35 Cute Baby Girl Nursery & Bedroom Ideas

Are you expecting a new child soon? Are you getting excited about bringing your baby girl into the world? Manifest your excitement with these 35 cute baby girl bedroom ideas! Whether you are a fan of the traditional pink baby girl bedroom ideas or you are looking for something modern and neutral, there are plenty of ways to keep your baby’s room cute and inviting. This is a great opportunity to decorate your child’s nursery to best prepare for the birth of your sweetie. Make it a great room for them to spend the first few years of [...]

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34 Teen Bedroom Ideas

If you need teen bedroom ideas, consider what your teenager likes and imagine their room through their point of view. You should keep in mind that a teenager has a different perspective on a room than a grown-up. Aside from having a place to sleep, a teenage bedroom is the place a teenager hides from the world of rules and standards. There are not many spots where a teen can express themselves shamelessly. The bedroom is the best option. When you are a teenager, you think that anything is possible. Their preferred things are diverse and sometimes conflicting. However, [...]

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47 Really Fun Sports Themed Bedroom Ideas

There are few spaces in the house as personal as the bedroom. This does not apply to adults only; even kids take their bedrooms as their personal sanctuaries. They want their personality, hobbies, and passions to be reflected in the décor of the room. This is something to consider when you are undertaking a home renovation or building a new house. Instead of the usual bedroom design, make it pop by using a theme. One common idea is to deck out a kid’s bedroom in a sports theme. It can be football, soccer, hockey, racing, or a combination of sports. [...]

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5 Reasons to Convert Your Basement Into a Bedroom for Your Teen

It might have never crossed your mind to turn your basement into a bedroom during your basement remodeling project, but if you have a teen in the house, it might be a good idea. These are a few reasons why many parents of teens make this type of remodeling decision and find that it's a great idea, and why it might be a good idea for your family.  If you need additional help planning your basement project, take a look at another article we wrote, "Basement Planning from the Ground Up". Provide Some Peace and Quiet for Your Family [...]

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Ideas for Remodeling Your Kids Bedroom

There are so many cool possibilities when remodeling your child’s bedroom.  This is why Pinterest has become so popular for creative moms.  Whether you want to create a calm space for your child to relax and do homework or a private place to play when friends are over, you will be sure to find ideas that express your child's personality.  The best part of designing this space is that there are no rules.  You don’t have to worry about designing a space that is cohesive with all the other areas of you home. Add a Theme and Include Your Kids [...]

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