5 Designer Trends for Kitchen Backsplashes for a Timeless Appeal

5 Designer Trends Kitchen Backsplashes Timeless Appeal 2 Sebring Services

Kitchen backsplashes are the designer finishing touches that stand out for gourmet cooks as well as those who just enjoy eating take-out in a custom space that looks phenomenal. Backsplashes have a practical purpose, which is to catch grease and food stains that would otherwise damage the kitchen walls. It is easier to clean up food spills from materials used for most kitchen backsplashes. When looking at 5 designer trends for kitchen backsplashes, consider the practical side as well as the beauty or design look achieved. Even though using vintage bottle caps is an interesting way to add flair to your kitchen, it is difficult to clean bottle caps, photographs or reclaimed barn wood used as backsplash materials.

5 Designer Trends Kitchen Backsplashes Sebring ServicesHammered, distressed metals

One designer trend for kitchen backsplashes is to use distressed, hammered metals. Textured zincs make suitable material for backsplashes since zinc is a hygienic material. Brushed stainless steel is easy to clean, blending in well when you own stainless steel appliances. Backsplashes with complex design details and different patterns appeal to a lot of homeowners today whether they choose distressed metals or other materials. Medallions, for example, draw your eye to a focal point in the kitchen.

Glass in glossy sheets

Whether you use glossy sheets or glass tiles, glass is exceedingly easy to clean. Simply spray the backsplash with a glass cleaner and wipe. Some of the on-trend colors for a glass backsplash include muted gray-blue, metallic silver or light gray, according to a piece by westchestermagazine.com. Glass has a luminous look compared to other surface materials.

Smooth porcelain tile

Backsplash features are visual glues that tie together other design elements in the kitchen. The material you choose will relate to flooring, countertop and other design elements. Porcelain tile is an excellent choice because it’s more affordable yet mimics natural stone for an old world look. Porcelain is also versatile. You could opt for a smooth and shiny porcelain in a neutral color or something colorful.

Classic ceramic

An article by southernliving.com calls ceramic the classic choice for a kitchen backsplash. With ceramic, you have more flexibility to use different materials for the floors, cabinetry and countertops. Ceramic can also be used in any architectural or design style from transitional to contemporary and traditional.

Aesthetically appealing natural stone

When it’s time to upgrade your kitchen, talk to your home remodeler about natural stone tiles such as travertine. Travertine tile lasts a long time and is hard-wearing. Best of all, people living in the home as well as guests will likely find travertine aesthetically appealing. Some of the trends include using natural stone backsplashes to create a rustic look. For those who appreciate a modern style, simply pair the natural stone backsplash with bright-colored cabinets. Other natural stone options included granite, slate, onyx, limestone and marble.

When updating your kitchen, think about whether you want a backsplash with large or small tile or sheets. Also, decide where you want the backsplash to go whether it’s behind the sink or oven or covering an entire wall. Some people prefer larger backsplashes in their kitchen because they want the practical protection. Other people use a high-gloss interior for the walls and rely on a smaller backsplash simply to add personality and style.

At Sebring Services, we help our clients figure out all the design elements relevant to their home or kitchen remodel. Based in Naperville, we are a high-end home remodeler with a reputation for creativity, timeliness and professionalism. For more information on the 5 designer trends for kitchen backsplashes, please contact us.

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    I think that metal is a great material for a backsplash. It looks good and is normally really easy to clean. Besides. I can imagine that it would go well with a sheet metal copper or stainless steel counter top. I’m all about things being easy to clean in the kitchen. Though I probably wouldn’t want to use the zinc with stainless steel. It would probably look to plain. I guess I’ll just have to rethink what I want my kitchen to look like. Thanks for the backsplash options.

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