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Featured Image: Sagatov Design + Build

Have you ever considered using yellow tile colors for your kitchen and bath? This refreshing shade will emulate the ever warm sun and give your kitchen and bath a fresh and invigorating feel to it. Worrying that it might create a negative contrast to your existing furniture and appliances might weigh your decisions down but this change will not ruin your interior as long as you are able to execute it properly.

To remove your doubts about this interior project, you need to check your existing fixtures in the kitchen or bathroom to minimize color or design clashes. This will be an important step to take because this will back up your decision. Refurbishing your bathroom and kitchen with yellow ceramic tile colors can amp up the ambiance and make your kitchen less drab. It helps you create a livelier mix of vibrancy and warmth that people will always envision for their interiors to have. Choosing the color for your tiles are crucial yet easy when you already have your preferences in mind. Doubting your decisions regarding tile colors for your project is really normal, so if you really want to be 100% sure, here are some tips that will make things easier for you.


Yellow Gold Tile Design Kitchen Bath Ideas

Want your bathroom to reflect your passion for purple? Robert Kaner Interior Design did a fantastic job with this contemporary bathroom design. Behind the toilet and the yellow floating vanity is a small brick-like mosaic design that is extremely attractive.


Yellow Gold Tile Design Kitchen Bath Ideas

Your sink’s yellow backsplash will give the room a vibrant, inviting feel. Jaffa Group Design Build created a very amazing design. The lines were created with the floating vanity, stacked yellow tiles, and red lines for the lights.


Yellow Gold Tile Design Kitchen Bath Ideas

Do you want to make room in your home? This one seems practical! What a usable bathroom layout from Alair Homes Decatur. This bath has honeycomb tiles on the floor. The brick pattern tile looks great, showing off the tub.


Yellow Gold Tile Design Kitchen Bath Ideas

Everything is big in this bathroom design with a yellow motif by DiGiacomo Homes & Renovation, Inc., so ideal for a large family! The bright mustard-yellow mosaic tile draws your attention to the faucets and vessel sinks.


Yellow Gold Tile Design Kitchen Bath Ideas

Want to have a design for your kitchen and dining area that is both cozy and inviting? That design by Dan Ruhland Design LLC is excellent. The island, lighting, and counters are all brought together by the yellow backsplash.


Yellow Gold Tile Design Kitchen Bath Ideas

Everyone would agree that Falken Reynold Interiors’ colorful bathroom design is quite appealing. To give the impression that the ceiling is higher and the space is broader, 12 by 24 yellow tiles are laid diagonally.


Yellow Gold Tile Design Kitchen Bath Ideas

Everything in this bathroom design seems so bright that it is perfect for a night bath! Such a warm bathroom design by Kowalske Kitchen And Bath. The bright yellow matches the blue cement tile on the floor and the flat panel vanity.



Yellow Gold Tile Design Kitchen Bath Ideas

Want to go with the yellow motif yet have a classic kitchen in your home? In this kitchen by Gabriel Conen Cabinetry, the light wood floors and yellow backsplash complement the dark wood cabinets.


Yellow Gold Tile Design Kitchen Bath Ideas

Do you desire a clean, bright kitchen with lots of natural accents? This is a brilliant design from Delta Faucet. These stylish subway tile backsplashes matched the shiplap above them vertically.


Yellow Gold Tile Design Kitchen Bath Ideas

Everything appears warm and cheerful in this kitchen and dining room design by Jennifer Grey Interiors. This farmhouse style is completed with beige tile. The countertop made from leftover wood is a great touch. It will be universally acknowledged that this is ideal for your household.

Tips to Help You Choose the Right Tile Color

The trend in colors constantly changes and as a homeowner it is not your responsibility to keep up with it. What you need to do is to create timeless room interiors that can easily outlive these trends. That is why it is very crucial to have the right tile colors for the essential rooms of the house, i.e. kitchen and bathroom. Your floor and wall tile color are one of the most important factors that need to be considered when you are matching them with all the fixtures, pieces of furniture, and appliances that you need to install. Make sure that you are able to pick a color that has the potential to match any type of interior setting that you have in mind. Using a tile color that can complement a wide array of themes or color schemes will be very beneficial for you in the long run. To get the most out of the tiles that you plan to use for your enhancement project, here are some tips that you can use when picking.

What is the room’s purpose?

Answering this question will lead you to a certain color group. There are come tile colors that will work in the kitchen but will not work in your bedroom. Using yellow subway tile colors might work for your backsplash but it will sometimes be awkward to use this in other walls of the house. It is very important to look at the room’s purpose to know the tile material that will perfectly fit your room and this also limits your color options. Knowing the main function of the room will also be beneficial when looking for fixtures and furniture.

Scrutinize the effects of the color schemes

Most designers will tell you that a small room needs brighter wall paints and floor tiles to make it appear more spacious while dark colors will do the opposite effect. Using this as a guiding principle when choosing a color scheme for your tiles will help you zoom in your choices into a particular “group”. Choosing an interior plan for a yellow tile bathroom will be easier if you already have an idea regarding the overall effect of your choice. Aside from cream-based colors, and toned down yellows, other natural tile colors will also help you obtain that much needed timeless interior for your house. A lot of people who are planning on flipping a property usually go for natural hues because they are most likely to enhance the value of the house. It gives the buyer an opportunity to get their desired furniture and decor without worrying about the walls and floors.


Yellow Gold Tile Design Kitchen Bath Ideas

This bathroom’s design is both vibrant and bright. The bathroom design by L. Evans Design Group Inc. is amazing. The barn glass doors provide a great touch, and the subway tile flows smoothly from the tub to the shower.


Yellow Gold Tile Design Kitchen Bath Ideas

This bathroom’s layout exudes a cheerful and inviting atmosphere. This Potter Construction bathroom design is peaceful. The 22-yellow strip brings together this tan tile and the accent wall. A very faint golden tinge!


Yellow Gold Tile Design Kitchen Bath Ideas

Do you want to make your kitchen historical and artistic? The Jessica Glynn Photographer photographed this vibrant kitchen decor. The stainless hood, gray countertops, and blue cabinets are drawn together by the white lines on the yellow tile.


Yellow Gold Tile Design Kitchen Bath Ideas

What a Spanish-style kitchen design! You will have a very classic time in this kitchen design by Michael Lyons Architect. The yellow tiles in this gorgeous kitchen do their job of pulling the blue and tan countertops together.


Neutral base colors

If you are undecided and want to keep it simple, getting neutral colors for your tiles will also be sufficient. Once you get tired of these neutral colors you can always spice it up by adding hints of pink, blue, or yellow glass tile colors on your walls. Neutral base colors can accommodate soft and bold furnishings so it will get along well with any new ideas you will have in the future. Trying this minimalistic approach to interior decoration will also point you in the right direction once you decide on doing some bold changes in your house.

Create an airy room 

Remodeling a stuffy bathroom in your house always leads to the question “How can I create an airy and spacious feel out of this?” It is a question that is very simple to address. Small spaces can benefit a lot when you choose lighter colors. When the white or cream-colored tiles are getting boring, you can always opt for lighter tones of pink, blue, and even yellow bathroom tile. These lighter colors also reflect the light in the room as much as their white and cream counterparts. Using the pastel yellow penny tile for your bathroom floor and kitchen backsplashes will not just enhance the spacious feeling of the room but also add an interesting texture to it. When properly installed along with your choice of wall and floor tiles for the kitchen and bath, the penny tiles have the ability of creating a seamless look despite its texture that stands out.

Choose between warm or cool tiles

When picking the tile color, it is also important to choose it in accordance with the atmosphere that you want to achieve. More or less, when you are selecting a tile for the kitchen you will generally choose something warm while for the bathroom, people will usually want cooler color tones. Warm and welcoming atmospheres are mainly created when you choose shades of red, orange, and yellow while blue and green shades are associated with refreshing colors. But if you are decided to use the warmer tone in your bathroom, you can use a lighter shade of orange and yellow mosaic tile colors to achieve the midpoint of that warm yet refreshing bathroom. A mix and match of light and dark blue and green tones can also create the same effect. With the existence of color shade variations, playing with it will help you achieve the right atmosphere for your rooms.  

There are a lot of tile colors available for your remodeling project. In determining what will work best for your house, you just need to be more open to the ever-changing trend. Especially when you are not planning on selling the property after the project is done. Timeless interiors can save your money in the long run but something sharp and edgier will make your character pop when you can follow some existing trends.  


Yellow Gold Tile Design Kitchen Bath Ideas

The pattern designs overflow in this bathroom design by Lauren Rubin Architecture, which has a highly creative and upbeat feeling. The shower floors and vanity harmonize with the gray and yellow tile mix.


Yellow Gold Tile Design Kitchen Bath Ideas

Want to make your contemporary kitchen as minimalist and uncomplicated as possible? Anstey Homes created a kitchen that is very modern and tidy. Simple subway tiles are used. It gives the gray worktops, cabinets, and appliances a frame.


Yellow Gold Tile Design Kitchen Bath Ideas

Miriam Barrio‘s bathroom design is ideal for your modest home! Everything is both straightforward and energetic. The yellow tile strips highlight the walk-in access and the curbless shower.


Yellow Gold Tile Design Kitchen Bath Ideas

Have a contemporary home yet desire a kitchen with a yellow theme? Despite the yellow hue, Innenarchitektur Rathke‘s kitchen design appears modern! The yellow tiles give the impression that the kitchen is larger. With the stainless hood, it looks fantastic.


Yellow Gold Tile Design Kitchen Bath Ideas

What a sleek, vibrant bathroom design that looks costly despite the small amount of available area. What a great bathroom design by Robert Kerr Architecture Design. The tub and floating wood vanity make the black, and yellow color scheme look fantastic.


Yellow Gold Tile Design Kitchen Bath Ideas

With this Strong Cabinetry kitchen design, everything appears so contemporary and energizing. The lighting and the yellow backsplash fit so well. The yellow backsplash tiling highlights the high gloss cabinets and counters.

Kitchen Tile Flooring

Aside from getting the right color, you will also need to consider getting the right tile material. This is very important especially when they will be used for floors of high traffic areas at home. Your kitchen and bathroom flooring should be given attention because most slip and fall accidents may occur here. Knowing the right tile material that will work for these areas will be a way to secure your family’s safety. To help you pick the right tile material, here are the most common tiles used for the kitchen or even for your bathroom floors.

Porcelain Tiles – These are harder and denser tiles which are perfect for high traffic areas. This is a material that you can consider if you want to have a yellow floor tile for your kitchen because they can in almost all colors. This will also be a perfect fit for your vintage yellow tile bathroom because glazed and unglazed porcelain tiles have a wide array of patterns that adds aesthetic value to your room once installed. However, the installation will be less DIY friendly because it often needs special tools. 

Ceramic Tiles – The beauty of a ceramic tile will be perfect if you are trying to remodel your yellow tile kitchen flooring. Although they are considered to be softer than porcelain tiles, the ceramic tiles can be glazed to make the surface harder and impervious to spills and stains. These tiles are also available in any color, so if you are looking for a more DIY friendly tile with a wide range of colors to choose from, the ceramic tiles will be a considerable option.

Stone Floor Tiles – Slate, granite, limestone, travertine, and marble are some of the materials that you can choose from when you are considering to use natural stones as your kitchen flooring tiles. However, since they are porous, refinishing jobs every two or three years will be needed in order to ensure that they are protected from staining and breaking. There are two ways for you to create a vibrant look for your stone tiles, polishing and honing. Polishing is done to bring out the full beauty of the stone but it creates less traction when the stone surface is wet. Honing on the other hand prevents the tiles from being too slippery but the finish of your stone tiles can sometimes be less vibrant. So your choice will be between safety and beauty. 


Yellow Gold Tile Design Kitchen Bath Ideas

This bathroom decor was taken by Amanda Kirkpatrick Photography and featured a straightforward white and yellow color scheme. The curbless shower and open vanity look fantastic with the herringbone accent wall.


Yellow Gold Tile Design Kitchen Bath Ideas

There is no denying that the colors yellow and brown go well together, as shown in the kitchen photographed by KuDa Architectural Photography. The yellow tiling and white grout complement natural flat panel cabinets and white quartz counters.


There is no need to copy everything out of your yellow kitchen and bathroom design inspiration. Most of the time getting a focal point of the design will be enough to give off the atmosphere that caught your attention when you first laid eyes on the concept. It might be that yellow subway tile backsplash or the creative pattern on the floor, whatever it is that you consider catchy can always be incorporated into your own kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. It is not bad to copy an inspiration but do not forget to give your personal touch into it in order for your character to be present once the interior is done.

Trying a vintage atmosphere in your kitchen can be achieved easily with the use of a yellow glass tile backsplash and fixtures that have a rustic vibe. Maintaining the vintage interior setup into your bedrooms and bathrooms will be very easy once you have decided on fixtures and pieces of furniture that exudes the timeless vintage extravagance. There is nothing to fear if you want to deviate from the neutral tile colors, it is easy to make vibrant and popping tile colors like red, yellow, and even orange to complement the whole interior. Using warm colors and wanting it to reflect on your kitchen and bathroom will be an easier feat once you know what color scheme works for your interior plan.

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