Billiard Room Design Ideas
Featured Image: Martha O’Hara Interiors

If you’re lucky enough to have the possibility & the space to have a billiard room in your house, then there is plenty to consider before decorating it. For starters, it is not as easy as working with a pool table within the room with hardly anything else around it. As a way for the home to feel really inviting and fun, you have to place a bit more thought into the decor. Hopefully, these 43 billiard room design recommendations can help.


Billiard Room Design Ideas

Do you wish you had a more classic setting to spend time with your loved ones while playing billiards? This is a rather conventional living area, with a global map hanging on the wall, and using brown as the primary color scheme ages the space significantly. Wow, that’s a nice-looking design by Todd Peddicord Designs.


Billiard Room Design Ideas

You’re free to have as fancy a pool hall as you like. This one is so chic and up-to-date that you could invite coworkers—an exclusive pool table with contrasting black, white, and brown finishes. Benning Design Construction has done an incredible job with this design.


Billiard Room Design Ideas

Amy Renea’s billiard room has a timeless feel thanks to the classic combination of yellow walls and wood furnishings. Although the yellow wall is unassuming, it pairs well with the various styles represented in this basement.


Billiard Room Design Ideas

Our pool table was purchased from Peter’s Billiards in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Looks really rare and pricey! Unique in its understructure, it also harmonizes with the decor of the space. John Kraemer & Sons crafts this classic look for your game area!


Billiard Room Design Ideas

Do you want to impress your guests with your tastefully designed game room? The area comes alive with the statement lighting and chalkboard wall. The pool table has plenty of places and is stylish, beige, and brown, which complements the decor. John Kraemer & Sons nailed it with this one.


Billiard Room Design Ideas

This is a huge, well-lit space with vibrant accents. The bright yellow felt is sure to be a hit with players of all stripes because it is unlike anything else in the arcade. The atmosphere is at once casual and rustic and also rather industrial. CCS ARCHITECTURE has done an excellent job with this pool hall design.


Billiard Room Design Ideas

Have you ever wished your billiard room transported you to a sandy beach? The family area, decorated in a beach theme, is cozy and comforting. The pool table’s gray and brown color scheme is really attractive. The Digs Design Group outdid itself with this one.


Billiard Room Design Ideas

The basement of the property is given a complete makeover with luxurious details. Lights arranged in clusters across the ceiling illuminate the entire room. The minimalist walls go well with the colorful posters. JALIN Design, LLC is responsible for the redesign of this pool hall.


Billiard Room Design Ideas

You and your loved ones can enjoy a relaxing game of billiards in this serene setting. An air of calm serenity pervades the space thanks to the soothing blue paint on the walls. The area feels even more classical, thanks to the chandelier hanging overhead. BarlisWedlick Architects designed this retro-style game room.


Billiard Room Design Ideas

Want a billiards room that can serve as a game room, a party area, or both? A home bar and pool table are included in the room’s amenities. Indulge in a game of billiards with your pals while sipping a beverage. Tim Barber Ltd Architecture is responsible for this stylish transitional design.

A Brief History of Billiard

Billiards is a game that has existed for a great long while. It is thought to have developed from lawn games like croquet, bocce, and bowls. Once the game moved inside, it had been initially played on a table covered with a green cloth to mimic a lawn. It is believed the term billiards derives from the French term billart or billette, which means stick or maybe for the French term bille, which means ball. Billards, as a game, continues to be in existence since the 1500s. Mary, Queen of Scots, was believed to have been wrapped in the coverage for her billiard table after her passing.

Billiards is utilized as a kind of umbrella term for many activities which are played on a tabletop utilizing a cue & a table which has side bumpers & pockets. The bumpers had been produced from lower walls positioned close to the tables to always keep the balls from flying off & have been refined when players learned that they might bounce the balls away from the walls, creating an innovative element of the game. The three major types of billiards are carom billiards – had on a table with no pockets; pool – this includes a range of games played on a table with pockets; & English billiards & Snooker – which call for a table with six pockets. With that said, you will find numerous variants of each.

Believed to have been played by both kings and commoners, the game became linked with gambling and keeping poor company. A “pool hall” was the topic of the song “Trouble in River City,” from the musical, “Music Man” whereby it was thought that it’d corrupt youth. However, it’s a game of skill and was completely interesting that a billiard table generally graces a family game room in contemporary homes. Whether playing against somebody else or simply honing skills, a billiard table is usually a source of long-lasting entertainment, needing hand/eye control, as well as a specific amount of mathematical acumen. Check out our 42 design ideas to enhance your game room with different types of billiards wall decor.


Billiard Room Design Ideas

Perhaps you’re considering installing a pool table in your pub-themed game room. You can store your drinks and food in the bar, and your books can go on the shelf. New York’s Blatt Billiards built this one-of-a-kind pool table. Crisp Architects really nailed the “pub” aesthetic with this one.


Billiard Room Design Ideas

Need a place to store your books while also enjoying a game of billiards? A pool table and a library combination must be a bookworm’s dream come true. It’s possible to have fun playing billiards and then wind down by reading a good book. Rikki Snyder has done it again with her brilliant creation.


Billiard Room Design Ideas

Do you wish to make your basement a more enjoyable and usable space? Having a pool table and bar in the basement is a fantastic idea. Almost two decades have passed since the Heltzer Pool Table was crafted specifically for the client. Living space is included as well. Grande Interiors is responsible for the design of this renovated basement.


Billiard Room Design Ideas

The gold wall color and the recessed lighting offer a dramatic appeal. This will make you feel like you are in a movie scene, especially considering the wall posters! This is such a great trendy basement design by Lundberg Builders, Inc.

Designing Your Billiard Room

Billiard rooms could be a hodgepodge of different styles, or they are able to represent one exceptional individual idea. This collection of 43 billiards rooms shows the distance the gamut is able to run. Several of the billiards tables are versions that can be readily accessible while others are custom built. Imagine this: an antique pool table made from rich cherry sits in an area lined in similar materials. Then there’s another billiards table built from lustrous chrome sits on a heavy, protruding base. Meant to stand out by itself, the rest of the room has been designed minimally. The whole space is grounded on sports, with autographed sports & posters jerseys plastered on the walls. When properly designed, billiard areas are generally actual works of art. 

Would you know what challenge you will come across while switching your interior decor? It’s always finding the very best option. Setting up your pool table room decor isn’t any different. In case you’re having a hard time coming up with game room ideas, we have plenty of suggestions for you, which may ease your way to design within your financial budget. Inviting game rooms are an excellent source of entertainment and stress-relief and also an intelligent addition for interior design. Some remodeling to the current decor is going to be beneficial to accommodate this specific area.

Both contemporary and traditional looks are perfect for game room designs. Meanwhile, it’s crucial that you determine the way you wish to feel inside your billiard room. If comfort will be your priority, then the contemporary interior design would be a sensible choice. Simplicity will be the primary characteristic of such an interior with a focus on one’s coziness and needs. It guarantees the most effective utilization of every square foot associated with a tiny apartment.


Billiard Room Design Ideas

Although the billiards area is small, everything is well arranged and attractively displayed. The pool table, which is white, gray, and black, is very contemporary. The combination of white and gray paint creates an inviting atmosphere. Eric Ross Interiors, LLC has created a masterpiece with this layout.


Billiard Room Design Ideas

Do you long for a sophisticated game room where you and your elite pals may unwind? The city lights seem beautiful from the floor-to-ceiling windows. If you’re looking to relax before a game of billiards, this is it. Wow, blurrdMEDIA sure does make some sleek and sophisticated designs.


Billiard Room Design Ideas

This layout is ideal if you want a bamboo and wooden-themed game area—a beautiful plyboo (cross-woven bamboo plywood) ceiling. Everything in here is brown and made of wood! A true masterpiece by Willman Interiors / Gina Willman, ASID.


Billiard Room Design Ideas

Want to create an elegant billiards room with a beach theme? As a light fixture, the surfboard was specially designed and built. Everything here has some relation to summer at the beach. About Space Studios outdid themselves with this one.


Billiard Room Design Ideas

You will be completely blown away as soon as you step foot in here! The sophisticated color palette gives the impression that this establishment is quite pricey. It’s fascinating to see how the red pool table felt stands out against the yellow walls. Wow, TR Nelson outdid themselves with this one.


Billiard Room Design Ideas

The use of white and gray throughout creates a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in this game area. The lighting is exquisite, and the same lamp fixture is available at Savoy House. Ashton Woods manufactures this exquisite game table for your man cave.


Billiard Room Design Ideas

The gaming area has a fireplace, a TV, and a pool table. This pool hall is ideal for winding down after a long day. A brown cloth will work to cover the pool table and keep the area looking cohesive. Transforming Rooms creates such a tasteful fusion of styles.


Billiard Room Design Ideas

Do you wish you had a room dedicated to various forms of entertainment? For a pool table room, this layout is perfect. You can watch movies, play video games, or play pool in this multimedia room. Riach Architects is responsible for this graffiti-style billiards area.


Billiard Room Design Ideas

This high-end theater room has everything you could need. It’s packed with fun features and content, too. There’s a big screen so you can watch a movie while you shoot some pool. Adept Integrated Systems Ltd. created this innovative pool table.


Billiard Room Design Ideas

Everything is deceptively straightforward, yet the pool table elevates even the most mundane situation to the fantastic. The billiard table’s burgundy felt pops against the white walls. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a lakeside cottage. Wow, MAC Renovations LTD nailed it with this one.

Perfect Location For Your Billiard Room

Living Room – A large living room is a good spot for billiard tables and definitely a splendid entertainment element for visitors and family gatherings. Picking different furniture accordingly would save your room by simply being an eyesore to others. The table likewise requires sufficient space close to it to enable back lift while snapping shots. Make an effort to retain pretty much six feet around the table for good strokes. Enticing overhead lighting can make sure even distribution of lighting on the table and also a unique dimension to the family room decor.

Dining Room – Placing a pool dining table combo in the dining space isn’t a terrible idea. You are going to find a lot of classy combo tables on the market to finish your pool-dining room. It was very common in the 18th century. That’s precisely where the word “kitchen” (space behind the headrails) came from.

Upstairs – Some may think of putting in the table upstairs, which is not actually wise. Billiard tables are vulnerable and heavy to regular movements. Any clumsy maneuvers may harm the table. If you have no choice apart from this, we endorse calling on experts for handling this particular challenging installation.

Garage – Garage is usually a choice, too, although pool tables are hypersensitive to weather elements. Extreme humidity, heat, or even cold can harm the pool cloth as time passes. Thus, you have to use caution about moist wall space and direct sunlight. Some makeover is able to help develop a favorable condition to stay away from such things.


Basement – In our opinion, the basement is the greatest spot for a bar with pool table. At present, converting basements into game areas is a favorite trend. Together with the seating arrangement within the pool table, you are able to set up a small bar in the corner. Since the location is deprived of natural elements, you are going to want to manage appropriate ventilation and lighting. Storage for pool table accessories and also billiard room wall decors can give it a billiards club appearance.

Distinctive Elements To Add To Your Billiard Room

If you want the old-fashioned design to modern decor, think about developing your billiard room in a traditional style. Classic pool tables rooms may be elegant or laid-back, based on your individual taste and monetary resources. For instance, a 1950’s diner-style billiard room with a jukebox and soda bar offers an enjoyable, upbeat way to have visitors. For a stylish choice, think about a classic aristocratic British billiard room, with dim lighting, ornate textiles, and a decorative antique pool table. A saloon-style billiard room decorated with game trophies and fitted with a completely stocked Old West bar is yet another traditional design. Billiard room wall decoration is not required but could be significant in making a game room environment. A wall art piece or a billiard clock will be good as a bonus decor element. Also, a game room is constantly looking for storage because of its accessories. Wall cabinets can be an excellent answer. It’s likewise a space-saving solution. However, in case you don’t wish to go that strong, you may search for pool tables with a box inside. A wall-mounted cue rack or maybe pool cue corner rack will work nicely by fixing your storage dilemma for cues, triangle, and balls.

Lighting is much more than a decor element for your gaming room furniture. Like numerous additional table games, it impacts billiard immensely. You cannot imagine a pool room without adequate lighting. For better performance, follow pool table lighting requirements while purchasing a lighting fixture. Perfect distance and length will not just be a convenience your performance, but additionally, add an additional dimension to the gaming room lights. In case you’re concerned about the design, proceed through the group of overhead pool table lighting fixtures to discover the ideal fit for your design. Both contemporary and vintage look fixtures are obtainable on the market. The color of the ceiling & the wall has a strong effect on the whole decoration. Whether it is a contemporary or traditional design, the neutral background may be the safest since it doesn’t overpower other components in the space. If you choose decor, which is contemporary, you are able to consider a bold accent that blends together with the others. 

There are some popular choices for game room flooring. Since leveling is a problem, a hard surface is going to work very well as your pool room flooring. Many folks keep their table on a modern or traditional design carpet to bring the place a cozy appearance. However, setting up your pool table on a hardwood floor is definitely the smartest choice. Simply ensure your floor is not upstairs and will support the large table. We hope you have fun decorating your pool hall!

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