23 Backyard Office Shed Ideas

Featured Image: C&R Remodeling As the pandemic makes working from home the new normal, and as individuals realize that this situation might go on for years, finding enough space and quiet to focus and get your work done has been a priority. If setting up your workplace at the kitchen dining table is not cutting it, and if you have sufficient backyard space, you should think about having a backyard office shed. These 31 backyard office shed ideas will surely inspire you to create something for yourself. TUCKED BEHIND Want a contemporary backyard [...]

23 Backyard Brick Patio Design Ideas

Featured Image: Casa Smith Designs, LLC When you add a patio, your living room is automatically extended. It could be an outdoor room, a cooking area, a dining area, or maybe a private terrace. After you have determined the patio's size and spot, you will have to decide which paving material to work with. Brick is a versatile patio material and is highly favored among homeowners.  Today, let's explore it more as we discuss this popular patio surfacing material. You should also check out our backyard brick patio design ideas and see if you like something you can replicate [...]

23 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

Featured Image: Alderwood Landscape Architecture and Construction Sitting close to an outdoor fire pit with family, gazing at the bright flames under the starry night sky, will make you realize life is simply lovely and blissful! Introducing the element of fire to the backyard not just adds warmth, but additionally adds a high-end look to the outside space. We have come up with a gallery of the backyard fire pit ideas to inspire you on your next project. MID-SIZED TIMELESS Need a reliable haven to escape to at the end of each day? [...]

21 Outdoor Home Basketball Court Ideas

Featured Image: Decor Snob Wanting to have a fun game in your backyard basketball court sounds like an exciting activity that you can enjoy. However, before you actually do this recreation, you first need to face the problem of how you can have your own backyard court. It might not be as wide as what we see in the NBA stadiums but a half-court basketball dimension for a backyard would just be as perfect. Installing and deciding to DIY a backyard basketball court will be challenging. There are a lot of things that you need to consider since this [...]