24 Recreational Room Ideas

When you’ve got a large recreational room - or family room, as they call it in the UK - you want it to achieve a perfect blend of fun and functional. A lot of thought goes into the style, design, layout, and furniture of such a dynamic room. A recreational room is a relaxing and fun space for everyone. No matter how large or small your family is, and how much space you have to work with, make sure your ideas for your downstairs recreational room are something that everybody can enjoy. The following concepts and examples can serve [...]

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The Most Amazing Video Game Room Ideas to Enhance Your Basement

Movie lovers have their home theater, bookworms have a home library, and gardening enthusiasts have their flower gardens. What do video gamers have? A home video game room of course. We have seen some good video game rooms, we have seen some unique ones, and we have certainly seen some wild ones. For video game lovers, having the right place to play your games is essential to your enjoyment and comfort. You could choose to play on the couch in the living room or on your bed but your back will punish you for it, not to mention all [...]

25 TV Wall Mount Ideas for Your Viewing Pleasure

The TV is an essential part of the living room. Not just because it is a source of entertainment, but also because of its impact on the aesthetics and feel of the most important room of the house. When you are deciding on the living room style, take into consideration how you are going to mount the TV. The entire TV area is often the focal point of the space and needs to reflect your preferred feel and style. How you have designed the TV area can determine whether your living room décor is contemporary, country, or futuristic. Here is [...]

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6 Reasons Why Finishing Your Basement Should be Your Next Remodeling Project

Years ago the term “basement finishing” meant walling off a section of your cluttered basement storage space, sticking a single bed, night table, and lamp inside and call it a new spare bedroom. Typically, this drab space was only used for the occasional house guest that you were not wildly interested in impressing anyway. Thankfully that dated mindset is long gone! Today's basement finishing project can turn a once drab basement into a preferred destination for everyone in the house. From spare bedrooms that invite a guest to stay awhile, to entertainment areas that keep the party going for [...]

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