The rule for basement lighting is generally more is more. Whether you make use of the area as being a family room, playroom, screening room, or perhaps all of the above, you will need to think about multi-purpose lighting for what’s frequently a multi-purpose space. Versatility is essential. Go bright when it’s playtime, go moody for your movie night, & ensure that it stays cool for when you simply need to chill. Functionality can continue to be super chic, however. Think about blending and matching types, shapes, and styles. Go on, and place that dining area light in your lower level. And let loose, the basement is certainly the space in which you are able to have a heap of fun with the decor.

Unless you have a brand new home or perhaps are going through a significant renovation, the outlets & fixture locations offered to you are probably already set. With brand new, smaller light fitting choices out there, you are able to quickly create the very best of what you have, and also include several extra lights which probably have not been possible before. What you need to effectively light your basement depends upon the dimensions of your respective basement and just how you intend to make use of it.



Lots of space and bright lighting for this boxing room.


Beth Levine Architect, Inc.

The contemporary basement features a fireplace & dropdown projector.


M.J. Whelan Construction

The chrome cased opal etched glass lighting perfectly lits the bar.


Vicente Burin Architects

The beach style basement looks bright & airy with the white walls.


Dream House Studios

The large billiard light offers a soothing assurance to the room.


Basement Edge

The rustic basement looks classic & timeless with dramatic lighting.


Carby’s Lumber

The LED wall lanterns on the columns provide a touch of elegance.


Simple Home

Transform your basement into a luxurious wine cellar like this one.


luminous nw

The brushed nickel wall sconces provide adequate lighting to the room.


Interior Design Studio

The red, orange, and brown combo for this basement speaks fire & passion.


Charleston Building and Development

The yellow and blue color scheme offers a refreshing take on this basement.


Engstrom Construction

The reddish accent light on the ceiling matches its ripple effect.

Types Of Lighting For Your Basement

If you have a smaller space or even mainly utilize it for storage, as a workshop, or perhaps looking for laundry room lighting ideas, you will wish to concentrate on the two kinds of lighting below.

Overall Lighting provides general or ambient light all through a whole room so that you are able to easily enter and go around with no tripping over anything at all, typically in the form of overhead fixtures. In a small room, you might just have one source of overhead light for sufficient amounts of illumination. Or else, you are going to need various sources uniformly distributed throughout the area, like track lighting, or even – in case you have the area for it – pendant lamps. In a cellar that does not have a great deal of height, select fittings with a thin profile, like LED panels or alternatives to recessed lighting, so they do not encroach on what little vertical space is offered and also make a crowded environment.

Task Lighting builds on the light that is common, providing a focused, much more intensive light source, like a positionable task or even reading lamp. In a basement area, you will need task lighting in places where you’re working, including around automatic washers, desks, hobby, or maybe craft tables, along with workbenches. If you have a bigger space, or maybe you work with your basement as another useful space, like a basement family room, game room, or maybe media room, you will wish to add in the last kind of lighting:

Accent Lighting adds interest to the lighting plan and also will help develop depth, drawing the eye to components that are important within the room like artwork, furniture, architectural details, or a wine rack. Track lighting, picture lights, sconces, along with any other directional fittings, are able to help you improve the lighting and emphasize some crucial spots you wish to showcase in this room.

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