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Purple color combinations are trendy and work nicely for contemporary kitchen cabinets. Purple kitchen color schemes are able to make your interior room experience cool or warm, based on blue or red tones, which might be added to the kitchen layout. A light purple kitchen layout looks airy & restful. Deep purple kitchen cabinets make a bold statement, offering powerful fashionable contrasts & color schemes. Check out our 17 purple kitchen cabinet ideas and images for inspiration.


Everingham Design

An elegant kitchen featuring purple cabinets and gold hardware, faucet, range hood, and kitchenware.


Lewis Alderson & Co.

A classic and timeless kitchen with deep plum cabinets black floor tiles, and black countertop.


Stephen Graver

The bright orchid shade for the cabinets makes this kitchen fun and classy at the same time.


J NORD WOLFE General Contracting Inc.

The lower cabinets in grape shade combine well with the white walls, backsplash, & floating shelves.


Finch London

Huge storage space that features open shelvings for easy access and closed ones for privacy.


Анна Коковашина

The entire kitchen looks modern, elegant, and stylish with this particular shade of purple.


Harvey Jones Kitchens

A lighter and toned down shade of purple makes a more laidback appeal in this kitchen.



High-gloss laminated purple and stainless steel appliances can make your kitchen lively.


Berphin Interior

A gorgeous and lovely shade of lavender makes this kitchen warm and welcoming.


Mobili da Cucina

This specific shade of purple is able to make your kitchen stunning without overwhelming the room.

Why We Love Purple Kitchen Cabinets 

Rich purple color schemes remind us of gorgeous flowers, including iris or clematis, along with grapes hanging from the vine. Light purple easily connects us with aromatic lilac, which blooms in spring. Purple is a pleasant and unique color that may be added in your kitchen design for creating stylish, impressive, and personal interior.

Purple kitchen colors are also connected with fruits and vegetables, such as turnips, eggplant, grapes, blueberries, purple cabbage, and plums. Purple colors include violet, lavender, fuchsia, cyclamen, aubergine, amaranthine color, plum, blueberry, eggplant, mauve, windsor, & westminster shades. Purple isn’t the most used color, though those individuals, who choose purple tones for their home layout, like and enjoy the gorgeous purple decor.

Purple kitchen colors are ideal for artistic and creative individuals who appreciate modern, unique, and fresh kitchen design ideas. Purple colors unleash the ingenuity and imagination, offering soothing and revitalizing color schemes for contemporary kitchen design. Heavy royal, as well as gracious light purple kitchen shades, bring luxury to interiors, offering the best color schemes for contemporary kitchens, which symbolize influence and wealth.




If you don’t want to go all out on purple, choose a shade that works for you like this one.


Urban Kitchens

A bold shade of purple for a fiercer look that shows a lot of attitude and personality.



Pair your purple kitchen cabinets with black, gray, and white to achieve a dramatic look.


Bilotta Kitchens

Deep mauve kitchen cabinets with silver hardware for that elegant and timeless look.

Purple Kitchen Cabinet Colors Schemes

Monochromatic color schemes include dark and light purple shades, as well as neutral tones, such as light gray, white cream, white, off-white, and beige shades.

Complementary color schemes for contemporary kitchens can consist of light brown, citrus yellow, golden, and yellow cream hues. The bold accent color, put into purple wall structure tiles or kitchen cabinets, produce a strong and dynamic contemporary home layout.

Triadic color schemes for contemporary kitchen models with purple kitchen cabinets incorporate orange and green tones, which could be picked for kitchen accessories, wall paint, and furniture. Subdued tones produce smooth, hopeful, and pleasurable triadic color schemes with purple kitchen cabinets color combinations.

Magenta, red-violet, and fuchsia shades make kitchen cabinets colors and designs seem warmer. Lilac tones, violet, blue-violet, and light blue, mixed with purple kitchen cabinets, make a contemporary home layout appear cooler and calmer.


Mereway Kitchens

A custom purple storage system that is able to fit your pantry essentials or kitchenware.


Anglia Factors Limited

Purple for the lower cabinets and bright white for the upper cabinets for a perfectly balanced kitchen.

Embracing A Purple Kitchen 

Purple for a kitchen area states the cooking space is deserving of the identical elegance and ranking as the family room, a delight for lovers of both design and food. A very unconventional color for a cooking area, purple inspires sophistication and dreaminess and always holds a subtle fashion statement. This extremely individualistic color is a stimulant of awareness and also comes with a simple, stylish touch. In combination with the proper accessories and surfaces, purple can significantly individualize a kitchen and allow it to be an eye-catcher.

Sleek and purple appear to get along perfectly for fashionable minimalistic kitchen suites. You get the sense that these snazzy kitchens are fearful of getting dirty, but on the other hand, the shiny and smooth surfaces are pretty simple to clean up and keep. There’s one thing wonderful and uprooted regarding a kitchen area making use of these infinitely soft, reflecting, and purple finishes.

Purple is a great color that may be coupled with dark for an ultra-contemporary look or with white for a delicate, soft, and ladylike one. Nevertheless, gentle green or maybe turquoise nuance in modest accents can be included without disagreeing with the dominating shade.

Yellow, the counter color of violet and complementary color to purple, or perhaps a bright and warm wood surface, conveys a welcomed bright tinge to some purple dominance, particularly since purple will often seem to pressure, as discussed by style psychologists that connected it with introspection and depression.

How To Decorate A Purple Kitchen 

Lavender or even lilac are gentler shades which may be regarded as wonderful, dreamy, and relaxing, also ideal for a kitchen area. In a cooking room characterized by this sophisticated and unique color, pay particular attention to lighting fixtures. Basic geometries, glistening glass bodies, as well as elementary shaped crystal chandeliers, would be the most suitable options, thanks to their elegance. Purple goes good with transparency and does not mind whether it sparkles.

The blend of shiny purple surfaces with their manufacturing look and also the naturalness of wood cabinetry in a rough surface could additionally make for a fascinating contrast and an improvised, eclectic impact which is becoming more popular today.

Purple will find its place in a conventional and less industrial layout too. If you believe that your monochrome wood furniture makes for a very flat home, then add a pop of purple to it. Choose a unique piece like a kitchen cabinet or the island and freshen it up with purple paint.

Purple mosaic tiles or matte purple kitchen ceramic tiles can be contemporary but still appear quite homey than industrial, particularly coupled with wood finishes.

Stylish meets elegant in a mix of purple and a marble kitchen surface. These pretentious textures could be reconciled without appearing pompous and overbearing when organized in a rectangular and minimalist kitchen suite.

Purple For An Elegant Kitchen

Purple isn’t a conventional color for a kitchen, and that is the reason why you really should check it out. Purple kitchen ideas are going to make your cooking space outstanding. The purple color is also excellent for several design types, from contemporary, modern, to eclectic.

Applying purple paint on kitchen cabinets is a more secure method to include custom hues than painting the wall space purple. You are able to use purple cabinets for several kitchen types, and the colors can be rich or light. Purple is suitable for both wall and floor kitchen cabinets, and also you don’t have to include different purple items in the kitchen in case you are looking for a simpler look.

Combine soft or deep purple for your cabinets, and make use of neutral shades for some other primary features. For instance, light purple cabinets seem to be fantastic when combined with wooden floors, while deep purple appears good with brick walls.

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