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If you like being outdoors and basking in the sunshine, you want a sunroom in your daily life. Flooded with a lot of natural light, their whole purpose is inspiring daydreams and relaxation. If you are fortunate enough to currently have an area inside your house where natural sunshine floods the whole room (or in case you are thinking about an expansion in the near future), we have highlighted 35 sunroom ideas and screened porch design ideas below to help you with your project. Ranging from comfortable reading nooks hugging windows to party-ready screen-in porches and everything in between, these trendy sunrooms will help make you wish to turn into a cat with practically nothing to do all day long but nap. We hope you enjoy them!


Cynthia Hayes Interior Design

This beach style sunroom looks meticulously crafted with interesting pieces.


Martha O’Hara Interiors

The white walls and ceiling match well with the white oak flooring with a custom stain.


Crisp Architects

Modern farmhouse sunroom provides tons of comfort with ample seating.


Outback Deck, Inc.

This transitional sunroom features skylight and large windows.


Kathleen Walsh Interiors, LLC

Lounge around this beautiful Georgian living space with beige and white walls.


Sustainable Nine Design + Build

Modern sunroom with full glass enclosure, living plants, and sofa.


Element Construction Partners

Brick-styled floor and floor to ceiling windows provide a laid-back feel.


Found Design Studio

The combination of wood and neutral tones make this sunroom relaxing.



Enjoy a relaxed lifestyle in this beach style sunroom in Minneapolis.


Banner Day Interiors

This beach style sunroom offers lots of comfort with hammock and pillows.

The Search For Perfect Sunroom Ideas 

A sunroom is in everyone’s dream home checklist, and in case you are fortunate enough to have one, then it deserves the same design and decorating attention as your other favorite areas in the home. These sunroom design ideas can help you with that. Because solarium benefits already from ample natural lighting, focus your energies on locating the perfect add-ons & home furniture for the area. Whether you visualize the sunroom as a cozy breakfast room for everyday family meals or maybe a comfortable hangout area packed with pillows, this particular room’s versatility is able to adjust to each need. Why don’t you include a potting bench, small home office, or perhaps quiet reading nook?

Make this particular windowed space an all-season room by loading up comfortable textures, blankets, and throws. There is no lack of sunshine, so let your inner plant parent go outdoors by earning a lot of full sun houseplants. While new greenery or maybe toss pillows are able to spruce up a sunroom on short notice, roll up your sleeves and generate big impact changes with a layer of paint, plush rug, or perhaps a big dining table. Then re-envision the entire first floor with a lot more wonderful ideas for sunroom for your family room and family room. 

Even though the great outdoors is wonderful, often the mood needs a lazy day inside, curled up with an excellent book and a big glass of coffee. And what an eco-friendly spot to do that than in an area loaded with comfy chairs and sunshine? With indoor/outdoor living and also nature-inspired look on the rise, it is not surprising that we have seen a lot more and more stunning transitional areas in our social media feeds. When you are loving this trend or just trying to provide your present space a refresh, see these sunroom design ideas pictures for a bit of sun-filled inspiration.



Offer and Associates

All-white sunroom looks refreshing with cozy rattan chairs.


Divine Custom Homes

The WeatherMaster windows are provided by SunSpace Twin Cities.



Ironwood Construction Group LLC

This is a perfect place to chat or have a meal with family and friends.


Ambiance Interiors

The rustic sunroom gives you all the laidback feel and warmth.

Are Sunroom Ideas Worth It?

A sunroom can also be known as a sun parlor, sun porch, or even a sun lounge, and it is a structure typically built upon the edge of a house. For small sunroom decorating ideas, we have a lot here. A sunroom enables you to admire and also to enjoy the views and also the surroundings while being sheltered and shielded from rain, other climate conditions, and wind. The name is quite suggestive, really. Since this particular room has huge sunroom window ideas to be able to allow panoramic views, the sunshine gets through, and the room is loaded with warmth and light.  There are many diverse kinds of designs for the sunroom. It may be constructed out of an assortment of materials. For instance, you are able to have a brick sunroom in case you prefer a far more rustic decor. You are able to further build it from wood, making it feel cozy and warm, or perhaps, in case you would like to highlight the views, you are able to create it of glass. The roof is able to additionally be produced of glass so that you can have a view of the sky and take pleasure in the weather to its maximum.

Sunrooms are the best additions to homes that are starved for sunlight. Usually less costly compared to standard sunroom addition ideas, these built-ons offer much more window space compared to wall surface area to make as much light as you possibly can to one end of your house. Still, house sunrooms occupy a hazy middle ground in the construction community. Some sunrooms are site built with lumber, electricity, foundation, joists, trusses, and at times even plumbing. These are constantly contractor-driven permitted projects subject to building codes. Aside from the massive amount of skylights and windows, these sunrooms could be called room additions or perhaps bumpouts.

On another end of the scale are pre-fabricated sunroom kits. These sunrooms go up immediately, require less permitting, are more affordable, and may usually be constructed on a do-it-yourself schedule. In several instances, they don’t require foundations and could be built directly onto a current concrete patio slab or perhaps a sturdy ground level deck. Check out our sunroom ideas pictures to get inspired.


MDS Remodeling LLC

Enjoy a four-season sunroom with an area complete with fireplace.


Studio 119

Love the outdoors, but want protection from the elements? This one is perfect.


Lea St. Germain photography

You will not want to leave this stunning place with wide windows and a perfect view.


Acanthus Architecture, PA

Nothing beats a wood-fired fireplace! Enjoy the warmth in this farmhouse sunroom.


Kyle Hunt & Partners, Incorporated

This sunroom extension is a great addition to any home. The skylight is perfect.


Wes Hanson Builders, Inc.

This rustic sunroom remodel in Minneapolis looks cozy and inviting.

Different Types Of Sunroom Addition

House Bumpout – A house bumpout is a moderate expansion of an area though it’s not really a room in itself. Along with a bumpout falls well short of becoming a complete addition: a multi-room, multi-function structure which is very costly but that provides significant resale value to your house. A sunroom is commonly greatly fenestrated. Besides sunroom windows ideas, it usually has sunroofs, or the whole room may be made of glass. Incorporating the thought of a bumpout with a sunroom offers a bumpout hybrid that is highly centered on relaxation & sunshine. This particular hybrid generally doesn’t have sleeping quarters, a kitchen, or maybe a bathroom. The walls are usually substantial 16- or 24-inch on center wood-framed, insulated walls. The sunroom part is the fact that these walls are populated with many more windows than may be seen in a regular sitting room. From the exterior, these custom-built hybrid sunroom-bumpouts blend in effectively with the majority of the home. Siding, roofing, paint, and window styles match all together. The sole clues this may be a sunroom are it has an unusually large amount of windows, and it extends farther into the home compared to the majority of the house.                                                                

Pre-Fabricated Sunroom Kit – The pre-fabricated sunroom kit is definitely the most typical & most accessible type of sunroom readily available to homeowners. This particular kind of sunroom has been earlier designed and also made elsewhere, off-site from the house. Its design is independent of any individual home. Generally, businesses that design and build pre-fabricated sunrooms create a selection of sizes, shapes, and styles so that homeowners are able to get one that best matches their very own home. Unlike stick-built frameworks that are built of drywall and wood, pre-fabricated sunrooms are chiefly made from steel, tempered glass, aluminum, and foam insulation.

From the inside, pre-fabricated sunrooms retain not simply an exterior wall, but also the appearance of that wall. The home’s exterior siding generally remains in place, and doors that lead into the home are retained. From the outside, these sunrooms look a lot like add-ons. These sunrooms ordinarily have metal roofing. Since glass covers virtually every vertical area, it’s not feasible to keep the home’s siding upon the sunroom. Three-season sunrooms are lightly made and work nicely once the sunshine is good. But of the winter season, when temperatures are lower and also the sunshine is at a premium, these three season sunrooms are generally way too cold to be comfortable. Four-season sunrooms have the additional care, and insulating material has been taken to run heating or perhaps to cool out to that area.

Sunroom Conservatory – Plants and flowers would be the emphasis of any sunroom conservatory. This particular kind of sunroom approaches greenhouse status since all the wall space, and the top are basically glass. Flooring, also, is generally hardscaped in ceramic tile or porcelain, natural stone, or perhaps concrete for simple cleanup after watering. When there’s home furniture, it’s usually outdoor furnishings because the humidity in the sunroom would destroy fabric-covered furniture. Ordinarily, however, furniture is held to a minimum. Conservatory-style sunrooms are ideal for devoted gardeners. Resale value for these kinds of sunrooms may be on the lower end since they’re not habitable.

Back Porch Sunroom – True to the title, a back porch sunroom is situated on what about the spot associated with a former back porch. The primary element which distinguishes this particular kind of sunroom from others is its place. Occasionally, this specific sunroom nonetheless retains a lot of the back porch’s building elements. Sunroom flooring ideas, ceiling, roof, and walls will be the exact same. Check out our sunroom ceiling ideas here. The one difference would be that the wide-open and screened windows are replaced with glass windows.



Scott Allen Architecture

Perfect glass ceiling with ample amount of greenery make this sunroom a winner.


ROAM Architecture

The enclosure was put into an existing wood deck for an all-season outdoor feel.


Alexander Design Group, Inc.

You can get the same large windows from Marvin Ultimate line.


ML Interior Designs

Read and curl with your favorite book in this gorgeous traditional sunroom.


GRAYSON DE VERE Interior Design & Staging

The small sunroom looks bigger than it actually is with the glass windows and ceilings.


Blue Ridge Distributors, LLC

Transitional sunroom with the right amount of color, interesting pieces, and texture.


Sutphin Architecture, PLLC

Relax, unwind, & spend your free time in this breathtaking traditional sunroom.


Leigh Newport Staged by Design®

Fully carpeted sunroom with gray novelty rug and jalousie windows.


Tom Stringer Design Partners

The windows are airtight, but they can be opened to let some breeze in.


Whitten Architects

The windows are called Integrity from Marvin windows and doors.


Imery Group

This sunroom features traditional ceramic tiles and bricks for a dramatic appeal.




Photos by Chris McCarthy

Move from entertainment to relaxation real quick with this awesome sunroom extension.


Anthony James Construction

The grey furnishings look stunning in this traditional sunroom in New York.

Tips To Make Your Sunroom More Cozy

If your sunroom is completely protected against the outside elements, then you are able to simply incorporate indoor-only items, like lamps, stereos, and TVs. In reality, putting in the latter two may help bring friends and family to much more outdoor-focused areas in the evening, enabling you to max out sunroom hours. The standard furniture for a lot of sides in sunrooms is a table and perhaps a chair. But in order to make use of every square inch—especially in small sunroom ideas— think about adding a built-in or stand-alone corner bench. Outfitted with decorative pillows and cushions, these benches can offer additional storage.

Decorating sunrooms could be simplified by hiring a professional to complete all of the jobs for you. Nevertheless, it will be pricey, and yes, it is going to take your cash more. Consequently, in case you have a low spending limit, you have to figure out how to get it done all on your own. Since it is going to be cheaper and it’ll become more convenient in case you have the decoration based on your wants, demand, and taste to fit your sunroom decorating ideas budget. The very first thing you have to know from how you can embellish a sunroom is to have the ideal design and style for the area. You can do that with the best perfect style that is going to match your requirement and personal taste. For instance, you are able to have a contemporary style for minimalism and simplicity. As for the high-end and beauty, you are able to use the class and vintage style for your sunroom.

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