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Deciding on getting a copper countertop will surely create a unique synergy within your kitchen. It is a known fact that there are a lot of materials that you can choose from but a certain rustic charm that the copper possesses makes it a crowd favorite. As an excellent material that most interior design experts use as accents, the aesthetic quality that this material has to offer goes beyond it being traditional. 

Copper is a delicate metal that can be dented or scratched when force against is applied. But, its pleasant radiance and its resistance to dirt makes it an excellent choice for copper bar tops. When you use copper sheets for countertops you will also need to think of its maintenance.  A lot of homeowners have been using copper as a countertop covering hundreds of years. This material is very easy to clean even with simple home cleaning products. However, this material’s softness needs to be well considered when the cleaning materials you have can be pretty abrasive to copper.


Copper Countertop Design Ideas for Your Kitchen and Bar

This magnificent-looking island counter with bar stools in the kitchen will be perfect when used as a bar counter or for food tasting once dishes are done. Everyone will concur that Railing’s design for this kitchen is versatile.


Copper Countertop Design Ideas for Your Kitchen and Bar

Looking for an inspiration that will create an exquisite aura? This combination of block-colored cabinets and great accents surely instills a grandeur. This kitchen design by Better Homes & Gardens is incredibly pricey and elegant.


Copper Countertop Design Ideas for Your Kitchen and Bar

If you want copper countertop highlights on your bold black interior, nothing will go wrong. Combine it with wood flooring and furniture and your set. This kitchen design by Dear Designer is quite expensive and elegant.


Copper Countertop Design Ideas for Your Kitchen and Bar

The backsplash covered with magnificent colored subway tiles and a mix of traditional kitchen accents highlight the interior’s contemporary content. The Armelle Habib-designed kitchen has a timeless elegance.


Copper Countertop Design Ideas for Your Kitchen and Bar

Beck/Allen Cabinetry has designed a rose gold kitchen that will surely be a hit with your guests. Nothing can compare to the pleasure of utilizing a delicately designed countertop every day, and that’s exactly what you’ll have in your kitchen if you go with the option above.


Copper Countertop Design Ideas for Your Kitchen and Bar

Modern interiors, especially minimalist ones, will need minimal upkeep when the colors you employ are the ones that maintain fewer stain acquisitions. What a sleek and contemporary gray kitchen by Rational Kitchens.


Copper Countertop Design Ideas for Your Kitchen and Bar

A kitchen counter that compliments your interior unites the whole to create a better environment for everyone around the house. This Carbon Source kitchen design has a great balance between modern and natural elements.


Copper Countertop Design Ideas for Your Kitchen and Bar

The welcoming atmosphere makes you feel at ease when you enter your kitchen. You can also use light-colored cupboards with a copper countertop. Feel right at home in this lovely kitchen designed by REMODELaholic.


Copper Countertop Design Ideas for Your Kitchen and Bar

Classically inspired bar countertop that looks so grand. A few visits to the bar will be an enjoyable course when you appreciate the design elements here. This Chairish kitchen is the definition of elegance and sophistication.



Copper Countertop Design Ideas for Your Kitchen and Bar

Afternoon excursions with a great view from the kitchen window will be warm memories as much as the tiny pieces of accents you put into your interior. You’ll agree that Devol Kitchens has created a great space to entertain guests.

Materials to Use When You Remodel your Kitchen Countertops

Old and battered looking kitchen countertops tend to downplay the entire quality of your whole kitchen’s interior. When you want to give your kitchen an adorning enhancement through remodeling, your counters should also be given attention. A great way to have a design inspiration for the new look of your kitchen is through magazines or even photos from pinterest. Tear out or print that photo so you can examine the design elements carefully. Having these inspirational photographs for your new kitchen countertops will help you choose the right material that will complement your kitchen’s existing coloration palette and furnishings. 

Considering the inspiration you have in mind, you will also need to look at the timeframe of work. When looking for your material preference, gathering all needed information yourself will make it more convenient. If you are a first time remodeler, acquiring minimum estimates from professional contractors will make it easier. Hiring out the project if you are not confident of the results will be a better solution. Set a price range to your kitchen-counter remodel project once you confirmed that the professional’s estimate is not overpriced at all. Starting your project with your kitchen countertop will involve choosing the best material that will work in your existing interior.


Copper Countertop Design Ideas for Your Kitchen and Bar

Working on the existing interior and adding a much-needed copper countertop for your kitchen makes the entire design less complicated and more relaxed. Quick Custom Metals has created a welcoming and enjoyable kitchen design.


Copper Countertop Design Ideas for Your Kitchen and Bar

That great-looking island counter that you installed is more functional than expected. It gives off an intimate feel that pulls this whole kitchen together. Riverside Sheet Metal outdid itself with this one since it is a very unusual and romantic take on the traditional kitchen.


Copper Countertop Design Ideas for Your Kitchen and Bar

When your ultimate dream is to get a wide workspace, this design inspiration is the terrific way to go. Re-create this modern kitchen for your home now. DRA Media Management has created a kitchen design that is both big and classic in style.


Copper Countertop Design Ideas for Your Kitchen and Bar

Charm yourself with the splendid mix of design elements in this kitchen. Take a break in this kind of interior to see how you’ll get more relaxed. Worktop Express performed an excellent job with this kitchen remodel.


One of the most cost effective ways of remodeling that you can do in the kitchen is to paint over the laminate counters. This task is pretty budget friendly and will be a pleasant redecoration that will be finished in just a few days time. A simple solid paint shade that resembles the color and appearance of natural stones or wood can actually refresh your countertops. Before painting your countertops, it is very important to thoroughly clean the surface. Sanding the counters before painting it will be a great way to ensure the good quality of turnout. Using paint rollers can be more effective than brushes. It will work nicely if you want to get a stable-color coverage. Using textured spray paint can also give you the additional layer that will resemble that of natural granite. Once you are done with the painting job, protecting the painted counters with coats of polyurethane will retain your counter’s new look for a longer time.

Natural Stone

Using natural granite can be pretty pricey but most homeowners will choose to do so because of its magnificent appearance. As a popular option, natural stones are a top choice for homeowners to use as a kitchen countertop because it looks sleek and sophisticated. Homeowners wanting to have a DIY bar top remodeling are always in search of durable stones that can be used for their project. There is a variety that they can choose from but there are never two granite stone slabs which are alike so whatever granite piece you choose for your kitchen will be considered one of a kind. If you have used a copper top bar before, wanting a different color tone can be your option to revamp the look of your bar counter at home. Granites have black, brown, gold and white color tones that you can use if you want a safer neutral shade for your countertop. If granites aren’t a perfect fit for your interior, other natural stones such as marble, soapstone and limestone can provide a better alternative choice. If you are thinking of doing the remodel yourself, you better think again because these stones can be complicated to install. This is not a common do-it-yourself project but tiling a countertop with stone tiles can be pretty doable by yourself if you have the right tools.


Copper Countertop Design Ideas for Your Kitchen and Bar

The rustic interior setting needs to be a mix of traditional design pieces that can be considered timeless. Try out a new look for your kitchen and see how it looks. Brooks Custom did a fantastic job with this copper-themed kitchen design.


Copper Countertop Design Ideas for Your Kitchen and Bar

The copper bar top on this interior makes it worth trying a more timeless approach. Leather seats and wood kitchen cupboards are great additions, too—such a timeless and traditional kitchen design by Kepler Design Group.



Copper Countertop Design Ideas for Your Kitchen and Bar

Clean white cupboards and cabinets topped off with a great-looking copper countertop. This combination will be perfect for your small bar at home. Austin Granite Direct created a stunning and classy kitchen layout.


Copper Countertop Design Ideas for Your Kitchen and Bar

Freshen up the ambiance of your parties or even just a small gathering by setting up this refreshing mobile bar counter. This thing is necessary for gatherings. Mahaiwe Tent has done an excellent job with the kitchen design.


Laminate countertops are a cheaper option when you want a great looking alternative without the expensive price tags attached to natural stones. They offer a wide assortment of colors, finishes and patterns that will actually enhance any kitchen interior inspiration you have in mind. Laminate countertops are designed to have the visual qualities of natural stones, wood and even metal finishes. Copper sheeting for countertops may be a bit tricky to install but laminates are easier. Although laminates are long lasting and economical, the older ones are prone to scratching. Because of this issue, manufacturers of laminates have become more careful of their products and they are able to create more durable designs. Aside from that they even have laminates that resist moisture and stains. These improved attributes of laminates can easily be used to add a layer of countertop thickness while making it more aesthetically pleasing.


Earth friendly materials are the rage nowadays. A lot of homeowners want their interior to be good looking yet eco-friendly and countertops aren’t an exception. Most materials that they can choose from have attributes that are normally aren’t found in other materials. Having recycled or environmental sustainable substances can be a bit hard but it can actually be done. A major requirement for your earth friendly material is for it to be produced in a low-toxicity environment and this kind of production nudges their price a bit higher than usual. Using recycled paper for your countertops may sound a bit lame and impossible, but they blend this resin to these recycled materials to make them tougher and stain resistant. If you are still unconvinced, having reclaimed wood countertops will be a better option if you want to create a more vintage feel to your interior. If durability is a bit of a concern, great looking recycled glass pieces can be used as alternatives.


Copper Countertop Design Ideas for Your Kitchen and Bar

Lively interiors that need remodeling can be excited with a countertop that has metallic elements. Get an upgrade and make your decoration more upbeat. This is such an attractive kitchen design by Circle City Copperworks


Copper Countertop Design Ideas for Your Kitchen and Bar

If you want a small grand gesture, this open bar countertop and its added bar stools will be the best way. Try getting your party game with these installations. Wow, Peppermill Interiors outdid itself with this sophisticated bar design.


Copper Countertop Design Ideas for Your Kitchen and Bar

Knowing the magnificent design finish that the combination of wood cabinets and copper countertop will give you great inspiration for your bar remodel. This traditional kitchen design is featured in 5280 Denver’s Mile High Magazine.


Copper Countertop Design Ideas for Your Kitchen and Bar

Not wanting to experiment? Look at this customary interior piece to create an inspiration you can incorporate into your kitchen update project. Designed by Kat Nelson Designs Inc., this kitchen is a classic example of the style.

Ceramic Tile

Economical options attract most homeowners who want their project to be attractive yet inexpensive. You can also opt to use ceramic tiles when the transformation you are aiming for your kitchen countertop is nothing too drastic. This heat resistant material has lots of available designs, colors and patterns that you can easily install in your kitchen. Although they are easy to install, maintenance can be a bit hard. Ceramic tiles are susceptible to chipping and cracking and tile grouts are prone to discoloration. Stain from spilled beverages and meals will require your upkeep labor intensive that is why most professionals will advise you against using ceramic tile countertops if your home is to be inhabited by a family with small children.


Another option that you can actually work on will be using concrete. This material provides a more industrial design but it can be very functional for kitchen countertops. There are a lot of minimalists who like this material because of its durability and strength. Once integrated in your existing kitchen design, concrete countertops can be decorated with colorful tints or textured stamping patterns. Wanting to update it into a more modern or traditional interior can be done when you mix concrete with other substances, stone chips or pieces of recycled glass adds extra texture that will enhance the countertop once the concrete hardens.

Final Thoughts: 

Including copper table tops on your kitchen update, or any materials in that regard, will create a look that will be very functional for the years to come. The countertop that you have in mind may sound like a small work will be involved but the decision needs to be taken seriously. A great looking bar counter will draw attention to your interior. It will illustrate how you carefully want to integrate all elements of your room to reflect a theme you want to achieve. The deliberate care you put into these details rewards you with an interior that you always wanted. 

The design inspirations we’ve been continuously giving you are mostly copper countertops that you can easily do by yourself. Just like any other projects this will involve work that will push you to be more creative. If you are doing a countertop remodel to strengthen the existing furniture in your kitchen, updating it with a countertop adhesive will make it more durable as a whole. A lot of ideas for these type of work are the rage nowadays, so you just need to work around the pros and cons of these choices to know what will work for your kitchen and bar.

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