Best Portable Heat Gun
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A heat gun is a flexible yet inexpensive device that can deal with several functions, from thawing frozen pipes and stripping paint to shrink wrap and shrink tubing. Although many models appear identical, the greatest heat gun stands out since it brings more to the table than the competitors.

Remember that any hot air gun is harmful while using and after use and must be handled very carefully before the nozzle has cooled to avoid accidental skin burns, fires, or unwanted melting. They might look like hair dryers but run a lot hotter.

DEWALT Heat Gun with LCD Display & Hard Case/Accessory Kit (D26960K), Yellow
  • LCD display of DEWALT heat gun allows user to adjust temperature within 50-degree increments
  • Built-in overload protection shuts the heating element down and prevents burn up
  • Built-in hang ring adds a convenient storage feature
  • Cord protector keeps the cord from tearing away from the housing
  • Built-in innovative kickstand support provides greater stability and prevents tip over
Master Appliance HG-501A Professional Heavy Duty Heat Gun, 750-Degree Fahrenheit 120V 1680 Watts
  • Industrial quality with powerful high speed universal motor, rugged die-cast aluminum housing and attached, rubber-base back for hands-free use
  • Ideal for activating adhesives, bending plastics, thawing frozen pipes, removing dents in fiberglass, shrinking heavy gauge shrink-packaging, stretching vinyl and more
  • Easily replaceable reinforced mica-insulated ceramic heating elements and motor brushes for user-friendly maintenance
  • 6 ft, 3-wire grounded cordset made with flexible, oil and sunlight resistant rubber jacket
  • Temperature and power ratings: up to 750-Degree Fahrenheit/400-Degree Celsius at 1680-Watts. Assembled in the USA using foreign and domestic parts
Wagner Spraytech 0503059 FURNO 300 Heat Gun, Dual Temp 750ᵒF & 1100ᵒF Heat Settings, Electric Heat Gun for Paint Removal, Bending PVC, Crafts and More
  • DUAL TEMPERATURE HEAT GUNS: The Fur no 300 heat gun is a household hot air tool that features a 750°F and 1100°F temperature setting to help complete countless tasks
  • GREAT FOR A VARIETY OF HOUSEHOLD PROJECTS: This hot gun is ideal for removing paint and flooring, bending plastic, and thawing pipes
  • PROVIDES EXTENDED COMFORT: The ergonomic design allows for extended comfort and balance to reduce fatigue while working
  • HANDS FREE OPERATION: Features an integrated stand for safe, hands-free operation and the side bars prevent the hot nozzle from touching your work surface
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE: Utilizes a hanging loop for convenient storage in your workshop, garage, or peg wall
PORTER-CABLE Heat Gun, 1500 Watt, Dual Temperature Settings, Corded (PC1500HG) Black
  • 1500 Watts Deliver High Heat And Multiple Fan Settings For Porter-Cable Heat Gun
  • 2 Speed Selector Delivers High And Low Fan Speed Settings
  • Variable Temperature Dial Allows For Easy Adjustment Of Temperatures
  • Integrated Support Stand Allows The Gun To Sit Upright For Hands Free Use
BLACK+DECKER Heat Gun, Corded, Dual Heat Settings up to 1000 Degrees, 1350 Watt (HG1300)
  • VERSATILE USE – 1,350 W heat gun is useful for a variety of applications, such as stripping paint, loosening rusted nuts, thawing pipes, and more.
  • DUAL TEMPERATURE SETTINGS – Switch between 750°F and 1,000°F temperature settings.
  • BUILT-IN STAND – Makes cooldown easier and safer.
  • 3-POSITION SIDE HANDLE – Provides a comfortable grip and superb control for all applications.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT – Simple to maneuver and reduces muscle fatigue.
Milwaukee Electric Tools 2688-21 M18 Heat Gun Kit
  • features and benefits: high performance heating Coil: reach operational temperature in 6 seconds redlink&trade
  • This product meets customer requirement
  • Product is easy to use
Genesis Heat Gun with Dual Temp 572F/1000F and Accessory Nozzles
  • 1500/750 Watt Heat Gun with Powerful 12.5 Amp Motor
  • High and Low Temperature Settings for Versatility
  • Deflector Nozzles Protect Glass and Other Surfaces.BTU Heat Rating:2500
  • Reflector Nozzle Speeds Thawing of Pipes. 3-position rocker type switch for high temperature, off and low temperature
  • Includes: (2) Deflector Nozzles, (1) Reflector Nozzle and (1) Air Reduction Nozzle

Searching For The Best Heat Gun

Heat guns are available in four distinct kinds: electric, industrial, gas, and infrared. Though no matter what kind of heat gun you make use of, it is crucial that you be aware these tools may be dangerous if used carelessly or improperly. Although heat guns do not employ an open flame, they’re able to create temperatures as high as 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. When working with a heat gun, take serious care to stay away from burning yourself or harming the material you’re working with.

Electric heat guns can sometimes be cordless or corded, large or small, and the temperature range and fan speed could vary. Electric heat guns would be the most widely used type of heat gun and generally the most economical as well. Because of their reputation, manufacturers in the recent past have focused much more interest on developing electrical heat gun engineering, while gas-powered heat guns have gradually turned into a thing of the past.

Gas heat guns utilize either propane gas or butane as their heating element. These guns are much less prominent compared to electric types for a couple of reasons. The first is they tend to be costly. Second, you have to constantly purchase and fill gas canisters to make use of the gun, and that is less handy than simply plugging in or charging an electric-powered model. Experts in the electrical or plumbing field might utilize a gas heat gun if their job takes them far from accessible electrical outlets or in order to stay away from the safety hazard of operating an extension cable, but beyond the pro trades, the gas heat gun has lost a lot of its popularity among DIYers.

Industrial heat guns are merely differentiated from electric, and gas models by their strong built, increased heat levels, and higher fan settings. Industrial heat guns for industrial jobs in mass retail facilities, automotive repair, and packaging plants are used by professionals. Because they’re created for manufacturing work, these resources do not enable the fine-tuning of heat and fan management required for scaled-down precision projects.

Infrared guns are fairly new to the industry. Infrared heat is used by these guns, as suggested by the name. They are also relatively cheaper. They create the highest heat of 1,112 degrees Fahrenheit, more than enough for many home tasks.

Key Shopping Considerations For The Best Heat Gun

Temperature Range

The temperature range offered by a heat gun determines the work type you can utilize it for. Heavy-duty tasks like plumbing and paint stripping will reap the benefits of a heat gun that includes an optimum temperature of about 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit & a minimum temperature of approximately 120 degrees Fahrenheit for increased versatility.

DIYers looking to finish common home tasks like softening the adhesive on floor tiles or heat shrinking plastic might be content with a heat gun that has a narrower temp range, between 392 degrees Fahrenheit & 752 degrees Fahrenheit.

Temp Control

Basic heat guns work at one temperature—the gun instantly heats up to its optimum temperature, and the sole method to correct the heat level is moving the gun closer to or far from the target object. More advanced heat guns might have two or perhaps three distinct temperature options, enabling you to choose between high, moderate, and low heat, based on your requirements.

Variable temp heat guns include a dial for picking out a temperature between the minimum and maximum of their range. Some more recent models have electronic displays which enable you to establish the actual temperature you would like and alter it by increments.

For the correct heat setting, choose a heat gun with precise temperature and fan controls.

Fan Speed

Fan speed decides the amount of surface area the heat gun will impact. Lower fan speeds are ideal for accurate tasks, like removing labels or loosening solder joints, while increased fan speeds permit a much better division of heat across a location.

As you move a heat gun w/ a reduced fan speed from the target item, the surface area increases but the temp decreases. A strong fan enables the surface area to increase without a major drop in temperature, making it possible for an even greater area to be warmed up at one time. This setting is useful for bigger tasks, like defrosting pipes or stripping paint.

Accessory and Nozzle Options

Heat guns have a multitude of accessory and nozzle alternatives made to give much more accurate temp control and more effectively steer the flow of heat.

Popular heat gun accessories feature a dead man’s switch which shuts off the power when pressure is eliminated, a thermal cut out which switches off the heat gun in case it becomes too hot, a hanging hook for keeping the device, along with a surface stand that permits you to easily rest the gun throughout pauses in work. The surface stand also offers a hands-free option for tasks that require two hands, although you will have to do this with intense care to make sure that the heat gun is relatively stable and directed away from likely flammable objects.

Popular nozzles for heating guns include cone nozzles or reducer that focus the heat onto a certain region, spoon reflector nozzles which wrap around piping to consistently heat the entire circumference on the pipe, flat nozzles for a wide, horizontal line use, and then glass protector nozzles for stripping paint off of a window while keeping direct heat on the glass.

You can find some other choices for more specialized uses, but these are probably the most popular additions to the typical heat gun.

Extra Features

Apart from the plethora of heating gun nozzle and accessory options out there, several versions offer additional built-in features. Some heat guns boast longer cord lengths for more freedom of movement. Others feature high-temperature defense on the nozzle to help you keep your hands safe, or also integrated memory settings so that you are able to immediately adjust the temperature and fan speed to precisely what you need for a certain task you have done previously, like stripping paint, with one button press.


Our clear winner is the DEWALT Heat Gun with LCD Display & Hard Case/Accessory Kit (D26960K).

The DEWALT Heat Gun with LCD Display comes with an optimum heat of 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit and an electronic temperature display you are able to set in 50-degree increments for enhanced precision and control. Overload safety shuts down the heating component in case the heat gun starts to overheat, and a useful hang ring makes it easy to keep. An integrated cord protector prevents damage on the cable from pulling or stretching. One of the greatest options that come with this particular heat gun is its range of 12 common accessories, including seven different nozzles, in a tough plastic carrying case.

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